Wednesday, May 16, 2018

KING's price set to rise in June

The price of KING, a popular e-mini futures day trading course, will soon reach its previous value of $1,400 (from 2016), and it's likely to climb again in the next year or two.

I am not going anywhere and neither is my business that has been around for over 12 years now and I am pretty much sure it will remain on the web for another 5 at the very least. My domain registered with GoDaddy does not expire until December 2020 (just extended it by one year), and is set to renew for another year.

As I mention on my site, I started my first business dedicated to futures trading in 1995. Closing it in 2002 was a big mistake because it could be making me money quite easily but I did not want to be distracted from trading e-mini futures that I embarked on full-time in 2002. Well, I am certainly not going to make this mistake again. My site and my business are so well-established now that not much work is necessary on my part for this business to easily pay for itself and even generate profit. When I add an active forum to it, I expect to take it to a new level.

I am not posting much here or on my site, but there is already tons of useful information there and here and adding more may actually be somewhat counterproductive. It may obscure more important information. If you check out my site, you will see that it contains a wealth of useful information that many other sites of this kind do not even try to provide as they focus on selling and marketing more than on education. In future, it's very possible that I will be using my forum for this purpose rather than my site, as this provides for some interaction from the readers, and that can be more useful than a one-way channel of communication that my site or this blog represent.

In any case, if you want to get KING at a great price of $1,300, these are the last days to do so in 2018.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Some surprising finding about prime numbers

I don't write here a lot about science or math, even though I am a theoretical (mathematical) physicist by training. But this is not really a science or mathematics blog. I thought of launching something like that many times now, but have decided against it. At this point, it would be just too much of a distraction from my business and other things in my life. I have been distracted too much over the last two years by things I really could not control, so to cut down on distraction I have to limit things I can control.

Still, I have been dabbling in mathematics for the past 3 years or so using Mathematica and PARI/GP for my mathematical explorations, focusing mainly on discrete mathematics and number theory.

That might have paid off. Perhaps even "bigly," but that's subjective.

Namely, I have recently uncovered something quite interesting in the distribution of prime numbers. Primes are a very fundamental class of numbers whose history of research spans over 2000 years and still attracts attention of the best mathematical minds.

I must say that I am still quite unsettled by this finding. It happened around February 4th. By February 11th, I had the first draft of a paper documenting it and now I am wondering what to do next. I am unsettled because what I have discovered, an anomaly of sorts (or bias), could have been discovered even 40-50 years ago by professional mathematicians with access to state of the art computing facilities and 20 years ago even by amateurs with the help of Mathematica, Maple, or a similar piece of software.

The fact that this effect has been overlooked makes me wonder if I am right. I think I am. The whole thing was rather simple to uncover, and perhaps the main reason it took so long for it to happen is because no one was really expecting it. The discovery was a bit accidental, as they sometimes are, but not entirely, because it was also driven by elementary curiosity helped by an attitude of not taking things for granted. Hence, an amateur may have had a better chance at it.

A paper on a similar thing (when it comes to the class of effects rather than their nature) made quite a splash when it was published recently in one of the most prestigious research journals. Its finding was reported on quite widely in popular science and mathematics media as very surprising, though superficially it did not look like that. Or, at least that's the impression you might have gotten from those popular outlets that often simplify things a bit.

When looked at deeper (or if you consulted more serious outlets, such as blogs of professional mathematicians) its surprising aspect became clearer. The moral: yes, there is a difference in how experts and journalists approach things, which may also mean that fake news are not necessarily deliberate but sometimes an outcome of someone's limited competence (see also this Wikipedia article on Hanlon's razor).

This moral has ramifications also when it comes to trading. Trading newbies often try learning from other newbies on trading forums. That's like learning from journalists (and often poor at that) versus learning from experts. There may be a price to pay for that down the road, often steep. Professionals are more likely to recognize this problem, that's probably why my educational business tends to attract them.

Well, we'll see. I should probably be more excited than I am. I was quite a bit when doing my research, but now the whole oomph  is gone and I have a few other things to keep me busy, some definitely unwanted, such as dealing with a psycho neighbor. Yes, psychos are still tougher to handle (and much less pleasant) than math. At least, for me.

I have lived in Hollywood for over 18 years now. Perhaps it's time to move out. I actually wanted to do this last year (and even earlier). The only thing that has really kept me in Southern California for so long is its great weather. But that's not enough in a grander scheme of things. If you take into account earthquakes and wildfires (and, occasionally, psychos), the place can be as dangerous as it is gorgeous.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

KING, a popular emini futures trading course, is now $1300

And that's not the last price hike this year.

I was keeping its price at $1200 for over a year as I was taking a bit of a break from running my business due to some reasons, mostly of personal or family nature, but I am back to a more regular mode, so expect some new developments coming this year.

Not all of them will be related to this popular e-mini futures day trading course whose 10th anniversary will be celebrated in the second half of 2018, but some certainly will.

Another, rather important development, that you can expect later this year, is the relaunch of the KING forum - more precisely, an e-mini futures trading forum that will be open to other e-mini futures traders (not only those using KING as their main trading methodology) or those interested in trading these financial instruments.

Also, NinjaTrader 8 indicators for KING will be released, most likely this month. They have really been ready for a year now, but somehow I have not managed to finish the whole thing off.

If you are a KING owner, you should receive an email from me this month, so stay tuned and keep checking my Twitter feed for more information about this and other things related to KING, trading, and e-mini futures trading, in particular.

Monday, November 06, 2017

KING, an e-mini futures trading course, through recent e-mails

KING is an e-mini futures day trading methodology (and a trading course based on it) that has been around for ten years now. It has been mentioned on this blog many times by now too.

It should remain available for another two (or at least that's what I plan), though not at the same price, and that is certainly something to keep in mind if you are interested in purchasing it. Perhaps even for longer than 2 years, if I manage to keep supporting it while running an e-mini futures trading forum, my next major business project.

What I said above is also mentioned in an article just posted on my popular e-mini futures trading site.

The article also features some e-mails, from a recent KING buyer and to such a buyer from yours truly. They shed more light of how I approach my vendor business or what I believe matters when it comes to the trading success. Not that there are not enough such articles on my site already - yet they keep coming inspired by my interaction with KING students.

Most of them, at least when it comes to the e-mini futures trading course in question, are posted in this section of my site. As you can see, there are a quite a few of them there.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

KING is fine ...

Thanks for asking.

Just because I am not blogging as much as I used to and just because I do not keep updating my site as often as before, it is not correct to assume that KING is dead. Not at all. KING has worked for many years and will continue to for many more to come. For some, that is, and their ranks keep growing.

If you don't understand why this is true, you probably have not done your homework. And since I have talked about it here and on my site site so many times already, I will not do it again. Let me just offer you a hint: it's a discretionary trading methodology and there is plenty of evidence spanning years that it has worked for many and quite spectacularly too, so it's only natural to believe that if matched with the right trading mindset and skillet, both of which can be developed given some time, it will prove useful again and again as it did before.

Probably not for all, because I don't think it's possible since that the trader is still the weakest link. Saying otherwise would make me sound like one of those BS artists slash con men. I don't do this out of respect to my customers and, perhaps even more importantly, out of self-respect.

KING is a very useful, effective e-mini day trading methodology (and trading course based on it), but you, the trader, still need to make it work - for some this happens rather effortlessly, for others it's harder, but if they don't give up easily, they are likely to see benefits down the road as well.

Still, let's talk about those who found it rather effortless to put KING to effective use. Like one of the newer KING buyers, a Cleo, who sent me two emails expressing her opinion about KING, shortly after buying it and then after putting it to a test for about 2 weeks.

I have just tweeted these two opinions, so let me just embed these tweets here.

So as you see, it's totally premature to speculate that KING is dead. On the contrary, it's a good time to take advantage of its reduced price. Because it's only temporary. Next year will see $1500 for sure. Smart people buy now. Hesitant may end up chasing the price.

It's just a good deal, though there is no guarantee it will make you a wildly successful trader, which makes it an even better deal because it's an honest way of putting it.

You can order this fine e-mini futures trading course for just $1200, and that's only because I am now really busy with some personal (or family) matters. The main page of KING is in the same place as ever.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Intelligent people make better traders

And it's always a pleasure to deal with them.

I must say that my business attracts quite a few of them thanks to my flagship product, an e-mini futures day trading course, KING. I have mentioned this course here a number of times already. So many, in fact, that I am a bit tired of doing so, to be honest. Hence fewer posts here last year and this year as well.

But KING is still selling well - thanks for asking.

I have come to the conclusion that how well it is sells has actually little to do with how many articles I post here monthly or how many Twitter followers I have (rather a modest number of about 300 so far, but I am not so active there). Which really makes total sense especially if most of your customers are smart people because to them this should not matter much if at all. There are more important things to take into account when evaluating someone's business offer.

Intelligent people are not that hard to spot. Here are some of their salient features from my business perspective.

They appreciate evidence I provide that KING works and plenty of it too. See also my Twitter media section (with ca 1800 trades tweeted in near real-time) and many posts here where KING is mentioned.

They like that I do not talk about trading "secrets" (see the image below attesting to that from a very recent KING buyer) and this sort of things that are obviously aimed at bamboozling newbies and suckers. I even ridicule this marketing "speak" in one of many articles on my site in the section A Word of Advice that all trading newbies should check out.

They do their homework thoroughly before making a purchase, so that they are well informed and if still in doubt ask questions, which I am always happy to answer, even extensively.

They have realistic expectations. For instance, they are unlikely to think they will be able to move hundreds (let alone thousands) of futures contracts.

Yes, it's a pleasure dealing with people like that and having them as customers.

I have a high opinion of my clients. They certainly are smarter than most and quite often also more successful in their trading endeavors. I like to think the latter has also something to do with KING, but being innately smart usually gives a trader some extra edge, anyway - I talk about it in this article on my site.

You too may be that smart. Smart enough to become a KING trader. That means smarter than most trading wannabes.

And even if, oddly enough, you choose not to, don't forget that you can still become smarter, or, at least, better educated. My site provides some good, useful and free education that should help you become a better informed trader, especially if you are a newcomer to the trading field and to trading e-mini futures in particular. See the section I mentioned earlier, A Word of Advice, and perhaps also this educational section if you are a total newbie interested in trading e-mini futures.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Market volatility and KING

I am not trading much these days. This has to do with some personal/family issues and I mentioned this in my earlier posts this year (for instance here) and on Twitter. Also, the thin skinned man-child, currently serving as the president of these United States of America is not particularly conducive to high (or any) performance, if I am to be honest.

Hence, I am also not posting much here and not tweeting my results live as I used to for 3 years (or so) in a row.

But I do hear a lot from people interested in KING. Like all the time.

Many of these interested end up buying it. Smart people, but that's just an opinion not a fact, though rather justified. Smart people tend to prefer evidence that something works rather than just an exciting marketing spiel, and there is so much evidence on my site that it may actually overwhelm some. Or, to paraphrase Donald the Great, there is so much winning there that you can get sick of it.

Well, life is tough, so deal with it. I worked on that evidence hard too. Many years, hundreds of days with trading results, close to 2000 trades tweeted in near-real time (see my Twitter media gallery for that).

The markets these days may not be particularly volatile, which does not help trading them, to say the least. A very recent e-mail I have just received from one of those interested in KING has to do with this issue. Namely, how KING is doing in these conditions.

The screenshot below shows my reply, which I just sent out, that I hope may be of some interest and value to the potential KING buyers and beginning traders in general, especially e-mini futures traders.

Click on it to see it in its full glory.

To reiterate what I say there, KING should be better for the low volatility conditions than many competing products of this kind for day trading e-mini futures markets.

The link in the e-mail points to this article, where the issue of volatility was also discussed. It's still pretty recent.

KING is still only $1200, meaning selling at a discount. Eventually, when I am in a better mood to market it more aggressively, its price will return to a well-deserved a grand and a half. Meanwhile, enjoy a good deal. You don't have to be a genius to know it is a good deal.