Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama or Romney?

That's a good question and with less than 2 weeks left to the presidential elections, the race is pretty tight.

I am an independent and while in 2008 I was supporting Obama, this year I am not convinced Obama is a much better choice. I think he should get a chance for yet another term, but a new face in the White House would not be a bad idea either.

Here is a great PBS documentary about the two contenders. Both have compelling life stories, both are highly intelligent and very accomplished. There is no doubt in my mind that they deserve to be elected more than George W. Bush ever did. I think that Romney is a better choice than McCain was 4 years ago and probably the best since the Reagan/Bush team on the Republican side.

The voters will decide ...

Monday, October 08, 2012

98.7 percent winning rate?

Yes, it's possible, even if, admittedly, highly improbable, and "too good to be true" to most people, especially those whose understanding of the trading business is skin deep from the mathematical point of view.

I was talking about the high winning rates, pertaining to trading, in one of my previous articles in the same section, basically to argue that while they do not happen too often, they should not be dismissed as unreal. They are quite real indeed.

In that very same article I mentioned a man that I knew was an excellent trader. However, at that time, I had no idea that the winning rate of his quant hedge fund was 98.7 percent. Yes, 98.7 percent!

Astounding, I know. Hard to believe? Yes, of course. But real, nevertheless.

The name of this gentleman is ... Well, you may as well learn it from my new article. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Mr. 98.7 Percent.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Can you make money day trading e-mini futures?

I admit that the question posed in the title of this post may sound a bit provocative. But I am really not after provoking anyone in any manner.

The question is serious and it should be answered in a serious manner as well. I did just that on my site in this article whose title is similar, namely "Can you make money with KING?"

KING, to those who still don't know it, is an e-mini day trading course that I have been offering over the last 4 years or so on my site. I thought that by answering this question, I would also answer the more general one, in the title of this post. Because to answer the general question all you need is to find a good example of someone succeeding at day trading emini futures with a particular system or methodology, such as KING.

Check out my answer then.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Emini Trading Basics

This is just a brief notice to let you know that I decided to reactivate my other Blogger blog dedicated to trading e-mini futures. It is meant for the beginners and I do not intend to post there as much as I post here, but more often than in the past.

That other emini futures blog is located here and it is called "Emini Trading Basics." You may want to check it out from time to time, particularly if you are interested in starting your emini day trading career. Better yet, check out my site, which provides much more information that can be of use to both new and more advanced emini traders, including a section for beginners called Emini Basics.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, October 01, 2012

I went green ...

In case, you did not notice it. Yes, that's a total makeover as far as blogs are concerned.

Now, does it mean that I am an environmentalist? No, not at all, for I dislike most "isms" and environmentalism is among them. It's an ideology and ideologies make me sick.

But I am a very environmentally friendly guy, much more than Al Gore, the biggest, baddest US environmentalist you have probably heard of. Well, actually, there is no comparison, whatsoever. This guy's carbon footprint is just gross!

And since I dislike most "isms" I am also, quite naturally, an independent, politically and in other ways.

But let's just say that I simply went green and I hope you will enjoy my "green outlook" on life.