Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nice looking equity curves

That would be the equity curves for George IV, an e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM, that I have been mentioning on this blog for some time now. Years, in fact.

This little trading system has done quite well over the past 12 months and this is also reflected in its equity curves for 2014 based on the data (trading results) that I have been posting on my site all this year.

There are also some results for other years there, as the system has been around since late 2007, except that I was tracking it only for the first two years, then too busy with KING, I stopped doing so, only to return to it, if only out of curiosity, in 2014.

The equity curves are based on the data that includes months from January through November until December 22nd, 2014. Not many days are still left in this glorious year, so it's really impossible to change the fact that the system did very well in 2014.

Complete graphs of equity curves for 2014 will be posted in early 2015 on my site and on my trading forum.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

200 followers in my e-mini trading Twitter account

As of December 22, 2014. And as evidenced by the screenshot below.

This is all organic growth, as opposed to other methods of growing the number of Twitter followers. Such as buying hundreds or even thousands of followers for a few bucks. Happens all the time. I find it a dubious form of marketing, deceptive by design.

This number could have been much bigger by now, had I followed people back. I don't do this, I don't want to be getting distracted by all the Twitter traffic in my business account, but I follow virtually everyone back in my personal Twitter account and some people follow me in both accounts, in which case I follow them back too, from one account.

And obviously, this number is likely to fluctuate. Up and down; it always has been, I see no reason for this pattern to change.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

There are only two ways in trading ...

"Trading is all about making money. That's not easy no matter what anyone might tell you. It's not easy in part because of many prejudices people introduce to their trading. They just want it their own way. There are only two ways in trading and it's not yours or mine. It's the way that makes you money and the way that loses you money. Smart people know which way to choose, everybody else just keeps wasting their time chasing personal Holy Grails.

I don't mean to sound arrogant. I am simply pragmatic. It works for me, it does for some others, it could still work for many more. "

That's a piece from an e-mail I just sent to a fellow who bought both KING and George IV not so long ago.

I thought it might be useful for many others. I am afraid, I am kidding myself, though. I have said things like that on my site before and more than once. To no avail. People just know "better," even if there is little evidence that their way of thinking works.

Many of them just want that supreme magic trick that would solve all their problems forever. The easy way, the way that rarely works, but keeps hopes alive.

Keep dreaming, if you want. Meanwhile, smart people (and many a con man) will keep eating your lunch day in and day out.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Books in the news - mostly of interest to traders

I hope to continue adding to this article from time to time. The article title is obvious enough and the first book is both timely and quite indicative of what I mean when talking about "books in the news."

At the same time, the news in question, in this case closely related to the events in Russia (see also this humorous take on it on my site), can affect and has been affecting the markets for a while and probably will continue doing so, perhaps even to a greater extent. It's hard to predict it with any certainty, though.

"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future," as Niels Bohr put it.

Niels Bohr, one of the founding fathers of quantum mechanics, the most fundamental modern theory of Nature, was a fellow you would expect to dwarf Mr. Putin's intelligence, and yet still quite aware of human limitations.

Disclaimer: some of the links to the books may be affiliate links. If this bothers you (and it shouldn't), perhaps you can appreciate that I am being honest about it.

1. Collapse of an Empire: Lessons for Modern Russia

Notice that the book was published about 7 years ago. There are quite a few books about Putin's Russia that are much more recent, and you can also find them on

Monday, December 15, 2014

A pretty good week

I mean last week. It was exceptionally good, trading wise. In terms of total profits, that is. Most of the trades taken that week, as has been the case for about 18 months now, have been reported on Twitter in near-real-time.

That great week was due to Mr. Putin, largely, though other factors may have contributed as well. While the man is "said" to have killed tigers barehanded (and don't you dare doubt it, if you are Russian), he was quite generous to me this past week.

For more about it, see the latest article just posted on my site. The e-mini trading results shown there are courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology. KING is also a name of the trading course based on it.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I usually don't trade reversals and perhaps greed is not good

But once in a while, it's hard to resist taking a shot at one. A reversal in the price direction, that is, if there is any doubt about what I mean. A bigger one too, ideally.

Since I usually go for 5-10 ticks in YM, my favorite e-mini futures market, I am not very good at holding my position for a longer ride, and get a bit anxious if targeting more than 20 ticks.

This time around, yesterday, December 10th, the day I took the ungodly number of 24 trades (sorry again, 24), I wanted to go for 30 ticks originally, though I thought that 40 ticks was possible too.

Well, I exited with only 20 ticks in the bag, pretty much a failure if you take into account that it was possible to grab as many as 70 ticks counting from my average entry; see the embedded tweet below with one of my many trading updates that day, 17 in total!

But then again, maybe greed is really not good. In a way, that is my trading philosophy too: as a rule, I go for 5-10 ticks (usually 5 only, sometimes even less if I don't think 5 is possible). It works fine for me, sort of proving too that if you are not a total pig, you can do well.

So if you are NOT a total pig, you are most welcome to give KING a try. KING is an e-mini day trading methodology that I use for my own trading. It is also the name of an e-mini futures course based on this methodology.

On the other hand, if you are total pig ... you probably have a problem.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Another nice day in LA or 24 winners in a row

That is Los Angeles, where I happen to reside.

It's always a pleasure to beat 13 and 15.

I regret (a bit) beating 4, 8, 9, 12, 16, and 18 (especially 4, 9, 16) because they are squarefuls and I like those, but %%&^^* happens.

All these e-mini futures trading results were brought to you by KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology and trading course based on it.

And I actually did not stop there, though I thought it was all for the day. Since the market kept moving nicely, I decided to trade a bit more. You can see the final result below.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Remember Dirk?

Of course not.

You cannot possibly remember him because previously he was known as Dick. Unless you mean some other Dirk, in which case, we are not talking about the same person. Nice talking, though.

Well, I recently got a nice e-mail from him having not heard from the man for many months. He used to be in touch more often before. I am glad to know that he is fine.

So who is Dirk (or Dick)?

He is one of the original cohort of KING students, from the first KING mentoring session that took place in late 2008, 6 years ago. Time flies, but I am glad that I still hear from some of the people from that cohort or the one from the mentoring session that followed, in early 2009. Quite a few of these people turned out to be good traders and Dirk was one of them.

I also mention him in the Testimonials section. He was kind enough to send me an e-mail about his great performance that included a screenshot with his trading results.

He also agreed to serve as a reference for KING, though I never used him for this purpose. I must say that I am somewhat reluctant to use references simply because the trading success (or skill) is not something that is easily transferable from one person to another, and just because one person is doing great does not mean many others will too. Individual factors matter a lot, especially when it comes to discretionary trading. That's something that I have learned as a mentor, but that should make sense even if you are not one.

Dirk is back to trading after some break from it caused by his job that even required him to live in Germany, not far from his native Holland (or the Netherlands, to be more precise), but not exactly conducive to trading that requires as much focus as any regular job, if not more.

The e-mail I got from him is in the article you will find on my site. I just posted it there.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Monkeys could make good traders

At least, some of them.

They can tell the difference between a fake and a real deal, it turns out. That's what a good trader should be able to do too. Now think about all those poor suckers who spend thousand of dollars on a single thing (trading courses, indicators, seminars, you name it) that comes with absolutely no evidence that anyone has ever made any money with it.

What these people do disqualifies them as good candidates for traders. They often buy into something because it's pricey and they found it on a slick, shiny site. Heck, every con man knows that slick sells, just as every con woman (trying to appease feminists by treating women equally) knows that higher prices can fool suckers into believing they are getting a quality product.

Apple uses these tricks routinely, but, fortunately for the buyer, their products are quality products, though still a tad overpriced compared, for instance, to Samsung, which makes great products too (talking about tablets, in particular), but offers a better price on them.

This post about monkeys and their ability not to be fooled easily, in contrast to some of our human fellows, was inspired by some recent article the link to which I just posted on Twitter. I embed that tweet below (along with a relevant comment).