Monday, July 15, 2013

The 16th week of e-mini futures results with KING this year

Which means that I have matched the number of full trading weeks last year. I am talking about full weeks of e-mini futures trading results with my e-mini trading methodology known as KING.

I am not planning any new records this year, though I may still add another full week or two this year to those 16. But I may also not.

The thing is that today also marks the 499th screenshot of my e-mini futures results with KING and so we are only 1 screenshot away from a major milestone: the 500th e-mini futures trading results on my site. It took about 5 years to reach it and while I am a pretty persistent fellow, I am a bit bored by all that posting, so I may need to take a break or slow down or invent something more exciting to keep going.

On the other hand, the number of KING copies still available for sale is smaller then ever and since I am very close to the total number of copies I ever intended to sell, I do not think I will keep posting my trading results for much longer also for this reason.

In any case, check out the current section of e-mini futures trading results for the most recent update, the one with number 499 on it. Not a particularly exciting update, but after a few rather volatile weeks, the markets are entitled to some rest for a change, so less volatile days are not unusual in these circumstances.