Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The 500th daily e-mini futures trading report!

Yes, I am talking about 500 daily e-mini futures trading reports accompanied by screenshots showing the trades taken on each of these 500 days. That's quite a number.

Screenshot number 500 has just been posted and although it may not look as exciting as many other screenshots of this kind posted on my site and on this blog, it's hard to complain either.

As mentioned by me recently, I am not quite sure what to do next, but then again, the number of KING copies still available to new buyers is very limited, so I will probably keep posting for a while, though more sporadically than over the last few months.

And that means that screenshot number 600 is highly unlikely.

But it has still been a good run and I seriously doubt there is a vendor out there who has posted as many trading reports as I have over these past 5 years or so. With the results included and documented by screenshots of trades listed in a trading platform. In my case, that would be Bracket Trader, a powerful trading platform for those trading through Interactive Brokers, unbeatable in terms of both design and price.