Friday, November 29, 2013

Tetris and scalping e-mini futures

Tetris is a very popular computer video game that has been around for a few decades now and still enjoys quite a bit of popularity. It's my favorite video game too.

I believe that playing Tetris can certainly help you become a better e-mini scalper. Tetris trains your brain to be faster. Try it, you may actually like it. And if you are capable of regularly scoring over 100 lines (a few times a week, at least), then you definitely stand a chance as an e-mini futures day trader. You can even get yourself KING. You deserve it!

My current Tetris record is 143 and it was set just yesterday, the Thanksgiving day! It's considerably up from my previous record of 125 (lines).

Can you do better than me? That's certainly possible, but not too easy. I use this site for my Tetris brain exercises.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all those who live in the US and all Americans abroad! Everybody else have a great holiday weekend too.

Next week will bring some special offers for KING and other e-mini trading products that I offer on my site dedicated primarily to day trading e-mini futures, so please check it out as soon as possible. And may I also suggest, once again, that you see this article on why you should own this e-mini futures trading system.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 e-mini futures trades ending with a 10-pointer

And that 10-pointer is also a quickie, the second one today. What's not to like about it?

The trades are in YM, the Dow e-mini futures market, my favorite market to trade, and the one I recommend for KING students.

Classic KING trading, no more than 4 contracts used. Actually, only two or three in this case, but that's still meets the definition of what I call "classic KING trading" when no more than two contracts are used beyond the original two.

That was not all today, but I like round numbers, which are either 10 or 12 to me. Sometimes 6, if I am in the mood to admit this lowly number to the "round" club. But it's the first perfect one, so what the heck!

Can you trade e-mini futures in a tight range?

Well, with KING, that should be easier than you think. It's not that hard to squeeze out 5 ticks from a small range, and if you can do this a few times that will add up to a nice sum.

That's what I did today (as you can see from today's daily e-mini trading report on my site) and on several other occasions in the past, some reported here or on my site.

KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology (or trading course, for short), is pretty versatile. It can do well in expanding markets, but you can use it successfully in narrow ranges as well.

Examples of that abound. Once again, consult my site with nearly 550 daily e-mini trading result reports each showcasing a screenshot showing the Bracket Trader platform that I use for trading YM (or ES, though much less often these days), two popular e-mini futures markets.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

6-12-6 or a new e-mini trading formula for $200+

As just mentioned on my site, in its current e-mini futures trading results section, and also in my Twitter feed.

I talked about these "magical" numbers on this blog, especially, 12, which is the first abundant number, so check out some previous posts from this and previous years for more ruminations along those lines.

There are no magic indicators, despite some claims to the contrary you may come across from time to time on various sites, but there is certainly some magic in the numbers. Or, at least, I like to think so.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr. Market and Banacek

They sound very much alike, don't they? Especially when Banacek masquerades as a wise man through his famous "old Polish proverbs" that can confuse the heck out of you before you grasp them. And sometimes there is not much to grasp because they are meant to confuse rather than inform.

Here is a sample of two.

1. "If you're not sure that it's potato borscht, there could be orphans working in the mines."

2. "Though the hippopotamus has no stinger in his tail, the wise man would rather be sat upon by the bee."

The first one is totally silly, the second one conveys some wisdom, though you cannot really tell what the point of it might be. There is just no moral in it.

Obviously, these are not Polish proverbs because they are hardly proverbs at all. But as the ancient Roman proverb says (and I wish I could recall it in Latin), "it's easy to lie if you are coming from a land far away."

Monday, November 11, 2013

NinjaTrader 7 indicators for George IV available

You can get them along with your copy of this neat e-mini futures day trading system, currently pretty much offered as a discretionary strategy (or a set of such). You will obtain a template for NinjaTrader 7 in the whole George IV package that also includes the templates for NinjaTrader 6.5 (currently very much obsolete) and Sierra Chart.

The system works for YM and ES, the Dow Jones e-mini futures and the S&P 500 e-mini futures. It was originally designed for the latter, but proven to work equally well for the former.

You can find quite a few posts about the system, documenting its best days, on this blog in the "trading system" category.

There has been some renewed interest in this system recently, also on Twitter (see my Twitter feed for some evidence of that), so I decided to release the template for NinjaTrader 7, though it's very easy to create one. Since the indicators the system uses are fully disclosed and native to this charting software, no programming is required. However, if only as a matter of pure convenience, the template is certainly a good idea.

For more about this e-mini futures trading system, please see its main page on my site.

Friday, November 08, 2013

10 nice e-mini futures trades

If I can say so because I am the author of those.

They come from yesterday's trading session and the results of six of those were posted on Twitter in near real-time. I talk more about posting my e-mini futures trading results on Twitter in this article that I link to.

The first three of these trades did not take even a whole minute to reach the target of 5-10 ticks, which is the standard target for scalping with KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology of my design. I call trades like that quickies. There are 4 of them among those 10.

For more results like that, you can check out the current e-mini futures trading results section of my site. All results have been obtained using this great KING methodology that the e-mini futures day trading course of the same name is based on.

The course is still available, but not so many copies are left. And the price is still quite affordable, though not as low as it used to be. It cannot always be.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

This bad boy delivered again

And that means George IV, a neat e-mini futures day trading system for YM and ES, two popular e-mini futures markets. For more about this system, check out its pages on my site, the main one being right here.

Well, technically not all conditions where met at the open, but they were met just fine at the entry time, so for those wanting to exercise a bit of discretion that was a very good opportunity that would have resulted in more than 20 YM points at the market close at 16:15 EST.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Cats and the Internet traffic

Cats drive the traffic on the Internet. That's a fact.

I once had a page on my website, in its more frivolous (or eclectic part), where I declared myself a cat person. Not that I have anything against dogs. Not one bit. I just grew up with cats, a whole bunch of them, and so I am now a devout cat person.

That page soon became the most popular page on my site, a bit to my dismay because the site is and was dedicated to e-mini futures day trading and not to cats, not matter how cute the latter may be.

Well, the same is with this blog. The most popular of its posts has something to do with a cat. Again, except that this is not just an ordinary cat, but a Schrödinger's cat. A lovely creature, but of somewhat uncertain future, so to speak.

While the traffic to this blog has reached yet another peak (in terms of page views, see the image below), the page (or post) that has attracted most attention is the one about this charming quantum feline that is not even real, but an abstract one, a main actor in Mr. Schrödinger's thought experiment. See Wikipedia for more about it or just google it.

The new peak in the traffic to this blog is 120 points higher than the previous one, or very much 10% in relative terms.