Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trading treasure trove - a resource for traders

Trading treasure trove is the name of my Yahoo! group that has been around for a while. About as along as my website dedicated primarily to trading e-mini futures markets, eminimethods.com.

It's a group for traders. The group was meant as an extension of my site in some ways, just as this blog is. Or my Twitter feed, for that matter, that I am utilizing more and more these days. Incidentally, when I was setting up both my site and the Yahoo! group in question, Twitter did not even exist. And now it's a household name. Things change.

They do and so little wonder that this group has been used by me less and less often in favor of other ways of communication. Posting to it is not as easy as posting to this blog and even less easy than posting on Twitter. However, over the years, I have accumulated there quite a bit of useful resources that could be of interest to traders, especially the beginners, and not necessarily only e-mini futures traders.

This group also allows me to communicate with those who found my site useful and decided to subscribe to my Yahoo! group as a result of that. By posting to the group I keep them informed about my business plans or occasional discounts on things like KING, my flagship e-mini futures product, and on my other trading products. I don't do this very often, just a few times a year.

This should tell you that I am not much of a marketer. Indeed, I don't even have a "professional" mailing list, whatever that means. The Yahoo! group is basically my mailing list of sorts, although to communicate with my customers I use a Yahoo! e-mail account.

I talk about it here because you may want to join the group. That's one more way to get informed and since I plan some exciting things in the next few months, I don't think this is such a bad idea at all. You probably don't want to miss on this excitement, do you?

The group is located here.