Tuesday, December 29, 2015

George IV, an e-mini futures day trading system, will win 2015

No matter what the outcome of the last two days of this year happens to be, George IV will win this year in both ES and YM, the two e-mini futures markets it works in.

Today, this system scored another 6 points in ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures market, and secured a small win in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market. However, the total win in the latter market has been a sure thing for some time now.

I am now offering this system with a holiday discount along with KING, an e-mini futures course (methodology). The latter also contains George IV.

For more about it, check out this article.

Update (January 2nd, 2016)

What follows are the equity curves for this system in YM and ES since January 2014 through December 2015, meaning two consecutive years. As you can see from them, the system did very well in 2014, pretty well in the first half of 2015, but lost its mojo in the second half of 2015.

In its defense, as I also recently said on Twitter, in 2015 the S&P lost about 15 points, while George IV made about 15 ES points in the same period. In YM, the system made about 250 points, while the underlying index for YM, the Dow Jones, lost about 450 points!

Hence, the system did fairly well compared to the general market.

Friday, December 18, 2015

One really good trade and a few more

As seen in today's last trading results Twitter update, embedded below.
Courtesy of KING, but in the George IV style (when it comes to the last trade), the former including the latter in a package that is only $1200 now (until the first week of January) and soon to be updated (also in January).

A perfect holiday gift for all aspiring e-mini futures day traders.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Is that really quick e-mini futures scalping or what?

You'll be the judge. See the tweet from today's trading session. The first one today. It is showing 5 trades taken within only 4 minutes to the tune of $200+.
No, you can't do this every day. I am not sure if I have ever made $200+ in only 4 minutes before. But I once did take 10 quickies in 10 minutes, as I mentioned it on my site and also on this blog recently. This time it was only 5 quickies, that is, trades that, by definition, do not last longer than a minute.

You need decent volatility for that, to begin with. You need to be an aggressive trader. And, of course, perhaps most importantly, you need to be using an effective scalping methodology.

I don't think anything is more effective than KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology, that the day trading course of the same name is based on. Of course, I am biased, but I also show plenty of evidence that's the case. On my site, in my Twitter feed.

And you don't need to give me your e-mail address or your phone number to access it. Imagine that; I must really suck at this marketing thing, don't I? Well, thanks for noticing. I take it as a compliment. Incidentally, learning day trading from a "brilliant marketer" may not be the smartest thing to do.

As with everything, if you are just new to day trading or even to KING, your mileage may be slow, but eventually you should be getting the hang of it and doing better and better. I was not always that good. In fact, some of my original KING students might have been even better than me at first, which means that the fewer prejudices you have, the better you can do.

Give KING a try. It's only $1200 now, until the first week of January.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

George IV claims two big wins this week

In both markets, that is, in the S&P 500 e-mini futures market (ES) and in the Dow Jones e-mini futures market (YM). The big (maximum) wins in these markets are 60 (YM) and 6 (ES) points. That's $600 with two paltry e-mini contracts sans the commissions.

George IV is a mechanical day trading system, originally designed for ES, but it also works fine in YM. In fact, this year, as I mentioned on this blog previously, it is doing even better in YM. This has to do with a tad lesser volatility in YM compared to ES. That can save your butt, at times at least, and it turned out to be critical this year.

I am now offering a holiday discount on it, valid until the first week of January 2016. Also, in January, the owners of this system will receive an update with the spreadsheet of all the results in 2016 and the pictures showing how the system executed all the trades in 2015 using the Sierra Chart great looking charts for that.

George IV is also part of KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, that is also being offered with a discount until January. Using George IV in conjunction with KING, can only make you a better trader.

A picture below shows how George IV claimed its 60 point bounty in YM yesterday, December 11th. You can enlarge it by clicking on it.

The 5-minute Sierra Chart chart is shown in this picture, but no indicators that the system relies on are. Not that there are so many of them, anyway. It's a relatively simple system that uses pretty common indicators available in most charting packages (Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader 7, etc.) and with indicator templates provided for both Sierra Chart and NinjaTrader 7.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

16 trades and 10 quickies or another example of scalping perfection

Using KING, trading YM, the Dow e-mini futures, my favorite market. It's also another example of what you can do with KING on a good volatile day. KING is perfect for scalping e-mini futures.

See the tweet embedded below.
Quickies are trades that do not take longer than a minute with the standard target of at least 5 ticks in YM. My quickies record is 10 in 10 trades, also mentioned in the article linked to with evidence that it did happen.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Till the last day ...

George IV has delivered two nice winners today, the maximal ones: 6 points in ES and 60 points in YM.

Unlike last year, the outcome of this year's battles between this fine mechanical e-mini futures day trading system and Mr. Market is still to be determined as of this point in time, early December.

I mean only the results using the conservative tracking option, the one I was adhering to last year. This year, I also tried tracking the results in a more aggressive way, for purely experimental purposes, but I was not expecting much from it and I was proven right. Still, it's good to check things instead of taking them for granted.

As of today, the system has made 366 points in YM, according to may data, which means that unless we get hit with 4 maximal losses (each to the tune of 90 points, ouch!) by the end of 2015, we will remain in the positive territory on the last day of this awesome year. I think it's highly unlikely for this to happen, so I am rather optimistic about the final P/L for this market.

However, in ES we are only about 15 points up and so two maximal losses of 9 points each can easily ruin this year for us. Or 3 smaller losses that exceed 15 points in total. This can still happen, I am hoping not.

I will report the final P/L for this e-mini futures trading system here on the last day of December. All those who bought KING with George IV will obtain another update with all the results recorded by me and with screenshots of Sierra Chart charts showing how the system executed the trades.

I am now offering a holiday discount on this system and KING that includes it as well.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Special holiday pricing for KING and George IV

To celebrate this Christmas/New Year season I am offering special prices for KING and George IV.

In the next 30 days, you will be able to purchase KING, an e-mini futures day trading system, for only $1,200 ($200 of the regular price).

This price includes George IV, an excellent e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM, the primary markets for KING as well. Not only that, but also 3 other e-mini futures day trading systems, though of educational value only, that along with George IV constitute the George Collection of mechanical trading systems. It also includes one set of KING custom indicators for NinjaTrader 7 or Sierra Chart, two favorite charting/trading platforms of e-mini futures retail traders.

George IV, sold separately, is now only $300 ($100 off the regular price). It includes all the other 3 trading systems mentioned above, i.e., it is the whole George Collection.

There's plenty of evidence on my site that both of these systems (KING is more of a trading methodology than a system while George IV is a pure mechanical system) work. Years of evidence, in fact.

I give you the tools that truly work. Your job, in order to become a successful e-mini futures day trader, is to own them. You would certainly not be the first to become a trading success story using them. 

Update (12/08/15) : I got a question from a prospective KING customer regarding my stock trading method. The question was whether I would offer a holiday special for this thing too. The answer is no. The price of this method is too low for that. However, if you buy KING, I will be happy to offer you a $50 discount for this method. In other words, the discount is conditional, not exactly a novel idea as it has been around for years, but it makes sense in this case.

Friday, December 04, 2015

You don't need much to make money trading e-mini futures

But you may need KING, an e-mini futures day trading course. Of some renown, if I may say so.

Evidence that it works and works well has been in public display for years. Check out my site. It's been steadily accumulating in my Twitter media section as well: well over a thousand trades posted in near real-time with screenshots of results attached.

Here's the latest sample.
I started trading late today because of some online connection problems, intermittent but still rather annoying and making smooth trading impossible. I mentioned this on Twitter in the morning too. When things finally improved well enough for safe trading to be possible, I managed to make $200 in only 10 minutes and then took it to over $350 in about 25 minutes total, as you can see from the tweet with today's last trading result.

Yes, KING rules, and all you need to do to be making good, and sometimes even easy money, is to take the ideas and strategies that it contains and own them.

That's the best, most reliable, way to make it in this business: to use ideas that work and that come with plenty of evidence that it's the case.

Let me tell you what the worst way is because I am a nice guy. It's using ideas and strategies that every investment moron is supposed to make money with. Unfortunately, that's the most common type of ideas or strategies out there. Because every "trading" "expert" out there is targeting morons. They are the best customers; for them, at least, which, in this case means the easiest to fool.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Special holiday offers for KING and George IV

Holidays are upon us.

In the US, the main holiday season starts sooner than in most Western countries, on Thanksgiving, the last Thursday of November, and it lasts a whole month or so.

I am celebrating this season with special offers for KING and George IV. The former is an e-mini futures day trading course, while the latter a mechanical e-mini futures day trading system for YM and ES, two very popular e-mini futures markets.

They will come in December, meaning in a few days (a week, perhaps).

Stay tuned then, if interested.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Those mighty Singaporeans ...

In case you didn't notice it, there are now at least 5 Singaporean KING students or traders. KING is an e-mini futures day trading course, if you are not familiar with it.

I say "at least" because it could be more, perhaps one or two more, but that would require me to do a more thorough research for which I don't have that much time right now.

I mentioned Singaporeans on this blog before not so long ago. And probably more than once, so perhaps they deserve a special category; I'll think about it.

Since Singaporeans tend to have a high IQ and are good at analytical thinking, they may actually make good traders. Yes, intelligence does play some role in this, which may also explain why math, computer science, or physics Ph.D. are highly sought after by Wall Street firms. They make good quants, but some also run hedge funds.

But commitment and desire to learn and succeed are equally important, so even those without a Ph.D. stand a chance in the trading business if they apply themselves and use the best tools possible. Ideally, developed by a Ph.D. in one of the discipline mentioned, although I may be a bit biased here.

Biased or not, you definitely want to be using trading tools that work. And KING clearly provides such tools. The evidence for that is rather overwhelming.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Poor France ...

Only ten months after the attacks on the journalists of a satirical magazine whose only crime was that they were irreverent to everyone, the barbarians have struck again. This time well over 100 people died, totally innocent, random individuals. About 100 are in critical condition the day after the attack.

The religion of peace loves using terror to facilitate its message. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for this barbaric attack.

Unfortunately, as long as the West remains divided (and largely inert) over how to handle the radical Islam, attacks like that will continue to happen. And as long as the West keeps interfering in the Middle East affairs, things will likely remain as dangerous to its citizens as they are now.

This time it was Paris, next time it may be Berlin or Stockholm.

A part of my family lives in France, so this tragedy hits me also personally. My condolences to all whose loved ones died in this senseless act.

(The picture above shows the San Francisco city hall on the night after the terrorist attack in Paris.)

Vive la France!

Monday, November 09, 2015

10 bucks per minute trading e-mini futures

Actually even better than that: $600+ in less than 60 minutes. Day trading Dow Jones e-mini futures (YM) using a powerful KING methodology.

See below.
Incidentally, the minimum wage in California, where I live, is $9.00 per hour.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Revisiting my latest tweeting record

22 e-mini futures trading results updates tweeted near real-time out of 25 trades total on the glorious day of October 14th, 2015.

With tweets featuring my trading results (screenshots attached, warts not included) embedded to prove it. Courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures methodology and day trading course based on it.

Check it out in the most recent article on my site dedicated, not surprisingly at all, to day trading e-mini futures.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A rather odd reason to take a trade ...

... that also happens to be pretty even. Yes, pun intended.

See a tweet embedded below with my e-mini futures trading results from today's daily trading session. The market traded is YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, my day trading market of choice.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

750 daily e-mini futures trading results reports

That would be over the last 7 years or so. Meaning, 7 continuous years of e-mini futures day trading results.

For over 2 years I have also been tweeting my trades in near real-time. There is over a thousand of tweets like the one below (with a trading result confirmed by a screenshot) in  my media Twitter gallery.
That particular tweet is the last of the 10 (counting only those with trading results updates) that I posted today, the day of the 750th daily e-mini futures trading results report using KING, an e-mini futures trading methodology.

In 2013, I posted over 150 daily e-mini futures trading results reports. Last year also well over 100. This year due to some other commitments, mostly having to do with my consulting for a hedge fund, I am posting less, but I should be able to exceed half of the first number, though not by much, I am afraid.

But 100 pieces of evidence like that a year on average is about what you should expect from anyone who professes to be capable of trading or even having a clue about what it takes to make money in this business.

The more the better.

Sadly, the standard practice is just the opposite. The less evidence you see, the bigger the price tag. I wish I were making this up. I really, really do. I have seen trading "education" offered for $7,500 (and more!) with not a shred of evidence that the trading "teach" offering it could deliver consistent results for at least a whole week. It's all about marketing smoke and mirrors.

I have addressed this issue in more than one article on my site dedicated primarily to day trading e-mini futures, but also to the trading business and his dirty secrets, in general, to some extent. There is a whole section on my site called A Word of Advice with a subsection devoted to the trading marketplace, where I talk about things like that.

Cranking out "expert" knowledge in one e-book after another is one way this gets accomplished. For people who can trade, and are active traders, this is largely a waste of time. As is making videos. You can do this once, or twice, or even a few more times, to gain new experience, which is always fun, but doing this over and over quickly gets boring not to mention time consuming. No one, except those "desperate to teach" will be doing it.

Trading is much more fun than teaching it. But even that becomes boring over time, so you definitely want to take breaks from time to time to avoid a burnout.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dumb luck?

"Hardly so."

That's my answer, roughly speaking, to a question (not really posed), but implied that I received in an e-mail from one of a recent KING students. Not the most confident of such students, but then again as a total newbie to day trading e-mini futures, he can be excused for not having much faith in his trading abilities. Yet despite his doubts, his first simulated trading session was quite successful, so I don't think that his doubts were particularly warranted.

Still, as I point out in a recent article on my site, inspired by his e-mail, confidence and action are key to success, any success, and not only trading success. Taking action is even more important than having confidence because action creates clarity, and with it confidence tends to follow. In fact, confidence without action rings rather hollow. Take action and you may surprise yourself what you are capable of.

As I say in my response to his e-mail, KING is a pretty natural way of trading, so it's also natural to expect to be doing well with, sometimes even from the very start.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

25 trades with 22 Twitter trading results updates

All of that today.

Below please see the last tweet with my trading results.

It's my new record too: 22 tweets in one day with e-mini futures trading results. The previous one was 17 (if I remember it well), but now with 22 I sure will have no problem remembering it.

The results are in my favorite e-mini market, the Dow Jones e-mini futures, often referred to as YM. The scalping methodology used to produce these and many other trades documented in my Twitter media gallery and on my site is KING, also a day trading course of the same name.

And did I mention that I also called a reversal in the market right on the money?

In real time and not in a video shot hours after the market close. Not the very first time, anyway. You will find more examples of that on this very same blog, even not so long ago.

The tweet above was made a minute before 3 P.M. EST or before the noon my local time. About 6 minutes prior to that the market made the absolute bottom and rallied about 60 points from it. It never returned to it. You can easily see all that from your YM chart (see also below; click on the image to enlarge it).

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Still fighting a nasty bug ...

That got me sick over last weekend.

It's pretty odd because it's only October and I live in Los Angeles where even Decembers don't look and feel like Decembers almost anywhere else in the US. There is no winter in LA, it's only a rain season, although lately it's not much of a rain season either, much to the despair of all California farmers.

But I hope to be back to trading next week. And to running my vendor business more actively. Well, while trading can be a great business, it's always good to have some extra income source for days like these. When you just cannot trade or at least it's not very wise to be doing so.

Last time I was suffering from this sort of viral infection was over 15 years ago, so maybe living in LA does have some advantages, while having some disadvantages at the same time because when you are not exposed to those little creatures for a while, when they do strike, you may suffer from them more than people in colder climes not being used to them as much as those folks are.

And that's the memo.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The super-Moon eclipse of September 27th

No the best weather in LA, which is somewhat unusual, but I could see it eclipsed. On the way to Trader Joe's on Vine and on my way back south, a short trip of ca 20 minutes both ways.

It's a super-Moon eclipse as it happens when the Moon is lingering along this part of its orbit around the Earth that is also closest to our planet, which makes it look brighter and slightly bigger. Being eclipsed at the same time could be seen by some as portending the end of the world or, at least, turbulent times ahead.

Well, if things get worse, that is most likely because of what's going on here on Earth rather than in the sky. Hopefully, it won't be worse than a total crash of the stock market in China; not that I wish that upon any Chinese, it's just that it is more likely than a total meltdown of the US markets. Of course, the US stock markets would then drop big time in sympathy, but as an e-mini futures day trader I thrive on volatility, so what do I care?

Friday, September 25, 2015

So you want to know how to get out of a $700 hole?

Perhaps KING could help.

It is a fine e-mini futures day trading course, which may or may not be most suitable for a total "investment moron" but has proven to be quite good for even total newbies to day trading e-mini futures. It has been around for 7 years, and there is plenty of evidence that it works. More than authors of most of such trading courses provide.

Of course, not all newbies are the same. I would say that KING attracts more ambitious of them, which may also account for this greater success rate.

The moral from my today's struggle with Mr. Market is that while trading e-mini futures is risky, it does not have to be a losing proposition.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

So you want to trade thousands of e-mini futures contracts?

Me too. Well, not really.

I don't think it's such a good idea for a retail e-mini day trader. I mention why in one of the newest articles posted on my site.

You want to start small and build on that. Jumping into thousands or even hundreds of contracts is never easy and I don't even think it should be your goal. You can do just fine with only several of them per position. It's safer too.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

George IV and KING - the best foundation for e-mini futures day trading

Here's the latest George IV's equity curve with yet another peak established just yesterday.

It is for YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, but for ES, many e-mini day traders' favorite market, it's quite similar, showing a recent peak as well.

And here's what KING is capable of on a good trading day, such as yesterday.

A good trading day is often signaled by George IV, so it makes a lot of sense to use it along with KING to maximize your trading potential with KING, doesn't it?

KING is not the same as George IV, not only because their names are different. The reasons are deeper than that.

The former is an objective mechanical day trading system for ES and YM, two very popular e-mini futures markets.

It is a relatively easy system to use. Everyone capable of trading should be able to handle it, and since I keep updating its trading performance every week it trades and mention its results in my daily Twitter posts, you should have no problem learning how to use it.

KING, on the other hand is, is an e-mini  futures day trading methodology and a trading course based on it. It is a discretionary trading methodology. Discretionary trading can be more powerful than mechanical trading, but it is definitely an art, when implemented correctly, rather than a science. And I say so as a hard core scientist by trading.

If you want to be an efficient day trader, KING is a way to go, especially in combination with George IV.

They are now both combined in KING - New Formula, to make them most powerful. But you can still test the waters, to see if day trading e-mini futures is your kind of thing, by buying George IV first. You cannot go wrong with that, because not only is it a good mechanical trading system with plenty of evidence (some 4 years of documented past performance in total) to back this statement up, but studying it can also teach you how to create profitable day trading systems. That's because, the system is fully disclosed. Moreover, now you can also get 3 other e-mini futures day trading systems with it, also fully disclosed, so you can learn even more.

Now, if this is not the best, most reasonable, foundation of your e-mini futures day trading education, then I don't know what else can be. And I am rather smart, so I should know, I think.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Another good trading day?

I thought so, too.

All courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology (or trading course based on it). Yes, KING rules.

And that wasn't the end of it. I took a few more trades after a break.

Friday, September 04, 2015

50 and closing in on 750 daily e-mini trading reports

The 50th daily KING e-mini futures trading report for this year has just been posted on my site. Had I not been so busy with other things this year (a certain hedge fund, in the first place) I might have been closing in on 100 now.

But that's okay. There is already plenty of those reports on my site, more seems more and more pointless every month if not every day. The very first of KING students had to rely only on 30 or so such reports coming from Katherine, my first (unofficial) KING student. It was already enough for them. And for some people it will never be enough no matter how many I will ever produce. That's fine with me too. These people are not traders, more like confused.

And I am also closing in on 750 of such trading reports in total, accumulated over the period of 7 years or so. I started posting them in late October 2008, if I recall it correctly (I may be off by about a month), and have kept doing so since then. One fine year I posted about 150 of them. At this point, there are 732 of them in total.

KING is "still" doing well. And it will always do well for those who have mastered it well. Discretionary trading is really a skill trading, and so practice plays an important role in becoming a proficient trader. Once you master it, you will become unstoppable.

KING, for those new to it, is an e-mini futures day trading methodology, and an e-mini futures trading course based on it. Try it, you may actually become a winning trader the first time in your life. Beats being a sore loser hanging out on a trading forum for sore losers, the most famous of which is the one founded by the guy who blew two of his day trading accounts. Yes, you read it right: it is that bad!

And that's the memo.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

E-mail backlog

I have a sizable e-mail backlog.

What this means is that not everyone will receive a reply from me. Of course, new clients will in the first place because I need to help them out with indicators and other beginners' issues. Other clients with real needs (who want, for instance, indicators from me) will receive a prompt reply too. Serious potential clients can expect a serious consideration too, especially if I see that they have done their homework.

However, e-mails with issues that are already addressed on my site or in the KING/George IV materials will be treated in the last order and may not be answered at all. Especially if they contain not very important questions. And some of them sometimes strike me as a bit frivolous, written under the assumption that I have plenty of time to answer all kinds of questions. Actually, I don't, and if I really am to help as many as possible, I have to cut on answering such questions in the first place.

Questions not related to what I offer on my site (also referred to as unsolicited), are usually not answered at all, sometimes answered very briefly. Some of the people who send me in such questions are not very professional, no matter what they may think of themselves.

For instance, I was once contacted by a self-proclaimed foremost authority on trading rooms who wanted to know if he could examine my trading room. You would expect such a foremost authority to be able to figure out that I have no trading room. If it is not mentioned on the main (welcome) page of my site (or anywhere else, for that matter), then you can bet that it does not exist. Hence checking this page is enough to know that, but apparently doing homework is not his forte. I don't think I could trust such an authority, no matter how "foremost."

It's not exactly like people who have trading rooms hide this fact. I would say, on the contrary. I have a trading forum, though practically still not in use, and yet you can easily find out about it on my site.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Abundance continues

Yes, it takes some practice.

But on a good, volatile day even a brave, aggressive newbie would do that well with KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology (and trading course of the same name) that I have been offering on my site for some time. Probably not every newbie, but some could and some did in the past.

I base this opinion on my experience with KING students from the first two KING mentoring sessions and especially the first one that attracted a bunch of quite talented people, but pretty new to day trading e-mini futures, and totally new to KING.

But practice is always the key in discretionary trading.

You may think it's obvious, but you probably have no idea how many people actually reject it in one way or another, not always openly but in ways that can be easy to spot, perhaps not by them. They always try to improve something outside, never inside. That also may mean they have little trust in their own abilities and so they are likely to struggle no matter how good their trading methodology is.

400+1 posts published!

That's post number 401, a bit of a vanity post to basically let you know that the previous post was a very round number 400.

I also mentioned this on Twitter, the first place to learn about this and other things related to my e-mini futures trading and vendor business.

It was also a perfect square, as 400 is 20 squared. And 401 is a very fine prime number.

Here are other prime numbers that occur after a perfect square (up to 100,000):


You can get them all in a fraction of a second using Mathematica (see the image above; click on it to enlarge it). Of course, there are many more, but notice the pattern: except for 2 and 5, they all end up with 1 or 7.

We are now aiming at 577 and I seriously doubt we will ever reach 1601. But then again, I was also sort of doubting I would ever reach 500 and then 600 daily trading results updates on my site, and as you can easily see, there are now over 725 of them.

And that's the memo.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fibonacci numbers for traders and rabbits alike

The legend has it that Fibonacci came up with his numbers while observing how the population of rabbits grows due to their breeding (see the picture below). Even though this was centuries ago, I have this uneasy feeling that rabbits still don't get it. And I am quite sure that most traders don't get it either.

I have expressed my strong opinion about using Fibonacci levels for trading in the not so distant past. I did this on my site dedicated primarily to day trading futures, but this opinion applies to trading other instruments as well. I am not going to repeat myself here, so just check out my site for that if interested, which I think you should be. It's in this very article.

Now, what I really want to talk about in this post is how to obtain Fibonacci numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 34,  and so on) without rabbits. First, because it only confuses them, the rabbits, and second because you really don't need two rabbits (and of opposite sex) to derive Fibonacci numbers.

You only need one. Meaning number 1. Instead of two numbers (say 0, 1 or 1,1) that would form the start of the Fibonacci sequence to be obtained via the recursive formula, a(n)=a(n-1)+a(n-2). The formula in question, if applied correctly does produce all the known Fibonacci numbers. For instance, a(2)=a(1)+a(0)=1+0=1, a(3)=a(2)+a(1)=1+1=2, a(4)=a(3)+a(2)=2+1=3, etc.

But as I said, we can start just from 1. No need for another number, be it 0 or 1. Having 1 at our disposal, we will be pulling other Fibonacci numbers like rabbits out of a hat (pun intended).

How so? Well, take 1 and add the sum of all the previous numbers, including 1, to it. This sum is 1 in this case, so the next term we obtain this way is 1+1=2. We now have two terms, 1 and 2, and we can repeat the same procedure obtaining 2+(1+2)=5, as our sum is now 1+2. And since we now have three terms, 1, 2, 5, we can use them to obtain the next term: 5+(1+2+5)=13.

What we are getting is 1, 2, 5, 13, ...

Now, if you know the Fibonacci sequence, or saw a piece of it above, you may be feeling a bit uneasy because that really does not very much resemble one.

Well, only partially so. All these numbers are Fibonacci numbers, but it is also true that these numbers are not all Fibonacci numbers, not the complete sequence of them. It's only every other number from this famous sequence.

And that's fine, because if you really want to obtain the full Fibonacci sequence, you can do this quite easily using only the numbers you have obtained so far and all those that you can continue obtaining in the way outlined above.

You simply subtract the numbers obtained, so 2-1=1 and it goes between 1 and 2, then 5-2=3 and it goes between 2 and 5, and 13-5=8 that goes, obviously, between 5 and 13.

In other words, we can obtain the entire Fibonacci sequence starting just from a single number,  1.

But the sequence of every other Fibonacci number is even easier to obtain starting just from 1 and hence perhaps it is even more fundamental in some way.

Incidentally, I have not seen this kind of derivation before, although I am rather familiar with the Fibonacci literature, but perhaps someone else has come up with it before me, so I will abstain from claiming any priority. Not to mention that this is, at the very best,  just a piece of recreational mathematics.

Friday, August 28, 2015

16 or yet another day in the life of e-mini futures trader

Actually, that would be a KING e-mini futures trader.

There are two kinds of e-mini futures traders, in general. Those who make money and those who don't. The KING traders tend to be of the former variety.

It was yet another good day as you can tell from my last Twitter trading update (below), with many quickies (see the next tweet with some definitions for what the quickie is).

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Is there such a thing as safe e-mini futures trading?

That's a really good question to ask especially these days when the markets all over the world are feeling the consequences of China's stock market turmoil which started a few weeks ago and continues pretty much unabated.

It is a particularly good question to ask regarding more volatile trading instruments, and futures and Forex are certainly more volatile on average than stocks. They can also be more dangerous to trade than stocks because of their much higher leverages, which, in turn, is one of the factors behind their volatility.

Well, the honest answer to this question is that there is really no such thing as safe trading, no holy grail, in particular. But there are certainly safer and less safe options. 

George IV, which has been on the market since late 2007, is an e-mini futures trading system with a safe option. I introduced it early on and continued to adhere to it for the first two years when I was actively tracking it on my site. 

I resumed tracking this system on my site last year and continue doing so this year as well. Last year I was tracking the safe option only, this year, primarily to see the difference between the two, I decided to track a more aggressive option as well. I was doubtful, as you can find out from this year's performance tracking page, that the aggressive option would do better, but it kept doing pretty well and even slightly outperforming the safe option in the first half of 2015. 

But this month it has suffered relatively large losses, while the safe option avoided them. The safe option has performed so well during this month that it has just hit a new peak in its equity curve in YM, while in ES it is close to it. YM, being less volatile, turned out to be safer during these days, no surprise at all here.

The image below shows George IV's most recent equity curve for YM, mentioned above. 

George IV is now part of KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology, which is much more powerful than this system, but which is best used in conjunction with it. But you can also buy it separately ($400 only) and then upgrade to KING (for an extra $1000). 

A better combo is hard to find on the market. No single e-mini futures trading methodology comes even close to the power of KING, as evidenced by the plenitude of consistent trading results spanning some 7 years, and not merely testimonials, though you can find such on my site as well. It's just that I personally would be more interested in the results rather than the testimonials and so I have chosen to specialize in the former.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Have you tricked Mr. Market lately?

Well, if not, then you should. I did it twice today. Ha!

See the tweets below. Ha!

Okay, it's a summertime down here, so I am kidding around a bit. There are tonnes of screenshots like that in my Twitter media gallery, if you want to see them badly. Well over a 1000 now.

And here's the "super-villain" behind them, KING. A super-villain from Mr. Market's perspective, of course. He may even laugh like the one in the video below, which I am reposting (that's how unoriginal you can get during the LA summers ...)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another set of great looking equity curves

This time only for ES (the Standard & Poor 500 e-mini futures market), but in two tracking categories that differ by one condition only.

This one condition differentiates between more aggressive and more conservative trades. The former can deliver more in total profits, but are potentially more risky and as such can give rise to more frequent or, even worse, bigger drawdowns. The latter should give us a smoother equity curve.

The trading system these equity curves belong to is our old friend, George IV. It can trade two e-mini futures markets, but it was originally designed for ES, and it is in this market that it seems to be doing better, owing to its greater volatility. The other market is YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures.

Last year I was tracking only the conservative trades (see this page of my site for more about the system performance back then). This year, as an experiment of sorts, I decided to track the trades in both categories.

The following equity curves show trades through July 27th, 2015. I have posted them in my Twitter feed first (here's its media gallery), but then I thought that posting them here could be a good idea too as additional comments might help. What follows then is my tweets with these equity curves embedded.

Monday, July 20, 2015

On vacation from the trading business - sort of

It's summertime in full swing again. At least, in the Northern hemisphere.

In LA, that means pretty hot days. Fortunately usually dry, although yesterday it was a very humid day and then it started raining, a most unusual thing here that the previous time had apparently happened 20 years ago. Many parts of California were affected by this rain, quite needed too as California has been suffering from a serious drought for a few years now.

That means I am posting here and on my website, dedicated to day trading e-mini futures, a bit less, also tweeting less, but things should return to normal in September or perhaps even already in the second half of August.

I am trading a bit less too, but still more than you could infer from the daily trading reports with my e-mini trading results that I post on my site. That has always been the case. What you see there is a good sample, but still a sample, and not the whole shebang of my trading results. During slower times of the year (around major holidays or during the vacation season), I may post there less than I actually trade.

In any case, I have recently released a minor but important upgrade of KING, and now KING - New Formula comes also with an individual mentoring program that I would like to start in August at the earliest. 

If you are one of those who qualify for it, and interested in it, let me know by e-mail. To qualify you need to own KING - New Formula or the latest upgrade to KING, which only those who had purchased George IV are entitled to.

George IV is doing quite well, incidentally. Thanks for asking.

It is now part of KING's new formula too. I keep mentioning it my posts here from time to time too. It is a fine e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM, two very popular e-mini futures markets.

You can purchase it separately of KING too. For only $400. Still a good price, which may only go up.

Just because I am on this sort of vacation does not mean I am really closed for business. Not at all. You can purchase KING or George IV at any time and I will take care of it.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Another trading day on Twitter

I don't tweet my trading results as often as I used to because everything eventually gets boring. Trust me. Or recall your own pertinent experience.

And I have been doing this for over two years now having logged well over 100 trading days on Twitter with over a 1000 screenshots showing my trading results posted there near real time. Just like the screenshots you see in this post. First posted on Twitter, now embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, you can follow me on Twitter. I don't bite. I also don't hang out there 24/7, so it's unlikely that I will wear you off with my never-ending stream of pointless reflections.

You can also see my site for more about my Twitter exploits. Here is the last article about it, dedicated to my second tweeting anniversary. Meaning, the second anniversary of tweeting my trading results because I have really been on Twitter for about 8 years now.

These e-mini trading results are in YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones, and my favorite day trading market. They are based on my own day trading methodology (KING), that I offer to the public as part of the e-mini futures trading course of the same name.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

More equity curves of some fine e-mini futures trading system

The trading system in question is George IV, mentioned on this blog quite a few times before. It trades ES, the e-mini futures market of S&P 500 as well as YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones.

Check out the previous posts or the trading system category (label) of this blog if you want to find out more about this fine e-mini futures day trading system.

Or see the system main page on my site. As well as the newest article about its equity curves (through June 2015, starting in 2014) that I just posted there.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Predictably enough or how to to easily make $2000 in ES

ES is the ticker symbol of the popular e-mini futures market, an e-mini market of the futures for Standard and Poor 500.

It's the primary market for George IV, a very fine e-mini futures day trading system, that also trades YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones.

Today, using this system's entry you would have scored an easy 20 points in ES, which, with only 2 contracts (a paltry amount for any semi-serious e-mini futures trader) would enrich you by a cool $2000 (minus small commissions to keep your broker alive).

Now, the system targets only 6 points in its current incarnation (9 points when it was originally designed), but on some days, where the market is likely to move strongly (usually bearish days), you can go after 10 or 20 points and if you do not reach that by the market's daily session close, you can exit your position at this close.

The reason for this predictable strong move today was tweeted by me last night: the situation in Greece and Puerto Rico or the specter of default.

Here's one of these tweets.

That way 20 points would have been possible today, and if you wanted to push for even more, then exiting at the close would have given you about (even over) 19 points, which is still a nice chunk of cash.

Here's how this would have played out illustrated by the cool 5-minute chart of ES courtesy of Sierra Chart, an excellent charting package, my charting package of choice.

Incidentally, George IV is still only $400, not a bad price for a system that can make you $600 each time it hits its full target (using 2 contracts again), which may happen several times a year, to put it conservatively. For more comprehensive results see the system performance page.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

KING - New Formula has been released

If you own KING and George IV, you have been informed about it several hours ago.

KING - New Formula is a continuation of KING, a very popular and quite effective e-mini futures day trading methodology (also a trading course based on it).

However, while KING was meant to be strictly a self-study course, KING - New Formula includes a mentoring program for all those who may want to study KING along with a mentor. The mentor would yours truly. The mentoring sessions will be offered on the KING educational forum. Only $1000 per session, discounted to $600 for those who choose to participate in 2015.

At this point, the mentoring program is offered separately from the main course (KING - Basic Formula) in order to make the course less expensive to the folks who are comfortable studying on their own or who want to save some money. In future, these two elements will be combined. The price of KING - Basic Formula is also bound to rise: $1,400 is a relatively low price for a very comprehensive, original e-mini futures day trading course that comes with an unparalleled wealth of evidence that its ideas can make you money.

There are over 700 daily trading results on my site, each one documented with a screenshot showing the trades taken on a given day. There are over a 1000 Twitter posts in my Twitter media feed, each one documenting a trade taken in real-time with similar shots. Very few courses can boast of this sort of evidence.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Correction to the George IV equity curves

Mistakes happen. We all make them.

My last post here contains one mistake, in one George IV's equity curve, the one for YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones. I shortchanged the last trading result in this market and, consequently, I made the equity curve look less impressive.

It just happened that the trade took place one day after the last rollover Thursday, on Friday, June 12th. Around the rollover time, I often consult charts for the expiring and the new contract. Sometimes, this may lead to mistakes. The mistake occurred because I was looking at a wrong chart, the chart for the June contract and not the September contract.

According to the expiring contract's 5-minute chart, the market moved 60 points from the trade entry. You may think that's enough to claim a full win in this market.

Well, not for me. I have a bit higher standards for the trading results. I require the price to penetrate the target by at least 1 tick in ES and YM.

Well, that was not the case in YM that day, in the expiring contract, but it turns out that the new contract saved the day: its chart shows that the price moved by two ticks beyond the target of 60 points.

Curiously enough, just yesterday, June 18th, the very same system reached the 6 point target in ES, but failed to penetrate it. As you can see from the performance update page, I list only +1.75 points as the final result (achieved at the closing of the daily trading session) and not 6.0 points as one may usually do.

Let me repeat it: what I do is not usually practiced when it comes to hypothetical trading results. But I do this because I believe it is a more honest way of reporting. Yes, I know that it may make the trading results look less impressive, but I believe that honesty is at least as important as good results. Actually, it may be even more.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

George IV (2015) - the newest version of a winning e-mini futures day trading system

Several days ago, I released George IV (2015), the 2015 version of George IV, a mechanical e-mini futures trading system, that has been around since late 2007 and has done quite well during the years it has been tracked by me.

I first tracked its performance between 2007 and 2009, for about 2 years, and then again starting in January 2014. In the latter period, I am tracking this system based on one of its strategies only, and a bit simplified too.

This break in tracking has to do with an e-mini futures trading methodology called KING (also the name of the trading course based on it) that you can use this system with. I was just too busy with KING and thought that tracking the George IV's performance would be interfering with the attention I wanted to dedicate to KING. KING was simply a newer, more promising kid on the block.

But I eventually returned to George IV. I never doubted that it was a good system; the last 18 months validated my high opinion about it once again. And right after the release of this latest upgrade, the system has delivered 2 winners in each of the e-mini futures markets it trades, ES and YM. Nice!

At this point, only those who have bought KING and George IV are enjoying the newest version of George IV. I intend to raise the price of George IV soon (to a still very affordable $600) and then this version will become available to others as well.

However, for only $1,400 you can get yourself KING, which now includes also George IV. In fact, given enough time, George IV alone should be able to pay for KING within only several months with only 2 ES contracts.

For instance, that would have been the case, had you started using this system in January 2015 and continued till June 12th, 2015. During that time, assuming the less conservative strategy, you would have made about $2,000 using just 2 ES contracts.

Of course, that's the past, and since the future is never a simple continuation of the past, one can only speculate about how well this system will perform in the months to come. However, I remain optimistic about its future performance. I think I am rather justified in this optimism.

As a rule, you need to stick to any trading system for a longer haul, at least a year, to be able to judge its performance correctly.

Looking back at its equity curves (in ES and YM; see the graphs below) over the nearly 18 last months (January 1st, 2014 to June 12th, 2015), the performance looks quite good. The system keeps making new peaks in the equity graphs, while its drawdowns remain quite limited.

Friday, May 29, 2015

13 goes down again - in 10 seconds only!

Yet another victory over 13, the number that has a slightly questionable reputation.

Which "explains" why in some buildings in the US there is no floor 13 (I lived in one, so I know) and there can be no apartment 13 even if there is apartment 14 or even 53. Where I live, there is instead apartment 12A, which is really 13, but a tad more dignified, not to mention inviting.

This and many other victories over 13 mentioned in this blog come courtesy of KING, a formidable e-mini futures day trading methodology, if I may say so.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

KING - New Formula coming soon

You may have noticed that I have launched KING - Basic Formula recently. Its price, $1,400, is quite modest considering the extensive body of KING and what competition offers for much more. (Hint: rather less.) At this point, you can think of this formula as KING 3.0 in transition.

When this transition is completed, the final product will be called KING - New Formula and will include also an individual mentoring program as another major part.

I decided to separate the mentoring program from the self-study course, the basic formula just mentioned, as not everyone needs mentoring and not everyone may be willing to pay an extra $1,000, though it will probably start at less than that for all those who choose to take advantage of the program this year, but eventually it may reach $1,500 or more.

I tend to be flexible, as you would expect it from a discretionary e-mini futures day trader, and so I like to offer more than one choice. The whole package, even at 2,400 is still hard to beat, but for those willing to do all the work on their own, offering a discount is only fair.

The details will follow soon. I intend to release an update to KING - Basic Formula, which will complete the formula transition to its full fledged version, in June. In June, I will also release the details of the mentoring program, which will be taking place on the KING trading forum that I opened last year and which so far has been vastly underutilized.

An update to George IV is also in the works and will be released even sooner, but also in June. George IV, now a major part of George Collection of mechanical e-mini futures trading systems called George, is along with the whole collection a part of KING - Basic Formula.

All those who have bought KING should expect an e-mail about the upcoming updates by June 1st. All others are welcome to join the growing family of KING traders.

For more about KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, or George IV, a mechanical day trading system for ES and YM, see my e-mini futures trading site.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The second anniversary of the day I launched tweeting my e-mini futures trading results

And here is the tweet that started it. There are about 1,100 tweets like that in my Twitter media gallery now.

Two years later, I still don't see any other trading vendor doing so (not that I have been particularly investigating it, just based on my casual observations), though they love posting all kinds of stuff to Twitter.

Videos, in particular. Well, I hate shooting videos. But if you are a devout marketer then you will probably prefer videos than trading. Some love to point out how spiritual they are through quotes and stuff. Yeah, right. Quote me as being an honest capitalist pig. I can live with that.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about how I utilize Twitter, then there are a few articles on my site just about it. You can start here and from there you can access other articles. I plan to write another article about it soon, to sum up these past two years in some way.

And here's the last tweet with my e-mini futures trading results. They are in YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones, and they have been accomplished using the KING trading methodology.

Today was a slow day, but still positive.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why I am not impressed by the Wolfram Language Image Identification Project

I have been a fan and devoted user of some of Wolfram's products.

Most notably, of Mathematica, the first of their products, launched over 25 years ago. I have used it practically ever since it appeared on the market, and I am happy to see that it continues to improve and amaze. This is by far the most impressive of Wolfram's products, their flagship, if you will.

And then there is Wolfram Alpha, a very fine product, entirely web-based, that can do some of the things Mathematica does, except that relatively simple compared to the latter.

I have referred to Wolfram Alpha on this blog before. Recently, in this post about Fibonacci numbers that many traders are obsessed with, which I find somewhat misguided, as I explained on my site not so long ago.

Wolfram keeps adding to its portfolio of products, some of which can also be of interest to traders, Mathematica in the first place, which is indeed a very versatile piece of software, much more than most people interested in trading seem to know.

But that's something to address in another article on this blog or on my site. Here, I would like to discuss their latest brainchild, the image recognition project. It is totally web-based, it's free, and you can find it at www.imageidentify.com.

As its full name, The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project, suggests, the goal of the project is to identify images. You drop an image onto a small area on the project's page and shortly after that, the algorithm will tell you what the main object in the image is. Well, in principle, at least.

According to Wolfram, it does a good job, and will only be getting better. I am not disputing this, but I am a bit disappointed that it's not doing a better job already.

Check out my experiment below. I dropped the last image I took a few days ago, which happened to be a screenshot of my e-mini futures trading results. What I got in response was quite odd: remote control.

Not close at all, total miss.

I was surprised and unimpressed because you can find hundreds (well over 700) of similar images on my site in its KING section, and well over 1000 in my Twitter media gallery, so, in principle, it should not be that hard to identify this image as something related to trading or to my site.

What this tells me is that the software behind the project is not well integrated with the web. I thought that for a web-based software this would be a very natural thing to expect. Wolfram Alpha, for instance, routinely relies on various web resources.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And here comes ....

another quickie, of course. I got 6 of those today out of 13 trades, 3 of them in a row, ending with the last trade, number 13 again.

I just love beating 13, whenever I get a chance and today's victory over 13 should count as a double one because of this quickie.

My today's last tweet with trading results tells the story. For more screenshots like that, see my daily trading results pages for the day trading methodology that makes them possible. The market traded is YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones e-mini futures.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

9 quickies out of 12 trades

As you can see from a Twitter post embedded below, one of several I made today. It shows 9 trades that did not last even a whole minute among all 12 trades I took today. The trades are in the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, YM, the market I tend to trade almost exclusively these days.
And here's another tweet.
Yes, indeed: "very nice, high five!"

And did I mention that I use KING? Well, I do.

That's the only trading methodology I know of that can make things like that possible. In fact, 9 quickies out of 12 is hardly my record. I once had 10 out of 10 within about 10-15 minutes! You can find out more about it that on my site if you dig deep enough. I may provide a reference later on, if I don't forget about it.

KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, is still only $1,400.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another (e-mini futures) trading sandwich

That's what I call it when the first and last trade are similar in some way. In this case (see the image below with the list of trades I took today), the trades in question are quickies, that is, they did not take even a whole minute to reach their targets.

The first trade was a 10-pointer, while the last one was only a 5-pointer, which is pretty much what I am usually after, but since volatility was quite good today, I thought that 10 ticks was possible too and the first two trades scored 10 ticks per contract, the contract being that of the Dow Jones e-mini futures, my favorite e-mini futures market.

All the trades were on the short side. I thought the market had a rather strong short bias today, which also explains why I stuck to one of my positions for over an hour and even increased its size to 8 contracts. I was totally validated when the market hit a new low of the daily trading session around the time I took the last trade.

All that would have never been possible without KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology and a trading course of the same name. I have been using this methodology for many years now, have been marketing it for some seven years, and showcasing it on Twitter for about two years.

You too can be another successful KING trader. See my site for more on how to become one.

P.S. I actually took 2 more trades after I had written this piece, both successful, and you can see a record of them in the KING's daily trading results section of my site.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Updating equity curves for George IV

George IV is a mechanical e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM, two very popular e-mini futures markets, the former being the most liquid of all US stock index e-mini futures.

The system was originally designed for ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures market, but proved to work just fine for YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market as well. Not surprisingly perhaps, as YM is similar to ES in its daily price patterns.

I have talked about this system and its performance quite a bit on this blog. I have posted some equity curves here too, including for 2014, and one for its early performance in 2015 in a category in which it was not tracked in 2014.

I think it's time for another update.

What follows are two graphs showing the equity curves for ES and YM as of April 17th, the day of the last trade shown on them in either market. As you can see this is the continuation of the graphs from 2014 using the same trading rules, of course.

You can click on these images to see them in their full glory.

One thing that you may notice if you compare them to the graphs posted here in late December last year is that in 2015 the system is a less effective, but it still keeps posting new peaks in the equity curves. As of this point in 2015, it has posted 2 of them in each market it can trade.

That is good, because it means that had you started trading it in one of the dips in the equity curves you would have been nicely ahead.

You may also notice that over the past 16 months or so, the system has not had more than 3 losses in a row, which is pretty good too. In fact, in YM it had only 2 losses in a row at worst.

The record number of consecutive wins is much greater, 11-12, if I am not mistaken; again, you can find it out from the graphs, if you are less lazy than me, but the point is that this number(s) are significantly bigger than the number(s) of consecutive losses, by the factor of 4 or 5.

In 2015, this fine mechanical e-mini futures system is being tracked here. It is only $400. You can use it to improve your trading with KING, an excellent e-mini futures day trading methodology.

I intend George IV to be the foundation of trading education on the e-mini futures forum that I have opened last year and which has yet to reach its full potential, to put it quite mildly. But reach it will. Unfortunately, I am now bogged down with things I would not have to be doing in a more perfect world. Fortunately, that's only temporary. But, then, so is life.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Both KING and George IV has delivered today

Or another boring day because it's pretty much business as usual, especially when it comes to KING.

6 and 60 points for George IV, a very fine e-mini futures day trading system, in ES and YM, the two e-mini markets it trades, and another very good day for KING. The latter practically does not have bad days, but that depends on the trader as well. After all, it is a discretionary trading course and methodology.

See my last Twitter trading update from today (right below), and the trading results pages of George IV and KING, to be updated soon, for still even more.

I should add that George IV has made another peak in its equity curve, the second one this year, in both markets. I may post the equity curve graphs of this system here later this month.