Monday, December 31, 2012

The best emini futures trading results of 2012

A brief review of the best trading results with KING, an emini futures day trading course, was just posted on my site with some references to this blog.

The best of the best (emini trading results, that is) are reviewed in this article.

I wish everyone all the best in 2013, great trading results in particular!

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

KING's emini trading results - the last screenshot of 2012

Well, I seriously doubt I will be trading on the New Year's Eve, so this must be the last screenshot with emini trading results due to KING, an emini day trading methodology or trading course, this year.

For more results like that including commentaries, you are welcome to check out the 2012 emini trading results page and similar trading results pages from the years past.

I added 3 more trades to those you can see in the "official" trading results gallery. I just could not resist. And guess what?

I added them just about the time the market was to take a big drop of some 50 points within only 5 minutes or so. Shortly before the drop, to be precise, and since I was shorting, I ended up with 2 quickies, adding to yet another one during the "official" trading session.

Here is this screenshot, from this Friday, December 28th.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

E-mini trading is booming in Africa and KING is flying off the shelves

How's that for the title, eh?

Let's start from the flying part of it. I announced the KING holiday special about 3 weeks ago on this blog. Since then I have sold a number of copies of this e-mini trading course at the special holiday price of only $1000 as opposed to $1,300 which had been the regular price of KING prior to the holiday discount. More than 2 copies that I had planned to offer initially.

I don't feel like messing with this price before Christmas, so I decided to extend this deal until December 24th and knowing myself rather well, I will probably not change it until around December 26th. So, you still have time, but only about a week or so. The next such an occasion will not arrive until only a year a from now and the price is very unlikely to be that low then. Or I may even not be selling this course anymore.

And what about Africa and the booming e-mini trading business in there? Well, that's yet another story, a bit related to KING and this special holiday offer and e-mini trading as well, of course. Follow the last link to learn more about it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

E-mini trading for the people in a hurry

Sort of.

You really don't want to rush your trades, but some trades can definitely be faster than others. This is particularly true when it comes to day trading e-mini futures.

I like to call really fast e-mini trades "quickies." To be really precise, according to my own home-made definition, the quickie is a trade in an e-mini futures market, such as YM, that takes less than a minute to reach its target of several ticks. Say, 5 ticks in YM.

YM, to those totally new to this subject is the ticker symbol of the Dow Jones e-mini futures contract that has 5 dollar ticks, which means that its smallest advance in your favor makes you richer by 5 bucks. Of course, you can lose that much as well if your position goes one tick against you.

Now, if you are a futures scalper, it's not unusual for your trades to take just a few minutes, perhaps more, but it is only if you trade the way KING traders often trade that you can expect "quickies" and you can expect them rather often, pretty much every week and on some good volatile days even several a day.

For more about quickies and a good sample of examples, please check out this article on fast e-mini futures trades that I have just posted on my site.

Friday, December 14, 2012

E-mini futures trading results screenshot number 400

After about 4 years since KING's release in late 2008, I have reached screenshot number 400 of daily e-mini trading results, mostly results of trading the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, although there is a sizable contingent of results in the S&P e-mini market.

Well, what can I say? I sure am glad that I have managed to reach this milestone before the end of the world on December 21st that the world is eagerly awaiting.

For more about this and many other e-mini day trading results, please check out the results section on my site.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Great heartwarming video

This YouTube video is reaching a million views.

It is particularly dear to me because it shows Main Square in Cracow, the city where I lived for over 10 years. Cracow's Main Square is the largest medieval square in Europe. I spent a lot of time there as it is a very popular place in Cracow both for those who live there and even more so for the tourists for whom Cracow is probably the most attractive destination in Poland.

Of course, the main attraction of the video is not the square, but the cute talented little girl.

12/12/12 = 398 = $231

Who does not like simple math, right? Well, the math is really simple in this case.

12/12/12 is rather obvious, 398 is explained on this results page on, well, December 12th, 2012, and $231 is what you get if you take 5 trades with 2-3 YM contracts using KING, an emini trading methodology, (slash trading course) on a good trading day.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

E-mini trading results to beat - 16 full weeks and 2 fortnights

Yesterday, I completed the second two week period of e-mini trading results this year and the 16th full week of results posted this year.

The results, achieved using KING, an e-mini trading methodology (or course), are based on trading YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market.

Overall, this year which is about to end on December 21st (along with the world, as you probably know by now), I have posted about 130 screenshots with daily e-mini trading results, mostly in YM, but some also in ES, the S&P e-mini futures market.

I am also only about 4 screenshots away from screenshot number #400, but I am not sure if I manage to reach this milestone before the world's end. Screw you, Mayans! Plus, should I really care?

Anyway, the results I am talking about can be found on the trading results page of my e-mini futures site.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Beating Mr. Market on a Friday afternoon

There are perverts and there are perverted traders, I guess, because who else would choose to torment Mr. Market on a Friday afternoon?

"Obviously, a very sick person." Yes, that's a line from Seinfeld.

Well, as long as Mr. Market is not officially recognized as a person (unlike corporations in this great land of the brave and the free or unlike the Higgs boson that Time Magazine wants to nominate as the person of the year and good luck with that), I think that tormenting him is not against the law and sometimes you just can't resist, especially when it's a child's play to take money from the old bastard.

Such was the case this afternoon, and so I  added 3 more YM trades to those closed in the morning (see the trading results on my site to compare).

2 second long e-mini trade?

You bet.

Not my first one that short, but obviously you don't get those every day or even every month. Still, chances are you can get them every year if you trade e-mini futures markets using something like KING, a discretionary e-mini trading methodology that focuses on quick scalping, that is, for instance, scalping for 5 ticks in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, that I like trading a lot.

Of course, YM is not the only market that KING can work well in. ES, the S&P 500 emini futures market, is another good one, and I believe that there are many more where it can perform well, at least based on what my clients have told me (see, for instance, this KING review) because my personal trading experience is very much limited to YM and ES.

Anyway, for that glorious 2 second long only trade jump to the daily emini trading results page on my site. See the entry under December 7th, which happens to be today.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Can trading e-mini futures be easy?

I think so, although I don't believe that you will make it easy overnight. But I also think that believing otherwise has no benefit whatsoever and can only hamper your progress as a trader.

Quite often, this belief is the result of certain, sometimes rather obvious, mistakes or wrong assumptions that you should examine in order to make your e-mini trading easier.

I also think that discretionary trading can be easier and is the right choice (as opposed to system trading) if you want to keep improving your ease of trading and want to grow as a trader.

More about it in a new article entitled, not surprisingly, "Day trading e-mini futures can be easy." Because it can.

For more articles of this nature, mainly educational, check out the A Word of Advice section of my site.

Monday, December 03, 2012

More great trading (e-mini futures Dow Jones)

That would be on December 3rd, the first trading day this month. And it's YM again, that is the e-mini futures contract of Dow Jones, the $5 per tick e-mini contract, which I love trading.

I posted my first 5 trades in the trading results section on my site and even mentioned that I was taking a break while posting there and I am glad that I did because the market surged quite a bit about that time and might have freaked me out. Probably not too much as it surged only about 30 ticks, but on the 1-minute chart it looked rather serious.

The 5-minute chart was, however, suggesting that the downside was still more likely and when the 1-minute chart suggested the same, I went to work again. The result is 3 more quick trades, the last one not even 1 minute in duration.

Yes, these and many other emini trading results like that have been due to KING, an e-mini trading course or trading methodology (almost like a trading system), which happens to be on holiday sale right now. Only one more discounted copy still left.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Example of a trending market

You don't have to be an emini futures trader or even a trader in general to appreciate a nice trend.

The image that follows shows such a trend.

It is a picture perfect example of a trending "market" and I put the word "market" in quotation marks because this is not a typical market, not something that you can trade, but something that changes depending on the human participation in it, so in a way it can be called that way, at least in some general sense of this word.

This market is the number of page views of this blog. The data points represent the monthly views.

As you can see from the image, the graph shows higher highs and higher lows, which characterizes an uptrend. In a downtrend, you want to see lower lows and lower highs. If neither situation is clearly present, you are probably stuck in a range and most traders don't like to be stuck in a trading range.