Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nice looking equity curves

That would be the equity curves for George IV, an e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM, that I have been mentioning on this blog for some time now. Years, in fact.

This little trading system has done quite well over the past 12 months and this is also reflected in its equity curves for 2014 based on the data (trading results) that I have been posting on my site all this year.

There are also some results for other years there, as the system has been around since late 2007, except that I was tracking it only for the first two years, then too busy with KING, I stopped doing so, only to return to it, if only out of curiosity, in 2014.

The equity curves are based on the data that includes months from January through November until December 22nd, 2014. Not many days are still left in this glorious year, so it's really impossible to change the fact that the system did very well in 2014.

Complete graphs of equity curves for 2014 will be posted in early 2015 on my site and on my trading forum.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

200 followers in my e-mini trading Twitter account

As of December 22, 2014. And as evidenced by the screenshot below.

This is all organic growth, as opposed to other methods of growing the number of Twitter followers. Such as buying hundreds or even thousands of followers for a few bucks. Happens all the time. I find it a dubious form of marketing, deceptive by design.

This number could have been much bigger by now, had I followed people back. I don't do this, I don't want to be getting distracted by all the Twitter traffic in my business account, but I follow virtually everyone back in my personal Twitter account and some people follow me in both accounts, in which case I follow them back too, from one account.

And obviously, this number is likely to fluctuate. Up and down; it always has been, I see no reason for this pattern to change.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

There are only two ways in trading ...

"Trading is all about making money. That's not easy no matter what anyone might tell you. It's not easy in part because of many prejudices people introduce to their trading. They just want it their own way. There are only two ways in trading and it's not yours or mine. It's the way that makes you money and the way that loses you money. Smart people know which way to choose, everybody else just keeps wasting their time chasing personal Holy Grails.

I don't mean to sound arrogant. I am simply pragmatic. It works for me, it does for some others, it could still work for many more. "

That's a piece from an e-mail I just sent to a fellow who bought both KING and George IV not so long ago.

I thought it might be useful for many others. I am afraid, I am kidding myself, though. I have said things like that on my site before and more than once. To no avail. People just know "better," even if there is little evidence that their way of thinking works.

Many of them just want that supreme magic trick that would solve all their problems forever. The easy way, the way that rarely works, but keeps hopes alive.

Keep dreaming, if you want. Meanwhile, smart people (and many a con man) will keep eating your lunch day in and day out.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Books in the news - mostly of interest to traders

I hope to continue adding to this article from time to time. The article title is obvious enough and the first book is both timely and quite indicative of what I mean when talking about "books in the news."

At the same time, the news in question, in this case closely related to the events in Russia (see also this humorous take on it on my site), can affect and has been affecting the markets for a while and probably will continue doing so, perhaps even to a greater extent. It's hard to predict it with any certainty, though.

"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future," as Niels Bohr put it.

Niels Bohr, one of the founding fathers of quantum mechanics, the most fundamental modern theory of Nature, was a fellow you would expect to dwarf Mr. Putin's intelligence, and yet still quite aware of human limitations.

Disclaimer: some of the links to the books may be affiliate links. If this bothers you (and it shouldn't), perhaps you can appreciate that I am being honest about it.

1. Collapse of an Empire: Lessons for Modern Russia

Notice that the book was published about 7 years ago. There are quite a few books about Putin's Russia that are much more recent, and you can also find them on

Monday, December 15, 2014

A pretty good week

I mean last week. It was exceptionally good, trading wise. In terms of total profits, that is. Most of the trades taken that week, as has been the case for about 18 months now, have been reported on Twitter in near-real-time.

That great week was due to Mr. Putin, largely, though other factors may have contributed as well. While the man is "said" to have killed tigers barehanded (and don't you dare doubt it, if you are Russian), he was quite generous to me this past week.

For more about it, see the latest article just posted on my site. The e-mini trading results shown there are courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology. KING is also a name of the trading course based on it.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I usually don't trade reversals and perhaps greed is not good

But once in a while, it's hard to resist taking a shot at one. A reversal in the price direction, that is, if there is any doubt about what I mean. A bigger one too, ideally.

Since I usually go for 5-10 ticks in YM, my favorite e-mini futures market, I am not very good at holding my position for a longer ride, and get a bit anxious if targeting more than 20 ticks.

This time around, yesterday, December 10th, the day I took the ungodly number of 24 trades (sorry again, 24), I wanted to go for 30 ticks originally, though I thought that 40 ticks was possible too.

Well, I exited with only 20 ticks in the bag, pretty much a failure if you take into account that it was possible to grab as many as 70 ticks counting from my average entry; see the embedded tweet below with one of my many trading updates that day, 17 in total!

But then again, maybe greed is really not good. In a way, that is my trading philosophy too: as a rule, I go for 5-10 ticks (usually 5 only, sometimes even less if I don't think 5 is possible). It works fine for me, sort of proving too that if you are not a total pig, you can do well.

So if you are NOT a total pig, you are most welcome to give KING a try. KING is an e-mini day trading methodology that I use for my own trading. It is also the name of an e-mini futures course based on this methodology.

On the other hand, if you are total pig ... you probably have a problem.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Another nice day in LA or 24 winners in a row

That is Los Angeles, where I happen to reside.

It's always a pleasure to beat 13 and 15.

I regret (a bit) beating 4, 8, 9, 12, 16, and 18 (especially 4, 9, 16) because they are squarefuls and I like those, but %%&^^* happens.

All these e-mini futures trading results were brought to you by KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology and trading course based on it.

And I actually did not stop there, though I thought it was all for the day. Since the market kept moving nicely, I decided to trade a bit more. You can see the final result below.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Remember Dirk?

Of course not.

You cannot possibly remember him because previously he was known as Dick. Unless you mean some other Dirk, in which case, we are not talking about the same person. Nice talking, though.

Well, I recently got a nice e-mail from him having not heard from the man for many months. He used to be in touch more often before. I am glad to know that he is fine.

So who is Dirk (or Dick)?

He is one of the original cohort of KING students, from the first KING mentoring session that took place in late 2008, 6 years ago. Time flies, but I am glad that I still hear from some of the people from that cohort or the one from the mentoring session that followed, in early 2009. Quite a few of these people turned out to be good traders and Dirk was one of them.

I also mention him in the Testimonials section. He was kind enough to send me an e-mail about his great performance that included a screenshot with his trading results.

He also agreed to serve as a reference for KING, though I never used him for this purpose. I must say that I am somewhat reluctant to use references simply because the trading success (or skill) is not something that is easily transferable from one person to another, and just because one person is doing great does not mean many others will too. Individual factors matter a lot, especially when it comes to discretionary trading. That's something that I have learned as a mentor, but that should make sense even if you are not one.

Dirk is back to trading after some break from it caused by his job that even required him to live in Germany, not far from his native Holland (or the Netherlands, to be more precise), but not exactly conducive to trading that requires as much focus as any regular job, if not more.

The e-mail I got from him is in the article you will find on my site. I just posted it there.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Monkeys could make good traders

At least, some of them.

They can tell the difference between a fake and a real deal, it turns out. That's what a good trader should be able to do too. Now think about all those poor suckers who spend thousand of dollars on a single thing (trading courses, indicators, seminars, you name it) that comes with absolutely no evidence that anyone has ever made any money with it.

What these people do disqualifies them as good candidates for traders. They often buy into something because it's pricey and they found it on a slick, shiny site. Heck, every con man knows that slick sells, just as every con woman (trying to appease feminists by treating women equally) knows that higher prices can fool suckers into believing they are getting a quality product.

Apple uses these tricks routinely, but, fortunately for the buyer, their products are quality products, though still a tad overpriced compared, for instance, to Samsung, which makes great products too (talking about tablets, in particular), but offers a better price on them.

This post about monkeys and their ability not to be fooled easily, in contrast to some of our human fellows, was inspired by some recent article the link to which I just posted on Twitter. I embed that tweet below (along with a relevant comment).

Friday, November 28, 2014

Why e-mini futures day trading rooms are not your best option

I talked about e-mini futures online day trading rooms not long ago. On my site dedicated primarily to (you guessed it!) day trading e-mini futures. Where else could that be, anyway?

Certainly not on some trading forum. Those are mainly for losers, repetitive losers, committed losers, morons, shills, and other more or less useful tools for those skillful enough to manipulate them (see the Trading Loonies blog for a comprehensive picture of that), exceptions to the contrary notwithstanding. My trading forum will be such an exception, of course, or so I definitely hope.

I was not particularly kind on those rooms in that article, and I don't intend to apologize for it any time soon. On the contrary, for in this post I want to give you just one more example of why online day trading rooms, especially those that focus on trading highly leveraged financial instruments such as futures or Forex, are not the best way to make money trading.

Not the most effective way. Frankly, even pretty lousy, from the perspective of anyone who can trade well.

Check out the screenshot below. It is really a Twitter post embedded and you can find many of those on this blog. It shows my trading results on a normally glorious day of November 19th that really was not looking too glorious at all at some point to me. I got hit by Mr. Market, a heavy fellow of sorts. When he hits you, you do feel it.

While I still managed to do well on that day, I cannot possibly imagine doing that well during a sudden market surge that caused my losses if I were trading in some Internet trading room. I would probably just took a loss and that might have been it for the rest of the day.

But I did not do that. Nor do I ever have to. That's because my trading style is much more flexible, much more agile, much more creative than what you can expect to see in a typical trading room.

Creativity is a pretty important aspect of discretionary trading, rather rarely talked about, though. Discretionary trading boils down to solving little trading problems in real time. While some solutions are easy (by the book), some might have never been tried before. I mention this creative aspect of trading in my latest article just posted on my site in the KING section of it.

Most trading rooms are really for suckers.

Smart people capable of trading recognize this rather quickly and move on to greener pastures, suckers and perennial losers stay on and either make a pittance or lose money over the time, then quit, always too late, only to move to yet another trading room in order to perpetuate their misery.

Monday, November 24, 2014

And a reversal it was ...

Just as I said on Twitter. Here is exactly what I said, shortly after my last trade today, which was entered right at the very bottom of the last market leg, the down leg, to be specific.

Now, let's see this from some perspective, as offered by the picture below, which shows a 5-minute chart of Sierra Chart of the e-mini futures market that I like to trade, YM, the e-mini market of Dow Jones futures.

A picture is worth a thousands words, as they say. This is certainly true in this case.

I don't trade reversals, but I probably could employing the e-mini day trading methodology that I use and have been for over 6 years. So could you. It is still available on my site as a foundation of a very comprehensive e-mini futures day trading course called KING. It will probably not be after 2015, and its price is not going down either. On the contrary, it's bound to go up soon. Smart people are buying now ...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Speaking of 666 - again

While it may have some dubious reputation in certain quarters, 666, known also as the number of the beast among those who might fear it, has quite a number of cool properties that can get a devout numerologist (and I use this term somewhat loosely here) drool for hours.

I do not know how the propensity for drooling over the properties of the number 666 is called in Greek, but it has to have some name in that language so perfect for naming all quirks, phobias and other mal- and even adaptations of ours or else the Greeks have overlooked something quite important. 

Sure, this may not be as painful as a wardrobe malfunction in front of the thousands of your fans, but since it can last for hours, it can be equally serious.

Speaking of being serious, I am not talking about 666 only because I have just recently posted the 666th daily trading results report on my e-mini futures website, the results being due to KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, but also, if not primarily, because I am a big fan of numbers and their properties, as you would probably expect from a guy with a background in theoretical physics, that may also be referred to as mathematical physics, and sometimes these two terms are simply used interchangeably. 

I thought about doing it here, because I really hate having a separate blog for all my more or less random thoughts, so I might as well dump them here from time to time, as long as they are at least remotely related to what this blog is mainly about. In case you have some doubts about it, it is still mainly about trading e-mini futures markets. 

Trading, it just happens, requires all kinds of skills, such as being good with numbers and stuff, which is what some overlook, much to their later despair. You may never get hired as a prop trader if you have been found to be averse to analytical thinking. At least, not in a serious trading firm.

But then I did a bit of research and have found out that plenty of web space has already been devoted to 666 and decided to just drop here a few better references. Of course, there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to 666, and to pretty much any other number out there, so that hardly does justice to the awesomeness of 666. This page is here

But fortunately, there is also this page, by Mike Keith, a discoverer of some cool and rare numbers of Fibonacci-like properties, known, deservingly enough, as Keith numbers. As you see, even in this day and age, you can still discover some cool numbers, though, I am afraid, they are most likely to involve properties mathematicians have know of for centuries, as is the case with the property of belonging to the Fibonacci  sequence: F(n)=F(n-1)+F(n-2).

Fibonacci was not the first one to study the sequence now commonly known after his name. Indian mathematicians had known of this sequence centuries before him, but he was quite instrumental of making the Hindu-Arabic system of numerical notation popular in Europe in his day (ca 13th century AD), which was certainly of tremendous impact, totally eclipsing the impact of the sequence he is mainly known for.

The Fibonacci numbers tend to be worshiped quite a bit among some traders, usually those with a predilection for blowing their trading accounts or being stupid in general. That does not mean yet that there is something wrong with Fibonacci numbers. Not at all. They are cool as cucumbers and should be used just as cucumbers are: for delectation and not for some other misguided purposes.

Speaking of the Fibonacci numbers and number 666, it turns out that they are somehow related. How cool is that!? They are related through the Golden Ratio, another number trading morons love to abuse, but which is still lovely in its own right. The number, not the abuse of it. Mike Keith mentions this fact in his splendid article. Let me quote him here by cutting and pasting an image from the relevant part of the article.

There are many other properties of this number (such as those related to triangular numbers and 666 is one of those) listed in Mike Keith's article and you are kindly advised to check it out, just to see how cool numbers can be and not only because I have recently used one of such cool numbers on my site, in its current trading results section.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

666 - yet another another milestone in e-mini trading results

That's 666 daily e-mini futures trading results updates. Posted on my site, in its KING section. More precisely, in that part of it that collects the trading results.

These days, they are almost exclusively in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, but you can find some (older ones) in ES, and even a few examples (very few) in NQ.

I started posting them about in late October/early November 2008, so that's 6 years ago. Six years later, I can claim that I have posted about 110 daily updates a year, on average.

Not many e-mini day trading sites out there can boast of something like that, not many such sites even particularly care about posting trading results. Don't ask me why. I suspect I know why, but let me stay classy.

They are not very shy about making promises about what you can accomplish with their trading methods, though, so it's pretty natural to expect some sort of evidence to back those promises up, right?

Well, no such good luck. I talk a bit about it in this article on my site.

Will I reach 700? I somewhat doubt it. But I doubted reaching 600 and 650, so the correct answer, I guess, is "you never know."

In any case, what follows (embedded below) is the final Twitter trading results update on November 7th, 2014, the day of the 666th daily e-mini trading results post on my site.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

KING e-mini futures trading forum is ready to accept its first members

The wait is over.

If you are KING owner, your e-mail inbox has just received an invitation to this awesome trading forum dedicated primarily to day trading e-mini futures, based on a very cool, novel platform.

We are starting our trading education with a 12 week long tutoring session, to begin on November 10th.

To join the forum, follow the directions in the e-mail you received. Hope to see you inside.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Two tweets from today's trading session

Just to spice things up a bit on this blog.

I posted 15 screenshots like that to Twitter today, which could be matching my record of daily tweets with trading results, but I am not sure. I have lost track of this record, I am afraid.

No, I am not saying that KING is an answer for you, because if you are taking these webinars seriously you may be too stupid for it.

And how about a little update to this story the day after. Of course, using yet another tweet.

And did I mention that George IV has scored the 16th win today out the 20 trades it has taken so far this year? Well, now I have. That also proves my point. You either have trading results you have no reason to be ashamed of or you are a con artist and are doing webinars because that's what most of them do to attract marks (also referred to as "clients").

Sunday, October 12, 2014

KING's high probability trading setups or how to shoot fish in a barrel

That's what I want to talk about on the KING forum to be launched very soon. There will be a special tutoring session dedicated to high probability trading opportunities. I don't like the word "setup," because it implies something inflexible, but I may use it from time to time, if only because it's short.

In other words, I will talk about how to trade effortlessly. I am not into making easy promises or inflated claims. On the contrary. While most wannabe traders struggle and eventually give up, some blowing more than one account, it is possible to do much better, if you know how.

Here is an example of that, from the very last trading session I reported on my site on October 9th, and also on Twitter, so let me embed my Twitter report as it is simpler to do so.

Some trading opportunities are just so much better than others.

If you know how to identify them, you will do much better than those who think that everything that the market or their trading "system" spits out at them should be attacked. Well, if you are really good at it, you may be able to do it successfully, but you will get tired pretty soon, and your results may not be as good as if you waited for the best trading opportunities the day can offer.

If you look at my track record, some of it even of the "too good to be true" variety (for the mediocrities, meaning typical specimens to hang out on most trading forums), you will realize that I may possess an insight that most in this business lack. No bragging intended; that's just the case, and I don't feel like apologizing for it.

This tutoring session, while useful in its own right, may end up competing with what I would call (fanfare, please!) Bliss without Ignorance, a part of the Self-Empowerment section that the forum will also feature. That bliss I am talking about is not just a metaphor (or "gimmick" for my fellow cynics), it's real. And it helps, which is what matters to the pragmatic people, yours truly being one of those.

George IV and KING - price changes

I decided to offer a lower price on George IV, an excellent day trading system for ES and YM, the e-mini futures markets of S&P 500 and Dow Jones.

The current special price is $300, which is $200 off the last regular price. 

You may consider this to be a holiday special, and so you should expect the price to go back to $500 early next year.

You will find more about this trading system on its pages on my site. Its current trading results using just one and somewhat simplified strategy can also be examined there. As of now, October 12th, the system has had 15 wins in both ES and YM, out of 19 trades this year. It is very much up, especially in ES, where with 2 e-mini contracts you could have made over $6,000.

I am also about to raise the price of KING to $1975, which is still a very nice price, if you consider the KING competition. You may want to check out what I think about some of KING competitors and I think this is a pretty representative sample of what you can come across out there.

If you think that I am highly critical, if not cynical, about this field, then you are damn right because it's impossible not to be. The main reason for this is insanely simple: there is absolutely no connection between the price of such products and the quality and quantity of evidence (if there is any evidence, at all) that they work. Another important reason has to do with their shameless marketing gimmicks.

My choice is either to join or to beat them. Being a contrarian at heart, I prefer to be in a minority. In this case, it is an easy choice too. Their business "ideas" is not what I would call my cup of tea, to say the least.

The new KING price includes some new things in addition to what you can get for $1,200, which is the current price of this e-mini day trading methodology.

The main additions are: George IV ($500 regular value), all materials (10 Word files) from a week long 3rd KING mentoring session ($300 value), a 2 week tutoring session ($600 value), and access to the KING forum for life, which is priceless. 

By buying George IV you also get access to this trading forum that is about to be launched. At first, it will be open only to the KING students and then, in early 2015, to many other of my customers.

Friday, October 10, 2014 is gone

What's left of it is a domain parked at

And one more thing too, which you can find if you look for images via Google: a screenshot of one of its articles that was preserved by the Trading Loonies blog, an excellent blog dedicated to exposing "loonies, posers, and other dubious characters of the trading world," to use their own slogan.

I decided to republish this screenshot below. It's one more way to preserve the legacy of this site, that seemed useful, overall, though I suspect it was run by trading vendors not particularly happy with what's going on in the world of trading forums. It's probably fair to say that they had one forum in mind, in particular, the one the article in the screenshot pertains to.

It was from this article that I first found out about that forum and it did not take me long to realize that they were right on the money. The forum shenanigans have only kept on growing, as you can find out from the Trading Loonies blog.

I mention both the Trading Loonies blog and the Trading Losers website in an article dedicated to trading advocacy sites that was published several months ago on my site. It was in that article that I anticipated that would probably go the way of yet another of such advocacy sites, which, while quite useful too, had disappeared from the web many months before the article in question was published.

"Sites like that, as the history of the first two of them shows, tend to be pretty ephemeral." That's the quote from my article, so as you see this ephemeral nature finds yet another confirmation in the demise of

The good news is that the Trading Loonies site is a free blog hosted by and so it has a chance to remain on the Internet for many years to come even if it is abandoned by its creators, who still seem to be pretty active, almost three years since they have embarked on their mission of exposing "dubious characters of the trading world." One cannot help but admire their dedication. Not to mention the high quality of their research that puts many trading forums to shame.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Just three minutes (and over $200)

Well, to cut what wasn't even a long story even shorter, here is my Twitter trading report.

Only one as I was no really planning on trading today, but eventually took at shot at whet seemed one of those "shooting fish in a barrel" opportunities. And, as the say, better late than never!

Yep, well over $200 in about 3 minutes. Only when day trading e-mini futures with KING.

Two new trading articles just posted on my site

Their purpose is to better explain the agenda for the upcoming KING trading forum that will focus on the issues of interest primarily to those trading e-mini futures.

E-mini futures have been all the rage for some time now, especially among retail traders, and especially among day traders. Yet, despite their popularity, these attractive trading instruments don't have a forum that would be focused primarily on them. I do believe that it's time to change it.

But at first, the forum is to serve the KING traders and students for as long as I continue marketing KING and I would like to keep doing so till the end of 2015, if that's possible, but if not, June 30th, 2015 seems like a good date to end my commitment to KING too.

One of these articles addresses the issue of trading myths, often propagated by trading forums and rarely debunked by them, the other talks about a particularly important element of an edge, a universal component of it, that may be often overlooked.

I plan at least one or two more articles like that in connection with launching this forum, so expect some more in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

4 and 6 second e-mini futures trades or fast scalping with KING

That's like quick, no?

Well, the quickest e-mini futures trade I have ever taken was only 1 second in duration, if I am not mistaken, 2 seconds tops. I definitely recall a 2 second trade, and it's possible that I have taken more than one of those, but I also, albeit vaguely, recall a 1 second trade. I could be wrong about it though, but I am positive about the 2 second trade(s).

That's even faster, but let's not be that fastidious: 4 and 6 second trades rock too. I posted them to Twitter as you can see from my today's Twitter trading reports that you can examine embedded in their full glory below.

Yes, it's possible to scalp e-mini futures that fast if you scalp for 5-10 ticks on a day with a very decent volatility. Such volatile days are almost always marked by a trade signal coming from George IV, an excellent mechanical e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM, the e-mini futures of S&P 500 and Dow Jones, respectively. They also happen when George IV comes very close to calling a trading signal, but one condition is not met, though this can change later on, during the daily trading session. That was the case today.

But for fast e-mini futures scalping, you need something else, ideally a discretionary trading methodology, though it may be possible to produce fast trades using a mechanical approach. I prefer discretion. I think it gives you more power, especially on volatile days, and more flexibility.

The trading methodology I use is called KING, which is also the name of a very comprehensive e-mini futures trading course based on it. For more about KING, check out its main page on my site and its trading results sections, with well over 650 daily trading reports as of today, with nearly 100 this year alone (99 as of today).

For the final today's trading result, check out yet another of my trading Twitter reports, the last one with trading results. Notice that no more than 4 contracts per position have been used. I call it classic KING trading, classic scalping.

While I may sometimes build my position up to 6-8 contracts, that is pretty rare, though I like to do so from time to time because it's also a legitimate way of trading. The idea that you should not add to your position is a myth of sorts. You should never add to the position that clearly looks like a loser, but that's a totally different thing and sometimes these two things get confused or conflated.

Friday, October 03, 2014

George IV reaches a new peak in its equity curve

George IV, is a popular e-mini futures day trading system for trading YM and ES, that you can purchase from me.

The system does not trade very often, but when it does it usually makes money. Out of 19 trades so far this year, the system has made money 15 times, which is a very good winning rate (close to 80%). Also, its winners tend to be bigger than losers, on average.

Today, the system delivered two such winners (one in each market) to the tune of 6/60 points in ES/YM, respectively. That's the maximum profit the system can make per trade.

Moreover, the system reached a new peak in its equity curve for ES, and is very close to such a peak in YM. This new peak is now at 65.75 points, which amounts to $6575 with 2 ES contracts. Two contracts is what many retail futures traders can easily afford to trade with. Bigger shots easily move 10 times that.

For those new to trading e-mini futures, ES is the ticker symbol for the e-mini futures market of S&P 500 and YM is the ticker symbol for the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones, both very popular e-mini futures markets.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Another gallery of Twitter posts with e-mini futures trading results

From the September 30th trading session, so as recent as they come.

I really did not expect to take 15 trades, but then again, it's not something you can predict well in advance. It depends on the market, your stamina, your mood, and perhaps some other factor or two, but those are pretty much in the top three as far as I am concerned. Okay, one other factor is if you have something else to do, but that can always take a back seat if Mr. Market is cooperating, unless it's really urgent.

Well, I was in good mood, which I even mentioned in one of the first posts, so that certainly was going to give me some boost. My stamina was okay, I thought, but after about 3 hours and 15 trades later, I started feeling a bit less focused. Focus is what you need all the time when day trading, especially fast moving e-mini futures markets (and some volatile stocks too), and constant focus drains your mental energy even more than stress. At least, that's my case, which may also mean that I am really focused when trading.

Here is this gallery of my Twitter posts with trading results (and some comments on them), all achieved using KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology that I have been offering for about 6 years now and which is still $1,200 (soon to be closer to $2,000). You can find more things like that one on my site; for instance in this article about trading e-mini futures like a lion.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

650 and 651 - another milestone in the number of trading reports

That means that I have reached yet another milestone in the number of daily e-mini futures trading reports including the trading results as the reports are always accompanied by a screenshot showing my trades with a total P/L.

These days the screenshots may not always contain all the trades, but most often do. However, the complete results are posted to Twitter. It's just so much easier to post updates to Twitter, so if I decide to publish things on my site during a break in my trading, and then continue trading, I may not update my site again, but I will post an update to Twitter.

That was exactly the case yesterday, September 29th, when I posted the 650th daily trading report. As you can see from my site, the screenshot that came with it contained only 4 trades. But the final story was a bit different as shown by my last Twitter report that day that you can also see embedded below.

The today's report screenshot contains the same number of trades as my final trading report on Twitter. As many as 15. That's quite a number, but not my record.

You wanna see my record? You can't handle my record! But what the heck, here it is, posted on this very same blog only some two years ago.

The trading results you see on my site, some 6 years of them and counting, are usually in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, that I trade almost exclusively these days. Some older are also in ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures market.

They are all courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology of my design, or an e-mini day trading course based on this methodology. Yes, KING rules.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Music for traders

Some traders like to listen to music when trading. I am not one of those. I would find it a bit of a distraction.

But I agree that music can put you in the right mood. It can stabilize your emotions, ground you or imbue you with passion and desire to act.

While I don't like listening to music when trading, I may listen to it in the breaks between my trades or before trading. And sometimes after trading to calm down.

I have found a great piece of music, a solemn kind, that calms me down quite nicely and gives me a bit of pause for self-reflection about the day and life. It's a beautiful piece of music and I enjoy listening to it from time to time.

It is particularly well performed version of Ashokan Farewell, see (or listen to) the video below.

And here is another piece of music that I dig quite a bit and I think other trades could too. It's music of Vangelis, a Greek born French artist of great fame, especially in Europe.

Check out one of his works below and for more music (for traders, and other folks alike, and not only by Vangelis), see my YouTube channel.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yep, still positively alive ...

As evidenced by this screenshot (see below) just posted to Twitter. Still too busy with other things to keep posting here more often.

This is one of the many screenshots with my most recent trading results that I have posted over the 15 months or so to Twitter. There are about 700 of them already on Twitter, more may still to come, but after doing it for so long, you may feel a bit tired. Or bored. Usually both.

It's just so much easier to claim a trading veteran status (with nothing to really show for) or a genius trader status (see the Trading Loonies blog for an example of that) than to keep providing real-time evidence that your trading ideas make money in an actual trading environment and not in hindsight.

The e-mini futures trading results I am talking about have been possible courtesy of KING, an e-mini day trading course that I have been offering to the public for about 6 years now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

E-mini futures day trading rooms and why I am critical of them

There are quite a few such online trading rooms out there these days.

I write about them in the newest article posted in the educational section of my site not long ago. The section is called "A Word of Advice" and has over 70 articles about various aspects of trading and the trading industry as well, especially this part of it that caters to retail traders.

I hope to continue my discussion of them in my e-mini futures trading forum. I continue working on it and must say that I am quite excited about it. It is on a very novel forum platform that most people have probably yet to come across. It's very cool.

I am not a big fan of trading rooms, as you will find out from this article, which, overall, is critical of them. And, as I explain in there, it's not really because my expectations of them are high. They are pretty basic and reasonable.

If you want to know what my beef with the most e-mini futures day trading rooms is, see the article in question. Yes, through the link above.

And yes, I will keep you posted about my progress on the e-mini futures trading forum. It's coming in September. That's definite. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another one for George IV

Briefly because I am busy working on the KING trading forum. Using a tweet.

And, as I said in another tweet, you will see more about it on the forum, when it's open to the KING owners, and then to the George IV owners.

Some people speak in tongues. Others in tweets. I guess no one is really perfect.

For more about George, a fine e-mini futures trading system, visit this link. Buying it, gives you the full access to the upcoming forum, save for its KING sections. Those are only for the KING students.

Friday, August 01, 2014

I still dislike 13

My next to last tweet from today's trading session explains why. Yes, that's still personal.

Other than that slightly unpleasant moment of meeting 13, it was a pretty good day. With 15 trades, and the same number of winners, not to mention the very round number in terms of mighty dollars.

That's the power of KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology and a day trading course based on it. It's still less than $2,000. Heck, even less than $1,500.

And no, I am not done with it yet. There is a KING forum coming soon. Yes, eventually. That should make things even more interesting.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The forum is coming this summer

I did not give up on it, even if it keeps being delayed, but it will come.

I had been really hopeful to start it before this summer, but then I got seriously distracted by something I really could not possibly have expected and this has been going on, with some breaks, for the past 6 months or so. It was forced on me and I will have to finish it. At this point, I cannot say much more about it, but my KING and other clients will know what I mean in due time.

The forum is meant for the KING students in the first place. At a later time, it will be open to others, my other clients first.

If you are a KING owner in good standing, expect a few e-mails about it in August. Check out this blog from time to time too, especially if you have received nothing by mid August and you are a KING owner.

Since I am being very busy these days,  I don't reply to e-mail from parties not interested in my trading products, but other things related to trading, as regularly as I used to.  I will do my best to eventually reply (before the forum launch), and I apologize for not doing it sooner.

I also often get contacted by various e-mini futures brokers, who never hear back from me. Unlike some of my competitors, other trading vendors, I am not affiliated with any broker and do not recommend any specifically. This may change, and if it does, you will see it reflected on my site. However, at this point, I am not working on it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My condolences to the Dutch

I have a quite a few customers among the Dutch. Yes, it was unfair. To say the least.

My condolences go not only to the Dutch, though they have suffered the most, but to all the families and the friends of the victims of this totally unjustified tragedy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Declaring 13 my public enemy number 1

Well, I just can't help but laugh at it, but George IV, a fine e-mini futures trading system of my creation, finally took a loss in its primary market, the market it was originally designed for and in which it is performing better, in its 13th trade this year.

This market is ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures market, the most popular US e-mini futures market as measured by its volume.

Now if you consider that this very same system suffered its first loss in YM (the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones) in its 12th trade this year (12=13(again!)-1 for those with no access to their calculators), you can't help but wonder if there isn't something more to 13.

However, you can also see these facts in a different way. Namely, a trading system that can go on for 11 or 12 trades in a row before it suffers its first loss can be seen as a darn robust one. In other words, no superstitious mumbo-jumbo is needed to explain this. And that means that I have to agree with Jerry Seinfeld (as I often do) that there is less to 13 than meets the eye.

He (see the video below), however, did not exactly mean 13, but his enemy number 1, Newman. And since I have no enemy at least as intelligent as Newman, I decided to officially proclaim number 13 my enemy number 1. It's still much more intelligent than all my human enemies, even combined. And considering its evil status, especially among the more superstitious among us, I believe I can even think of it as an arch-enemy.

Yes, it's personal, 13. How dared you!

Friday, July 11, 2014

"Easy money in stocks" - an original stock trading method

I don't trade stocks these days. I used to do so in the past, but once I switched to day trading e-mini futures full-time I never looked back at another stock. Well, almost. What this means is that I have not traded stocks in a regular manner for about 10 years.

I sometimes miss it. Trading stocks means following a whole bunch of interesting companies, getting to know new technologies, so overall it can be a very cool thing to do. Quite educational too. I may return to trading stocks one day. When I am slower, less sharp, even more lazy than these days. In other words, when I am just yet another decrepit guy in his 80-ties, with all due apologies to the folks who don't feel decrepit while pushing 81.

But I am still offering a little stock trading method on my site, with all the reservations regarding the fact that I don't use it for my own trading unlike KING, my e-mini futures day trading methodology and my flagship trading product.

Nevertheless, this stock trading method is so good that I refuse to lower its price below $100, even though that would mean bigger sales. I like to keep its circulation limited. It's also not for everyone, but primarily for people who don't mind waiting for a good fundamental opportunity for months or even years. Because when it eventually presents itself you can safely make a lot of money.

That means that the price of $175 for "Easy Money in Stocks" (or "EMIS" in short) will remain unchanged and may even go up when I resume my stock trading. And that may actually happen sooner than 30 years down the road.

If you are interested in this easy stock trading method, by all means feel free to check it out on my website. Unlike many stock trading methods that are technical in nature, this one focuses on fundamentals, so you may get an unfair advantage over the technical guys, meaning most guys trading stocks out there.

Friday, July 04, 2014

July 4th special George IV offer for my Twitter followers

That would be a 50% discount on this very fine e-mini futures day trading system for ES and  YM. That's a pretty hefty discount and hence very unlikely to be repeated again this year. Or ever.

The system regular price, and the one likely to remain unchanged save for occasional and rare special offers like this one, is $500, which means that for a limited time you will pay only $250. The limited time means till the end of this glorious month of July or until the next asteroid strikes Earth, whichever happens first. Yep, I love scaring people with asteroids. That's my favorite marketing technique. Totally original ("patent pending") and works like a charm!

You also get 3 other systems with the purchase of George IV, but that will not necessarily last forever either and these two products (George IV and the George Collection of e-mini futures systems) will eventually decouple, so that's another good opportunity not to miss.

That will also entitle you to become a member of an e-mini futures trading forum I am working on, first to be opened to the KING students, but then to others, my other clients in the first place. It's coming, but again, I cannot be responsible for any asteroid collisions that may interfere with this.

George IV is one of the finest e-mini futures day trading systems on the market. So far this year this system has traded on the total of 16 occasions in ES and YM combined. ES is the S&P 500 e-mini futures market, the market the system was originally designed for, while YM is the Dow Jones e-mini futures market. Its trading record in the former market is spotless: 12 wins out of 12 trades in total! In the other market, it has had 12 wins out of 15 trades so far, not bad at all either. It is very much up in both markets as you can see from its current performance page.

Its more past performance that spans about two years and includes about 100 trades can be best illustrated by this equity curve for ES. That's a rather nice looking curve, if I may say so.

To qualify for this offer you need to be my Twitter follower. My e-mini trading Twitter account is here. As you can see there, I am a Twitter old-timer: on Twitter since August 2007. If you are not following me there yet, you can always do so and it's totally free. What's more, you can even enjoy some perks this way, such as this special offer.

To purchase this system (with all its additions), please send me $250 via Paypal and mention your Twitter name so that I can verify that you qualify for this offer as my follower. My Paypal ID is the same as my business e-mail address (with Yahoo!), which you can find on my site on the Contact page. Once your payment is received, you will be directed to the download page via e-mail.

And don't worry about those stupid cosmic rocks. You can't really live forever, anyway. Something will get you eventually. Asteroids, hemorrhoids, or still something else.

Brian May who sings a popular Queen's song ("Who wants to live forever") in the video below would probably agree. He's not only a famous singer, he also holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics. He completed his degree at the age of 60, which shows that while you will not live forever, it's never too late for anything.

"Forever is our today,
Who waits forever anyway?"

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Dow Jones tops 17,000 and George IV ...

As you can see below from the screenshot of the 5-day Dow Jones chart courtesy of Yahoo! Finance. That's certainly a milestone. You don't mess with this index when it is going up.

Will we get to 36,000 as someone has prophesied a while ago? Google it to find a book about it published in 2000. Well, given enough time, and assuming that larger asteroids keep avoiding our planet as they fortunately have for millenia now, that's totally possible. And let's not forget about supernovae too. So far so good here too, but one of those too close to home and we are closing the business in no time.

And George IV, an e-mini futures trading system, delivers its 12 winner this year out of 12 trades in total!

But not in Dow Jones e-mini futures market. This took place in a related market, the e-mini futures of S&P 500, also referred to as ES (its ticker symbol on Globex). Unfortunately, today there was no trade in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures due to some condition, a pivotal one, that was not met.

The very same condition was met in ES, even if in a borderline manner, triggering a mechanical call in this market. While the full profit target was not reached, in part due to a shortened daily trading session, the system did post a nice profit by the session close.

For more about the performance of this fine e-mini futures day trading system, see its current results page for both e-mini futures markets.

I am planning a July 4th holiday special for this system for my Twitter followers, so stay tuned for more to be announced here soon.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Perfection versus effectiveness in day trading e-mini futures

Well executed trades are certainly a nice thing, but perfection is not something one should really seek when trading, be it e-mini futures or any other market.

I have talked about perfection on this blog a few times already; even very recently. I may still mention it in the future, but I also talked about ruining it, also very recently.

Perfection, the way I define it for my own day trading of YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, takes place when I don't have to add to my original position (usually 2 contracts these days) and can still reach the target of at least 5 ticks. That is, when the market does not pull back in any significant manner (less then 6-9 ticks in YM) against my entry to justify adding to my position, but instead, it goes pretty much straight to the target.

Such was the case yesterday (see my tweet below) with my first 6 trades, but then, on the last 2 trades, I ended up adding to my position. That was the right thing to do, and it would be silly not to do so in order to protect the perfection of the first several trades.
While perfection is nice, it's effectiveness that makes all the difference in trading.

I made this point on my site recently and re-iterated it just yesterday. Let me repeat it here because I believe it's of paramount importance (see also the originals in the current trading results section of KING, an e-mini futures day trading course based on the methodology I use for my discretionary trading).

Speaking of perfection again, as I said a few days ago, it's more important to be effective than perfect and I believe that many wanna be traders never reach their full potential because they think too much in terms of perfection. For instance, they would rather have well defined entries and exits than be flexible enough to actually make money. The magic (well defined) resistance and support numbers cater to this need for platonic perfection, but the markets are too dynamic to respect them and unless you accept this fact and learn how to deal with it, you may never become a very good trader. Such numbers make some sense for mechanical trading, otherwise they may become your straight jacket. It's flexibility that makes you money (not perfection) in this business and I believe that can be said about many other businesses as well.

If your perfection stems from your effectiveness, that's okay and sound too, but striving for perfection while hoping to be effective is not the way to go. It's putting the cart before the horse and it's likely to make you a rigid, inflexible trader. Don't be afraid to ruin your perfection, if that improves your effectiveness. It's the results that matter and not how you arrived at them. It's nice if your trades are perfect, but that's only icing on the cake.

You want the cake, not the icing.

The tweet embedded below shows how my last trade would have worked out had I held to it for a bit longer: at least 40 points was possible, but in fact, I caught the very bottom of the market on that Friday day as you can see from the last picture showing the 5-minute chart of YM courtesy (in both cases) of Sierra Chart, my charting software of choice.

That was prefect, in a way too, but I really was not seeking any perfection. And that's a very good example of how striving for effectiveness can contribute to great trades.

I was doing what I believed was the most effective way to handle the bottom that was being formed in the market at that time. That's why I reduced my target on the last short: 5 ticks that I was aiming at turned out to be possible, but going for 5 ticks was a bit risky. That's why I also added to my position on the last trade and held it for 10 ticks, a bit more than usual, expecting a good bounce. I even wanted to go for 15 ticks, but eventually decided to grab only 10 ticks. I intended it to be my last trade that day, so I did not think it was a good idea to sweat over it too much. And it was a weekend too.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The trend is your friend - at least most of the time

This old trading adage ("the trend is your friend") is right on the money more often than not and it makes sense to take advantage of it. That's pretty much what I did today, as you can see from my Twitter feed.

The trend was down and pretty strong too, so I kept shorting the market. But trends eventually end and it's important to know when this may happen. As you can see from my last Twitter trading update today (above), my last trade was against the trend, anticipating a reversal. I think that was the right decision because the market moved only up from there. I could have probably taken one more trade on the long side, but I had a few other things on my mind to afford paying closer attention to the market at that point. And it was close to the end of the daily trading session too, anyway.

In fact, even the last trade was during a break in something else I was doing at that time, which I try not to do. Not a good habit, but I might deviate from it from time to time if I believe there are good odds I can handle successfully both tasks.

The results posted above are in the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, my favorite market and the one I trade almost exclusively these days using my e-mini futures day trading methodology, also offered to the public in the form of a trading course.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Perfection ruined

But still, nothing really to complain about, as you can see below.

As already mentioned on this blog on at least two occasions, I like to refer to trades that reach their target with the original number of contracts (usually 2 these days in my favorite e-mini futures market, the Dow Jones, or YM) as perfect.

I like to talk about perfect scalping in such situations because my trading style is that of quick scalping using my e-mini day trading methodology.

Today, I had 6 such trades in a row, but the 7th one ruined the perfection.

Probably not surprisingly at all, because while 6 is a perfect number, 7 is just another ugly prime, I am afraid. That, of course, is largely a matter of taste, and while I understand that some people may dig primes, I am more into perfect numbers.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Perfect e-mini futures scalping in a tight range

The range I was trading in today was only 14 ticks, while the profits from my scalps (all 6 of them) were 30 ticks. That's more than twice the range, a pretty good ratio indeed.

I was lucky to catch a 10-pointer on my first trade. The market seemed to be poised for a stronger move and I did capitalize on it quite nicely. See my last Twitter trading update today for all the trades.

They are in YM, the e-mini futures of Dow Jones, the market I trade these days very much exclusively. It pays off to specialize. I also use the same trading methodology (KING) and I have been doing so for years, over 6 by now. Sticking to one methodology is also an important element of trading success.

I call this scalping perfect because I did not have to add to my position even once. It's not that easy to do so if you trade in a small range, anyway.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Less tweeting ...

In the next few weeks, I will mostly be busy working on a trading forum (primarily for KING's students) and even if I intend to trade during this time, I may not be posting my trading updates to Twitter. I doubt I will be posting them on my site either.

I have been tweeting them for over a year now, so a break, even a longer one, may just be in order. I have been posting the trading results on my site for much longer, so even if I were to quit doing so, there is already a formidable body of evidence of how powerful KING is if used by a dedicated trader.

And I don't want to get distracted, either. That's actually the primary reason behind my decision to cut on tweeting and other things that should now be of lesser importance and can be curtailed. The more tasks you try to handle, even small ones, the more prone to distraction you are. I need to make some things top priorities and stick to them if I am to finish my work on this forum. That's really important for me and, I have good reasons to believe, for the KING students as well.

However, I will still keep you informed about George IV results via Twitter and my site, where I keep its current track record, and about my progress on the forum in question, as well as about impending hike in KING's e-mini futures trading course. Or about things of related nature that may be more important at this point than yet another screenshot with my trading results. Those I have delivered already aplenty, so now it's really time to focus on delivering other things.

Having said so, my Twitter feed is likely to remain busy, if somewhat less, but with different contents. You may as well keep an eye on it, especially if you are a KING student or someone considering to become one.

Here is my last Twitter trading update, as of June 5th, for those who might not know what I mean by that. One of about 600+ such updates posted there in near real-time as explained on my site.

Monday, June 02, 2014

KING's price is set to rise

It has been artificially low for a while, anyway.

That's right. The current price of $1,200 (and a hundred bucks more for the KING Plus version that includes George IV, an e-mini futures trading system, that can be useful when used with KING, but not closely related to it) is off by $300 relative to the last regular price.

I am not much of a marketer, so I don't charge as much as others, and I can easily make and do make my living trading, so I can afford being more generous than my competitors in this field, but that does not mean that the price will stay at this level forever.

It will not and I plan to raise it by the end of this month. Just as I plan to open a forum for the KING students in July. These two things are actually related. The more you get, the more I need to charge for that, as that means more work on my part. There is really nothing wrong with being compensated for one's work. I am sure most people will agree with that. Like, at least 90% of them.

But I still intend to keep the price competitive. It should be, even at $1,800, because many trading courses like that cost at least $2,000 and some much more than that. Here is an article that compares KING to other products of similar nature on the market. It focuses on the prices, some of which I find quite exorbitant and hardly justifiable. Like 9,000 bucks for some wonder product with virtually no evidence that it has made anyone money! I intend to update this piece soon.

In any case, if you want to save some money, the time to buy KING is now. I intend to support it for at least 6-12 months after the forum is launched, and I hope that the forum will stay open for much longer. In future, I may offer something similar to KING but with a higher price tag. KING is really a bargain product and I like to keep it that way until its last days.

KING is an e-mini futures day trading course for discretionary traders. It has been around for about 6 years and it comes with an unparalleled amount of evidence that its ideas work and can make you money. See my site dedicated to trading e-mini futures for more.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's been a year since ....

Since I started posting my trading results on Twitter. A bit out of boredom, a bit to challenge myself to try something new.

I don't know how much longer I will continue doing so (things get boring after a while, especially if you keep doing them often), but so far I have managed to post them pretty regularly, several times each and every month. More often when I was starting, because it was new, so more exciting, but also because volatility was much better a year ago than it is these days. See my last post here for more about this issue.

The results are courtesy of KING, an e-mini day trading methodology that I use for my own trading and also offer in the form of an e-mini futures day trading course to anyone aspiring to a career of an e-mini futures day trader. It's rather inexpensive compared to many other courses on the market, sometimes priced at thousands of dollars more, original and not some bastardized version of freely available ideas, and comes with exceptional evidence that its ideas are sound and can make you money.

The trading results I post on Twitter are part of this evidence, but let's not forget that I have been posting them on my site for many more years, almost 6 in total as of this writing.

For more about my practice of tweeting the e-mini futures trading results, feel free to check out this article. It's one of a few dedicated to this issue, a sample of sorts. The other ones are linked to this sample.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Low volatility continues

And that's no fun.

Yes, it's easier to trade when you do this with high volatility on your side. That's one of the reasons why I recommend George IV, an e-mini futures day trading system that has had quite a run this year. It trades on days when volatility is higher than usual. Another reason to have this system on your team is because it gives you the right direction in which to trade. If you combine both of these elements, it's really hard not to do well on the days this system works.

However, as you can see from its trading performance this year, this system took only one trade so far in May, which is less than 3 a month on average in the previous months of the year. And since May is just about to end, it's unlikely we will get 3 trades this month. I am talking about YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market. In ES, the S&P 500 e-mini market, things were slow already in April: only 1 trade in this market.

But here is the good news. Just like high volatility periods do not last forever, neither do the low volatility ones, so sooner or later we are bound to enjoy some greater volatility and hopefully this will last for a while too.

Still, with KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology, you can do well even during low volatility periods. Admittedly, some days can be pretty challenging; that's why I was not trading in the last two days of last week and even mentioned it on Twitter.

Check out one of my today's tweets to see that it's the case. That is, that you can still make some money even when the market is pretty slow and congested.

I took one more trade after that as you can also see on Twitter.

One cannot help but wonder if this low volatility does not indicate that the stock market has reached a peak from which it is to start rolling down for a longer while. What I am saying is that with this market at all-time highs, a correction is not unfathomable. And sometimes low volatility precedes such events.

Also, this bull run has been to a large extent due to the Fed injecting money into the economy. That made rich people even richer, but the health of the economy is better measured by how the poor are doing and those are not screaming with delight yet, the last time I checked. This is not to say that this bull market will not to continue in the next few years, but its run may not be as smooth as it has been in the past few years.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trading as problem solving

"Trading as problem solving" is the title of the newest article that I have just posted on my site.

I have posted it in the A Word of Advice section of the site. This section has already accumulated over 70 articles dedicated to trading and the trading business that I hope can be of some interest and use to those considering trading financial instruments, e-mini futures in the first place. More such articles are still likely to come.

You can check out this article here.

I also updated an older article that discusses trading forums, specifically their questionable business practices. This article is here.

Trading forums are a pet peeve of mine, and I don't hide it. I find them more harmful than useful overall, but, as always, there are better ones and not so good at all, though they tend to disappoint compared to online forums in general.

Too much conflict of interest and not enough disclosure of it, lies and manipulation by vendors, some of whom are even in charge (or own the forums), though you may never know it as this is not always publicized, not to mention common malice, certainly not atypical online but rising to totally new levels on trading forums, even to the levels that you can only call pathological, which is bound to lead to circumstances with legal ramifications.

There are a few articles on my site dedicated to the issues of trading forums (see the very same section of A Word of Advice for thatand a special category on this blog, where they are also mentioned, largely among other things, but in some cases more specifically.