Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three YM 10-pointers

YM is a ticker symbol for the Dow Jones e-mini futures, the futures market I day trade almost exclusively these days. That's for those accidental tourists that might not know that.

Three 10-pointers, and that's trades number 4, 5, and 13, two of which are Fibonacci numbers.

This extends my today's e-mini trading results posted elsewhere. I was planning to do some other work and I may still do it, but instead I kept trading, then took a nap, and returned to trading. There could have been one more 10-pointer, but I gave up on it.

A note may be in order regarding this screenshot as people sometimes cannot figure this out on their own. The entry and exit prices may be averages of partial entries, but are rounded off to integers. What this means is that a short 4-lot position entered at 15248 and exited at 15238 may result in a 38-tick profit and not a 40-tick profit. In other words, since the entry price and the exit price are not exact numbers, expecting them to yield the P/L of 40 may be too much to ask for. That's precisely the case with the last trade here.

That's how Bracket Trader, a very fine interface for the Interactive Brokers trading platform, does things.