Monday, December 31, 2012

The best emini futures trading results of 2012

A brief review of the best trading results with KING, an emini futures day trading course, was just posted on my site with some references to this blog.

The best of the best (emini trading results, that is) are reviewed in this article.

I wish everyone all the best in 2013, great trading results in particular!

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

KING's emini trading results - the last screenshot of 2012

Well, I seriously doubt I will be trading on the New Year's Eve, so this must be the last screenshot with emini trading results due to KING, an emini day trading methodology or trading course, this year.

For more results like that including commentaries, you are welcome to check out the 2012 emini trading results page and similar trading results pages from the years past.

I added 3 more trades to those you can see in the "official" trading results gallery. I just could not resist. And guess what?

I added them just about the time the market was to take a big drop of some 50 points within only 5 minutes or so. Shortly before the drop, to be precise, and since I was shorting, I ended up with 2 quickies, adding to yet another one during the "official" trading session.

Here is this screenshot, from this Friday, December 28th.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

E-mini trading is booming in Africa and KING is flying off the shelves

How's that for the title, eh?

Let's start from the flying part of it. I announced the KING holiday special about 3 weeks ago on this blog. Since then I have sold a number of copies of this e-mini trading course at the special holiday price of only $1000 as opposed to $1,300 which had been the regular price of KING prior to the holiday discount. More than 2 copies that I had planned to offer initially.

I don't feel like messing with this price before Christmas, so I decided to extend this deal until December 24th and knowing myself rather well, I will probably not change it until around December 26th. So, you still have time, but only about a week or so. The next such an occasion will not arrive until only a year a from now and the price is very unlikely to be that low then. Or I may even not be selling this course anymore.

And what about Africa and the booming e-mini trading business in there? Well, that's yet another story, a bit related to KING and this special holiday offer and e-mini trading as well, of course. Follow the last link to learn more about it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

E-mini trading for the people in a hurry

Sort of.

You really don't want to rush your trades, but some trades can definitely be faster than others. This is particularly true when it comes to day trading e-mini futures.

I like to call really fast e-mini trades "quickies." To be really precise, according to my own home-made definition, the quickie is a trade in an e-mini futures market, such as YM, that takes less than a minute to reach its target of several ticks. Say, 5 ticks in YM.

YM, to those totally new to this subject is the ticker symbol of the Dow Jones e-mini futures contract that has 5 dollar ticks, which means that its smallest advance in your favor makes you richer by 5 bucks. Of course, you can lose that much as well if your position goes one tick against you.

Now, if you are a futures scalper, it's not unusual for your trades to take just a few minutes, perhaps more, but it is only if you trade the way KING traders often trade that you can expect "quickies" and you can expect them rather often, pretty much every week and on some good volatile days even several a day.

For more about quickies and a good sample of examples, please check out this article on fast e-mini futures trades that I have just posted on my site.

Friday, December 14, 2012

E-mini futures trading results screenshot number 400

After about 4 years since KING's release in late 2008, I have reached screenshot number 400 of daily e-mini trading results, mostly results of trading the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, although there is a sizable contingent of results in the S&P e-mini market.

Well, what can I say? I sure am glad that I have managed to reach this milestone before the end of the world on December 21st that the world is eagerly awaiting.

For more about this and many other e-mini day trading results, please check out the results section on my site.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Great heartwarming video

This YouTube video is reaching a million views.

It is particularly dear to me because it shows Main Square in Cracow, the city where I lived for over 10 years. Cracow's Main Square is the largest medieval square in Europe. I spent a lot of time there as it is a very popular place in Cracow both for those who live there and even more so for the tourists for whom Cracow is probably the most attractive destination in Poland.

Of course, the main attraction of the video is not the square, but the cute talented little girl.

12/12/12 = 398 = $231

Who does not like simple math, right? Well, the math is really simple in this case.

12/12/12 is rather obvious, 398 is explained on this results page on, well, December 12th, 2012, and $231 is what you get if you take 5 trades with 2-3 YM contracts using KING, an emini trading methodology, (slash trading course) on a good trading day.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

E-mini trading results to beat - 16 full weeks and 2 fortnights

Yesterday, I completed the second two week period of e-mini trading results this year and the 16th full week of results posted this year.

The results, achieved using KING, an e-mini trading methodology (or course), are based on trading YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market.

Overall, this year which is about to end on December 21st (along with the world, as you probably know by now), I have posted about 130 screenshots with daily e-mini trading results, mostly in YM, but some also in ES, the S&P e-mini futures market.

I am also only about 4 screenshots away from screenshot number #400, but I am not sure if I manage to reach this milestone before the world's end. Screw you, Mayans! Plus, should I really care?

Anyway, the results I am talking about can be found on the trading results page of my e-mini futures site.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Beating Mr. Market on a Friday afternoon

There are perverts and there are perverted traders, I guess, because who else would choose to torment Mr. Market on a Friday afternoon?

"Obviously, a very sick person." Yes, that's a line from Seinfeld.

Well, as long as Mr. Market is not officially recognized as a person (unlike corporations in this great land of the brave and the free or unlike the Higgs boson that Time Magazine wants to nominate as the person of the year and good luck with that), I think that tormenting him is not against the law and sometimes you just can't resist, especially when it's a child's play to take money from the old bastard.

Such was the case this afternoon, and so I  added 3 more YM trades to those closed in the morning (see the trading results on my site to compare).

2 second long e-mini trade?

You bet.

Not my first one that short, but obviously you don't get those every day or even every month. Still, chances are you can get them every year if you trade e-mini futures markets using something like KING, a discretionary e-mini trading methodology that focuses on quick scalping, that is, for instance, scalping for 5 ticks in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, that I like trading a lot.

Of course, YM is not the only market that KING can work well in. ES, the S&P 500 emini futures market, is another good one, and I believe that there are many more where it can perform well, at least based on what my clients have told me (see, for instance, this KING review) because my personal trading experience is very much limited to YM and ES.

Anyway, for that glorious 2 second long only trade jump to the daily emini trading results page on my site. See the entry under December 7th, which happens to be today.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Can trading e-mini futures be easy?

I think so, although I don't believe that you will make it easy overnight. But I also think that believing otherwise has no benefit whatsoever and can only hamper your progress as a trader.

Quite often, this belief is the result of certain, sometimes rather obvious, mistakes or wrong assumptions that you should examine in order to make your e-mini trading easier.

I also think that discretionary trading can be easier and is the right choice (as opposed to system trading) if you want to keep improving your ease of trading and want to grow as a trader.

More about it in a new article entitled, not surprisingly, "Day trading e-mini futures can be easy." Because it can.

For more articles of this nature, mainly educational, check out the A Word of Advice section of my site.

Monday, December 03, 2012

More great trading (e-mini futures Dow Jones)

That would be on December 3rd, the first trading day this month. And it's YM again, that is the e-mini futures contract of Dow Jones, the $5 per tick e-mini contract, which I love trading.

I posted my first 5 trades in the trading results section on my site and even mentioned that I was taking a break while posting there and I am glad that I did because the market surged quite a bit about that time and might have freaked me out. Probably not too much as it surged only about 30 ticks, but on the 1-minute chart it looked rather serious.

The 5-minute chart was, however, suggesting that the downside was still more likely and when the 1-minute chart suggested the same, I went to work again. The result is 3 more quick trades, the last one not even 1 minute in duration.

Yes, these and many other emini trading results like that have been due to KING, an e-mini trading course or trading methodology (almost like a trading system), which happens to be on holiday sale right now. Only one more discounted copy still left.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Example of a trending market

You don't have to be an emini futures trader or even a trader in general to appreciate a nice trend.

The image that follows shows such a trend.

It is a picture perfect example of a trending "market" and I put the word "market" in quotation marks because this is not a typical market, not something that you can trade, but something that changes depending on the human participation in it, so in a way it can be called that way, at least in some general sense of this word.

This market is the number of page views of this blog. The data points represent the monthly views.

As you can see from the image, the graph shows higher highs and higher lows, which characterizes an uptrend. In a downtrend, you want to see lower lows and lower highs. If neither situation is clearly present, you are probably stuck in a range and most traders don't like to be stuck in a trading range.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Another full week of trading results - 15th this year

Just finished. Today, November 30th.

Below is the screenshot with all the trades I took today, all 8. It's 3 more than shown on my website, but the purpose of the website daily reports is to showcase how you can make $200 or more. And sometimes, it could be much more if I post my report after I am done with trading for the day. Sometimes I just post when I am up over $200, take a break and may still trade after the break. Such was the case today. Or yesterday, for that matter.

The trades were taken in e-mini Dow Jones, YM, using the KING emini trading methodology.

You want more, check out my site.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

So how good is your e-mini trading system?

Well, that's just a rhetorical question because mine is better.

In fact, mine is so good that I even don't call it a trading system. If I were a good marketer, I would call it a super-system. Or even a super-duper e-mini futures trading system. Or a future (like 22nd century) e-mini futures trading system. Possibilities are limitless if all you care is slick marketing.

But instead I call it a discretionary trading methodology that is an awful mouthful and probably reveals immediately that I am a scientist by training. Actually, I call it that way to avoid any confusion with a trading system because to me a trading system is an objective mechanical trading system and not some discretionary strategy or a bunch of them.

But that does not change the fact that a discretionary trading methodology can be much more flexible and hence more powerful than a mechanical trading system. Let me offer you little neat evidence of it.

Check out the image below. It shows 4 trades in the emini futures market of Dow Jones (YM). These trades were taken within only 7 minutes (even slightly less), no more than 4 contracts per position were used and two of the trades (the first and the last one) did not take even a whole minute. Actually not even 10 seconds [sic!], each.

I seriously doubt a mechanical trading system would be able to do something like that. So, yes, discretionary trading is the way to go. Especially for small retail traders who cannot afford trading with bigger sizes. Discretionary emini trading definitely rocks and so does KING, an emini trading methodology but not a system, that produced these trading results on November 29th.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some useful thoughts for e-mini futures traders and not only

Actually, they could be of some use to everyone. Because as one of the people quoted  in this piece says, "these things are the same in every field." This person is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

More thoughts most likely to come in future.

Monday, November 26, 2012

KING's Holiday Special

Now you can have KING for only $1000, which a whopping $300 discount from the regular price of $1,300 that KING reached a few weeks ago and which is still likely to go up in the near future, particularly when the KING trading forum is launched next year.

But this price is good for only 2 copies, so don't wait.

KING is an emini futures day trading methodology, often also referred to as an e-mini futures trading course as it can serve as good course of day trading emini futures.

For more about this excellent emini trading product check out its main page.

Friday, November 16, 2012

KING's e-mini trading results keep on coming ...

In fact, they keep coming in droves.

Just last week, I mentioned on this blog the 13th weekly cycle of KING's e-mini trading results and today I am pleased to report yet another one. Just completed. Check out my site for more.

Incidentally, as also mentioned in the current results section of my site, there are now well over 100 daily result reports this year only and we are less than 15 such reports away from report #400.

For more about KING, an emini futures day trading methodology (or a day trading course), please see KING's main page.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

TradeStation indicators for KING released

They have been released today, at least officially. But some KING users were able to get them already yesterday.

Their price is only $60 until the end of November, then $75. You need to own KING first in order to be able to buy them.

For more about these custom TradeStation indicators, check out this page.

In addition to the indicators for TradeStation, KING users can enjoy custom designed indicators for  Multicharts, NinjaTrader and Sierra Chart. Free standard indicators for Sierra Chart are also provided, but the custom ones are certainly much cooler.

I am the developer of the indicators for all these platforms except Sierra Chart. I do not plan developing KING indicators for any other platforms, but may develop some KING-inspired indicators for NinjaTrader and perhaps also for Multicharts and TradeStation.

For more about these indicators, please see the KING indicators page.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So I traded some more today too

After posting morning results on my site, updating it, and taking care of emailing KING TradeStation indicators to those who had ordered them, I traded some more adding 9 trades to the list of 6 posted on my site.

In the past, I would sometimes update my site in a case like that, but it's simply easier and faster to post to this blog than to my static site and it's mainly because of that I decided to keep posting any updates worth mentioning on this blog. Plus, this is also a way to promote the blog.

So here is a full list of today's trades that includes all 15 of them. I could have still traded some more. The market had a decisive short bias which I exploited mercilessly, but could have easily added 5 trades or more. The market was still dropping when I quit trading. I somehow did not feel like it, I guess.

The market traded is YM, the Dow Jones emini futures market.

You may notice a few trades that did not take even a full minute. That's not unusual for quick e-mini scalping with KING. In fact, one is only 2 seconds long. Or, rather, 2 seconds short!

That's a pretty nice result, but not the best one this year.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

13th weekly cycle of e-mini trading results

A few weeks ago, I mentioned here 12th such a cycle, and today I completed yet another one, probably the last one this year, but don't quote me on this.

Here is the screenshot showing my today's trades.

Five trades, five quickies as I like to call the trades that do not last even a minute. And less than 10 minutes of trading overall. For more emini trading results like that, feel free to check out this section of my site.

Five quickies is hardly a record. My record is 10 quickies in about 20 minutes. I mention it in this article on my site. All these and many other trades I ever alluded to in this blog have been possible thanks to KING, a winning e-mini day trading methodology (or a trading course that is based on it).

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My best trading day this year

The results from today's e-mini trading session are shown below. The contract traded is YM, the Dow Jones emini futures contract.

Yes, that's 18 trades, all winners, more than $1100 in profits. It was a good trading day, November 7th, with great volatility and a clear trend. The trend was down, a small but extended in time pullback notwithstanding.

One of the trades consumed 12 contracts, which is much more than what I usually trade per position, but I was sure that the market had to bounce off of some resistance layer and so I keep building my position in anticipation of this. I was right and the market eventually dropped.

Several trades did not take even a whole minute, which is not so unusual for the type of scalping that I practice. 

If you want to trade like that, may I suggest that you check out KING?

It is an e-mini day trading methodology (and I may refer to it as a trading course too) that makes emini futures trading a highly successful proposition. Yes, you need to master it, which, needless to say, takes time, but the effort of mastering it may be worth your while.

Incidentally, this is the 100th post on this blog. I am glad it coincides nicely with the best trading day of this year, but I was not planning it.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Obama re-elected

Good luck, Mr. President. You will need it even more than during your first term.

Congratulations, too.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama or Romney?

That's a good question and with less than 2 weeks left to the presidential elections, the race is pretty tight.

I am an independent and while in 2008 I was supporting Obama, this year I am not convinced Obama is a much better choice. I think he should get a chance for yet another term, but a new face in the White House would not be a bad idea either.

Here is a great PBS documentary about the two contenders. Both have compelling life stories, both are highly intelligent and very accomplished. There is no doubt in my mind that they deserve to be elected more than George W. Bush ever did. I think that Romney is a better choice than McCain was 4 years ago and probably the best since the Reagan/Bush team on the Republican side.

The voters will decide ...

Monday, October 08, 2012

98.7 percent winning rate?

Yes, it's possible, even if, admittedly, highly improbable, and "too good to be true" to most people, especially those whose understanding of the trading business is skin deep from the mathematical point of view.

I was talking about the high winning rates, pertaining to trading, in one of my previous articles in the same section, basically to argue that while they do not happen too often, they should not be dismissed as unreal. They are quite real indeed.

In that very same article I mentioned a man that I knew was an excellent trader. However, at that time, I had no idea that the winning rate of his quant hedge fund was 98.7 percent. Yes, 98.7 percent!

Astounding, I know. Hard to believe? Yes, of course. But real, nevertheless.

The name of this gentleman is ... Well, you may as well learn it from my new article. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Mr. 98.7 Percent.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Can you make money day trading e-mini futures?

I admit that the question posed in the title of this post may sound a bit provocative. But I am really not after provoking anyone in any manner.

The question is serious and it should be answered in a serious manner as well. I did just that on my site in this article whose title is similar, namely "Can you make money with KING?"

KING, to those who still don't know it, is an e-mini day trading course that I have been offering over the last 4 years or so on my site. I thought that by answering this question, I would also answer the more general one, in the title of this post. Because to answer the general question all you need is to find a good example of someone succeeding at day trading emini futures with a particular system or methodology, such as KING.

Check out my answer then.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Emini Trading Basics

This is just a brief notice to let you know that I decided to reactivate my other Blogger blog dedicated to trading e-mini futures. It is meant for the beginners and I do not intend to post there as much as I post here, but more often than in the past.

That other emini futures blog is located here and it is called "Emini Trading Basics." You may want to check it out from time to time, particularly if you are interested in starting your emini day trading career. Better yet, check out my site, which provides much more information that can be of use to both new and more advanced emini traders, including a section for beginners called Emini Basics.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, October 01, 2012

I went green ...

In case, you did not notice it. Yes, that's a total makeover as far as blogs are concerned.

Now, does it mean that I am an environmentalist? No, not at all, for I dislike most "isms" and environmentalism is among them. It's an ideology and ideologies make me sick.

But I am a very environmentally friendly guy, much more than Al Gore, the biggest, baddest US environmentalist you have probably heard of. Well, actually, there is no comparison, whatsoever. This guy's carbon footprint is just gross!

And since I dislike most "isms" I am also, quite naturally, an independent, politically and in other ways.

But let's just say that I simply went green and I hope you will enjoy my "green outlook" on life.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

12th weekly cycle of e-mini trading results

Just a few weeks ago, I mentioned here the 10th such a cycle this year. By the cycle, I mean 5 trading days in a row, that is, a full week, not counting weekends when trading is really not going on.

I posted the screenshot that completes that last cycle in the section that features my daily e-mini trading results in 2012. The screenshot shows 10 trades, 8 of which are winners. But that's not the whole story.

That's because I traded some more after posting the screenshot, feeling pretty good both mentally and physically, and so I was even a bit surprised to produce 16 trades in total with no additional losers.

I say that I was surprised because that's the biggest number of trades I took in a single trading session this year and recently I have been battling some intestinal problems that certainly affect my stamina, and not in any positive way, to say the least. That's not a record by any measure, especially if compared to these results, but nothing to sneeze at, either.

Well, I hope that spells better days ahead for my health. And here is the screenshot with all 16 trades.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More screenshots of NinjaTrader indicators for KING

I just posted some more, 5 in total.

You can check out all of them on the same page that features NinjaTrader 7 indicators for KING, an emini trading methodology (or emini trading course).

I may add some more later this year, or perhaps early next one.

NinjaTrader is a very fine charting and trading platform that you can use free for simulated trading and analysis, which is one of the main reasons why it is so popular among traders. It is also popular among my KING clients, most of whom use this very platform.

Monday, September 24, 2012

365th daily emini trading results screenshot

I posted it a while ago on my site, in its section that features screenshots with daily e-mini trading results for this year. I doubt you will see screenshot number 500, but 400 is still likely, not sooner then next year, though.

The results have been accomplished using KING, an emini day trading methodology that is basically an extensive e-mini trading course for futures traders, although some of my clients may trade Forex as well.

It's been very much exactly 4 years since I started posting screenshots like that on my site. It's likely that next year will be the last year for KING.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Assorted Links - not only for e-mini trading buffs

I added a new section to my site, or more like an article that will grow with new additions of some links of interest to traders, emini traders in particular, but not only. It is called "Assorted Links - for emini trading buffs and not only."

It is located at this address. I plan to update it more than once a month, if my time permits and I have something interesting to include on this list, so you may want to check it out from time to time.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A tale of two brains

Or how men and women use them. Their brains, that is. At least, as viewed by Mark Gungor in his entertaining seminar.

In two videos, both embedded below, for your watching convenience. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trading at the speed of light ...

and some other stories from the world of quants, arguably, the most sophisticated of contemporary traders who rely heavily on the tools of modern math and computer engineering.

You can hear them watching this documentary.

To some, it was the over-reliance on such high math and high tech tools that brought about the Great Recession we are still recovering from, a topic addressed in the documentary, while to others it was the lack of proper human control over the financial risk that mathematical models will never be able to reflect faithfully enough. 

One of the quants featured in the film is a man named Mike Osinski. You can read his reflections on the life and work on Wall Street leading up to the financial crisis of 2007-2008 in this New York Magazine article.

Monday, September 10, 2012 is down - today's results posted here

Today is September 10th.

My site,, is down because that hosts my site is down. Anonymous claims the responsibility. I am all against censoring the Internet, which Anonymous accuses of participating in, but I am also against actions that hurt businesses that happen to be using servers.

Here is more about it.

And here is today's trading results that I wanted to post on my site, but could not because of this. Achieved using KING, as always.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The 10th sequence of full week e-mini trading results

That's a long title, but a pretty precise one as you would probably expect from a scientist by training, at least once in a while.

The details can be found on my site, in the section that deals with my emini day trading results in 2012. And the scoop is basically this: today I completed yet another full week of trading using KING ideas with the results posted on my site. It turns out it's the 10th such a week this year.

Just a brief note.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This futures blog recognized

This humble e-mini futures trading  blog was recently recognized by one of the futures industry educational sites,

An article "Top 100 Futures Trading Blogs" posted on their site includes my blog among the 100 top futures blogs, placing it in the "advanced" category. I feel honored by this inclusion, even though so far that has translated only into more spam to my email inbox, but I guess, such is the cost of "fame" in this Internet age.

While I am certainly grateful for this nice recognition, I do think that my website is still a more extensive source of trading knowledge than my blog will probably ever be. For instance, there are 60 original educational trading articles in the "A Word of Advice" section of my site. It also attracts much more traffic.

I treat my blog pretty much as a gateway to my site for those who like following blogs. But the blog contains some original material as well, so following it makes sense not only as a quick way to find out what's new on my site.

Needless to say, blogs are popular both among the Internet content providers and the Internet readers. I follow a few myself, although none of them has anything to do with trading.

Blogs allow for very easy posting and so they tend to be updated with new articles quite often. However, this very ease of posting can also lead to lower quality of blog articles. There is always some trade-off, although there definitely are many excellent blogs out there that maintain high quality comparable to that of the best static websites.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Learn emini trading from the masters

Or at least, follow their advice that may be useful not only to e-mini traders and not only to traders in general. That's because good advice tends to be universal.

I selected three such masters whose works will certainly survive Kardashians and, I venture to say, all of reality TV combined and even multiplied by a very large factor.

Interested? Well, then check out this article, "Learning how to trade e-mini futures from the masters" posted recently on my site.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

Sometimes you think that people like him don't ever die. Yet, they do. And then, they don't.

The first man on the Moon is no longer among the living, but forever in their memory.

Friday, August 24, 2012

KING's price to go up soon again...

There are only two copies of KING left at the current price of merely $1100, which is not that much considering that the ultimate price of KING will be $1500 or perhaps even more.

Moreover, there are only about 30 copies of KING left in total, which means that I will probably not be selling it past 2013. I have never meant to keep on selling it forever, and 5 years might as well be enough. Ever since I started collaborating with some European hedge fund over a year ago, KING can no longer be my number one priority, and its position on the priorities list may decline even more in the months to come, even though I do take my vendor business seriously. Well, anyway, time will tell.

KING is a powerful e-mini trading methodology slash emini trading course that based on it. You can find more about it on its pages. The main page is here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

E-mini trading results - 350!!

Yesterday, August 17th, I posted the 350th screenshot with my daily emini trading results. I have been posting screenshots like that for years, starting in late 2008. The results have been produced using KING, an emini day trading methodology, my original work.

I do hope to reach 365, the number of days in a regular year in the next few months, quite likely this year. I am not sure if I ever reach 500, a nice number, for sure. I do not plan on selling KING that long.

KING is still only $1100, but its price will definitely go up again this year.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

An olympic joke

The London Summer Olympics are over, so it's time for an olympic joke.

The joke has nothing to do with the London games, though, but with the Moscow Olympics of 1980 that were boycotted by most Western countries, the US, in particular.

The joke that I recently came across online is attributed to Gary Shteyngart, a Jewish-American writer born in Leningrad, USSR.

At the time of the Moscow Olympics, Brezhnev was in charge of the country. He was going senile. At an Olympic ceremony, he gave a speech, his hand holding the speech text shaking visibly.

“Ohhhhhh…..” he read.

He paused.


He paused.


An apparatchik ran up to him. “Comrade Secretar Brezhnev, those are the Olympic rings!”

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A trading fluke?

I don't think so.

But you may not know what I am talking about unless you checked out the most recent update of my e-mini trading results quasi-blog that I run on my regular website, somewhere here.

Here is the screenshot to accompany the story.

The story is this. I took this 10 contract trade following a losing trade. That was a pretty heavy bet because I rarely go above 4 contracts per position. Yet here I decided to go with 10 contracts. Why?

That's because it was one of those "you can bet your barn on" trades that you can come across when using KING, an emini trading methodology that I employ for my trading.

I mentioned those trading opportunities on another, quite recent, occasion on my site, in an article about the expected value. The opportunities like that may not happen every day, but they can happen a few times on a good week, so if you were only to limit yourself to those few trades a week, you would still do very well, provided you can afford to trade with a larger number of contracts, say 10 or more, or even 6.

Was this trade a fluke? Not at all because not only did I get 10 points out of it, but the market dropped over 30 points from my short entry point, so I had plenty of room for even more and I did took 3 more trades following the "big one."

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The expected value in trading and gambling

I recently posted a new article in the A Word of Advice section of my site that discusses the expected value in trading. This is a very important concept not only in trading, but also in gambling and I make some references to gambling in the article. In fact, I suspect that gamblers are more familiar with the expectation value (as the expected value is also known) than traders are. This article can be found here.

The expected value is a type of average of possible outcomes, and there are only two in trading, a loss or a win, if we count break evens as losses because they really are if commissions are included. The article discusses this issue in a simplified manner, ignoring the break evens, being an introduction of sorts to this concept. Its main goal is to explain certain misconceptions surrounding this issue.

I addressed this concept previously in an article that tackles it from a different angle ("Do you need a high winning rate?"), showing that you can actually do well with a relatively low winning rate, but that article is more concerned with system trading, while the recent one is more with discretionary trading.

I think it's important to understand that mechanical system trading differs from discretionary trading, and one way to do so is by examining this difference through the expected value.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

A 3-second trade and yet another full week of results

August 2nd marks the end of yet another full week of trading results that I keep posting here.

It's the 8th full week of trading results this year and probably not the last one. All of them have been accomplished using KING, an emini day trading methodology.

The last of the trades today took only 3 seconds, but that's still not the record when it comes to the trades KING produces. The record one took only 1 second if I recall it correctly.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Emini trading system that keeps on working

That would be George IV that I mentioned in this blog a few times before since I had started offering it again on my site a few months back. You can find more about it in the system's main page.

In the last 30 days, this emini day trading system has delivered 3 full wins, meaning it reached its target of 60 YM points on three different occasions: June 29, July 13, and July 26. I don't count partial wins (there were some too) or any losses here.

I believe that with a suitable stop-loss of 45 points (not the one used in the original version of the system), this could be a very viable mechanical trading system.

These days, I don't promote it as a system, though, but merely as a strategy whose main strength lies in identifying strong trending days or the days of good volatility.

Trading on days like that is much easier than on the days with relatively low volatility where you can easily get stuck in a range. For this reason, George IV or systems of similar nature that give signals when volatility is comfortably above average are good choices for trading newbies, but can also be used by traders who choose to engage in trading only from time to time when circumstances are most suitable.

George IV is also recommended for trading with KING, an emini day trading methodology that I also offer on my site.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I am back ...

But not for good until next month.

I am taking a break from running my vendor business and also from posting here and on my site. Check my site for more about it, the KING section of "I can do it too!" that I like to use for updates of all sorts.

I have installed a live traffic feed (Feedjit) just for the fun of it. Last month this blog received well over 300 visits, which was a new record, but it's obviously still much less visited than my site.

More updates, about George IV, an emini trading system of some renown, in particular, will be coming soon. The system has had at least 3 full winners in the last 30 days or so and by that I mean that it reached its target of 60 YM points.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Emini trading results - 2 weeks in a row

It started in May, a day after the Memorial Day. You can see all of them, 10 screenshots with my e-mini day trading results, on this page, along with many others from this year.

All of the results shown in this page were accomplished using KING, an emini trading methodology slash emini trading course, that I usually use for trading YM, a Dow emini futures, but over these past two weeks applied to trading ES, an S&P 500 e-mini futures, on two different occasions too.

I did 4 such two week rounds in 2010. I hope to be able to do one more this year, unless other things interfere.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Emini trading system to beat these days

And that's Georgie boy again. George IV, an emini trading system for YM, delivered 60 points today again and then went dozens of points beyond this target.

That's the third such a feat since I made the system available again just a few weeks ago. It works well in ES too. In fact, it was originally designed for it.

These days I offer it mainly as a strategy to use for identifying a strong market bias to position yourself with and as these 60 point feats demonstrate, this can be a strong bias indeed. One other good way to use it is in combination with KING, which unlike George IV is not a a system,  but a discretionary emini trading methodology.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Watching the Venus transit

Well, today is the day: the last chance for most mortals alive today to see this very rare phenomenon. I am kicking myself for not getting the proper equipment (safe viewing glasses) to do it outdoors, but thanks to the power of the Internet that I invented (kidding, just taking a cheap shot at Al Gore) we can now watch it online.

And that's what I am doing now. Here is a screenshot of the webcast video from Mouna Kea in Hawaii. It shows the Sun's face with Venus (black dot) in the lower left corner, and of course, a red filter is being used for filming the transit.

The transit is being webacast on the web from a few places on the Earth. One of them is here. I am actually watching 3 webcasts now. One of them is from the Mount Wilson Observatory, not far from Los Angeles. I visited it some 10 years ago. It's the place where the expansion of the Universe was discovered.

Monday, June 04, 2012

A full week of e-mini trading results

Yet another full week of emini trading results was completed today. It started last Tuesday, a day after the Memorial Day. For more see the page with my trading results in 2012.

The results have been accomplished using KING, an emini day trading methodology, which is part of an extensive e-mini trading course of the same name.

Friday, June 01, 2012

George IV - emini trading system - does it again

Yes, another 60 pts in YM, Dow emini futures contract, in less than two hours.

Not bad for a rather simple emini day trading system, although these days, to be totally honest, I do not market it as a trading system because I don't follow it closely enough, being too busy with KING, and also because I doubt it can do as well as it did in 2008-2010, when markets' volatility was much higher overall.

Still, it can be very useful to help you with the right market bias, and on the days it gives a clear signal, as was the case today, you definitely want to stick to the bias it suggests. If you check out my today's KING trades, you will see that I was short all the time, and so was George IV.

For more about this pretty neat e-mini trading system, that can deliver quite a punch on a good day, see this page.

You can also check out this post:

I thought I would add that yesterday, this system delivered 48 points at the market close, but I choose to write  about its wins only when it reaches the target.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Emini trading results - 14 posts this month

As you can see in this page.

All of these 14 May posts are accompanied by screenshots showing my daily emini trading results that have been accomplished using KING, an e-mini day trading methodology slash emini trading course.

Well, make it 15. See the screenshot below with all the trades I took on May 31st.

Emini day trading results from May 31st, 2012. Obtained using KING.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Twitter widget added to this glorious, awe inspiring, emini trading blog

In other words, I could not come up with a sillier title for this post. Here is a summary: I added a twitter widget to this blog.


 ? ?

Like what? Can you even start a sentence with a question mark? Well, I just did. The grammar freaks are probably all up in arms now. Yep, go ahead, denounce me on Twitter. Not only did I start it, I even ended it.

I am definitely not the biggest attention seeking whore on Twitter, but surprisingly enough, even I have well over 100 followers who don't mind at all that I follow none of them. I like it. That means that they are like me: not the biggest attention seeking whores in this part of the Universe.

Now, if you want to join me on Twitter and don't mind that I will not follow you back, then feel free to do so.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Emini trading results - the first daily $1000+ this year

Check out this screenshot to see what I mean.

It comes from May 17th, 2012, meaning today. It shows my YM trades, YM being the Dow emini futures ticker symbol. The total result is over $1000.

I started the day well, at a time rather unusual  for me because I rarely start trading during the first half an hour of the daily trading session, and was up over $500 within the first 30 minutes or so.

Then I took a nap, run a few errands and stuff, and came back to see what the market was doing. I could not resist taking a few more shots and that's how I went from the lucky 7 to the lucky 13, and they say that the latter is not supposed to be lucky. Well, it turns out that it can be.

That's my first daily emini trading result over $1000 this year. Last year I showed a few of those, including one over $2000 as you can see here. The results were obtained using KING, my emini day trading methodology. For more about KING, see its main page.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My not so apologetic take on trading forums

Yep, I am at it again.

This time I have Mr. Nasreddin Hodja on my side. Never heard of him? Well, that's probably because he has been long dead. Happens to most people. But he is still quite a popular fellow, especially in Turkey and the neighboring countries. See Wikipedia for more on this wise man, who allegedly lived in Turkey in the 13th century. Yes, that was after dinosaurs.

My take on trading forums has been posted on my site just recently in its A Word of Advice section that I do recommend to everyone, especially those new to day trading emini futures.

It's here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Emini trading results - yet another full week

Last week, I completed yet another full week of posting emini day trading results on my website. The results have been obtained using KING, an emini day trading methodology. KING is also an extensive e-mini trading course.

These trading results can be checked out in this section. That's the fourth full week of results posted this year. Last year, I have posted ten such weeks, and a year before that, on four occasions, I posted results that span 2 weeks or more and a number of week long results as well.

The market traded by me is YM, a Dow Jones emini futures. I may also trade ES, an S&P 500 e-mini futures, but that is very rare these days.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Trading forums and the "professional" media integrity

Here is a story that seemed so bizarre that clearly could only be false. It concerned a Polish dentist. More precisely, a Polish female dentist who, according to the media reports, was "facing three years in prison after she removed all of her ex-boyfriend's teeth during dental surgery just days after their breakup."

Being Polish I was obviously quite surprised, if not embarrassed by it, yet strangely enough I could not find any references to it in the Polish online media. I did not know what to think of it, but considering that Poles tend to be quiet introverts, this kind of Lorena Bobbit aggression seemed pretty unlikely to me. Still, things happen and not all Poles are a reserved kind.

Well, it turns out that the story was totally fake and yet it was reported by many major newspapers, such as The Los Angeles Times or The San Francisco Chronicle.

If the "professional" media cannot get a story that outlandish verified properly before printing it, what are are the odds that the stuff from the anonymous sources you read on the Internet every day is true? I am afraid that the odds are not particularly good, and I am afraid even more that the public is still largely unaware of it.

And by the same token, what are the odds that the stuff posted on trading forums that tend to attract some of the more deranged individuals you can come across online, is any true?

Needless to say, the odds are even worse. I know something about it, I have seen quite a few of those forums, and in due time, when I am done with more pressing issues, I hope to address it on my site. Again, because I have done so in the past too, although from a different perspective.

You might be quite shocked to find out how much fabrication, of the kind I talk above, if not plain smear is propagated on forums like that, especially on one of them, that, in my opinion, is a true smear, sleaze and slander facility, while pretending to be the total opposite.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

George IV (e-mini day trading system) delivers again ...

It did it again, this past Friday, and to the tune of 60 points in YM, the market that I follow quite closely.

Interestingly enough, the system was designed for ES, the S&P 500 emini futures contract, but it turned out to work for YM, the Dow emini futures market, quite well, too.

I decided to offer this system for sale again a few weeks ago, because I think its ideas can be quite useful for building strategies, but you can also use it as it was originally designed. In the latter case, you may want to modify it a bit, as the volatility conditions the system was designed for are not often present these days, but on really volatile days this system can deliver as well as it did in its glorious days.

I intend to modify this system, so that it produces fewer trades, but more reliable, which means that it will work only on days of truly great volatility.

You can check out its past equity curve (that's for ES). It is similar for YM. It's built out of quite a number of points (about 100).

For more about the system check out this page.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Why most people do not succeed at day trading emini futures

There could be more than one reason for that, but one definitely stands out and it's universal: they simply give up.

Yes, it's universal and applies to practically every field of human endeavor worth pursuing and hence being relatively challenging. I have known it for quite a while and I have mentioned it a number of times on my website, but let me re-iterate it one more time.

The reason why so many fail at day trading emini futures or trading, in general, has nothing to do with trading being more difficult than many other occupations. This, I believe, is a myth, perpetuated by the trading psychobabble industry that wants you to believe that the main reason traders fail is because of the mental aspects of trading that most people handle indeed pretty poorly.

No, the main reason this is so is because they don't have what it takes to be successful and hence they just quit. Happens all the time, across many occupations or professions that people choose to pursue. It has nothing to do with trading  per se.

Let me give you one more example of this that I just found in the recent Reuters news. The example, posted by Reuters on May 2nd, 2012, has to do with with the free online course offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Here is the relevant piece: "MIT said 120,000 people signed up for the first such course - Introduction to Circuits and Electronics - that MITx rolled out earlier this year. Halfway through the course, some 20,000 were still actively keeping up with it."

See? That means that 80% or more have given up already halfway through the course. Same with trading. Yes, it's challenging, but the 90% or so failure rate among wannabe traders should not be attributed to trading being somehow particularly challenging. Not at all. It should be attributed first and foremost to a simple fact that 80% of humans don't have or even don't know what it takes to be successful and hence end up as losers, whether they like to be called that way or not, and so no wonder that there are so many of those among traders as well.

If you are considering an emini trading career, you may want to keep in mind that it's your commitment, passion, desire to succeed that are much more likely to make or break you as a trader than some arcane aspects of trading psychology (or virtually anything, for that matter) and I don't mean to discount trading psychology, but I do think that it tends to be pretty overrated.

I posted an extended version of this article on my site as well, in its section called "A Word of Advice." This section is here.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Hunting for 10-pointers or how good is your emini day trading?

A picture is said to be worth a 1000 words, so here it is.

It shows all 6 trades of May 4th, a good trading day for stock index emini futures such as YM, the Dow e-mini futures contract. Five of them were 10-pointers, per contract, not per position, the latter ranging from 2 to 4 contracts. For more about today's results and others of this kind, please check out this page.

All trades were taken following the ideas of KING, an emini day trading methodology, that you cam learn more about on my website.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Emini trading results - 10 screenshots this month

As you can easily see in this page.

All of these ten and all you can see in this page and in the "I can do it too!" section of my site have been accomplished using KING, an e-mini day trading methodology.

Yes, KING rules...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

E-micros - the little siblings of e-mini futures

What do satellites and futures have in common?

If you are not a scientist you may not know this, but satellites and futures do have something in common. Even if not a lot. But then again, many a trader or a wanna-be trader may not know this either. And perhaps they should.

A new article that talks about emini futures little siblings, e-micros, explains this.

For more articles about eminis and emini trading, please check out this section of my site.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yet another full week of emini day trading results

The third one this year.

Last year I have shown 10 week long (or longer) samples of my day trading results accomplished using KING, an emini day trading methodology of my creation that I use for my trading as well.

What's cool about this week is that it ends with a screenshot showing trades spanning only a period of 30 minutes (in fact, even less than that) and that 4 out of today's 6 trades did not take even a whole minute.

And it's 10 bucks per minute, or actually even more (see below).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Emini trading systems," "emini trading course" and other emini trading keywords

I check from time to time how my site,, places in Google and other search engines for some relevant emini trading keywords and must say that I am pretty pleased with what I see. Especially lately.

I am back to number 1 in Google for "emini trading systems" and on the first page of Google for "emini trading course" and again at 15 for the very same keyword. While I have traditionally been pretty high in Google, in the top 3-5, for the first of these keywords, I have never been particularly high for the second one, but still usually at the top or near it on page 2 of results.

I have been consistently number 1 for "emini basics" for years now, and I am listed in the top twenty 3 times altogether for this very keyword. Of course, I am also on the first page of Google for "emini trading results," but that's rather to be expected.

I rank well in other search engines too, although probably not as consistently high as in Google. On the other hand, Google is known for reshuffling the rankings from time to time, which is not always a nice thing to experience, but after a while things get back to normal.

That's nice, for sure, but I have been meaning to revamp my site's design for a while now and I have a problem. It was a pretty snappy looking site by the standards of 2005 when I launched it, but it was nearly 7 years ago, and that's pretty much a lifetime when it comes to the web design.

The problem is whether making my site prettier will not make it duller for the search engines. After all, they seem to care more about contents than anything else, which explains why even a site as simple as mine can stand out in Google, or Yahoo, or Bing.

I have to give it some more thought. As much as I am tempted to revamp it, I am not sure if doing so is really such a good idea from the business point of view.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Emini day trading business as usual or how was your Friday the 13th?

Today is yet another Friday the 13th.

If you are one of those fellows known as paraskevidekatriaphobics, that is, people afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th, you probably chose to stay at home and do nothing.

But if you are not, I hope that today was as good a day for you as it was for some of us out there. Like yours truly, ahem.

And did I mention that these trades were executed using KING, an emini day trading methodology? Yes, just like many others showcased in these sections.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Handling complexity or how to improve your odds of success trading emini futures

There are many ways to skin the cat and there is more than one way to make money trading emini futures.

Some ways may be better than others, and while none of them can claim the ultimate superiority, many of them go unquestioned and when subjected to a closer scrutiny turn out based on less than respectable foundations.

Among those are the trading methods that insist on simplicity as if it were easy to define or as if it were to guarantee success. Considering that the markets are inherently complex, the idea that simple methods can somehow be superior to those that are not is not particularly convincing.

Things, as Albert Einstein once put it, should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. I think that applies to financial markets too, and learning how to handle their complexity may provide an edge not attainable to those seeking to simplify things, if only because most traders believe simplicity to be the way to go.

 You don't want to be doing what the majority of market participants are doing. Trading is not a popularity contest.

 For more about this issue, check out a recent article of mine posted here.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

The big one or how to join the 1% the easy way - win the lottery!

How? The easy way?

Well, there is one: win a big lottery jackpot. Or even a small one.

Today is the drawing in Mega Millions with the biggest jackpot in the lottery history. As of today, this number is a cool $640 million, up $100 million just from what it was only yesterday.

Yes, I have applied for the instant riches, too. With 4 tickets. No, I have not been a very lucky lotto player, but I only play when the jackpot is over $100 million, which means not that often at all.

And if you don't win the jackpot tonight, there will still be another big one (over $100 million) later this year. That's almost absolutely certain, unlike that you hold a winning ticket.

Ever wonder if you can improve your odds by using one of those clever lottery systems? Well, you will find links to two such systems in this post (hint: click on the images), but as with everything in this business, since playing the lottery is not a game of skill, unlike, say, trading emini futures with KING, your chances of winning are predominantly on the mercy of Lady Luck.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Emini trading results screenshot # 300

It arrived just today, March 28th. It's number 300 since late 2008 when I started posting emini trading results achieved using the KING trading methodology. You can see it in this section that collects the trading results for 2012.

I did not think it would come so soon. I was expecting it some time in April.

For more about KING, an e-mini day trading methodology, check out this page.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

KING indicators for MultiCharts have been released

Today, March 20th, the indicators for KING, an emini day trading methodology, have been released. The KING indicators for Tradestation are in the works and will be released in the next few weeks.

You can check out a few screenshots that feature some elements of these indicators right here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Goldman Sucks!

Formally, the name of the firm is Goldman Sachs, but that's how it's referred to on Wall Street only. Those on Main Street use a much less endearing term of reference, but which reflects the business standards of the firm much better, in my opinion.

GS is in the news again, this time courtesy of one of its executives, who did not just quit, but quit with a bang. More about it in the videos below. See also this article on Yahoo! and if you want to hear it from the horse's mouth, check out this piece in the New York Times.

George IV - emini day trading system available

It is available again, although this time I offer it as an e-mini day trading strategy rather than a fully mechanical e-mini trading system. The reasons are explained on my site, in the system section, which you can visit via this link.

I should add, though, that the system comes with about 2 years of good trading performance and its equity curve for this period is published on my site. Also, when I was actively marketing it, its results were being consistently posted on my site too.

The system comes with a great bonus, an emini day trading strategy, virtually identical to some strategy that is marketed for not just hundreds but thousands of dollars, although this price does include some other things, such as support and access to a trading room.

The system also provides a glimpse into the 5 minute chart of KING, an emini day trading methodology, and some of the system ideas are utilized in the KING methodology. It is much easier to trade when George IV issues a signal, or even comes close to doing so, as this implies a strong trend and it's almost always easier to trade in  the strong trend direction than it is to trade when such a trend is absent.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Venus and Jupiter

They are putting on a very nice show this week over the western horizon. They are pretty close to one another already, but will get even closer. Their apparent distance on the sky this evening, March 12th, was only about a few full Moon faces, and it should get even smaller in the next two days or so, reaching the minimum on March 15th.

As someone who lives in Southern California, I am obviously blessed with great atmospheric conditions and have been watching these two bright planets for the past few days. They look spectacular, two bright yellow "stars," Venus noticeably the brighter of the two.

For more about this neat celestial event check out this page.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Only two types of emini trading ideas

Yes, it's official.

This scientist has determined that there are only two types of emini (or insert your favorite trading vehicle here) trading ideas. Probably as you have always suspected, but nothing beats solid scientific confirmation. Or something.

For details, please check out this newest article just posted in the KING section of my site.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Emini trading results other trading educators won't show you

And I use the word "educators" rather loosely. They won't show you such results (see the picture below as an example of what I mean) because they simply can't produce them. See those 14 straight winners? For the record, they have been produced today, March 2nd, but there are many screenshots like that in the KING section of my site that features e-mini trading results going back to 2008.

What's KING? It's an emini day trading methodology of a decisively discretionary bent for winning traders. Meant mainly for those who like trading YM, but can be used for ES, or other emini futures as well.

I sometimes, even if very rarely, get emails from folks who seem to be disturbed by the quality of my results and suspect that they have been obtained using some illegitimate methods. Say, from hindsight by resorting to trading from playback. That's absolutely not true. That would be fraud. All the results I have ever posted on my site, have been obtained without any tricks, with no hindsight knowledge, in particular. Sure, I may have weaker days too (with the profits below $200 or even with some losses), but those are very few, and since they are not representative of my trading, I usually don't talk about them.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars' night in Hollywood

It was rather chilly and cloudy. I did not get to the Kodak theater as it was blocked by the police, so you could get only a block or so away from Highland Ave, where the theater is located. It's in this theater that Oscar Awards are given every year for the past decade or so.

I took a few pictures from that night. Below is one showing a bar on Hollywood Blvd, on its southern side, about a block away from the Kodak theater. On the screen in front of the bar, you can see Sandra Bullock speaking during the Awards ceremony.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Emails to prospective KING clients

I get quite a few emails from prospective KING clients every month, and I try to answer them all, sometimes just by referring to the extensive KING FAQ, but often answering the questions the email contains in considerable detail.

Here are two articles dedicated to this business with my answers to some of the issues that the prospective KING clients face.

The first chronologically article, posted last summer and recently extended is here, while the other is here. KING is an emini day trading methodology.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spandy Andy

Look at this Canadian! I love his spirit. He is clearly enjoying himself and the Aussie crowd is having fun too. Way to go, Spandy Andy. I am your fan!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Choosing the right emini trading education

There are many emini trading educational products on the market these days and their number does not seem to decline, but rather the opposite is the case. How to choose the right one?

I have made some small sample comparison of a few of these products. I compare them to KING, an emini day trading course and trading methodology that I offer on my site. While the comparison focuses mostly on the price, I also make some comments that I believe are important and should not be overlooked if you are after good, honest education as opposed to being hoodwinked into believing tall tales with no support in reality.

Unfortunately, too many of these educational products are offered by fellows with a penchant for telling stories and using tricks on the unsuspecting masses rather than by people with real trading experience not afraid to tell the truth about day trading futures markets.

Trading e-mini futures can be mastered, but that requires a bit more effort than spending a few grand on your trading education. You also need a good deal of commitment and that's not the same as paying someone thousands of dollars and hoping that he will turn you into a stellar trader in a matter of days or weeks. Your effort is much more critical than your teacher's, assuming he has something to offer, in the first place, and that is probably best judged by his trading prowess, if he is willing to demonstrate such and many are not.

The comparison is here.  The title of this article may be a bit provocative, but it's not necessarily unjustified.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Emini day trading at its best

Month in, month out. I would even say day in, day out, but I don't want to sound too cocky.

Still, this is yet another good month coming, this time it's February. The first result is in, and it's as good as you have come to expect from KING, an emini day trading methodology for winning day traders.

For more about KING, please see this page. For more about excellent e-mini trading results, feel free to check out this page, or this one if you are interested in the most recent results, from 2012.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Da View

When I arrived in Los Angeles in December of 1999, I did not have much time to look for an apartment. A job in Beverly Hills that I had landed a few months before was waiting for me. A good friend of mine who received me in Los Angeles and who happened to live in Hollywood helped me to find an apartment in the same complex where another friend of his was living.

Being busy with my work, it took me a few years actually to come to appreciate how great a view I have right from the doorstep of my apartment. Check this picture out to see for yourself. Click on it to see it in its full glory.

You cannot mistake this place for anything else in the world. That's the Hollywood sign, in the picture above sandwiched in between two high-rise buildings, the CNN tower and some film school, both situated on Sunset Blvd, the former on the corner with Cahuenga, the latter on the corner with Ivar.

It is also by Ivar, but on Hollywood Blvd that you can see another tall building, adorned with a yellow neon that reads "Scientology." You can spot it hidden behind an exceptionally tall palm tree. This sign is best seen at night, when the Hollywood sign is not seen at all.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Good start in 2012

The first trading day this new year, January 3rd, and the first good trading results. Probably as expected. Check out this screenshot. Click on it for details.

Yes, I am still using KING, a very effective e-mini day trading methodology, and it's the fifth calendar year in a row that I am posting my e-mini trading results. You can find them all (from 2008 till 2012) via links on this page.

Monday, January 02, 2012

How to be really good at trading emini futures

Or how to be good at anything, for that matter.

There are some ways that when adhered to systematically will help you become a much better emini day trader or a much better guitar player. Or a much better virtually anything else. They are universal. I have mentioned them in a new article that I posted here.

There are over 50 articles in this very section of my site called A Word of Advice and you may want to check out more than just this one.

I also talk about things like that in other parts of my site, especially those dedicated to KING and in the KING e-mini day trading course as well. I believe that to succeed at day trading emini futures you first need to know what it takes to be successful at all.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy ending!!

2012 is supposed to be the year the world ends. Yes, yet again. Those who believe it, I wish you a happy ending.

As far as as all the others are concerned, do as you freaking wish. You will probably forget your New Year resolutions in yet another record time, especially if you have more than one. I do believe that we can keep one or, at the very most, two resolutions, at a time, but many people just want to change everything in their lives the moment yet another year starts (just as if they could not do this two days ago). Those are most likely to fail fast.

Take it easy and take it slow. One step at a time is better for most people and usually brings about much better results. It's the focus that is the key to success and it's hard to be focused with so many resolutions on your plate.

And don't really worry about these silly rumors that the world will end on December 12th, 2012. That's a prediction based on the assumption that the end of the Mayan calender means the end of the world. The Maya never said that. But it can sell blogs, books and movies, and since some people can only live from one Apocalypse to another, that's how this myth perpetuates.

The Maya used to build their cities in a rather odd way, starting at the city periphery and building it towards its center. Eventually, they would run out of space and they would abandon their project. If that's how they went about constructing their calendar, it's pretty easy to understand that it had to terminate too.

All my clients I wish the best e-mini day trading results, and those who have yet to become successful emini traders invite to check out KING, an emini day trading course that delivers. As always, "be the best!" Not only this year.