Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 e-mini futures winners in a row in one day

That would be my new record, winner wise rather than profit wise, because my 28 winners from August 4th, 2011 still represent my best daily e-mini trading result.

But the screenshot you see below is still quite impressive, to say the least.

Yes, that's 30 winners in a row. I intend to write a bit more about this result on my site, so I am not going to dwell on it here,  but I am sure that we all agree that this sort of result begs a $64,000 question: how come that I am the only one to produce results like that?

Well, almost the only one (and certainly the only one among traders who are also vendors) because some of my students can do this too. Kathrine, my first and one of the most accomplished KING students, could do the same (if not better) and others reported very long strings of winners in their trading results as well, as you can easily find out from the Testimonials section of this popular e-mini day trading course.

I think that there are two major reasons for that.

One is that those who cannot do it simply believe that it is just impossible. They would rather come up with some silly conspiracy theories to deny the reality than to accept it. I do not necessarily blame them for it. Until Katherine showed me what was possible with my trading methods that I had shared with her, I too would think this kind of results to be impossible. That's a common fallacy, I am afraid. Just because something is rare, does not mean that it is impossible. There are no laws of nature that would make something like that impossible. 

The other reason is that the people unable to produce this kind of results lack the proper understanding of what matters, what is important, what can lead you to the results like that. And that's not only the right tools, but also, perhaps even more importantly, the right "bigger picture" which they cannot get practically anywhere else but from me (or from the KING e-mini trading course).

No bragging intended, it's pretty much a fact: all the other vendors sell tools and trading knowledge that will never put you on the road to this sort of performance. If you think I am wrong, then why they have never been able to produce anything even closely resembling the results you see above, while I have been able to do so on more than one occasion?

What these people lack is indeed some "secret" knowledge, parts of which are freely available on my site, but to many they will still remain secret forever. Unfortunately, most people have been so brainwashed to believe in myths of one kind or another, in what is right and what is wrong when it comes to trading, that they will never be able to accept my "secrets" or perhaps even to spot them on my site.

That's one of the reasons why learning from trading forums that propagate all kinds of trading myths is hazardous to your trading career. You are bound to acquire the ballast of useless or even detrimental trading "knowledge" that will hamper your trading career forever.

Let me tell you something that you may find hard to believe, especially if you have been conditioned to believe in superficial limitations: I am convinced that everyone can produce results like those above. With the right knowledge, the right training, the right mindset, under the right market conditions.

I cannot guarantee the right market conditions (but they do occur from time to time) just like I cannot guarantee you good fills, but you can get all the other things from KING provided you take it seriously and add some hard work to it.