Friday, February 01, 2013

Good e-mini trading on the first day of February

You can check my today's results in this year's trading results section, but as I mentioned there, they might not contain the whole picture. The complete picture is shown below. Not 6, but 11 trades today and the result quite a bit better than posted on my site.

Still, my site uses a slightly different formula than this blog, the latter extending the former and serving results updates on occasions if such might be interesting. The results you see below and all those in the results sections of my site have been obtained using KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology, which is a part of an e-mini day trading course of the same name.

Today I was mostly on the long side of the market, which in large part was inspired by the strong signal given by George IV, an e-mini trading system that I might actually re-activate soon. That is, as a mechanical trading system rather than a strategy as it is being marketed by me at this point. It can still serve as a strategy, but on some really strong days that I am going to limit it to this time around, it makes a lot of sense to play it purely mechanically.

This year alone this system gave 3 such strong signals, each of them generating purely mechanical profits to the tune of over 90 pts in total, which is almost a grand with only 2 Dow e-mini futures contracts (YM).