Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Recent finance research for traders

It makes sense to check out some finance or economics research papers if you are a trader. Especially, the kind dedicated to quantitative finance, the kind you are practically obligated to follow if you are a quant.

There is a repository for this kind of things, a place where researchers in these fields deposit their preprints for all the other people to read if they fancy (as they say, chiefly in Britain) doing that.

It is called Arxiv and, like many things of any use at all, is an idea of some physicists, perhaps just one, Paul Ginsparg. Other things invented by physicists are too numerous to list, but the WWW and the Internet are definitely among them. Originally meant only for physics papers, it has grown to include mathematics, computer science, and other fields, including quantitative finance and economics.

If you are trader, you should find papers on financial bubbles and crashes of particular interest. Not so long ago, I posted a link to one of such papers in my Twitter feed.

You can find more of them in arxiv. Didier Sornette, one of the authors of the paper mentioned by me on Twitter, is particularly known for research in this area. You can find his papers on arxiv here.

While I have not written any research papers in the finance or economics related fields, you can find my papers in there too (in physics and mathematics sections), starting from 1995 with the last paper being about some bias in the distribution of primes that I mentioned first on this very blog.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Yes, KING is available (again)

The interest in KING continues... Even though I am still travelling and so I am less active in my business than in the first part of 2018.

Because of that I thought I would make KING available once again. This time until the first day of spring, that is, in the next 30 days or so, you can get it again. Keep in mind that I may close this offer sooner, so don't wait too long. If you are interested in purchasing KING, feel free to contact me by email. Some have already done so this year.

Serious, committed prospective students, please. I don't like curiosity seekers very much and I even don't hide that. Still, in the past I would usually reply at least once when contacted by them. This time, I may not do so.

Please also read this recent post for what you should expect or how this is done. Also, do read as much as you can about KING, especially its FAQ.

I strongly believe in KING, but it's even more important that you believe in it too. Please check out this recent post to see what I mean by it. Self-confidence is of paramount importance. But then again, those most likely to succeed as traders usually don't lack it.

I will keep the price still at the same level as last December, but only till the end of February 2019. Then, it's $1300, still $100 off the regular price. When I am done with my extended travelling, it will back to $1400 or $1500.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Raise your expectations - not only for kids ...

Quite recently, I came across this video (see it embedded below) that features Steve Siebold being interviewed about raising kids to be successful. I also shared it in my Twitter feed.

One of the good points, among many others, that he brings up is the importance of teaching kids to embrace higher expectations. Of course, adults can benefit from this great piece of advice too.

This is very much the issue I talk about in another post on this blog that is still very fresh being just a few days old. Namely, that you can do better than you actually think you can.

The key to exceeding your expectations is getting comfortable with the thought that you can really do it, which is precisely the same as embracing higher expectations. Make it a habit. Don't shortchange yourself. Many successful people do it quite naturally. They know that the road of low expectations leads nowhere. They may have learned it from their parents (and that's the best way to learn) or the hard way (that can be a very expensive way to learn).

Sadly, there are also people who will never even entertain this idea. If you are one of them, you will be struggling as a trader, so the sooner your embrace it, the better. That is, if you are serious about your success, say, the way a professional athlete is. There isn't much room for amateurs in trading, anyway. You will either grow by challenging yourself or you will perish perhaps even having lost a fortune or two.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

KING videos and stuff

I was recently contacted by a person, a potential KING student, who somehow could not locate several videos pertaining to KING that I posted on YouTube and linked to my site in a section that collects them all.

It's called Preview (as in "preview of coming attractions") and is one of several in-depth sections that present various aspects of KING, an e-mini futures day trading course that has been around for a bit over 10 years now. In this section, you will find 15 such videos, which to me is plenty.

While it's not very likely that you will not be able to find these videos if you really are interested in KING, I thought I might as well try to make finding them even easier by writing this post and, along with announcing an obvious thing that such videos do exit, by providing links to them.

One link is thus above. It is the link to the main thing.

The link to my YouTube channel is here. The channel is followed by the finest 43 in this part of the Universe. Feel free to join them if you wish. 43 is a very prime number too.

There you can also watch them. You will also find there other videos, such as created by me with mechanical trading systems called George in mind. The systems are now included in KING's package, so you get them when you purchase KING.

Finally, let me embed one of KING videos in this post. This way, you can watch it right away.

But don't focus on the videos only. There is plenty of other kinds of information in KING's part of my site.

Perhaps the most interesting is what is not even on my site, but in my Twitter's feed media section that hosts nearly 2000 trades executed in real time for everyone to follow with a slight delay of usually a minute or so (sometimes just several seconds). I was posting them between 2013 and 2016, so that's some 3 years.

And here's a section with trading results that I would post for several years prior to starting doing it trade by trade on Twitter. They span a period of over 7 years.

I think that these results and my willingness to report them in near real time on Twitter hold more weight than most trading videos you will ever see on the Internet. After all, every marketer can create such videos and even much nicer, but how many of them can actually demonstrate a trading prowess spanning years? That's a rhetorical question, of course.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

You may surprise yourself...

I said this before. Probably more than once. On my site and perhaps also on this blog.

For instance, in this email I sent not long ago (only last year) to some prospective KING buyer that eventually bought KING.

You may surprise yourself and find out that you are capable of becoming a much better trader than you thought possible.

But most people, sadly, never experience this because by default they assume that a failure is more likely than a success. It is only if you quit too soon. If you are not serious (committed) enough. If you just try to wing it instead of putting your whole heart into it. If you approach it from a position of fear and not that of conviction.

But, perhaps the most important reason why some people never surprise themselves with a success (and a big one at that) is because they set their goals too low.

Michelangelo put it best in the same spirit: "The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."

I am a firm believer that people can do better than they actually think they can. I have seen it happen quite a few times with KING students, so this is based on evidence rather than some sort of wishful thinking.

KING, an emini trading course I offer on my site, is for those who aim high. It's the only way to success in trading. Those aiming low may "succeed" too, though. After all, to put in jest, no one is a total failure for they can always serve as a bad example. Or, a feast for Mr. Market.

With all the evidence that KING can really deliver, it's a bit sad that I still hear from people who don't seem to believe that they can deliver too.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Can this stock trading method work in the bear market?

Just recently I received an e-mail from a prospective buyer about my stock trading method that I talk rather rarely on this blog and not much more on my site as both are primarily dedicated to day trading e-mini futures markets.

However, I still keep selling this method and have been doing so for over 12 years now. The interest in it is rather limited, but the method is sound and different from many other methods on the market.

The email from the said prospective buyer contained a question whether this method would work well in bear markets.

That is certainly a good question and quite timely too as the US stock market is likely to soon enter its bear phase in which it may spend a year or two as usually is the case. The economy is cyclic in nature and the periods of expansions are inevitably followed by the times of contractions in production during which the bears have an upper hand over the bulls.

I answered this question and I thought that I would share it with others, including the special offer for this stock trading method good till the end of 2018.

This offer is now officially for everyone, but hurry up because it will expire in about 10 days. In the next 10 days you can purchase this method for only $125, which is $50 off the regular price.

Here's this answer:

"I discovered the stock trading method during the bear market 2000-2001. Since it does not depend as much on the general market as on the condition of individual companies traded on the stock exchange, I see no reason why it should not work well during the bear markets.

The method is for the US stock market as only for this market I know how to get the data needed for this method to work. The data can be obtained free, but I am not sure how to get the same kind of data for other stock markets. However, the idea this method is based on applies to other, non-US markets as well. This particular data can, in principle, be calculated from other financial data that is usually freely available, so in this way the method can be used on other stock markets, but that would require a bit more work on your part.

If you are interested, send me only $125 ($50 off the regular price) and the method is all yours."

Once again, you can obtain this method by sending $125 to my Paypal account associated with my email address, the same as my contact email address.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

KING's Special Offer

As mentioned on my site and in my Twitter feed, I am now overseas (Europe), so I suspended KING's sales. You can still buy other products I offer on my site, simply because once you purchase them, no work on my part is needed. When it comes to KING, I still need to issue a license for the Ninja Trader 7 or Sierra Chart indicators that come with KING. Since I did not know how feasible that would be, I decided to take a safer path by suspending KING's sales.

However, due to a high interest in KING during my extended overseas trip, I decided to offer a few copies for sale during this holiday (Christmas) season and I thought I would make it public and official through this post, which I also want to link to my Twitter feed.

Here's the deal:  please send me $1200 via Paypal to my Paypal email address, the same as on my contact page. When the money is in my Paypal account, I will send you links to download the KING and George Collection of mechanical trading systems as well as KING indicators for Ninja Trader 7 or Sierra Chart.

The price of $1200 is lower than the regular price of $1400. This price may still go up early next year when Ninja Trader 8 indicators are released and the KING forum finally made active for good.

Also, if you need a copy of Ninja Trader 7 indicators, please contact me about it too. Right now, you can get your second copy for only $40 for one computer. That's also a discount (20%) compared to the regular price.

Both offers are good only till the end of 2018. You may be able to buy KING at its regular price again in 2019, but probably not sooner than in February.