Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New price for George IV and the George Collection of e-mini futures trading systems

It's the same price for both, and that's because it is really the same product the way I sell it. At least, for the time being because in future I may not be selling George IV at all or only with KING, while I may still continue selling the George Collection.

The new price is $500, up from $250. It was $150 when this year started, but since then things have changed quite a bit with George IV delivering 10 winners in ES, the e-mini futures market of S&P 500 (out of 10 trades in total!) and 11 winners in YM, the sister market of Dow Jones. That warrants a higher price for this bad boy for sure.

George IV is the meat of the collection, and you can even think of the other 3 systems that belong to it as free bonuses, even though one of them sells for $75 when offered separately.

For more about these e-mini futures trading systems, please check out the main page of the collection.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Another win for George IV or how to use discretion

Though executed in a discretionary manner, but using George IV's guidance. As also mentioned on Twitter soon after the trade completion (see below).

George IV is an e-mini futures day trading system that I have mentioned on this blog quite a lot, especially this year. If you want to know why check out this year's track record of this guy.

Can you believe that there are people out there saying that there is no evidence that "my systems work," can you? Well, you will find them on a trading forum that recently got sued by some respectable e-mini futures brokerage. Obviously for spreading malicious lies. What a shocker, indeed!

And did I mention that the guy who wants you to believe that there is no evidence that my systems work was hiding for some two years that he was my competitor? Another vendor, that is. Sounds like more of the same pattern of lies, smear, and manipulation, doesn't it? 

One of these days I may finally address his blatant fabrications and other dubious statements that he was quite eager to produce about my business that have nothing to do with reality, but due to their malice fall squarely into the libel category. One of these days ...

So much about the usefulness of trading forums. If you cannot do your homework without relying on trading forums, it's probably safe to say that you will find it tough to make it as a trader.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The girl's name should obviously be April Seven

For Christ's sake!

Tell me I am wrong. The tweets explain what I mean. What a waste of a perfectly good occasion for a wonderful name!

Another price hike for George IV coming

George IV is a mechanical e-mini futures day trading system that I have been mentioning quite a bit on this blog and in my Twitter feed as well.

So far this year this system has taken 10 trades in ES, the e-mini futures market of S&P 500, the primary market it was designed for, and 11 in YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones.

It delivered 10 winners in ES and 11 in YM,  meaning 100% of them. 

The system started this year with a very modest price of only $150, and it's still quite inexpensive at $250. I believe it's worth at least $500, and the next price hike will reflect it. It's a very good system and if you are smart you would have recognized it a while ago. But most people seem to believe that if something is that inexpensive, then it cannot possibly be any good. For all those, the system new price should be more convincing.

Eventually, the system will only be offered to KING students, that is, it will become an integral part of KING, an e-mini day trading methodology that I have been marketing for over 5 years now.

It may even easily pay for KING. After all, had you started using this system in January this year, you would have made over $2,500 by now with one contract only, which is a cool grand more than the highest price KING has reached so far. It is now selling at a discount, so you may want to take advantage of that too as this will not last forever. Nothing does.

You can learn more about this system on my site. Start on the system main page.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Trading Treasure Trove

That's the name of a Yahoo! group that I founded over 8 years ago. I don't think I have talked about it here yet, so perhaps I should.

It's not as active as it used to be in the first years of its existence, but it has accumulated quite a few resources in its files section that could be of interest to those new to trading.

It will eventually be superseded by a trading forum that I have been working on for a while, though in fits and starts, first to be open to the KING students only, but eventually to everyone.

The group is located here.

I am afraid these days you need to sign up for it to be able to read the posts and see what files have been deposited to it, but that's how Yahoo! groups work these days because I have certainly not made it that way. I have not made any changes to how this group can be accessed in years, so the changes, that seems to be rather recent, must have been made the Yahoo! team.

You are most welcome to join the group and when my trading forum is up and running you will be informed about it via a post or two in the group messages section.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TBA or not TBA

Today was another of those days when the TBA rule interfered with the 60/6 point profit that George IV delivers time and again.

This rule, that is part of the George IV basic entry strategy, was not part of the original strategy, but added at some later point, and the main reason for it was to prevent losses.

That clearly works pretty well as attested to by the fact that this year this great, little, e-mini day trading system has delivered 10 wins in ES, the e-mini futures market of S&P 500, and 11 wins in YM, the e-mini market of Dow Jones, in 10 and 11 trades total, respectively. Yes, that's 100% winners in both markets!

However, no rule is perfect (because nothing really is), and at times, the TBA rule can be a bit restrictive preventing profits as well. That's why using this system in a some discretionary manner may be even better. In fact, you don't even have to use it in a totally mechanical way, but merely as way to signal good trading days with a clear market bias (up or down) to make money with it quite easily.

But, overall, it is hardly something to complain about. You just need to be a little more flexible and apply some discretion on the days when the system comes close to giving a mechanical signal, but fails to do so because of some marginal rule.

For more about the e-mini trading system in question, check out its main page and the current trading results page. Yes, it's still only $250 ($100 for KING owners), and it can pay for itself with only one good trade using only one contract (ES or YM).

That's a price that is really hard to beat, particularly that now you can also get it with other e-mini futures trading systems that I created in the past in what is called George Collection of mechanical e-mini futures trading systems.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I hate to sound like a broken record ...

But yes, yesterday, as mentioned by me on Twitter, George IV had yet another winning day. The 10th this year out of 10 days this bad boy called a trade on (see here for the list of trades in 2014).

I kid you not and that's why I did not post about it here yesterday. After all it was April's 1st, not the best day for the news you want to be taken seriously.

But that's true. This trading system has had an incredible roll so far, that surprised even me.

Not that I am totally surprised, because this system did quite well in the past (over a 2 year period that accumulated about 100 trades, as you can see from my site), but this run of 10 consecutive wins in both ES and YM e-mini futures markets is not something an even an experienced trader sees that often.

This is a fully mechanical, objective e-mini futures day trading system, that unlike its cousin, KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology of some renown, requires no discretion.

The system is only $250, quite a nice price too, and now you can have it also with some other systems I produced in the past that can serve as an inspiration for your trading ideas, at the very least.

That's an offer that is absolutely hard to beat.