Friday, June 28, 2013

Yet another good day

Day trading YM, my favorite e-mini futures market, for those who wonder what I mean by the good day.

Not necessarily an example of classic e-mini trading (I exceeded the number of contracts used per position way beyond 4 on a few occasions), but I was very much in control all the time, maybe with the exception of the position I abandoned with only a 3 tick profit. But that was the right decision too because the market reversed its upward course right there and it was rather easy to anticipate it.

Well, easy enough if you are a KING student. It was also easy to bet as many as 14 contracts because the market did turn south eventually, and, not accidentally at all, in the same area it did so when I was forced to exit with the 3-tick profit. In both these cases, I acted based on some reliable pattern, today particularly reliable for it was reinforced by two extra factors.

Patterns like that are at the core of KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology (and a course based on it), and they are solid enough to make you a winning trader on most days given enough time and effort to master it. I believe the rewards are worth it, but I am not someone to encourage those who believe they cannot do it. If you think so, you are probably right.

To become good at something you need to enjoy the challenge of becoming good at it. If you cannot, if your goal is only to make money, then you may never become good enough to become a profitable trader. Trading is a very competitive business and only those who literally thrive on challenge have a place in it.

As has been the case for a while now, today I have also posted some of my e-mini futures trades to my Twitter feed in near real time. Not as many as two days ago (13 in a single trading day), but it is not my goal to beat Twitter posting records every day (or even every week). I tweet only when I think this is not going to interfere with my trading or anything else more important than tweeting, which means pretty much everything else.

This, incidentally, is post number 200 on this e-mini futures blog. It's not only the number of posts that keeps on growing here, also the number of page views that has recently exceeded 1000 this month and is on its way to exceed even 1,100 by the end of June.

And it is certainly nice to be #1 on Google for "emini futures blog" again, but I would be even happier if I did not know that Google blatantly promotes its own properties and since Blogger is one of them, my number one position there does not make me one bit happier than number three on Bing, for the very same keyword too.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More about posting my e-mini trading results on Twitter

I wrote a whole article that elaborates on that and posted it recently on my site. On tweeting my e-mini trades (or trade results), that is.

I have been posting my e-mini trading results on Twitter since May 21st. The results are in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market that I trade practically exclusively these days. I try to post with as short a delay as possible after each trade completion, but not always after each trade as this may simply interfere with my trading.

Yesterday, June 25th, offered a good case in point. Some of the last trades were quickies (a few in a row) and had I chosen to tweet after each of them, I might have simply missed at least one of them.

I also don't tweet until I have reached at least $200 in profits on any given day, which is a minimum I aim at every day. Again, I don't want to be distracted until I am in the right profit territory.

For more about it see the said article on tweeting my e-mini futures trades.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How about 24?

And, as often is the case on this e-mini futures trading blog, when I mean a number it has something to do with trading e-mini futures. Usually, it's a number of trades that I want to talk about. The trades in my favorite e-mini futures market, YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market.

Having stuffed this post with all the right keywords for Google (and other search engines) to swallow, I can now talk like a human.

And the number is 24, and indeed, it's the total number of trades I took today. It was a good day, pretty volatile as evidenced by quite a number of quickies in the screenshot you see below. Trades that did not take even a whole minute, that is.
This was the last screenshot with my e-mini results that I posted on Twitter today.

I would call this 24 and imperfect 24. First because one of the trades listed was a bad loss, quickly followed by a splendid win of 20 ticks with 8 contracts to boot, and, second, because the trades were not classic KING trades.

But that's still a very fine number. It's not 30, but close enough and it has something in common with both 30 and my favorite 12. Not just that it divides by 6, but also that it is an abundant number, which actually has a lot to do with the fact that it is a multiple of 6.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Awesomely round number

Or both awesomely and freakishly round. Yep, that's some round number, indeed. And I was aiming at it at all. It just happened. See below.
I posted it first on Twitter and that was my last trade update today.

Then I took a nap. Unfortunately, it looks like my sleep pattern that never was particularly regular got disrupted even more. I am now getting 4-5 hours of sleep at night, then get some more sleep napping during the day. I managed without a nap during the previous trading session, but today it was just impossible. I fell asleep about 3 AM last night, really late, even by my Bohemian standards.

Well, life totally without problems would be boring. As long as they don't last too long, I am fine with them. There can even be useful at times forcing you to take a break to rethink things.

For more results like that, see the KING's current e-mini trading results section.

There are several trading results sections on my site (each for one year and then some more) and they used to be about the only places I would post screenshots like the one you see above. These days, you can see them all over my online properties, not just on my site, but also on this blog and in my Twitter feed. That may make things a bit messy, but that's the very nature of new technologies, the disruptive nature, that is.

And who knows if my sleep disruption is not being caused by that too. I recently got myself Amazon's Prime membership and just can't stop watching "Eureka," a cool SF series.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lucky numbers of e-mini futures traders

Seven is not only the coolest baby name that George Costanza of Seinfeld's fame came up with, but to many it is the only lucky number.

If you are a trader, not just an e-mini futures trader, you are likely to believe that Fibonacci numbers (3,5, 8, 13, and so on) are lucky. Or at least special in some way.

But if you are a KING trader, things can get even more interesting and rich. Because if you are a KING trader, every number can be lucky. Just name it. Small enough, no triple digits, and preferably smaller than 30.

Like 18, for instance. Yes, I could have taken more trades today as it was a great day to trade, but being a bit sleepy, I was not in the best mood for another 30/30.

These are all classic KING trades in YM, the Dow e-mini futures, as explained by me just yesterday, and quite a few of them are quickies. I have posted several of them in near real-time on Twitter and I have been doing it for weeks now. But I stopped at 10, which is another lucky number if you are a KING trader.

For more about KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology for successful e-mini futures traders, see this trading course main page.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Classic e-mini futures scalping

At least as defined in my KING methodology (or a trading course) for scalping e-mini futures markets, such as YM, which is my e-mini futures favorite market to day trade.

I define them as trades that do not require more than two "re-inforcements" (for lack of better word), that is, do not require adding to your position more than twice.

I start with a 2-contract position, then may add to it, usually not more than two contracts, although more sis possible if I am convinced that I am on the right side and the market is bound to move my way eventually.

Very often, these original 2 contracts reach my target of 5-10 ticks in YM, the Dow emini futures market, but sometimes a bit of prodding is required, but as long as no more than two contracts are needed (sometimes, but in hindsight, this is not necessary) to reach my target quickly enough, I believe I am doing fine.

I call trades like that, the trades that utilize only 2-4 contracts, the classic trades. Those that arrive at the target with the original position are perfect trades.

Today was a good day for classic trades, all 12 of them, both on the short side and the lone one. As you can see from the screenshot below showing the list of trades in the Bracket Trader platform.

I posted some of these trades on Twitter, finishing my Twitter posts today with trade number 10, but that wasn't the end of it yet.

I may still trade a bit more, I am just taking a short break. In fact, I just added another quickie, see it on my site in its current trading results section.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The final trading result for today

Ten trades in YM, the Dow e-mini futures market, my favorite market to trade as far as emini futures go. Several of the trades you see in the screenshot below (most, in fact) have been announced on Twitter within 1-2 minutes after their completion.

And did I mention that all of them were winners? And 2 were quickies, meaning the trades that do not last even a minute, as long as the target is 5-10 ticks in YM.

Overall, yet another pretty good day trading with KING, an e-mini day trading methodology. For more about it, check out my site, especially the course own section with many subsections, quite a few dedicated to my trading results.

Actually, that was not yet the final result. I added one more quickie as you can see from my Twitter update.

Slavoj Žižek, trading forums, and the other 1%

And it's not the 1% that you probably think of and that tends to be in the news rather often these days.

Slavoj Žižek is a bad boy of contemporary philosophy, and if it were not "bad" enough, he is (or was) married to a fashion model, Analia Hounie.

It's her picture that follows, not Mr. Bad Boy's. That's a comment for those who might be visually impaired, for no one else can possibly find it useful.

Analia Hounie 
According to Žižek, whose scraggly looks must be his greatest sex appeal,  "99% of people are boring idiots." Well, either things have accelerated recently and I have not been paying attention or I am not radical enough, because to me this number has always been closer to 80% rather than to 100%.

But I agree with this Slovenian bad boy when it comes to some human enclaves, such as online trading forums, for instance. There is no doubt on my mind that 99% of those who hang out in places like that are either boring idiots or idiots who are not even boring.

Friday, June 14, 2013 2.0 has arrived!


It took me over two months to complete it, but it's here. It would take me another month or so to do everything what I planned to do when I was embarking on the project of revamping this popular e-mini futures trading site of mine, but I really don't think I can afford it at this point.

Still, that does not mean that I am totally done with it, but rather that any further changes will be slower and not as dramatic as those already in place in the second version of just unveiled.

And a bit of a break at this point is a good idea too.

The article announcing the arrival of the revamped version of (meaning 2.0) that reflects on the major changes to this already almost 8 year old site is here.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Trading forums from yet another perspective

It's not my perspective, but I do share much of it. The perspective belongs to a frequent visitor to my site, a fine man named Thomas.

Specifically, Thomas addresses the issue of integrity of some of the trading forums that he seems to be quite familiar with and comes to the sad conclusion that they simply cannot be trusted if only for two basic reasons:
1) they are owned and run by vendors, who may even not disclose this fact but who (surprise, surprise!) seem to be quite interested in their forums being used for denigrating their competitors, meaning other vendors,
2) they are dominated and manipulated by vendors, some of whom choose not to reveal their vendor status, yet show quite a bit of interest in (guess what?) denigrating their competitors.

I talked about this and related issues regarding trading forums in more than one article in this blog. The blog has even a category for trading forums, so if you would like to find out more about it, check it out. I don't think I am finished with the issues in question here or on my site whose version 2.0 is to be launched this week.

You can read Thomas's opinion in this article that contains also my take on this sorry state of affairs as a commentary to Thomas's e-mail that he was kind to share with the visitors to

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Bing gets "emini trading results" right!

As you can see from the attached screenshot.

I might be a tad biased calling them "right," to put it mildly, but I swear that I have not bribed these people! Two of my most recent e-mini trading results sections (for 2013 and 2012) are at the very top of search results in Bing. This may not last very long, but I expect at least one of them to stay in the top 5 for a longer while.

Yahoo! Search does a fine job too, for you can find these very same pages in the top 5 of its search results if you search for "emini trading results."

Google not so much, but I have given up on Big G a while ago. It's just lost, too much garbage in its search results that is crowding the relevant pages and not enough brain power to process all of it properly. Too bad.

It used to be a very fine search engine, but these days you have to go with DuckDuckGo if you want to find truly relevant pages quickly. Or with Bing. Or with Yahoo!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Record traffic to this blog

That this futures blog is getting more and more popular is evidenced not only by its high position in the search engines, in Google, in particular, but also by the growing number of page views that its internal statistics software keeps recording.

In May, the number of page views hit a new record. It increased by a huge margin compared to the previous peak, well over 25%, or practically 200 (199) in absolute terms. It exceeded 900, for the first time ever, skipping the 800 range in the process.

The picture always speaks better than dry numbers, so here it comes.

Another record number of page views of this futures blog.