Thursday, March 10, 2011

$200 in 10 minutes?

Yes, that's possible. As you can see from this picture, the profits from the first 7 trades add up to $199, which is pretty much 200 bucks. The seven trades in question took place within only about 10 minutes. If volatility is good and you trade for quick scalps, as you would do with KING, then this is totally possible.

For more examples of screenshots like this, see this section of my site:

Incidentally, this week we also reached and passed another 200 mark, that of the number of screenshots with my daily emini trading results, but it took over 2 years for that.

2 years and 10 minutes... Well, it may take you 2 years to become good enough to be able to make $200 in 10 minutes, but with KING this could be reduced to several months, perhaps weeks, although, understandably, this is bound to vary quite a bit.