Saturday, April 25, 2020

There is no safety in the market

And no safe way to trade too, which is pretty much a corollary of that. That's because there is no safety in life, in general.

The current coronavirus debacle shows this quite well, but I thought I would mention this again, mainly for the benefit of those who may believe (and many certainly do) that trading is somehow unnecessarily risky.

Sure, trading is risky, almost by design, and traders even seek this risk in order to benefit from it. Trading involves risk, risk must be part of its description if the description is to be honest. But one should not call this risk unnecessary because it simply cannot be eliminated. Even in theory. Let alone in practice.

But risky is not just trading but pretty much any kind of business. Even leaving your relatively safe house is risky because you may get hit by a reckless driver while crossing the very first street or by a tiny meteorite that mysteriously chose your head for its landing site on this glorious planet of ours.

Risk is an inherent part of life. Almost like breathing is for most if not all living organisms on this planet.

The point in life, and thus in trading too, is not to try and avoid all risk altogether but to minimize it. That explains all the safety measures, including social distancing, frequent hand and face washing, or wearing masks in order to minimize the threat posed by the pesky virus we are forced to deal with these days.

In trading too you try to minimize your exposure to changing market conditions and the risk that comes with that and there are many financial instruments designed just for that. Options or futures are the best known among those. A special style of trading that hedge funds practice, if they actually hedge as opposed to mainly chasing superior gains as it may sometimes be the case, relies on those and similar things.

How can a small time trader limit his risk? Essentially in the same manner the big boys do it. Let me mention just 3 simple and prudent ways, one of which is particularly applicable to our current situation caused by COVID-19.

1) Buying low,

2) Sizing your position (do not bet your barn),

3) Using smart strategies that can limit your downside even more.

My original stock trading strategy is based on the first and last of these points, so I think I can recommend it safely (pun intended, keep in mind the title of this post). Moreover, I am now running a special on it - check out this post for more information. 

It is sometimes said, if jokingly, that a pessimist is a well informed optimist. Saying so may be warranted in some situations, but not too many, I am afraid, and too anecdotal to be taken seriously.

On the contrary, I do believe it does pay off to be an optimist and it is possible to be quite well informed without joining the pessimist camp.

In times of gloom and doom, it is actually an optimist that is more likely to be well informed and have a greater staying power to boot.

Be an optimist, look at the bright side of life, keep in mind that the past has proved optimists to be right time and again. But take action too when you see a good opportunity.

And speaking of the bright side of things, nothing makes things brighter than a bit of humor, as in the lovely video below, which is particularly good for these "darky" pandemic days and features one of my favorite comedians.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

"Keep going. Never give up."

These are perhaps most poignant words from the video below that features Anthony Hopkins, a man of many talents and a famous Hollywood actor to boot. I have found this video quite interesting; it's certainly worth watching not only for these words.

I think the quote is particularly fitting for these very trying times when the world is fighting a raging coronavirus pandemic that by now has claimed over 30,000 human lives across the world since its eruption in China about 3 months ago. But 30,000, however tragic this number may appear in this context, is still 20 times smaller than the number of human lives a very bad flu can claim globally in one season.

We will win. I am sure of it. It's just a matter of time. Probably a matter of weeks rather than months before we start seeing the tide turning in our favor.

If you are a trader, a businessperson, or anyone else pursuing challenging endeavors, you should keep these words close to your heart. In fact, you should live by them.

But these days we all have pretty much no other choice but to follow Anthony Hopkins' advice.

For other quotes of wisdom that not only the trader may benefit from you may want to check out this piece from an advisory section of my site.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hello from my coronavirus bunker

Yep, that's me again. Safe in my coronavirus bunker. Or so I think (hope).

I am sure you all know what's happening in the world right now. A bad virus (are there any good?) has been unleashed on the human world and bats or pangolins are to blame for that, apparently.

The financial markets have reacted particularly badly to that. The declines in major US stock indices over the last few days have been staggering indeed.

Now, is there any hope on the horizon? I actually think so. I think that things have been overblown out of proportion a bit. I blame the universal global (dis?) connectedness for that. Also, the fact that people love to be scared and this virus scare is just too good to pass for too many of them. Beats virtual reality and thrillers hands down.

It's not only the real virus that is spreading, humans have literally been infected with some manic virus that makes them believe that the world about to end. I am not saying that one should downplay the danger this pesky virus poses to human health, but once the most reasonable measures are implemented, there is no need to panic. Once all is said and done, the virus mortality may well turn out to be of the same order as the mortality of a bad flu virus.

Still, I hope you too are in some safe place far from large crowds. That's the main safety measure one should implement. But I am not saying that you should be staying put indoors. I go out a bit, avoiding other people as much as I can, but if you go to a grocery store, you cannot really avoid them totally.

I believe things will improve significantly in April and the second half of 2020 will be business as usual. Or not; I have been wrong before. But I'd rather be optimistic. You don't gain that much by being a pessimist. Even in this case.

Unfortunately, this virus disrupted my business plans for the first half of 2020 mentioned, for instance, in my last post here. Unless things get really bad, I will return to them in the second and third quarters of 2020. At this point, not that many can possibly be interested in what my business has to offer even if KING can do spectacularly well during volatile times. However, trading during such times is also more risky, so it may not be for everyone.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Another KING upgrade in 2020

In 2020, KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, will be updated (upgraded) again.

The new version will include certain things that will soon be gone from one of Yahoo! groups where the original two KING mentoring sessions took place. It will also include materials from yet another mentoring session that took place in late 2010. Moreover, custom indicators for NinjaTrader 8 will finally become available.

I am planning all these changes for the first quarter of 2020. Moreover, I want a KING forum that was launched already in 2013, but has remained largely unused,  to be reactivated. This should happen in the first half of 2020, if not also in the very first quarter of 2020.

I have not been particularly active in my business this year, taking a long deserved sabbatical of sorts, but this is definitely going to change in 2020, beginning already in its first quarter. It's back to business for good. That is, for another few good years, at least.

Let me remind you that now is good time to get KING at a reduced price, an opportunity that happens only once in a while, not even every year.

Friday, December 06, 2019

Emini futures day trading course in Google

I have not bragged in a while how well my emini futures website places in Google for relevant keywords. Perhaps because I am not checking this as much as I used to when I was starting over a decade ago.

The thing is the longer your site has been around, the more likely it is to be higher in Google search results, although sometimes Google chooses to promote novelties. Or, perhaps the novelties know how to manipulate Google much better than I do, which is not that hard because I know literally nothing about it. But I do know that there is a whole cottage industry dedicated to manipulating search engines. And that some of my competitors would do almost anything to bring me down. That I did experience on more than one occasion from losers who did not even identify themselves as my competitors. Guess what? I am still around, and some are of them are not.

Here is a screenshot from December 5th, 2019 that shows my site in the 4th place from the top, not counting the two ads at the very top that pretty much spoil the view, so I did not capture them. The keyword I typed in to get this result was "emini futures day trading course," which is what my main educational trading product, KING, is really about.

(See also this post about a current special price offer for it.)

You may need to click on this picture to see it in its full glory.
Speaking of Google ads, I never check them out any more, although if I were a bit more malicious than I really am I would probably be doing this several times a day - to drive the competitors' business expenses higher, that is. Well, I guess I could be doing that, but I don't play this way. Fair play is still the best way to do business and live one's life.

I believe in organic search, so I ignore ads pretty automatically. I think most people do. Some even go as far as to use special tools that strip search results from ads or using search engines that minimize the intrusion of ads. I am still a Google fan. I don't think it has a serious competition in this respect. Yahoo! used to be a decent search engine. But nowadays no one particularly cares about anything Yahoo! does. Except old-timers who were using it already 25 years ago or so. I happen to be one of them and I even still have my browsers' starting pages set for the Yahoo! main page.

The web changes quickly; new sites rise, old sites fall. My e-mini day trading futures site has been around for well over a decade now and I am determined to make it reach its 25th anniversary. Just as I am determined to keep offering KING for another 4 years,  at the very least, until it reaches its 15th anniversary. But I also have other plans for my business and I do hope that 2020 is the year some of them will come to fruition. A forum for KING owners and a general public interested in trading e-mini futures is the most important of them. I would also like to write a book (or an e-book, to be precise) about discretionary trading and trading pitfalls and myths, again especially in the context of discretionary trading.

Friday, November 29, 2019

KING - yet another holiday offer

It's this time of the year again. A holiday season, that is. And as holiday seasons go, this one is big.

In the US, the country where most of my clients live, it basically starts around Thanksgiving, that is in the late November and culminates in New Year's festivities which are just a few days after Christmas, the biggest holiday of them all.

And some may even celebrate Festivus around this time of the year, though it's not known just how exactly popular this holiday is (see the video below).

Traditionally, around this time of the year, the interest in the trading products that I offer through my site at increases. I hear from more people than usual. People who want to start a new year with a resolution of becoming a better trader. That's great. I love ambitious people.

This year is no different even though my business is hardly in full swing. I would say it is in an extended vacation mode, but that's only temporary. It will change next year. Still, if someone wants to buy something I offer on my site, this can be easily arranged - I am only an email message away.

Also traditionally, I offer some special around this time and for about 10 years this special has featured KING, my flagship e-mini futures trading product. It is a trading course based on a winning discretionary trading methodology. You can apply its ideas to day trading YM, ES, NQ and other e-mini futures. It can also be used for trading other instruments, though e-mini futures are a trading vehicle of choice, the Dow Jones e-mini futures (YM) in particular.

This time I am offering KING at the price of only $1,100 (a discount of $300). The offer is good for the first 3 copies only. After that, until January 15th, the price of KING will be only $1,200. In 2020, it will reach $1,500.  

If you are interested in this offer, feel free to contact me via e-mail that can be found on my contact page. To proceed with the purchase, you will need to send the sum of $1,100 to my Paypal account, which is identified by my e-mail account. 

Following this, I will direct you to a download section, where you will be able to download all the KING materials within 24 hours of placing your Paypal order. Since this has been done by quite a number of buyers in the past, I know it works smoothly.

I recommend that you read as much as possible about KING, and the total minimum is this FAQ.  Don't forget to check out its results section as well. It's only a part of all results collected by me. More can be found in my Twitter feed, where they were being posted for about 3 years in near-real time.

Note: KING is offered with indicators for NinjaTrader 7, Sierra Chart, and TradeStation, soon with indicators for NinjaTrader 8. Due to some changes made by the developers of Sierra Chart, only the original KING indicators for this platform are available at this point. I am working on restoring the full functionality of custom made indicators for this platform.

Update (12/20/2019): No copies of KING at $1,100 available.

Monday, August 05, 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger breaks the Internet

Arnold does it again. This time, it's the biggest thing that anyone can break: the Internet. And he does it smashingly (pun totally intended).

It's always fun to listen to Ahnold speak with his trademark Austrian accent that the German insist is German, though they still prefer that Hitler be known as Austrian. Indeed, Hitler was Austrian. And no one mocks his accent better than Jay Leno, whose show made Arnold even more popular. Not that he really needed it.

If there is anyone whose picture should be in every encyclopedia's entry for "mission accomplished" it is Arnold. From an unknown kid in a small country, even by European standards, to the governor of the most prosperous and powerful US state whose economy is bigger than the economies of most developed nations - that's a success story in a genuine American style, with all due respect to Austrians. We don't even have to count many popular Hollywood movies he starred in or a number of Mr. Olympia titles that he won to realize that the man knows what a big time achievement is about.

The video above presents some pieces (perhaps just two) from some of Schwarzenegger's recorded public appearances selected for their highly motivational value.

It is not only fun to listen to Arnold but in this case it is certainly also worth it. While his very life and his many achievements can already be quite inspiring, he sure can also talk in an inspiring way. Since he is the epitome of real deal, what he says sound more genuine and believable than in most such talks that so often merely rise above the level of pep talks.

Success is not easy, but easy things are rarely if ever worth one's time, anyway. Success in trading, especially of a consistent variety, is one of the hardest things to achieve.

As a trader you should aim at becoming financially independent. This is certainly possible to accomplish. While it's good to be optimistic about your success, it's even better not to be naive. This will not happen overnight, so don't quit your daily job yet because someone on the Internet told you you'd make gobs of money trading stocks or futures. This takes time and commitment as well as practice and learning. Learn from the best and don't give up too soon.

I like to think that KING, an e-mini futures course, is a very good starting point and almost anything else you might need if you are a total trading beginner you will find on my site. Start well prepared as this is the best way to ensure you will not give up too easily.