Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Mr. Market mauled again

Poor bastard. Five quickies this time around out of the total of 10 trades. Man, that's gotta hurt.

By the quickie I mean a trade that does not take even a whole minute to reach its standard target of 5-10 ticks in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market that I trade almost exclusively these days. That's exactly what I mean by the quickie and not some, God forbid, other thing.

The screenshot below is an update to what I posted on my site today, in its current e-mini trading results section. I took a quick break from trading for an errand and then resumed my trading. I think I am  now done for the day.

Today was a pretty volatile day, as it often is when the market is driven by fear. On days like that many people could be easily enjoying good results like those shown in many screenshots presented on this e-mini futures blog or on my site in the KING trading results sections.

KING, for the sake of completeness, is an e-mini day trading course, based on a discretionary trading methodology, for those who believe that the way to successful day trading is through skill. It's this skill (or mastery) that truly makes a trader.