Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Perfect e-mini futures scalping

Or a perfect seven, as the screenshot below shows seven trades. What's perfect about them?

All of them are two lot trades, meaning they carried the original position (of two contracts) from the start to its destination of 5 ticks or more. That's how I define perfect e-mini futures trades in my favorite e-mini market, YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures.

The classic e-mini futures trades (scalps, to be more precise) are defined as those that do not require more than 4 contracts (meaning 1 or 2 beyond my original position size these days) to reach the target of 5 to 10 ticks, again in YM.

I did take a few more trades today. Here is another Twitter post showing all 20 of them. No longer are all the trades perfect, but they still are classic KING trades, KING being an e-mini day trading course of my own design. And yes, they all are winners. 20 out of 20!

Like me ask you a simple question, if I may. Is your trading teach that good too or are you learning how to trade e-mini futures from a marketer? I hope it's the former.

The title of this post should read "Perfect e-mini futures scalping with the best e-mini futures trading course out there" if I were as mean as to mock those poor marketers masquerading as traders. But I thought I would mention it as a hint as to how to tell a marketer from a trader. The former never shy from superlatives applied to their wonderware ("the best," "the last to buy", etc.) and the more bombastic they are the better, the latter simply prefer facts.