Tuesday, September 30, 2014

650 and 651 - another milestone in the number of trading reports

That means that I have reached yet another milestone in the number of daily e-mini futures trading reports including the trading results as the reports are always accompanied by a screenshot showing my trades with a total P/L.

These days the screenshots may not always contain all the trades, but most often do. However, the complete results are posted to Twitter. It's just so much easier to post updates to Twitter, so if I decide to publish things on my site during a break in my trading, and then continue trading, I may not update my site again, but I will post an update to Twitter.

That was exactly the case yesterday, September 29th, when I posted the 650th daily trading report. As you can see from my site, the screenshot that came with it contained only 4 trades. But the final story was a bit different as shown by my last Twitter report that day that you can also see embedded below.

The today's report screenshot contains the same number of trades as my final trading report on Twitter. As many as 15. That's quite a number, but not my record.

You wanna see my record? You can't handle my record! But what the heck, here it is, posted on this very same blog only some two years ago.

The trading results you see on my site, some 6 years of them and counting, are usually in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, that I trade almost exclusively these days. Some older are also in ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures market.

They are all courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology of my design, or an e-mini day trading course based on this methodology. Yes, KING rules.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Music for traders

Some traders like to listen to music when trading. I am not one of those. I would find it a bit of a distraction.

But I agree that music can put you in the right mood. It can stabilize your emotions, ground you or imbue you with passion and desire to act.

While I don't like listening to music when trading, I may listen to it in the breaks between my trades or before trading. And sometimes after trading to calm down.

I have found a great piece of music, a solemn kind, that calms me down quite nicely and gives me a bit of pause for self-reflection about the day and life. It's a beautiful piece of music and I enjoy listening to it from time to time.

It is particularly well performed version of Ashokan Farewell, see (or listen to) the video below.

And here is another piece of music that I dig quite a bit and I think other trades could too. It's music of Vangelis, a Greek born French artist of great fame, especially in Europe.

Check out one of his works below and for more music (for traders, and other folks alike, and not only by Vangelis), see my YouTube channel.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yep, still positively alive ...

As evidenced by this screenshot (see below) just posted to Twitter. Still too busy with other things to keep posting here more often.

This is one of the many screenshots with my most recent trading results that I have posted over the 15 months or so to Twitter. There are about 700 of them already on Twitter, more may still to come, but after doing it for so long, you may feel a bit tired. Or bored. Usually both.

It's just so much easier to claim a trading veteran status (with nothing to really show for) or a genius trader status (see the Trading Loonies blog for an example of that) than to keep providing real-time evidence that your trading ideas make money in an actual trading environment and not in hindsight.

The e-mini futures trading results I am talking about have been possible courtesy of KING, an e-mini day trading course that I have been offering to the public for about 6 years now.