Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This futures blog recognized

This humble e-mini futures trading  blog was recently recognized by one of the futures industry educational sites,

An article "Top 100 Futures Trading Blogs" posted on their site includes my blog among the 100 top futures blogs, placing it in the "advanced" category. I feel honored by this inclusion, even though so far that has translated only into more spam to my email inbox, but I guess, such is the cost of "fame" in this Internet age.

While I am certainly grateful for this nice recognition, I do think that my website is still a more extensive source of trading knowledge than my blog will probably ever be. For instance, there are 60 original educational trading articles in the "A Word of Advice" section of my site. It also attracts much more traffic.

I treat my blog pretty much as a gateway to my site for those who like following blogs. But the blog contains some original material as well, so following it makes sense not only as a quick way to find out what's new on my site.

Needless to say, blogs are popular both among the Internet content providers and the Internet readers. I follow a few myself, although none of them has anything to do with trading.

Blogs allow for very easy posting and so they tend to be updated with new articles quite often. However, this very ease of posting can also lead to lower quality of blog articles. There is always some trade-off, although there definitely are many excellent blogs out there that maintain high quality comparable to that of the best static websites.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Learn emini trading from the masters

Or at least, follow their advice that may be useful not only to e-mini traders and not only to traders in general. That's because good advice tends to be universal.

I selected three such masters whose works will certainly survive Kardashians and, I venture to say, all of reality TV combined and even multiplied by a very large factor.

Interested? Well, then check out this article, "Learning how to trade e-mini futures from the masters" posted recently on my site.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

Sometimes you think that people like him don't ever die. Yet, they do. And then, they don't.

The first man on the Moon is no longer among the living, but forever in their memory.

Friday, August 24, 2012

KING's price to go up soon again...

There are only two copies of KING left at the current price of merely $1100, which is not that much considering that the ultimate price of KING will be $1500 or perhaps even more.

Moreover, there are only about 30 copies of KING left in total, which means that I will probably not be selling it past 2013. I have never meant to keep on selling it forever, and 5 years might as well be enough. Ever since I started collaborating with some European hedge fund over a year ago, KING can no longer be my number one priority, and its position on the priorities list may decline even more in the months to come, even though I do take my vendor business seriously. Well, anyway, time will tell.

KING is a powerful e-mini trading methodology slash emini trading course that based on it. You can find more about it on its pages. The main page is here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

E-mini trading results - 350!!

Yesterday, August 17th, I posted the 350th screenshot with my daily emini trading results. I have been posting screenshots like that for years, starting in late 2008. The results have been produced using KING, an emini day trading methodology, my original work.

I do hope to reach 365, the number of days in a regular year in the next few months, quite likely this year. I am not sure if I ever reach 500, a nice number, for sure. I do not plan on selling KING that long.

KING is still only $1100, but its price will definitely go up again this year.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

An olympic joke

The London Summer Olympics are over, so it's time for an olympic joke.

The joke has nothing to do with the London games, though, but with the Moscow Olympics of 1980 that were boycotted by most Western countries, the US, in particular.

The joke that I recently came across online is attributed to Gary Shteyngart, a Jewish-American writer born in Leningrad, USSR.

At the time of the Moscow Olympics, Brezhnev was in charge of the country. He was going senile. At an Olympic ceremony, he gave a speech, his hand holding the speech text shaking visibly.

“Ohhhhhh…..” he read.

He paused.


He paused.


An apparatchik ran up to him. “Comrade Secretar Brezhnev, those are the Olympic rings!”

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A trading fluke?

I don't think so.

But you may not know what I am talking about unless you checked out the most recent update of my e-mini trading results quasi-blog that I run on my regular website, somewhere here.

Here is the screenshot to accompany the story.

The story is this. I took this 10 contract trade following a losing trade. That was a pretty heavy bet because I rarely go above 4 contracts per position. Yet here I decided to go with 10 contracts. Why?

That's because it was one of those "you can bet your barn on" trades that you can come across when using KING, an emini trading methodology that I employ for my trading.

I mentioned those trading opportunities on another, quite recent, occasion on my site, in an article about the expected value. The opportunities like that may not happen every day, but they can happen a few times on a good week, so if you were only to limit yourself to those few trades a week, you would still do very well, provided you can afford to trade with a larger number of contracts, say 10 or more, or even 6.

Was this trade a fluke? Not at all because not only did I get 10 points out of it, but the market dropped over 30 points from my short entry point, so I had plenty of room for even more and I did took 3 more trades following the "big one."

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The expected value in trading and gambling

I recently posted a new article in the A Word of Advice section of my site that discusses the expected value in trading. This is a very important concept not only in trading, but also in gambling and I make some references to gambling in the article. In fact, I suspect that gamblers are more familiar with the expectation value (as the expected value is also known) than traders are. This article can be found here.

The expected value is a type of average of possible outcomes, and there are only two in trading, a loss or a win, if we count break evens as losses because they really are if commissions are included. The article discusses this issue in a simplified manner, ignoring the break evens, being an introduction of sorts to this concept. Its main goal is to explain certain misconceptions surrounding this issue.

I addressed this concept previously in an article that tackles it from a different angle ("Do you need a high winning rate?"), showing that you can actually do well with a relatively low winning rate, but that article is more concerned with system trading, while the recent one is more with discretionary trading.

I think it's important to understand that mechanical system trading differs from discretionary trading, and one way to do so is by examining this difference through the expected value.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

A 3-second trade and yet another full week of results

August 2nd marks the end of yet another full week of trading results that I keep posting here.

It's the 8th full week of trading results this year and probably not the last one. All of them have been accomplished using KING, an emini day trading methodology.

The last of the trades today took only 3 seconds, but that's still not the record when it comes to the trades KING produces. The record one took only 1 second if I recall it correctly.