Friday, March 30, 2012

The big one or how to join the 1% the easy way - win the lottery!

How? The easy way?

Well, there is one: win a big lottery jackpot. Or even a small one.

Today is the drawing in Mega Millions with the biggest jackpot in the lottery history. As of today, this number is a cool $640 million, up $100 million just from what it was only yesterday.

Yes, I have applied for the instant riches, too. With 4 tickets. No, I have not been a very lucky lotto player, but I only play when the jackpot is over $100 million, which means not that often at all.

And if you don't win the jackpot tonight, there will still be another big one (over $100 million) later this year. That's almost absolutely certain, unlike that you hold a winning ticket.

Ever wonder if you can improve your odds by using one of those clever lottery systems? Well, you will find links to two such systems in this post (hint: click on the images), but as with everything in this business, since playing the lottery is not a game of skill, unlike, say, trading emini futures with KING, your chances of winning are predominantly on the mercy of Lady Luck.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Emini trading results screenshot # 300

It arrived just today, March 28th. It's number 300 since late 2008 when I started posting emini trading results achieved using the KING trading methodology. You can see it in this section that collects the trading results for 2012.

I did not think it would come so soon. I was expecting it some time in April.

For more about KING, an e-mini day trading methodology, check out this page.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

KING indicators for MultiCharts have been released

Today, March 20th, the indicators for KING, an emini day trading methodology, have been released. The KING indicators for Tradestation are in the works and will be released in the next few weeks.

You can check out a few screenshots that feature some elements of these indicators right here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Goldman Sucks!

Formally, the name of the firm is Goldman Sachs, but that's how it's referred to on Wall Street only. Those on Main Street use a much less endearing term of reference, but which reflects the business standards of the firm much better, in my opinion.

GS is in the news again, this time courtesy of one of its executives, who did not just quit, but quit with a bang. More about it in the videos below. See also this article on Yahoo! and if you want to hear it from the horse's mouth, check out this piece in the New York Times.

George IV - emini day trading system available

It is available again, although this time I offer it as an e-mini day trading strategy rather than a fully mechanical e-mini trading system. The reasons are explained on my site, in the system section, which you can visit via this link.

I should add, though, that the system comes with about 2 years of good trading performance and its equity curve for this period is published on my site. Also, when I was actively marketing it, its results were being consistently posted on my site too.

The system comes with a great bonus, an emini day trading strategy, virtually identical to some strategy that is marketed for not just hundreds but thousands of dollars, although this price does include some other things, such as support and access to a trading room.

The system also provides a glimpse into the 5 minute chart of KING, an emini day trading methodology, and some of the system ideas are utilized in the KING methodology. It is much easier to trade when George IV issues a signal, or even comes close to doing so, as this implies a strong trend and it's almost always easier to trade in  the strong trend direction than it is to trade when such a trend is absent.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Venus and Jupiter

They are putting on a very nice show this week over the western horizon. They are pretty close to one another already, but will get even closer. Their apparent distance on the sky this evening, March 12th, was only about a few full Moon faces, and it should get even smaller in the next two days or so, reaching the minimum on March 15th.

As someone who lives in Southern California, I am obviously blessed with great atmospheric conditions and have been watching these two bright planets for the past few days. They look spectacular, two bright yellow "stars," Venus noticeably the brighter of the two.

For more about this neat celestial event check out this page.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Only two types of emini trading ideas

Yes, it's official.

This scientist has determined that there are only two types of emini (or insert your favorite trading vehicle here) trading ideas. Probably as you have always suspected, but nothing beats solid scientific confirmation. Or something.

For details, please check out this newest article just posted in the KING section of my site.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Emini trading results other trading educators won't show you

And I use the word "educators" rather loosely. They won't show you such results (see the picture below as an example of what I mean) because they simply can't produce them. See those 14 straight winners? For the record, they have been produced today, March 2nd, but there are many screenshots like that in the KING section of my site that features e-mini trading results going back to 2008.

What's KING? It's an emini day trading methodology of a decisively discretionary bent for winning traders. Meant mainly for those who like trading YM, but can be used for ES, or other emini futures as well.

I sometimes, even if very rarely, get emails from folks who seem to be disturbed by the quality of my results and suspect that they have been obtained using some illegitimate methods. Say, from hindsight by resorting to trading from playback. That's absolutely not true. That would be fraud. All the results I have ever posted on my site, have been obtained without any tricks, with no hindsight knowledge, in particular. Sure, I may have weaker days too (with the profits below $200 or even with some losses), but those are very few, and since they are not representative of my trading, I usually don't talk about them.