Tuesday, August 19, 2014

E-mini futures day trading rooms and why I am critical of them

There are quite a few such online trading rooms out there these days.

I write about them in the newest article posted in the educational section of my site not long ago. The section is called "A Word of Advice" and has over 70 articles about various aspects of trading and the trading industry as well, especially this part of it that caters to retail traders.

I hope to continue my discussion of them in my e-mini futures trading forum. I continue working on it and must say that I am quite excited about it. It is on a very novel forum platform that most people have probably yet to come across. It's very cool.

I am not a big fan of trading rooms, as you will find out from this article, which, overall, is critical of them. And, as I explain in there, it's not really because my expectations of them are high. They are pretty basic and reasonable.

If you want to know what my beef with the most e-mini futures day trading rooms is, see the article in question. Yes, through the link above.

And yes, I will keep you posted about my progress on the e-mini futures trading forum. It's coming in September. That's definite. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another one for George IV

Briefly because I am busy working on the KING trading forum. Using a tweet.

And, as I said in another tweet, you will see more about it on the forum, when it's open to the KING owners, and then to the George IV owners.

Some people speak in tongues. Others in tweets. I guess no one is really perfect.

For more about George, a fine e-mini futures trading system, visit this link. Buying it, gives you the full access to the upcoming forum, save for its KING sections. Those are only for the KING students.

Friday, August 01, 2014

I still dislike 13

My next to last tweet from today's trading session explains why. Yes, that's still personal.

Other than that slightly unpleasant moment of meeting 13, it was a pretty good day. With 15 trades, and the same number of winners, not to mention the very round number in terms of mighty dollars.

That's the power of KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology and a day trading course based on it. It's still less than $2,000. Heck, even less than $1,500.

And no, I am not done with it yet. There is a KING forum coming soon. Yes, eventually. That should make things even more interesting.