Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Moving my site to another host

I am pretty busy with rather boring and time consuming things these days, so not much posting here and not much tweeting.

I am moving my site,, to another host.

That means moving its domain and also the server that hosts the site files. I think that my next site, if I ever decide to launch one, will be based on the WordPress platform. Much easier to post to and easy to maintain too compared to a static site.

That means that my site may go down, perhaps even for a day or two, at some point in the next few weeks. I may also suspend my commercial activity, but not only because of that, also because other things may keep me from responding to orders and e-mail in a reasonably prompt manner.

I will probably also inform you about it on my site, closer to the whole operation, but it's just so much easier to do so on this blog, so I am doing it here first.

I am moving my site from to I have not been particularly happy with GoDaddy lately.

Not only are their prices not very competitive any more, but in some ways, they are practically corporate criminals, interested only in money, lacking elementary decency to their loyal customers when their customers need them most, which is perhaps even worse. That has been my experience with them, the Abuse Department in the first place, over the last year or so. It's time to send a message by moving my business elsewhere, and in fact, lowering my business costs a bit too - while the latter is of somewhat secondary importance, it's a nice bonus, for sure.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

13 trades on September 13th ... sort of

As can be seen from my two tweets from today's trading session.
The trades are in the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, whose ticker symbol is YM. This is my favorite day trading market.

They were taken using my day trading methodology, KING. All you need to know about KING, a fine e-mini futures trading course based on this methodology, and much more, is on my website dedicated primarily to day trading the e-mini futures markets, preferred markets of many retail traders these days.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Surprisingly, this e-mini futures day trading system keeps making money

The trading system in question is our dear George IV, or, Mr. IV, for some.

Yes, it keeps making money, at least in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, despite rather poor conditions due to exceptionally low volatility this summer.

One can blame this low volatility on a number of things, one of which is certainly a very crazy US election season, in which a disliked career politician with a troubling sense of entitlement is competing against a blathering billionaire posing as a savior of the working class and a yuuuge fan of Vladimir Putin whom he would probably be happy to emulate once he gets elected.

If that's not a farce, I don't know what the farce is. Ordinarily you see things like that in third world countries, or when the shit is about to hit the fan anywhere on the planet. Probably any planet, but let's stick to the Earth, shall we?

Most Americans desperately hope for some change, yet neither of these two people can rationally be expected to deliver it as both represent the establishment, be it political or corporate. Both also have distinguished histories of lying or flip-flopping whenever they find it convenient.

Out of the nation of over 300 million people, the best that America has produced in this presidential election is two addled old farts that spent most of their adult lives in positions of privilege and power they clearly are addicted to, largely clueless about the lives of ordinary folks they want to represent.

That in rational people this can only induce a profound sense of frustration and deep divisions among all living here, the divisions that may be hard to heal, goes without saying.

In circumstances like that it's hard to expect the rational market players (and most big players are such) to commit to larger positions. They will wait until the election is over, though one can expect some volatility before (say, due to Hillary Clinton's health issues) and serious volatility afterwards if the President elect is considered to be bad for the markets.

Markets don't like uncertainty and Donald Trump is perceived as Mr. Uncertainty, so his election (quite likely, in my view) may spook markets more than if Hillary is elected.

Below you see the current (2016) track record for the Dow Jones e-mini futures market.

You can see from this table, also posted on my site, that up to September 9th, the system has executed 36 trades and produced 200 points, each worth $5.

Assuming 2 ticks for slippage (probably a bit too much) and $5 for commissions, that can also be lower with some e-mini futures brokers, you could have made $(200*5-36*15)=$460 per contract so far this year.

Now, you may think it's not a lot.

Well, compared to 2014, that may be true, but not every year can be that good, and a mechanical day trading system is unlikely to do as well as a swing system, as the latter has access to bigger ranges. In fact, many such day trading systems lose money if their profits include commissions and slippage. This one has made money over the last three years or so and in a more distant past over a period of about 2 years as well.

The only way to make real money with mechanical day trading systems is by using a relatively large number of contracts, at least 10-20. Then your profits can be in thousands and sometimes in tens of thousands of dollars instead of just hundreds of greenbacks.

I am offering this fine mechanical e-mini futures trading system for YM and ES mainly for educational purposes, as I strongly believe that KING, which also includes it, is a better offer and more likely to make you much more money than George IV. However, this system can also make you money, probably enough to pay for itself ($400 only) with one contract only.

Or even to pay for KING ($1400), if you start trading it in a drawdown, also with one contract only.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Wall Street Journal agrees with me ...

Or with my recent "kvetching" ...

I mean my complaining, especially on Twitter, throughout most of August about low volatility, which of course gave rise to smaller day trading profits. See, for instance, the tweet embedded below, one of the last in the series about this issue.
I also wrote something along these lines, addressing low volatility days, in my previous post on this blog. Yes, days like that, the slow days, do happen rather often in the market, but this August seemed to be particularly slow.

As James Mackintosh says (see the image below) in his WSJ article "It’s Getting Scarily Quiet in the Stock Market," "The past 30 days have been the least volatile of any 30-day period in more than two decades."

I did not know that, but I could feel it and I am glad that what I did feel was not just in my head; it really was extremely low volatility.

But low volatility cannot last forever, it is always followed by large(r) volatility. This larger volatility started arriving last week and last Friday (August 26th) it was quite good, which was also reflected in my e-mini futures trading result for that day (see the tweet embedded below) and the previous one as well (see this).

Friday, August 05, 2016

Slow days are not fun but happen rather often

I don't like them, but with KING you can handle them pretty well, even if sometimes you may be forced to lower your target to 2-3 ticks, while the standard one is 5 ticks and 10 ticks is doable too on more volatile days.

I am talking about the ticks in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, my favorite futures market and the one I recommend for KING traders (at least for starters).

Trading on a slow day feels a bit like being constipated. Not exactly something you would be willing to kill for. If you prefer a faster moving market, and do better on faster days, you will probably not be trading optimally.

You will be tempted to lower your target, which sometimes may not be warranted (in hindsight!), but that's what your instinct is telling you. That's okay. Do it. It's more important to make money than to be right. Infinitely more. If you can be right too, treat this as a bonus. Don't trade to prove yourself right, but only to make money.

You may be tempted to rationalize why you lowered your target when the original one gets hit eventually and sometimes, much to your chagrin, shortly after you had adjusted that damn target. Well, I have finally come to the conclusion that this makes no sense. Rationalizing, that is.

If your instinct is telling you to act a certain way, that's about as good as you can get it in a slow market. Remember, we are talking about discretionary trading here, as KING is a discretionary trading methodology; also a day trading course based on this methodology. If you are trading in a systematic way, you follow your system to a tee, including where and how to exit your position. That may actually be even more frustrating in a "constipated" market than when trading such a market in a discretionary manner.

Sometimes, it is justified to go for a bigger target rather than a smaller one. Say, 10 ticks. This is so, for instance, when you are sure about the general market bias (long or short). Judging this bias is particularly easy on the days when George IV gives a strong signal.

Such was the case today, hence the first two trades in the screenshot below (in my tweet with trading results from today's trading session) were inspired by George IV, a very fine e-mini futures trading system for ES and YM.
However, since the second trade aimed at 10 ticks took almost 2 hours to reach the target, I was not too upbeat about holding my third position even for 5 ticks as it was taking a longer while, so I exited it with 3 ticks only and quite prematurely too. But then again: it's better to make money than being right. I was right too, but did not capitalize on it, which is fine, but gives me no bragging rights.
Well, I am rationalizing things a bit here. I don't know what the real reason for my exit was, but  I certainly was not feeling too comfortable with the market taking too long to deliver after "suffering" for almost two hours being stuck in the previous trade.

After that, I decided that was enough, and chose to run an errand that probably could have waited had the market been  more spry. That's okay too.

I don't think trading a lot on days when trading is slow makes much sense. As a rule, that I myself use for KING, if you can not make at least $200-300 with 2-4 YM contracts in the first two hours of your trading, you may as well take the rest of the day off.  On good days, you should be able to make that much even in the first 30 minutes. It makes much more sense to trade more and more aggressively on volatile days than on the days when Mr. Market is constipated.

Trading should be fun. If it is not you are probably not doing it right. 

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Over 1800 items in my Twitter media gallery

That's another milestone, perhaps worth mentioning here.

Assuming 95% of them are screenshots with my e-mini futures day trading results, there are about 1700 such screenshots, meaning about 1700 trades tweeted in near real time. All were taken using my e-mini trading methodology, KING.

Here's a pretty recent example.
Many more you will find in other posts of this blog or in the mentioned (and linked to) Twitter media gallery.

For more about how I use Twitter for posting my e-mini trades check out my site. Here's a good article to start (and pretty recent too), but there are few more there pertaining to my Twitter trades. 

I don't think I will be selling KING beyond 2017, so I am not tweeting as much as I used to in the first 12-24 months, but 1700 trades is quite a lot, especially so if you compare this number to what my competitors have managed to post so far. Hardly anything even remotely approaching this number.

But some of them sure do have thousands of Twitter followers more than me. Obviously bought for a few bucks to make them look like "experts in demand." Rather laughable, if you ask me. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why KING is your best choice of an e-mini futures day trading course

I wrote about it just recently in a brief article posted on my site dedicated to trading e-mini futures. I basically re-iterated what I have written in other pages of my site, most of which are collected in the KING-More section.

You may also check out this article about KING as a trading philosophy. Quite pertinent too.

And, of course, do not miss an extensive section of the FAQ for KING, which I have just updated. It's not like I do not mention it on my site. In fact, more than once, I am sure.

Yes, KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, is certainly worth your consideration. And, to repeat what I said in the last paragraph of Why KING, if anyone showed what is possible with KING, I would not hesitate a moment to get my hands on it and would do everything to become the best one can be at using it.

That's how you succeed. Right tools and the right attitude are the keys to the trading success. Or, to any success, for that matter.

KING gives you the tools, the powerful e-mini futures trading methodology that this course is based on which created quite a few formidable traders. You provide the attitude. Sounds fair? I believe so.