Thursday, December 29, 2011

KING's Holiday Special extended till January 1st

I just don't feel like messing with this price even if 5 copies are now gone. I will wait till January 1st to raise the price, which means you still have 2-3 days to get KING at the price more than $200 off.

The special is only $975 or $1075 for KING Plus, which is KING plus George IV. Here is a link to KING's main page, and here is another one to the order page. You can download KING in as little as 3 minutes even at 2 AM. Unless your prefer 4 AM for some reason. Still 3 minutes.

KING is a comprehensive emini day trading course or a discretionary e-mini trading methodology.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Taking (a cheap) shot at Google

Or rather at Google's corporate motto, "Don't be evil," which, in turn, was a shot at Microsoft, or, at least, that's how many have interpreted it.

Well, here is this shot (via a short article) and it's not that Google is the main subject there (emini day trading is), so I don't think I can really be accused of (a particularly) malicious intent. Or something.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Google Plus is not Facebook

I have joined Google Plus a few days ago and must say that I am finding it much more fun than Facebook. I actually never liked Facebook. Still don't.

I had only one "friend" over there who turned out to be some mentally lazy creep that ended up smearing my business online, on one of those trading forums, largely frequented by wannabe emini day traders and dominated by a few sociopathic vendors, that is, my direct competitors, although they may even not reveal this fact.

That was my first and last friend on Facebook.

I do like Google Plus much more, and, yes, a part of this has to do with the quality of people you meet over there, but also with more appealing user interface solutions. Compared to Google Plus, Facebook seems a bit, well, "facebooky," meaning bland and uninspiring, and what's worse, with little original content. But then again, it always seemed to me that way, which is why I could never understand its appeal to the masses.

Oh, and did I mention that I got hooked on Angry Birds over at Google Plus? Well, it can be addictive, so approach it with caution if you don't want to end up wasting a few days of your precious time. Or something.

Here is a link to my page at Google+.

Monday, December 19, 2011 - serving the trading community 6 years and counting

I launched it on December 18th, 2005, so it has been around 6 years and and counting. You can check it out here.

My previous website dedicated to futures trading, launched in 1995, lasted 7 years. I am hoping this one will last longer, but I have other plans too, so only time will tell.

The website looks dated and needs an upgrade, for sure, but how do you upgrade something that contains over a thousands of different elements? It's a relatively complex website. It can be challenging to do so, but I may have to do it eventually.

Unlike many similar to it, that have only one purpose, commercial, has always meant to be educational as much as commercial, and over the time it has become a bit personal as well.

Friday, December 16, 2011

KING's Holiday Special

I have been offering it for a while, but I am not sure if I have mentioned it here, so here we go.

The special is only $975 and only 2 copies are left as of now, out of 5 I decided to offer. Then the price will go up again.

Here is a link to KING's main page, and here is another one to the order page.

KING is a comprehensive emini day trading course.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


The screenshot that follows show 20 trades that I took during the daily trading session on December 7th. Yes, all of them were on the money. The instrument traded is YM, the Dow emini futures, still the December contract, but the rollover is just tomorrow.

But that's not the record, really. If you want to see the record, check out this page.

The results were obtained using my emini day trading methodology, KING.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Good timing

Check this out.

That's my first attempt after my recent surgery, and pretty good too. Notice (click on the screenshot below) that 7 out of these 10 trades did not take even a whole minute. It's not a record, the record being 10 out of 10, but it's still pretty good. The results come from December 5th, and the time stamps are in EST.

That obviously would not be possible without good volatility. I started trading when volatility surged, and when this happens you definitely want to take advantage of it and exploit it to the fullest. If you choose to trade only during times of increased volatility, you will still do well provided you are aggressive.

The results were obtained using my emini day trading methodology, KING.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving with Wayne Dyer

I like Dr. Dyer's work. While I have not read any of his many books, I have watched a number of his videos, some of which can be found on YouTube. I have also watched his PBS shows in the years past, and I must say that I did enjoy it a lot.

The video that follows is pretty long, but as inspiring as his other work. I think Dr. Wayne is very good at blending humor with uplifting message, showing that spirituality does not have to be a dry concept.

One thing he emphasizes in his lecture is kindness. I think it's worth repeating it here. After all, the holiday season that is upon us is traditionally meant to be the time of greater kindness, especially towards the less fortunate or those in need.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Recovering from surgery

I had to undergo rather serious surgery in late October and I am now into the fourth week of recovery. I was told that it takes 6-8 weeks to fully recover from this sort of surgery. I feel I am stronger every week, so chances are I will be as good as new in a few weeks, just as expected.

Because of that, my website,, was not being updated over the last few weeks. This will change a bit as I plan to resume selling KING on the weekend that  follows this Thanksgiving. Check the KING section out if you are interested in a sweet holiday offer.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Small range, great result

The screenshot below shows 6 trades from today's trading session. All of them were taken in the same, very tight range of 20 ticks yet I managed to squeeze 30 ticks per contract from this range. That's one more testimonial to the power of KING.

For more about KING, please check out its section on my website.

Monday, October 10, 2011

KING Indicators for NinjaTrader 7 released

I have just released KING indicators for NinjaTrader 7. They are a bit better than those for version 6.5 of NinjaTrader, if only in that they allow more customization. It's not that those for the older version were somehow deficient. I don't think so at all.

For more about KING, an emini day trading course, please see this page. For more about the NinjaTrader 7 indicators, check out this page.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011) - R.I.P.

Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th, 2011. I have waited 3 days to write about it, hoping that he might do the same number as JC did some time ago. Actually, a while ago, nearly 2000 years back.

I also thought that perhaps he had invented some (still undocumented) button on that iPad thing of his whose sole purpose was to bring him back. Or perhaps some app could do the same trick.

Sadly, it does look that there is no app for that, and he is now gone for good.

Rest in peace, then, Mr. Jobs. You have left us quite a few nice things, and a heck lot of inspiration.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Investing in the process

Here is a an interesting video that features a popular motivational speaker, Srikumar S. Rao. 

Professor Rao is certainly a good, entertaining speaker. But I like even more what he says. Not that this is terribly original, although he puts it in a somewhat novel way by talking about investing in the process and contrasting it with investing in the outcome.

Anyone, who has some knowledge of ancient history would recognize this as Seneca's insistence on focusing on the journey rather than the journey destination, but Professor Rao's way of phrasing basically the same thing may be more appealing to those coming from the investment world.

I like to stress the same thing in the KING e-mini trading course as well as on my website when I talk about commitment to trading practice. You cannot control your outcome, you cannot predict how good you will become in the tough emini trading business, but you can definitely dedicate yourself to the process of mastering the art of trading and do your best to enjoy this process.

It has also been my experience that those who understand this well are more likely to become successful traders than those who approach this business betting on some instant or near-instant miracle and when the miracle does not happen, get discouraged and abandon the whole thing.

Friday, September 02, 2011

The tale of two screenshots

They both show the results of my trading using KING, my original e-mini day trading methodology, which as you can see below works pretty darn well.

But there is some difference between them and I don't mean only the number of trades taken (12 and 10). The first one (just below) is older, form August 31, the other one is very recent for it shows the trades I took just today, September 2.

The difference I mean is that only the second of these screenshots (right below) has the time stamps in EST as do almost all of my other screenshots posted in the KING results section. The other is stamped with the time that is UTC-4 (and not UTC-5 or EST) or, in other words, belongs in the zone where the sun sets an hour earlier than on the US East Coast. Only some Canadians and a few folks in Greenland are privileged to live in this zone.

Why is it so? Well, my computer clock somehow failed to keep time properly over the last few days. Yep, strange things do happen. I am now a bit concerned how much I can trust it, but then again, it's not like this is very important or that it happens often. And as you can see, it definitely has no impact on the trading results because those depend on the trader first and foremost and only then on many other things, which is pretty much the moral of the whole story.

It's not really a trivial moral, even if  it may appear to be that way. Knowing that you are the most important enabler of your trading success is not necessarily widely accepted among wannabe traders, which is why folks like that keep searching for a Holy Grail, a device that would make the trader totally irrelevant. Alas, unless you have big pockets or big brains to design robust, fully automated systems, it ain't gonna happen.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I have yet to meet ...

a finance guy that would not make me want to puke. If there are any exceptions, I am just not aware of them. Pardon my French, but that's just the way it is.

The greed, the arrogance, the egotism, and the incompetence of these people have to bug not only me, but I am afraid that they bug me more than many others.

Here is a very good movie about how those sociopaths have conspired throughout the history to control the money creation process. He who controls this process, controls the economy, and hence he controls the nation.

The US government does not issue its own currency, but it borrows it from the bankers who charge interest on it. You pay this interest with your taxes. Yes, they own you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fragile - handle with care!

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, has resigned this afternoon, PST. Mr. Jobs has been battling cancer of the pancreas since 2004, a very deadly disease with a depressingly low survival rate.

Life is so fragile.

Let's hope that he will stay with us for as long as possible. After all, he is a tough fighter. We have been lucky that he has been on our side.

Yesterday, I got some sad news from one of my KING clients, a good guy, a very good and dedicated trader who has been in hospital for about 3 weeks now. He was very kind to offer an extensive and candid review of KING, based on his experience rather than the desire to boost his ego as not infrequently is the case on many a trading forum out there. He says that he almost died 2 weeks ago due to an infection of the same vital organ that cancer attacked in Mr. Jobs. Fortunately, my client's prospects of survival are much better and I do wish him the speediest of recoveries.

Sad news, but there is always hope. And so I do hope that both Mr. Jobs and Paul will stay with us for many years to come. I do wish them this wholeheartedly.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not a Buddhist, but ...

Obviously Dylan Ratigan is not a Buddhist. There is no question about it. The question, though, is what kind of drugs he is using that allow him to survive rants like that without a heart attack. I would love to know that.

I think he is right. But I am afraid that without a strong catalyst, nothing will change. I don't see a catalyst like that on the horizon, but they tend to be unpredictable. Fortunately ...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The real perfect 10

It's doubly perfect. First, because it's 10 winners in a row. Second, because none of these beauties took more than 1 minute. In fact, not even 45 seconds, and the best one took just a whopping 1 second. These results are from my favorite emini market, YM, the Dow e-mini futures.

Too good to be true?

Not really, unless you believe what some people say on some trading forums. On one, to be more specific. You know, the one run by the guy who blew two of his day trading accounts and now thinks he has some trading insight to offer. Taking a guy like that (or his followers, for that matter) seriously is like taking seriously boxing lessons from a fellow who left all his teeth in a ring. If you are after a toothless smile, go for it. Otherwise, find someone who has a brilliant smile and can box too.

People who think so ("too good to be true") simply don't understand (and sometimes even don't want to) what determines this kind of performance. Some of them would love to believe, naively, I must say, that I have some kind of power system. The truth is, the thing that is, if only partially, responsible for these results, KING, is not even a system.

I insist on calling it a trading methodology in order to avoid any confusion with a mechanical trading system which KING is not. Still, I believe KING is much better than any mechanical trading system for those who prefer discretionary trading and are capable of mastering it well.

It's true that when it comes to discretionary trading, the results are likely to vary a lot from one trader to another even if they all use the same trading methodology. That is to be expected. But good results, even like those shown above are possible for those who can master this kind of trading well.

Of course, results that good (truly "too good to be true") would not be possible without excellent volatility that has been with us over the last few days, or, to a lesser extent, even the last few weeks. Volatility like that is very rare, it does not happen every year, more like every few years.

To sum this up, to produce "too good to be true" results like those above, three things are really needed:
1. a sound trading methodology (such as KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology),
2. an excellent mastery of it,
3. exceptionally good volatility.

I should add, though, that even if the third component is missing, the other too can still produce good results, although not necessarily as good as those showcased here. Those are truly exceptional. But not too good to be true.

Friday, August 05, 2011

The best Schrödinger cat joke

Science jokes or jokes about scientists are relatively rare, at least compared to the jokes about blondes, but there are some.

This video features some of those science jokes. I think the best of them is the last one. For more about the titular cat character, check out Wikipedia or simply google the bastard out.

KING's trading results - 250!

250 is the number of screenshots posted on my site (in this section, to be precise) that feature my daily emini trading results. That's pretty much one full year of continuous results squeezed in a bit less than three.

When I started this section in late 2008, I did not expect it to last that long. I think it might be a good time to start something new, so I am not sure how much longer I will keep posting in there, but even this could prove to be a record not so easy to beat.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Math Humor

I borrowed it from Lubos Motl's blog that I visit quite a bit. Lubos is another theoretical physicist, although I don't think he is into emini day trading.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

How many charts do you use for trading?

Some 9 years ago, when I was starting my emini day trading career, I got myself 3 monitors and hooked them up to my computer, a Compaq, that back then was running Windows 98. I was really proud of these monitors, the biggest of which was a real monster, a 21-inch piece of hardware that I got relatively cheap online.

These days I trade using just one monitor and doing better than ever. So much about the hardware supremacy. The best hardware (and software) a trader can use still resides between his eyes. Yes, I scaled down, and while two monitors may be the optimal solution even for someone who trades basically one market (mostly YM, but sometimes ES), I am getting by with one monitor just fine. Maybe on my next computer upgrade, I will add one more monitor, or maybe not.

In the past I would always use at least 2-3 charts: a smaller time frame 1-minute chart and a bigger time frame chart of 5 minutes. That makes sense, as the higher time frame can give you a better idea of what the overall trend is and can help you to stay on the right side of the market during the day.

Over the years I have added 2 more charts that I use for trading YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures, my favorite emini futures market. One of those is a 5-minute ES chart and the other is a 1-minute chart with only basic indicators. The latter chart is meant to give a better picture of the price action. The purpose of the former is to alert you to a weakness in the market that can be spotted if there is some divergence in the price moves: since the markets are pretty correlated, if one of them lags the other, this may indicate that the leading market is running out of steam. Both charts are useful.

You may think that watching all those 4 charts is challenging, but it's not so at all for there is no need to watch the two 5 minute charts all the time, but only from time to time, and a cursory look at them is good enough to extract all the information you need. What you are focused on are the other two charts, the 1-minute charts for YM, but primarily just one of them, the main chart, with all the key indicators. And since the other 1-minute chart does not contain many indicators monitoring it is not particularly attention-consuming.

Hence, what this basically boils down to is watching one chart (the main 1-minute chart of YM) and monitoring the other three from time to time and only briefly. They can give you some extra information that may help you with your trading decisions that are primarily inspired by the main chart.

However, I have recently traded using one chart only, the main one, and have done so well that this got me thinking if I really need all the other ones. I have come to conclusion that given my experience, all those years of practice, I probably don't have to rely on the other charts as much as I thought it was necessary. While using them can be advantageous, using them all does give rise to a bit of distraction when watching the main chart.

Or, in other words, if you don't need to monitor the auxiliary charts, you can focus better on the main chart, and that may be even more advantageous than watching all the 4 charts. I think that there is something to it, but I don't think I can recommend a 1 chart solution to someone who is just starting his trading career. It's more appropriate for those with a good feel for a market they have traded for a while. But even they may actually be better off with at least 2 charts.

The moral of this story is twofold:

1. it's likely that you can handle your trading just fine with fewer things than you thought you could, although this may require some time and practice and hence starting with fewer things may not always be the best idea as opposed to reducing their number over time, but perhaps I am wrong,
2. it pays off experimenting with things, but I would not advocate jumping from flower to flower as this may be rather counter-productive; instead I suggest experimenting within the same framework such provided by KING, an emini trading course that I have been offering for a few years on my website.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The trading learning curve

I sometimes get the question from people interested in KING, an emini trading course that I have been offering on this site for a few years now, about the course learning curve.

Here is the answer that I gave one or two of these fellows when I really thought that it was the best and most honest answer taking into account not only the very question but other things they mentioned in their emails: "if you need to ask this question, you don't have what it takes to make it as a daytrader."

Yes, I know that there are vendors out there who would want you to believe that you can become a trading champ overnight or something to this effect, except that they are plainly dishonest because how exactly would they really know it? No one can know how long it will take you to master day trading. One can only talk about some approximate range, and it's a pretty wide range. From my experience with KING students, it is from days (in exceptional cases of people who are well prepared and smart) to weeks and months, even years in some cases. This depends on many factors, and hence how long it takes in individual cases is, on the whole, unpredictable.

If you cannot accept it, then what this tells me is that you cannot accept uncertainty, and hence you are a poor candidate for trading because trading is essentially about handling uncertainty or the risk that comes with it.

And then there is another issue that should be rather easy to understand for every thinking person: your learning curve never really ends. You learn all your life as you should if you want to stay competitive in your field, and the more competitive this field is, the more you need to learn. Day trading, especially day trading highly leveraged markets such as emini futures, is one of the most competitive fields you will ever enter.

But that does mean that you need to keep on trying new things all the time. I don't think this is really necessary. You may stay within the same framework, such as offered by KING. What this rather means is that if you are not willing to better yourself as a trader, not willing to perfect your trading, not willing to learn new tricks and study things on your own and practice as much as you can, you may find that your trading becomes rustier and rustier.

I have been trading emini futures for about 9 years now and even if more than half of this period I have spent trading the same methodology, the same I offer in the KING e-mini trading course, I continued learning all this time. In fact, I believe that in the last four years I have progressed more as a trader than in the first four. I realize that this may sound strange to those who think that there is some definite learning curve, but as this example illustrates, there just isn't.

There is yet another issue that my experience points to. Namely, that those who after two or so years of trading think they are as good as traders as they ever will become are most likely wrong. What's worse, believing so may interfere with their growth as traders.

So don't ask a vendor about the learning curve of the trading course he markets unless you want to find out if he is an honest man. Because if his answer is that it's short or anything definite and optimistic of this kind, then it's a sure sign you are dealing with a guy who wants to sell you something desperately and so may be tempted to employ "advertising shortcuts," to put it euphemistically.

The proper and honest answer is that it varies, but if you want to become a person who trades for a living, the answer is that it ends with your trading career.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Buddhist tale

A monk was being chased by a tiger when he came to the edge of a tall cliff. Peering over the cliff, he saw that at the bottom was another hungry tiger pacing and waiting for him to fall. The monk climbed carefully over the edge, and grabbed onto a tree root while the tigers roared above and below him.

As he was hanging there, he noticed in the side of the cliff one strawberry was growing. The strawberry was plump and red and as he plucked and ate the strawberry­, the monk smiled and thought to himself that strawberry is delicious and perfect.

That is what Buddhism teaches about the beauty of impermanen­ce and change. We are all caught precarious­ly between hungry tigers, but the secret to life is being able to appreciate the beauty and perfectnes­s of life in the moment; to be able to drink every last ounce out of every fleeting moment and waste no time on regrets.

Credit: Matt Russell

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I survived the Rapture

Yes, I did. That's because the Rapture just did not happen. Too bad, because I even got myself a neat haircut. You know, you don't want to look like a total bum in Heaven, right?

Still, in a region as seismically active as Southern California, there are small "raptures" (or rather ruptures) a few times a year. I have lived in LA for over 11 years now and have experienced several of those, earthquakes, that is, but so far nothing really serious. The Big One may, however, strike at any moment, and then some may indeed meet their maker.

And predicting earthquakes and other natural disasters is still about as much science as is predicting the doomsdays.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A good joke

A good joke, as Einstein was fond of saying, should not be repeated too often.

Perhaps, Professor Einstein, perhaps. But you see, sir, everything is relative, and I believe that a good joke genuinely well-told can be repeated many times without really getting old.

Such is the joke told by Tara Brach in the video that follows. It's so good and so well-told that I can listen to it almost every day and still laugh every time I do. Well, more like almost every month, but that's because I forget to do it every day.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did you become a trader because...

I recenly watched this video that features four popular comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld. This is actually only part 2 of the series that consists of four videos.

I want to bring to your attention what Jerry says about the 5:00 mark. Namely, he says that he became a comedian because he wanted to be one of "those guys." Because they were so cool, and that pretty much everything else was largely irrelevant, including money.

It's safe to say that some people do choose to become traders because they think that traders are the coolest guys in town and they want to be just like them. Quite a bit of literature exists out there that can inspire you along these lines, to name "Market Wizards" as one of the genre classics. (For more literature of this genre see this page under the section "Trading Inspiration.")

There are some parallels between traders and comedians.

For starters, becoming a trader is rather easy and so is becoming a comedian. It's especially easy to become an e-mini day trader as you really don't need to have more than a few thousands dollars to fund your account and launch your career as an emini day trader.

But just because it's easy to become a trader or a comedian, it's not necessarily easy to make money as one. In fact, relatively few become so good at it that they can make a living from it. Among those who succeed, some can even become very wealthy. Jerry Seinfeld is a very good case in point. As a comedian, of course.

Jerry's statement that this was not about money, cannot be applied directly to trading. Trading is really about money. If you don't make money, you are really not much of a trader. The comedic effect of losing money is also rather limited. But even in trading, it's important to think about trading in terms of challenge as much as in terms of money. And if you meet this challenge, the money, sometimes even good and easy money, is likely to follow.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Emini trading results

You can find those here, and you will not find too many sites out there with this kind of stuff. I mean websites whose owners post their e-mini trading results. Don't ask me why.

I am talking about almost 3 years of daily trading results, and not just a handful of them from the best week ever, some time in 2009. The current year results are being posted here:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

KING Version 2 released

Actually, quite a while ago, in the last days of March, but I thought I would mention it here for the record. I am now working on something that one might call KING++, but that's just one of the many things I am considering to pursue.

KING is an emini day trading methodology or an e-mini trading course, see this page for more.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

$200 in 10 minutes?

Yes, that's possible. As you can see from this picture, the profits from the first 7 trades add up to $199, which is pretty much 200 bucks. The seven trades in question took place within only about 10 minutes. If volatility is good and you trade for quick scalps, as you would do with KING, then this is totally possible.

For more examples of screenshots like this, see this section of my site:

Incidentally, this week we also reached and passed another 200 mark, that of the number of screenshots with my daily emini trading results, but it took over 2 years for that.

2 years and 10 minutes... Well, it may take you 2 years to become good enough to be able to make $200 in 10 minutes, but with KING this could be reduced to several months, perhaps weeks, although, understandably, this is bound to vary quite a bit.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting close to 200

And by that I mean to the 200th screenshot with my emini day trading results posted in the KING section of As of today, we are at 198. Very close, indeed. We will hit 200 in March for sure, if not earlier.

To see what I mean, take a look here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Resurrecting the blog

Well, perhaps, but probably not sooner than in April. I am now very busy working on the second edition of KING, which I hope to release in March, so this has to wait.

For more about KING, an excellent e-mini trading course, if I may say so, check out this page.