Monday, January 28, 2013

Some more economic reports this week

As mentioned by me in two recent posts (the preceding one and the last week's post on the FOMC meeting), this week brings quite a number of US economic reports.

I thought that I would mention them here as reports like that keep coming regularly and have the potential and sometimes even enough power to set the trend of a daily trading session in many e-mini futures markets or to generate unusual volatility that you probably would like to be advised about in advance.

The latter is especially true about the FOMC announcement to be released this Wednesday around 2:15 PM EST, but you might also get a brief spike of volatility around 10:00 AM EST on some days of this week as mentioned below.

Here are some other reports to be released this week.

On Monday, January 28th, that started this week, we got the Durable Goods report. It is released at 8:30 AM EST.

On Tuesday, January 29th, we get Consumer Confidence Surveys and the start of a two-day FOMC meeting. The Consumer Confidence report is released at 10:00 AM EST on the last Tuesday of each month.

On Wednesday, January 30th, we get the GDP and the FOMC announcements. The former comes at 8:30 AM EST toward the end of the month. For more about the latter, check out this recent blog post.

This Thursday, January 31st, brings the Initial Jobless Claims, Personal Income and Outlays, and the Chicago PMI. The first of these is released each Thursday at 8:30 AM EST, so its gravity is somewhat limited, unless it brings unambiguously bad or good numbers. The second of the reports is released at the same time as the first one around the first or last business day of the month, while the last is released at 10:00 AM EST typically on the last business day of the month for the current month. The 10 AM report may give rise to a brief volatility spike during the daily trading session.

Finally, on Friday, February 1st, we get the US Department of Labor Employment Report, the ISM Manufacturing Index, and the Construction Spending report. The first of these is released at 8:30 AM EST on the first Friday of the month, while the second on the first business day of the month at 10:00 AM EST. The last one is also broadcast at 10:00 AM, on the last or first business day of the month.

As you see, if you trade in the morning, you want to pay attention to the 10:00 AM EST mark this Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and also in future on the days these reports are released. They tend to be released towards the end or start of the month, so that's not so hard to remember.

ADP employment reports - fundamental data for e-mini futures traders

This week brings a slew of economic reports. One of the first in line is the ADP National Employment Report as it is officially referred to by the ADP Research Institute, the institution that issues the report.

The report is usually broadcast on a Wednesday or Thursday. It is for the previous month when it is released early in a given month unless it is released late in the month in which case it reports on the employment situation during the very same month. That's the case this time around. The report to be released this Wednesday, January 30th, will concern the month of January 2013.

The report is released at 8:15 EST and so any volatility that may follow it will not affect the regular day trading session (9:30-16:15 EST) of most active e-mini futures markets such as the US stock index futures markets (ES, NQ, YM), but it may set the direction of the markets giving rise to a morning opening gap (as measured compared to the closing price of the previous day trading session at 16:15 EST or 4:15 PM EST).

The following is the tentative schedule of future ADP employment reports this year (until November 2013) that has been made available by the the ADP Research Institute on its website. I quote it here for your convenience. The double asterisk denotes a Thursday release.

January 2013 Report released January 30, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET
February 2013 Report released March 6, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET
March 2013 Report released April 3, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET
April 2013 Report released May 1, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET
May 2013 Report released June 5, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET
June 2013 Report released July 3, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET**
July 2013 Report released July 31, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET
August 2013 Report released September 5, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET**
September 2013 Report released October 2, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET
October 2013 Report released October 30, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET
November 2013 Report released December 4, 2013 at 8:15 AM ET

For the previous and most recent reports, check out the report official web page.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

More about my e-mini futures trades

More specifically, "some comments on my e-mini futures trades" per the title of a new article just posted on my site in the section that features many more articles about KING, an e-mini trading course.

The article is about some patterns that you can find in my e-mini futures trades that showcased in the e-mini trading results sections of my site. And the results have been produced by KING.

I list 6 such patterns, some are habitual, some more by design. 

Check it out, then!

Friday, January 25, 2013

A two-day FOMC meeting next week

The Federal Reserve committee charged with overseeing the open market operations that regulate the interest rates, a key factor that determines the US economic growth, known as the FOMC, meets next Tuesday and Wednesday, January 29-30th, and will announce their opinion on the state of the US and global economy and how it will affect the US interest rates.

The FOMC announcement is expected on Wednesday about 2:15 PM EST.

The announcement, which is widely watched, usually adds quite a bit of volatility to the markets, rather unpredictable in its direction, at least during the very first minutes after the announcement, so it's very prudent to abstain from trading starting around 2 PM for about 30 minutes or so.

The Federal Reserve system is the US central bank of sorts, except that private in large part and so really not very "federal," but that's another story that can get pretty long rather quickly too.

The FOMC, which stands for the Federal Open Market Committee, is the main organ of the US monetary policy.

It's the first meeting of the committee this year, with several more to follow. The tentative schedule of the meetings can be found on the FOMC site. Let me quote it here for your convenience:

January 29-30 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
March 19-20 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
April 30-May 1 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
June 18-19 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
July 30-31 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
September 17-18 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
October 29-30 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
December 17-18 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The best trading day this year

Courtesy of KING, an e-mini day trading course, and good volatility. The best one this year despite two rather poor days preceding it. But those two relatively poor days should be judged against many, many more good days, not just this year, but in the years past.

For more about it, check out the current trading results section of my site. And you can also check out the 2011 and 2012 results sections. These days, I sometimes struggle to get to $200, but the history tells me that it's pretty much a temporary thing. As you can easily see for yourself if you examine my e-mini trading results from the previous years.

Interested in day trading e-mini futures for a living? Well, then you gotta check out this e-mini day trading course, of course.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My other e-mini trading blog

Technically, it's not a blog. It is not updated the same way blogs are. You cannot subscribe to it the same way you can to this and many other blogs proper, but it plays the same function and it has been doing so for years now.

I mean this section of my site that collects my daily e-mini day trading results accomplished with KING, an e-mini trading course of my design. The section contains several subsections, each for one year. The current one is the (sub)section with this year's e-mini day trading results.

The trading results are not the only thing I may be talking about in these sections. I often talk about the market conditions and how they can affect the trading results. I sometimes talk about plans for my site or plans for KING. Or about current events, political or otherwise, not always in a serious manner, though. It's one of the most visited parts of my site, and many of my KING students check it out every week.

You may not necessarily figure out my trading ideas from my posts there, but it can sure give you a good idea how sound they are.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two full weeks of e-mini trading results

The first such an instance this year, perhaps not the last one.

Last year, as you can easily check out on this trading results page, I posted 2 fortnights of results and 16 full weeks overall.

Technically, it's just 10 days, which is two working weeks, as nobody of sound mind trades on Saturdays or Sundays, if only because no one else does.

This year's emini trading results accomplished with KING, an emini trading course, are somewhat less spectacular due to lower volatility, but out of these 10 trading days only one was sub-standard, which means I failed to make $200 or more, in part because I got a bit frustrated by the sluggish and congested market that this year so far has been delivering.

But all's well that ends well and despite some frustration from time to time, rather unavoidable if you are a trader, KING keeps on delivering good reliable trading results day in day out. And it's still only $1,100.

What's not to like about it? Or what's not t like about day trading e-mini futures, probably the coolest trading vehicle ever?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ali Rogers - a victim of an orangutan conspiracy

That's unbelievable!

Miss South Carolina, Ali Rogers, a stunning Southern belle, did not win the 2013 Miss America pageant. She ended up the first runner-up. What a shame!

Those orangutans who voted in favor of Miss New York, who won the competition, should be immediately send back to their zoo and deprived of the next 10 portions of fruit.

There is a reason why Miss USA, a rival pageant, is getting better and better every year. They have only one orangutan that can mess things up. At least, if one is to believe Bill Maher.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

More great e-mini trading results

Just like last year, I will continue posting here updates to the daily trading results reported on my site. At least, from time to time.

The results posted on my site (see the last year emini trading results and the current year's) are meant to demonstrate how you can make $200 or more with just a handful of e-mini contracts, usually the Dow Jones emini futures contracts.

In the past, I would also show more impressive results on my site, of the order of $500-1000, but as volatility has decreased and my trading habits has also changed (I trade a bit less now than in the past and tend to take more breaks), I have basically settled for reporting the results in the $200-300 range a day and if I continue to trade beyond that, I am now more likely to post them to this blog than on my site, if only because it's just so much more convenient to update a blog than a static website that is.

Not to mention that this also is a good way to promote this blog and my site through it. A bit of marketing, so to speak.

So let us begin with some nice looking screenshot with results from January 11th, which would be yesterday. The screenshot shows all 12 of them, 5 more than in "the official results" section on my site.

These and all other emini trading results reported on my site have been possible due to a proprietary emini day trading methodology that you too can have access to if you buy KING, an emini futures trading course based on the methodology in question.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Socialism" works in California

Or something.

As long as it is fiscally responsible, there is no reason to believe that a liberal economic policy must always be a failure. Bill Clinton, "a liberal," was more fiscally conservative than the guy who took over his job, "a conservative."

California has a budget surplus.

What Arnold, a conservative, failed to produce, and I don't think it's entirely his fault, Jerry Brown, a Democrat has delivered after a few years of budget woes, in large part caused by the Great Recession.

We are out of the woods, apparently, and the Governor predicts a balanced budget for the next few years. Good job, Governor. And did I mention that the California job growth tops the national average?

All that in addition to a traditionally balmy weather. Boy, I have not felt more proud to be Californian in years!

More about it in this Yahoo! (that's our boys too) news article.

California Governor Jerry Brown speaks at a news conference in Los Angeles, California in this file photo taken August 28, 2012. California's economy is on the mend, but Governor Brown is expected to take a cautious approach to spending when he unveils his state budget plan on Thursday. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/Files

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The first full week of emini trading results this year

And it started on day one. Well, on day two of this New Year, to be exact, because day one was a holiday.

All 5 consecutive trading days are positive with an average day over $200, as you can see for yourself on this year's trading results page.

The results are due to an emini trading methodology (or a trading course, if you find it simpler) of my own design that has been around for over 4 years by now and may be in its last year of selling. Or the next to last one. One of these is 100% correct.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Emini futures trading, online scam, and more

This "more" in the post title is spam, which some people confuse with scam, or so I have been told.

More about it in this educational article on my site, which needless to say mentions trading forums.

And I don't think I am done with them yet. Trading forums, that is. As you might have noticed from this blog and from my site (see the "A Word of Advice" section of it for that), that's my pet peeve of sorts.

It's not that trading forums have to be bad, but the reason why some (most, in fact) of them suck is not that hard to understand. Check out this article if you want to understand why, among other reasons, this is so. As a matter of fact, these probably are the main reasons. That's something I might address in greater detail at some point this year.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Emini trading system that roared back

That would be George IV, mentioned by me on this blog on a few occasions in 2012.

Guess what? On the first trading day of 2013, meaning yesterday, George IV posted a hefty 60 YM points which is its standard profit target. Nice job, Georgie boy, nice job.

For more about this neat emini trading system that I am now offering as a trading strategy, feel free to see its main page on my site. You can get it for only $150 and it comes with some strategy that others charge literally thousands of dollars for.

I don't offer any mechanical trading systems at this point, save for George II, which is a toy system of sorts, but incredibly simple, and can work in good volatility conditions as evidenced by its past performance during the high volatility days of 2008-2009.

My main e-mini trading product these days, and for some time to come, is KING, which is not a mechanical trading system, but a trading methodology. It's also an emini futures trading course.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The first emini trading results in the New Year

Just posted.

In this new section of emini trading results with KING, an emini day trading course, that features the results for this great New Year.

If you want to see all 130 plus screenshots with trading results in 2012, check out this results section.

If you run into problems viewing all of the screenshots, you might be using Chrome. While I have nothing against this browser and even use it often myself, it does not handle too well long pages or pages with many images. See this article for more information about some annoying Chrome problems.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

KING's holiday special offer extended

Until I am done revamping my site.

But the price of this excellent, if I may say so, emini trading course is a bit higher now. Compared to the holiday special price, that is. Not by much, by only $100, but that's still $200 off of the last regular price of $1,300 that KING will reach again in 2013 only to exceed it, most likely the same year.

Or you can wait for $1,500, if you wish.

In a related piece of news (in that it's also from the City of Angels), Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, just married another blonde for an undisclosed amount of money. I bet it's much more than a measly $1,100 I charge for KING.

This one is only 60 years his junior, the lovely girl that she is. Since I am not 86 years old yet (not even close as Mr. Hefner could have easily been my father), I obviously find it disgusting. I expect to change my opinion when I am in my 80-ties, though. If not sooner.

Things, after all, as my hero, Dr. Einstein loved to say, are relative.

And by same token, so is the price of KING. If you want to see how much my competition charges, feel free to check out this short piece of mine about emini trading products currently on the market.