Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 e-mini futures winners in a row in one day

That would be my new record, winner wise rather than profit wise, because my 28 winners from August 4th, 2011 still represent my best daily e-mini trading result.

But the screenshot you see below is still quite impressive, to say the least.

Yes, that's 30 winners in a row. I intend to write a bit more about this result on my site, so I am not going to dwell on it here,  but I am sure that we all agree that this sort of result begs a $64,000 question: how come that I am the only one to produce results like that?

Well, almost the only one (and certainly the only one among traders who are also vendors) because some of my students can do this too. Kathrine, my first and one of the most accomplished KING students, could do the same (if not better) and others reported very long strings of winners in their trading results as well, as you can easily find out from the Testimonials section of this popular e-mini day trading course.

I think that there are two major reasons for that.

One is that those who cannot do it simply believe that it is just impossible. They would rather come up with some silly conspiracy theories to deny the reality than to accept it. I do not necessarily blame them for it. Until Katherine showed me what was possible with my trading methods that I had shared with her, I too would think this kind of results to be impossible. That's a common fallacy, I am afraid. Just because something is rare, does not mean that it is impossible. There are no laws of nature that would make something like that impossible. 

The other reason is that the people unable to produce this kind of results lack the proper understanding of what matters, what is important, what can lead you to the results like that. And that's not only the right tools, but also, perhaps even more importantly, the right "bigger picture" which they cannot get practically anywhere else but from me (or from the KING e-mini trading course).

No bragging intended, it's pretty much a fact: all the other vendors sell tools and trading knowledge that will never put you on the road to this sort of performance. If you think I am wrong, then why they have never been able to produce anything even closely resembling the results you see above, while I have been able to do so on more than one occasion?

What these people lack is indeed some "secret" knowledge, parts of which are freely available on my site, but to many they will still remain secret forever. Unfortunately, most people have been so brainwashed to believe in myths of one kind or another, in what is right and what is wrong when it comes to trading, that they will never be able to accept my "secrets" or perhaps even to spot them on my site.

That's one of the reasons why learning from trading forums that propagate all kinds of trading myths is hazardous to your trading career. You are bound to acquire the ballast of useless or even detrimental trading "knowledge" that will hamper your trading career forever.

Let me tell you something that you may find hard to believe, especially if you have been conditioned to believe in superficial limitations: I am convinced that everyone can produce results like those above. With the right knowledge, the right training, the right mindset, under the right market conditions.

I cannot guarantee the right market conditions (but they do occur from time to time) just like I cannot guarantee you good fills, but you can get all the other things from KING provided you take it seriously and add some hard work to it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

E-mini futures trades you are unlikely to see anywhere else

But on my site dedicated to trading e-mini futures and trading in general.

Check out this phenomenal screenshot with 14 e-mini futures trades recorded by Bracket Trader, the best day trading platform I know of, in a newest article ("Kick-ass e-mini futures trades"), just posted on my site.

The trades are courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures trading course based on a great e-mini trading methodology of some appeal to those who enjoy being successful day traders.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Don't try it at home or a 20 contract e-mini futures position

I don't trade big size.

I open my position with 2 contracts (these days it's YM contracts, the contracts of the Dow e-mini futures) and quite often I close it with 2 contracts. Sometimes, I add to this opening position, but even then I rarely go beyond 4 contracts, although I can use 6-10 contracts quite comfortably even if rather rarely.

But anything beyond 10 contracts is very rare, which does not mean that I have never traded size that big. I have and you can see at least one example of that in the current e-mini trading results section on my site. Check the entry under February 12th, and you will see one position with 16 contracts. Still, as I say in that entry, I was quite hesitant to post that screenshot there as it "morally" does not belong there. Due to the size traded and some other reason as well.

And it is also for this reason, a position size well above my normal size, that I chose not to post there the screenshot you can admire below. But I thought I might post it here.  After all, this blog extends what I post on my site.

There are people out there who trade 20 contract lots quite regularly. Or at least that's what they say. You can hear it on trading forums or in trading rooms. Except that this is not always true, a phrase I like to repeat whenever talking about trading forums. The online trading rooms are not too trustworthy either.

I have heard a story, pretty famous just a few years back, about one trading room operator from some infamous vendor business known for a very overpriced product and other dubious business practices, who was "moving" a hundred or so ES contracts, claiming that his room trades were taken in his live trading account. He even had brokerage trading statements to prove it. Well, he was eventually caught lying and his statements were fake. He was trading on a simulator.

I have never traded a hundred contracts, not even half that size, not even on a simulator, so I cannot comment on how it feels. Trading 20 contracts is about all I can take in terms of the risk involved, but if you can do this regularly, congratulations are in order. I know my limitations and I don't think I will ever be trading that much regularly, but I am still doing okay.

You may note, by checking the charts from February 21st, that this 20 contract position could have easily reached a 10 point target that I intended for it, but since I did not have much time left in the trading session, I decided to get out with a smaller profit.

This screenshot goes one day beyond the 3 week record I set up just yesterday as you can, again, see from the current e-mini trading results section.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3 consecutive weeks of e-mini futures trading results

That's right. That's a new milestone. Three full consecutive weeks of e-mini futures day trading results. Posted on my site. In its current trading results section. Just today. Minutes ago.

It's probably time for a break. At least from posting in that section.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Great e-mini futures trades

Just check out this screenshot, posted also on my site in the recent e-mini futures trades gallery.

It shows 7 trades and, not that surprisingly perhaps, all of them winners. The last two are particularly neat. The next to last is a quickie (a trade that does not take even a minute to reach its target of 5 or more ticks) and the last one was a very fast 10-pointer, only about 2 minutes in duration.

Still wondering if KING can deliver. Well, then I pity you, because it can and this has been obvious for years already. What is not obvious is if you can. Deliver, that is.

I challenge you. Show me that you can. You might even use KING for that. It's only $1,100 and it's still $200 off of its last regular price. That's as decent an e-mini futures day trading methodology (or simply an e-mini trading course, to avoid that mouthful) as any on the market. It might actually be better than most.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

E-mini futures trading results - more than 2 full weeks this year again

Today marks the 12 consecutive trading day with the daily e-mini trading results posted on my site in this year's section of trading results with KING.

That's the second such a period (2 weeks or longer) this year. Last year I also posted two such periods of results, and in 2010 I posted 4 such periods. I am really not aiming on any record this time as I have many other plans that I think are more important than proving what I have already proved with many years of results. Well over 400 screenshots of results, mostly in YM, a Dow e-mini futures market. But another 2 week like that may still come this year.

For more about KING, an e-mini futures trading course, check out its pages, starting from the main one.

Next Monday is the President's Day, so no trading for those who day trade due to the shortened daily trading session (ends at 11:30 AM EST).

Monday, February 11, 2013

A hedge fund in high school?

Should you start a hedge fund in your parents basement while in high school?

Well, not so fast. How about you graduate college first, punk?

Unless you have a solid grounding in quantitative trading methods (that's where the word "quant" comes from) or an uncanny knack for picking the right stocks, a skill you are unlikely to fully develop in high school (but it could be a right time to start doing so), you should probably just keep on learning.

More about it in an article about quants, math and physics Ph.D.'s, one of whom has already been featured on my site. I mean Ed Thorp, a pretty famous hedge fund manager and equally if not more famous for his gambling exploits. It's unlikely that it is the last time I am talking about Dr. Thorp here or on my site, as I like the guy and I think he deserves a bit more recognition than he gets.

The article is also, as I naturally could not miss another good opportunity to point that out, about why and how trading forums create myths or plainly spread bull crap. Which might also explain why intelligent people should try and get their trading education elsewhere. Not that I am pointing this out the very first time here. See my other articles with the tag "trading forums."

The article was inspired by Martin Perl's ruminations about why he is not worried abut the future of physics. His blog post happens to touch on the issue of physics and high finance, even if somewhat tangentially and briefly.

This article is in the Word of Advice section of my site, or simply right here.

Friday, February 08, 2013

1,100th twit and a record number of Twitter followers

Last year I was stuck between 100 and 120 Twitter followers, even though I hit 110 or so in 2010 already, but this year this number has reached 123 and it is now 122.

I follow no one, so you should not be surprised that this number is not overly high, but that should also tell you that, unlike some of my competitors, I don't fake my numbers. 122 is what it is and these are the real followers and not robots or some other fakes bought from those who sell them.

Yes, the practice of buying fake followers is not so rare among those who use Twitter for business purposes. If you are smart, you can actually do a little "forensic" work and figure out who is a phony based simply on the number of followers. One trading vendor I know of had over 16,000 of them while he was still building his website. No kidding. Anything above 10,000 is highly suspicious and indicative of many fake followers.

So why do people boost their numbers? Well, it's a small penis problem. They want to look big, more important than they can be in real life. More popular, more hot. Delusional? I think so.

Same with the YouTube video views. That's also a hot popularity contest. The more views a video gets the more likely it is being promoted by the Google search engine and on YouTube. No wonder then that even big celebrities like Lady Gaga try to boost their views by resorting to tricks. I am not making this up. Google, ever watchful, and usually not enough, tries to combat this practice, but I somewhat doubt they are very successful.

Manipulation is just another word for the Internet these days. Happens everywhere, from YouTube to Twitter, to Internet forums, including the trading forums where this practice is even more pronounced than probably anywhere else.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

425th day with my e-mini trading results

Just posted. A bit later than usual, but I had to run a few errands.

I don't know how long I am going to keep posting my e-mini futures results, but I hope to deliver screenshot number 450 some time this year. At this pace, even #500 is possible, but I am not sure this will happen this year or at all. The number of KING copies is limited and so I will not be selling  it forever. Might as well stop selling it before I hit screenshot number 500.

KING is an e-mini futures day trading course that has made the trading results I am talking about possible.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"Emini blog" and "emini trader blog"

If you search for these keywords on Google, you should find this blog on the big G's first page. Well, better late than never. I think it's been long overdue, Mr. Big G.

On position 7 for "emini trader blog."

While I am on the first page of Google for "emini blog" and "emini trader blog," both excellent simple keywords, you can also find me for "emini futures blog," but on the second page of Google. I might still go up.

It's always good to search for more than one keyword, trying both broader keywords, such as "emini blog" and more specific, as "emini futures blog," for instance.

It is also a good idea to try more than one search engine and Yahoo! Search is certainly a good choice and the second most frequently used search engine in the US.

Interestingly enough, and in total inverse to Google's positions, I am on the first page of Yahoo! Search for "emini futures blog" and on the second page for the other two.

On position 5 for "emini futures blog."

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Very narrow trading range

Of only 15 ticks, and yet I managed to squeeze out nearly 25 ticks out of it today.

For more, check out my current e-mini trading results section. As of today, it features 3 full weeks of results and one two week plus continuous sequence of results. That's only for this year, of course. Last year brought 16 full weeks of results.

All the results are due to KING, an e-mini day trading course of yours truly.

Okay, so I traded some more after an hour of break. Just 4 more trades after the range has expanded. The results are even better now. Who would have thought, eh?

Friday, February 01, 2013

Good e-mini trading on the first day of February

You can check my today's results in this year's trading results section, but as I mentioned there, they might not contain the whole picture. The complete picture is shown below. Not 6, but 11 trades today and the result quite a bit better than posted on my site.

Still, my site uses a slightly different formula than this blog, the latter extending the former and serving results updates on occasions if such might be interesting. The results you see below and all those in the results sections of my site have been obtained using KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology, which is a part of an e-mini day trading course of the same name.

Today I was mostly on the long side of the market, which in large part was inspired by the strong signal given by George IV, an e-mini trading system that I might actually re-activate soon. That is, as a mechanical trading system rather than a strategy as it is being marketed by me at this point. It can still serve as a strategy, but on some really strong days that I am going to limit it to this time around, it makes a lot of sense to play it purely mechanically.

This year alone this system gave 3 such strong signals, each of them generating purely mechanical profits to the tune of over 90 pts in total, which is almost a grand with only 2 Dow e-mini futures contracts (YM).

A record number of blog posts

I closed the month of January with the record number of posts on this blog: 15! I was planning even more, but was not feeling too well the last few days of January, so my blogging activity slowed down a bit as a result. But 15 posts is still not so bad at all.

Last month was also the second best month in terms of page views.

I am not really into any records in this department, but chances are that I will keep posting this year at the average rate of 10 posts a month. No promises, though, as I have some other obligations to attend to as well.

Such as revamping my site at eminimethods.com, a task that I have been procrastinating at quite a bit for I hate doing the same thing again. I enjoy trying new things but not so much perfecting old ones unless perfecting  them makes some sense. I don't see this particular task as very meaningful and enjoyable, not as something that would let me grow in some way or other. I mean, changing the design is like changing the facade of things only. It's not like I am going to change the core of the site, which is the content.

Apart from the record number of posts, I now have a record number of followers. Mighty two in total. Boy, what a joy! Thanks, folks. And thanks also to many of those who subscribe to or follow this blog anonymously. Their number is greater than two.

Incidentally, Rob has been an online friend of mine for years now, having followed me online in many places before, most recently on Twitter. In the more distant past, he would follow me on some trading forums where I used to hang out until I realized how much waste of time it was. No more trading forums for me unless I have mine own that will be infinitely better than most trading forums out there. Which is not so hard to accomplish considering how bad most of them are. Good to see you here, Rob!