Friday, May 31, 2013

Tweeting, tweeting, tweeting ...

My e-mini futures trading results, that is.

Just posted the fifth (or was it sixth?) today beyond what I have also posted on my site the first thing in the morning once I got over the magic number of 200 understood as a dollar numeral.

Good day, overall. Not that it's unusual. I should rather say that volatility is good, which explains a few quickies in these results on Twitter. I mean trades in the Dow e-mini futures that take less than a minute to reach a standard target of 5-10 ticks, usually 5.

Also working on my site, whose version 2.0 has been long overdue, but hopefully will arrive on June the 15th. Definitely before the end of June or else I suck.

Incidentally, also on June 15th, the price of KING will go up, so hurry up if you want a better deal.

KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, is the brain behind all those neat results that you can see on Twitter in near real-time (1-3 minute delay to take a screenshot, write a quick note and post it without messing up everything on my desktop) or on my site in many other places.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More tweeting of my e-mini trading results today

Four more tweets, more (rather unlikely as I am also working on my site's upgrade) perhaps still to come.

Check out my Twitter timeline for that and if you do, you will see that they have been posted within a minute or less of the last trade recorded in them.

You can also check out my growing Twitter gallery of screenshots with my e-mini trading results.

And you can even follow me on Twitter. It's totally legal, from what I have heard.

All results are in Dow Jones e-mini futures market, also known as YM, and they have been possible thanks to the KING e-mini trading methodology, which is the core of the e-mini trading course of the same name.

As of this point, the last screenshot with my results features an extremely lucky number of trades (that would be seven) and three of those did not take even a whole freaking minute. Each, that is.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not only for e-mini futures traders - a special celestial event

Not every e-mini futures day trader has a background in astronomy, but that does not mean that everyone, be it a day trader or not, cannot enjoy a good celestial show.

Today, Sunday, May 26th, we can witness such a show, put on by three bright planets that will appear close to each other over the western horizon shortly after the sunset.

Since these are bright planets, two of them among the brightest such objects, it will be easy to spot them provided the weather does not disappoint.

I am talking about Venus, and Jupiter, the two bright ones, and Mercury, not in the same brightness league but easy to spot too if close to brighter objects.

Today, Mercury will be in the top vertex of this triangle and over the few days it will be getting closer to Venus to pass by it as close as two full Moon faces.

This is a very rare event, in part because Mercury is rather hard to spot. I watched it only twice over the few last decades, the last time over a period of a few days when it was close to Venus, the other time when I was a teenager, but only one evening and it was all as the weather spoiled the show afterwards.

The brightest of the three is Venus, then Jupiter, and all three will shine like bright yellow stars, but they are not stars, really.

You will see that they don't flicker and that's how you really tell the difference between stars and planets at the very first sight without watching them over a few nights to notice that the latter move or wander as the ancient Greeks used to call it and hence the name "planet" which means a "wandering star."

For more about this event, check out the video below. And whether you are an e-mini futures trader or not, watching this event can be fun.

Update: I watched this celestial triangle in Los Angeles, where the weather tends to be great and so was the case this evening. I first spotted Venus, the brightest of them all, then Jupiter, and after a while, Mercury. I stood there, on the corner of Selma and Ivar in Hollywood (one block east off Vine and one block north off Sunset) for a while until I could see Mercury really well, then hit Trader Joe's on Vine. When I got there it was 8:30 P.M. I could barely see them on the way back home, they were already pretty low, especially Venus.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The 13th full week of e-mini day trading results

Counting the previous week, that's two weeks in a row again. I don't trade every day, though these days I trade virtually every day. Maybe it's time for a break.

Today's results will posted on my site soon. I already posted the first screenshot on Twitter, and that could be the last one for today as it's the end of the week and I am not sure if I can produce more today. Maybe, but it feels more like a nap time at this point. Did not get much sleep last night.

It was also the week that I started to post my e-mini futures trading results to Twitter. I post them almost real time, with a 1-3 minute delay to take a screenshot and write some comment to accompany it. Here is my growing Twitter gallery.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Now posting my e-mini trading results on Twitter

The screenshots with my daily trading results showing trades in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures that I trade almost every day, that is.

I started it yesterday, added another screenshot today, and may continue posting like that, at least the "cuter" results, for a while. More laborious ones may not find their way to Twitter.

The first Twitter post containing a screenshot with my daily e-mini futures results.
The pics are posted usually within just a few minutes after I am done trading or decided to take a break, in which case I may resume trading later.

I intend to continue posting shots with trading results here from time to time.

I prefer posting to this blog to posting on my site, but for the sake of tradition, more than anything else, and some consistency too, I continue posting there as well and today will feature the 475th daily report with my e-mini futures trading results. A small milestone of sorts, and pretty close to the real milestone of 500. The latter is likely to come this summer.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Two quickies and a 10-pointer in Dow e-mini futures

Or one more quickie (a sub-one-minute trade) beyond what I have just posted on my site, in its e-mini trading results section.

It was a nice 10-pointer, and it could have been even better. It could have been a 20-pointer and I sort of regret not being more aggressive. But that's fine. Not a bad day overall.

And here are 3 of them. Three 10-pointers, that is, in the same market, the Dow e-mini futures.

All the results are thanks to KING, an e-mini day trading methodology.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The 12th full week of e-mini day trading results with KING

Just completed as mentioned on my site, with the screenshots and daily e-mini trading reports scattered all over the web this time around. Sort of. More precisely, on my site and on this e-mini futures blog.

Last year, I posted 16 full weeks of results. I may beat this record this year. Or not, we will see. There are times when I prefer not to trade, so it's hard to make commitments of this sort. 

But it's yet another Friday, so time for a break.

Sort of, again, because I am actually busy working on a new version of my site to be launched some time in June. I am aiming at the first half of next month. I might be too optimistic, though. I keep adding and changing things or making plans for new ones, to make them more functional, more user-friendly to the visitors, but that slows down the progress of this project a bit.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three YM 10-pointers

YM is a ticker symbol for the Dow Jones e-mini futures, the futures market I day trade almost exclusively these days. That's for those accidental tourists that might not know that.

Three 10-pointers, and that's trades number 4, 5, and 13, two of which are Fibonacci numbers.

This extends my today's e-mini trading results posted elsewhere. I was planning to do some other work and I may still do it, but instead I kept trading, then took a nap, and returned to trading. There could have been one more 10-pointer, but I gave up on it.

A note may be in order regarding this screenshot as people sometimes cannot figure this out on their own. The entry and exit prices may be averages of partial entries, but are rounded off to integers. What this means is that a short 4-lot position entered at 15248 and exited at 15238 may result in a 38-tick profit and not a 40-tick profit. In other words, since the entry price and the exit price are not exact numbers, expecting them to yield the P/L of 40 may be too much to ask for. That's precisely the case with the last trade here.

That's how Bracket Trader, a very fine interface for the Interactive Brokers trading platform, does things.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The whole hole story

Once upon a time (like today) there was a hole.

It was a hole in my day trading P/L. To the tune of a bit over $1200. Some hole.

And then slowly but steadily, I have climbed out of the hole.

"Vot," as Russians say, the whole hole story.

For other stories like that, check out my daily e-mini futures trading reports. There are close to 500 of those on my site already. All courtesy of mighty KING, an e-mini trading methodology (or a trading course, for those who find "methodology" a bit of a mouthful).

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An imperfect nine

I should have exited that 8th, losing trade, sooner. With a small gain or breaking even.

But I was pushing hard, knowing that if my target of 5 ticks is not reached and the market reverses, it will be a solid reversal. And it was, so I added some more contracts and went for 10 ticks.

There are two 10-pointers, roughly speaking, in this screenshot with today's e-mini trading results courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures trading course of some renown. And two of those did not last even a full minute, making them quickies.

Not a bad day, at all, though slightly imperfect.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Eight this time

Eight trades, that is. All e-mini futures trades, as expected. In the Dow Jones e-mini market (YM) that hit 15,000 today and is set to close its daily trading session above this number, about 15,050.

As opposed to seven that I posted twice here recently. And a few long trades, more than usual as I tend to short a lot, not surprisingly, though, as the market had a clear upside bias.

For more screenshots like that with my e-mini day trading results, see the results sections of my site.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

This e-mini futures blog is now number 1 in Google

If you search for "emini futures blog" and that is certainly a very good keyword for this e-mini futures trading blog, as, I am sure, most people will agree.

In a recent post, I mentioned that this blog was ranking on the second page of Google for the very same keyword. That was this February. I was expecting it to go up back then. I am usually right.

It has been in the top spot for a few weeks now, and hopefully it will stay there for a longer while. But who knows. Google is fickle and what's worse it has deteriorated as a search engine over the last 2 years, the fact largely unnoticed by the public, but quite obvious to those who pay closer attention to search engines and online entrepreneurs cannot afford not to.

It's good it got this particular keyword right, if I may say so, and I am biased like hell, but since this blog is hosted on Blogger, one of Google's online properties, it would be hard for it to overlook it.

Fortunately, Big G has competitors and they continue to increase their market share, slowly but steadily and quite deservedly too. Try Bing or DuckDuckGo. You may actually like them. The latter feels like early Google, and that's not only my opinion, while Bing is now sending more traffic to my site than Yahoo! Search, after many years of Yahoo's dominance over the Microsoft's darling, which shows that things are definitely not static in this field.

There are reasons why Google is not what it used to be and why this is unlikely to change. As long as they are a dominant search engine, they don't have to care, but sooner or later the public will figure out that the competitors are better because they simply are. Yes, they already are, just not as popular as Google. But that's something for another article.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

I told you so ... Mila Kunis was innocent!

I told you so! Only a few weeks ago. First on my site and then here, on this blog.

That Mila Kunis was not a good contrarian stock market indicator, despite some claims to the contrary by one Twitterhead that goes by the handle of "financial acrobat" on Twitter.

Here is what he said around mid March this year: "When people like @FoxonStocks and @RealMilaKunis start talking stocks, we are normally at the very end of a bull market."

I would not try any acrobatics, let alone financial one, if I were him with his knack for anticipating things. But whatever. The guy has over 10,000 followers on Twitter, which is a contrarian sign to me already. Twitting 20 times a day is another one.

So no, Mila Kunis might be on her maiden stock trading journey, but that that does not yet mean that we are all doomed and should head for the exits.

This bull market is pretty resilient. Unfortunately, the economy for the man in the street is still not in the shape usually associated with the healthy bull, which is a bit worrisome, but the stock prices are being driven by the profits of the companies that trade on the market and the anticipation of the eventual return of what could be perceived as the normal economy and not the utterances of celebrities or acrobats.

The Dow has hit yet another spectacular high, that of 15,000 and its younger sibling, the S&P 500 index, has exceeded 1,600, a new record high as well. Just this past Friday.

What this really means is that nothing came out of the Mila Kunis as a contrarian stock market indicator spin, but riding on the backs of celebrities might be a good way to boost your number of Twitter followers. This, however, has little to do with being an acrobat, and a lot more with being an attention seeking whore.

Friday, May 03, 2013

"Warren is in the house"

Which means that Warren Buffett has joined Twitter. Officially. Just yesterday.

He collected almost 200,000 followers on the first day.

And keeps adding them on day two as well.

Looks like he is going for a cool million.

So far he is following no one on Twitter, pretty much like me, though, I can boast of only about 100 followers. But at least they are not fake.

Not exactly a perfect seven ...

But still nearly a half a grand.

Achieved with the help of the totally unholy number of 14 on one occasion, but who cares.

For more awesome results like that, some holy, some not, check out the extensive trading results sections of the KING part of my site.

The market traded is YM, the Dow e-mini futures, a pretty nice market to day trade and that's what I trade almost exclusively these days. It's good to specialize.