Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My best trading day this year

The results from today's e-mini trading session are shown below. The contract traded is YM, the Dow Jones emini futures contract.

Yes, that's 18 trades, all winners, more than $1100 in profits. It was a good trading day, November 7th, with great volatility and a clear trend. The trend was down, a small but extended in time pullback notwithstanding.

One of the trades consumed 12 contracts, which is much more than what I usually trade per position, but I was sure that the market had to bounce off of some resistance layer and so I keep building my position in anticipation of this. I was right and the market eventually dropped.

Several trades did not take even a whole minute, which is not so unusual for the type of scalping that I practice. 

If you want to trade like that, may I suggest that you check out KING?

It is an e-mini day trading methodology (and I may refer to it as a trading course too) that makes emini futures trading a highly successful proposition. Yes, you need to master it, which, needless to say, takes time, but the effort of mastering it may be worth your while.

Incidentally, this is the 100th post on this blog. I am glad it coincides nicely with the best trading day of this year, but I was not planning it.