Friday, July 26, 2013

My newest e-mini futures trading video

It's about something I have mentioned on this blog a few times already and talked about in greater detail on my site as well. For instance here, which is the latest article about it.

About posting my e-mini futures trading results on Twitter, that is. I don't want to belabor the point, it's enough to watch the video which follows.

The results are due to KING, an e-mini futures trading course of some renown, if I may say so. You can learn more about it on my site via the link provided.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Dolce far niente" or the sweetness of trading e-mini futures

I admit that my translation of "dolce far niente" as "the sweetness of trading e-mini futures" is somewhat imprecise, but if you add the word KING to it, as in "the sweetness of trading e-mini futures with KING," then at least the sweetness part is correct.

Well, I am taking a break from trading, relaxing more, tending to things I have not had time to tend to lately and taking it easy overall. Breaks are needed and so I am taking one (from trading) and even more than one because I am also taking breaks from doing nothing by trading.

And who says that you cannot take more than one break? Is it forbidden by law? I don't think so. Here is how my break from doing nothing worked out today. Classic KING trading, in one word. Okay, that's more than one word, but still succint enough.
And for more results like that, you are always welcome to check out my site, especially its e-mini futures trading results sections, the most recent of which is nearing the 100th daily results report this year alone.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My YouTube channel - not only for e-mini futures traders

I have had it for a while, but I almost don't talk about it, so let me make up for that with this post.

The channel is called "eminimethodsdotcom" and its web address is, not surprisngly at all, 

It has 20 videos of my own production as of this writing, all of them for those interested in trading e-mini futures markets. Again, not surprisingly, as this channel is more or less an extension of my site dedicated primarily to day trading e-mini futures.

More videos will still come. In fact, I am about to upload yet another one, so look forward to it in the next few days.

You can also check out some of my public playlists, some of which could be of interest to traders as well, such as Music - Vangelis For Traders, but also to the public at large.

Some of my uploaded videos have become quite popular in Google in the niche they belong to, e-mini day trading. For instance, if you search Google for "emini trading course" or "emini day trading course," you can find the video featured below on the first page of Google.

That's the case these days, for instance, but since Google rankings change all the time,  it is not guaranteed to be so all the time. It happens time and again, though.

The channel has currently 25 subscribers, not exactly an astronomical number, but e-mini futures trading is a relatively small niche, so by the standards of this niche, this number may not be totally paltry either.

Feel free to join it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The 500th daily e-mini futures trading report!

Yes, I am talking about 500 daily e-mini futures trading reports accompanied by screenshots showing the trades taken on each of these 500 days. That's quite a number.

Screenshot number 500 has just been posted and although it may not look as exciting as many other screenshots of this kind posted on my site and on this blog, it's hard to complain either.

As mentioned by me recently, I am not quite sure what to do next, but then again, the number of KING copies still available to new buyers is very limited, so I will probably keep posting for a while, though more sporadically than over the last few months.

And that means that screenshot number 600 is highly unlikely.

But it has still been a good run and I seriously doubt there is a vendor out there who has posted as many trading reports as I have over these past 5 years or so. With the results included and documented by screenshots of trades listed in a trading platform. In my case, that would be Bracket Trader, a powerful trading platform for those trading through Interactive Brokers, unbeatable in terms of both design and price.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trading treasure trove - a resource for traders

Trading treasure trove is the name of my Yahoo! group that has been around for a while. About as along as my website dedicated primarily to trading e-mini futures markets,

It's a group for traders. The group was meant as an extension of my site in some ways, just as this blog is. Or my Twitter feed, for that matter, that I am utilizing more and more these days. Incidentally, when I was setting up both my site and the Yahoo! group in question, Twitter did not even exist. And now it's a household name. Things change.

They do and so little wonder that this group has been used by me less and less often in favor of other ways of communication. Posting to it is not as easy as posting to this blog and even less easy than posting on Twitter. However, over the years, I have accumulated there quite a bit of useful resources that could be of interest to traders, especially the beginners, and not necessarily only e-mini futures traders.

This group also allows me to communicate with those who found my site useful and decided to subscribe to my Yahoo! group as a result of that. By posting to the group I keep them informed about my business plans or occasional discounts on things like KING, my flagship e-mini futures product, and on my other trading products. I don't do this very often, just a few times a year.

This should tell you that I am not much of a marketer. Indeed, I don't even have a "professional" mailing list, whatever that means. The Yahoo! group is basically my mailing list of sorts, although to communicate with my customers I use a Yahoo! e-mail account.

I talk about it here because you may want to join the group. That's one more way to get informed and since I plan some exciting things in the next few months, I don't think this is such a bad idea at all. You probably don't want to miss on this excitement, do you?

The group is located here.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The 16th week of e-mini futures results with KING this year

Which means that I have matched the number of full trading weeks last year. I am talking about full weeks of e-mini futures trading results with my e-mini trading methodology known as KING.

I am not planning any new records this year, though I may still add another full week or two this year to those 16. But I may also not.

The thing is that today also marks the 499th screenshot of my e-mini futures results with KING and so we are only 1 screenshot away from a major milestone: the 500th e-mini futures trading results on my site. It took about 5 years to reach it and while I am a pretty persistent fellow, I am a bit bored by all that posting, so I may need to take a break or slow down or invent something more exciting to keep going.

On the other hand, the number of KING copies still available for sale is smaller then ever and since I am very close to the total number of copies I ever intended to sell, I do not think I will keep posting my trading results for much longer also for this reason.

In any case, check out the current section of e-mini futures trading results for the most recent update, the one with number 499 on it. Not a particularly exciting update, but after a few rather volatile weeks, the markets are entitled to some rest for a change, so less volatile days are not unusual in these circumstances.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How's that for fast e-mini scalping?

What started as a rather slow day, ended up on a much faster note. Very fast, in fact.

Today I had the fastest trade you can ever have. It did not last even a full second and I am not even talking about a 5-tick profit target here, the standard one for my scalping in the Dow Jones e-mini futures market (that's YM for the "pro" e-mini traders).

I am talking about 10 ticks. That's actually my original target. I always adjust it when in trade, usually to 5 ticks, sometimes to something bigger. If I am not sure whether the 5-tick target will be hit, I adjust it to 2-3 ticks. Even to 0, though very rarely.

That explains why I scored 10 ticks on this super-fast trade (the 4th one today, see the image of my last Twitter post with e-mini trading results.)

The last four trades were all quickies too. The slowest one was only 12 seconds in duration. Overall, not a bad day at all. Though it started as a boring one.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

What's in the future of one e-mini futures course?

And the e-mini futures trading course I mean is, of course, KING, my flagship e-mini trading product about 5 years old already.

I doubt it will live (much longer) beyond its 6th birthday, but some exciting things are still to be expected, so I thought that I would revisit them in a new article just posted on my site.

I revisit in it some promises I made in the past (in early 2010, to be more specific) and how they panned out and what else is left to deliver from what I promised to deliver.

For more, if you are interested in this e-mini day trading course, see the article mentioned.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Bing gets "emini futures blog" right!

Bing gets a lot of things right that Google does not, but it would take a pretty long article to elaborate on how much better Bing has become over the years compared to Google, the fact that is, sadly, still largely under-appreciated by the public.

Yes, Bing gets "emini futures blog" right as you can see from the image below taken recently. Today things may be different, the positions in search engines fluctuate on a daily basis, they may depend on your location on the planet, and even on your browser, oddly enough, but true.

Bing, as pointed out by me on another occasion, also got "emini trading results" right, a feat Google has yet to match. Sorry, Big G, but linking to my site for this keyword from the distant 40-60 position in your search results (on a good week, that is), is a joke.

And that's not the only thing that Google has been struggling with when it comes to my site and e-mini futures or e-mini trading related keywords. Google has another serious problem, the problem of very poor resolution. For instance, while Bing links to the correct page(s) on my site for "emini trading results," that's not the case with Google that links either to the main page of my site or to some other page that is not as closely related to e-mini trading results as it could be and is in the Bing's search results. In other words, while Bing is spot on, Google fumbles the task of choosing the right pages amazingly badly.

So, all hail Bing, and those who refuse to, please do yourself a favor and take a closer look at the quality of Bing's results as opposed to the usual Google junk and you may start to appreciate it as well. At least, more than you might have so far.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Perfect e-mini futures scalping

Or a perfect seven, as the screenshot below shows seven trades. What's perfect about them?

All of them are two lot trades, meaning they carried the original position (of two contracts) from the start to its destination of 5 ticks or more. That's how I define perfect e-mini futures trades in my favorite e-mini market, YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures.

The classic e-mini futures trades (scalps, to be more precise) are defined as those that do not require more than 4 contracts (meaning 1 or 2 beyond my original position size these days) to reach the target of 5 to 10 ticks, again in YM.

I did take a few more trades today. Here is another Twitter post showing all 20 of them. No longer are all the trades perfect, but they still are classic KING trades, KING being an e-mini day trading course of my own design. And yes, they all are winners. 20 out of 20!

Like me ask you a simple question, if I may. Is your trading teach that good too or are you learning how to trade e-mini futures from a marketer? I hope it's the former.

The title of this post should read "Perfect e-mini futures scalping with the best e-mini futures trading course out there" if I were as mean as to mock those poor marketers masquerading as traders. But I thought I would mention it as a hint as to how to tell a marketer from a trader. The former never shy from superlatives applied to their wonderware ("the best," "the last to buy", etc.) and the more bombastic they are the better, the latter simply prefer facts.

Monday, July 01, 2013

The traffic report - not again!

Well, I promise that's the last one before we hit another major milestone and that would be 2000.

In June we have passed the 1000 mark with a huge aplomb for the number of page views as recorded by the Blogger internal statistics thingy has reached 1,203 in the month that just ended.

Yes, the pages views of this e-mini futures blog, of course. Still not enough to compete with the number of page views my site records in a good (or even bad) month, but a nice number, for sure, even despite the fact that it includes a lot of spam. But spam too is some measure of the blog popularity.

That's a huge increase from the previous monthly record, which was set in May at 934, and let's not forget that May is one day longer than June.

Today I have also completed the 15th full week of e-mini trading results this year. You can learn more about it in the current e-mini trading results section of my site.