Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars' night in Hollywood

It was rather chilly and cloudy. I did not get to the Kodak theater as it was blocked by the police, so you could get only a block or so away from Highland Ave, where the theater is located. It's in this theater that Oscar Awards are given every year for the past decade or so.

I took a few pictures from that night. Below is one showing a bar on Hollywood Blvd, on its southern side, about a block away from the Kodak theater. On the screen in front of the bar, you can see Sandra Bullock speaking during the Awards ceremony.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Emails to prospective KING clients

I get quite a few emails from prospective KING clients every month, and I try to answer them all, sometimes just by referring to the extensive KING FAQ, but often answering the questions the email contains in considerable detail.

Here are two articles dedicated to this business with my answers to some of the issues that the prospective KING clients face.

The first chronologically article, posted last summer and recently extended is here, while the other is here. KING is an emini day trading methodology.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spandy Andy

Look at this Canadian! I love his spirit. He is clearly enjoying himself and the Aussie crowd is having fun too. Way to go, Spandy Andy. I am your fan!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Choosing the right emini trading education

There are many emini trading educational products on the market these days and their number does not seem to decline, but rather the opposite is the case. How to choose the right one?

I have made some small sample comparison of a few of these products. I compare them to KING, an emini day trading course and trading methodology that I offer on my site. While the comparison focuses mostly on the price, I also make some comments that I believe are important and should not be overlooked if you are after good, honest education as opposed to being hoodwinked into believing tall tales with no support in reality.

Unfortunately, too many of these educational products are offered by fellows with a penchant for telling stories and using tricks on the unsuspecting masses rather than by people with real trading experience not afraid to tell the truth about day trading futures markets.

Trading e-mini futures can be mastered, but that requires a bit more effort than spending a few grand on your trading education. You also need a good deal of commitment and that's not the same as paying someone thousands of dollars and hoping that he will turn you into a stellar trader in a matter of days or weeks. Your effort is much more critical than your teacher's, assuming he has something to offer, in the first place, and that is probably best judged by his trading prowess, if he is willing to demonstrate such and many are not.

The comparison is here.  The title of this article may be a bit provocative, but it's not necessarily unjustified.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Emini day trading at its best

Month in, month out. I would even say day in, day out, but I don't want to sound too cocky.

Still, this is yet another good month coming, this time it's February. The first result is in, and it's as good as you have come to expect from KING, an emini day trading methodology for winning day traders.

For more about KING, please see this page. For more about excellent e-mini trading results, feel free to check out this page, or this one if you are interested in the most recent results, from 2012.