Monday, July 01, 2013

The traffic report - not again!

Well, I promise that's the last one before we hit another major milestone and that would be 2000.

In June we have passed the 1000 mark with a huge aplomb for the number of page views as recorded by the Blogger internal statistics thingy has reached 1,203 in the month that just ended.

Yes, the pages views of this e-mini futures blog, of course. Still not enough to compete with the number of page views my site records in a good (or even bad) month, but a nice number, for sure, even despite the fact that it includes a lot of spam. But spam too is some measure of the blog popularity.

That's a huge increase from the previous monthly record, which was set in May at 934, and let's not forget that May is one day longer than June.

Today I have also completed the 15th full week of e-mini trading results this year. You can learn more about it in the current e-mini trading results section of my site.