Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Now posting my e-mini trading results on Twitter

The screenshots with my daily trading results showing trades in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures that I trade almost every day, that is.

I started it yesterday, added another screenshot today, and may continue posting like that, at least the "cuter" results, for a while. More laborious ones may not find their way to Twitter.

The first Twitter post containing a screenshot with my daily e-mini futures results.
The pics are posted usually within just a few minutes after I am done trading or decided to take a break, in which case I may resume trading later.

I intend to continue posting shots with trading results here from time to time.

I prefer posting to this blog to posting on my site, but for the sake of tradition, more than anything else, and some consistency too, I continue posting there as well and today will feature the 475th daily report with my e-mini futures trading results. A small milestone of sorts, and pretty close to the real milestone of 500. The latter is likely to come this summer.