Monday, June 11, 2012

Emini trading results - 2 weeks in a row

It started in May, a day after the Memorial Day. You can see all of them, 10 screenshots with my e-mini day trading results, on this page, along with many others from this year.

All of the results shown in this page were accomplished using KING, an emini trading methodology slash emini trading course, that I usually use for trading YM, a Dow emini futures, but over these past two weeks applied to trading ES, an S&P 500 e-mini futures, on two different occasions too.

I did 4 such two week rounds in 2010. I hope to be able to do one more this year, unless other things interfere.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Emini trading system to beat these days

And that's Georgie boy again. George IV, an emini trading system for YM, delivered 60 points today again and then went dozens of points beyond this target.

That's the third such a feat since I made the system available again just a few weeks ago. It works well in ES too. In fact, it was originally designed for it.

These days I offer it mainly as a strategy to use for identifying a strong market bias to position yourself with and as these 60 point feats demonstrate, this can be a strong bias indeed. One other good way to use it is in combination with KING, which unlike George IV is not a a system,  but a discretionary emini trading methodology.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Watching the Venus transit

Well, today is the day: the last chance for most mortals alive today to see this very rare phenomenon. I am kicking myself for not getting the proper equipment (safe viewing glasses) to do it outdoors, but thanks to the power of the Internet that I invented (kidding, just taking a cheap shot at Al Gore) we can now watch it online.

And that's what I am doing now. Here is a screenshot of the webcast video from Mouna Kea in Hawaii. It shows the Sun's face with Venus (black dot) in the lower left corner, and of course, a red filter is being used for filming the transit.

The transit is being webacast on the web from a few places on the Earth. One of them is here. I am actually watching 3 webcasts now. One of them is from the Mount Wilson Observatory, not far from Los Angeles. I visited it some 10 years ago. It's the place where the expansion of the Universe was discovered.

Monday, June 04, 2012

A full week of e-mini trading results

Yet another full week of emini trading results was completed today. It started last Tuesday, a day after the Memorial Day. For more see the page with my trading results in 2012.

The results have been accomplished using KING, an emini day trading methodology, which is part of an extensive e-mini trading course of the same name.

Friday, June 01, 2012

George IV - emini trading system - does it again

Yes, another 60 pts in YM, Dow emini futures contract, in less than two hours.

Not bad for a rather simple emini day trading system, although these days, to be totally honest, I do not market it as a trading system because I don't follow it closely enough, being too busy with KING, and also because I doubt it can do as well as it did in 2008-2010, when markets' volatility was much higher overall.

Still, it can be very useful to help you with the right market bias, and on the days it gives a clear signal, as was the case today, you definitely want to stick to the bias it suggests. If you check out my today's KING trades, you will see that I was short all the time, and so was George IV.

For more about this pretty neat e-mini trading system, that can deliver quite a punch on a good day, see this page.

You can also check out this post:

I thought I would add that yesterday, this system delivered 48 points at the market close, but I choose to write  about its wins only when it reaches the target.