Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Witold Pilecki - a true Holocaust hero

70 years ago, the German labor camp at Auschwitz, in Nazi occupied Poland, was liberated by the Red Army. It was arguably the most cruel of all such camps during WWII, if not in all of human history, a very shameful episode in the history of mankind.

But times like that often provide the best opportunities for true heroes to emerge. One of them was Witold Pilecki.

Here is what Wikipedia says about him.

During World War II, he volunteered for a Polish resistance operation to get imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp in order to gather intelligence and escape. While in the camp, Pilecki organized a resistance movement and as early as 1941, informed the Western Allies of Nazi Germany's Auschwitz atrocities. He escaped from the camp in 1943 after nearly 2 and a half years of imprisonment. Pilecki took part in the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944. He remained loyal to the London-based Polish government-in-exile and was executed in 1948 by the Stalinist secret police Urząd Bezpieczeństwa on charges of working for "foreign imperialism", thought to be a euphemism for MI6. Until 1989, information on his exploits and fate was suppressed by the Polish communist regime.

As a result of his deeds, he is considered as "one of the greatest wartime heroes". In the foreword to the book "The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery" Michael Schudrich, the Chief Rabbi of Poland, wrote as follows: "When God created the human being, God had in mind that we should all be like Captain Witold Pilecki, of blessed memory." In the introduction to that book Norman Davies, a British historian, wrote: "If there was an Allied hero who deserved to be remembered and celebrated, this was a person with few peers". At the commemoration event of International Holocaust Remembrance Day held in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum on 27 January 2013 Ryszard Schnepf, the Polish Ambassador to the US, described Pilecki as a "diamond among Poland’s heroes" and "the highest example of Polish patriotism".

Here is a short video about Witold Pilecki, who survived the Nazis, only to be killed by the communist regime imposed by Moscow.

Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 should be a good year for ...

Well, for all fans of palindromes, because 2015=13*5*31, and for people not afraid of 13. That was an easy guess. And did I mention that 5, 13, and 31 are prime numbers? Now I did.

But guess what? There is more. Look at 2015 this way: 2015=5*13*(34-3). All the numbers on the right hand side of the formula are the Fibonacci numbers so loved by many a deranged trader and his dog. Or her dog, to be fair to ladies.

Okay, I might have been a bit hard on the Fibonacci traders lately, as you can see from this less than flattering an opinion expressed in one of the recent articles posted on my site, but I have absolutely no problem with the Fibonacci numbers. Not at all.

Not even with the indicators based on them, as long as they are not abused. I don't use them, finding them too limiting to my trading style, but if you are a total blockhead, they may suit you just fine.

On the contrary. I believe that everyone should be playing with the Fibonacci numbers and other integer sequences, if they only want to. And as much as they want to. One way to do this is via Wolfram Alpha, which is free in its basic form.

You can do amazing things with this computational engine. I have recently played with it a bit while using Mathematica as my main tool doing research for some hedge fund. Wolfram Alpha is based on Mathematica, so if you know Mathematica even a bit you can squeeze out quite a lot out of Wolfram Alpha. Give it a try; just type in "fibonacci sequence." That should be a good start.

Or you can try something like this (see the image below). That will deliver the Fibonacci numbers too. Plus, this piece of code when altered appropriately can generate many integer sequences. Too many to handle in a systematic manner, I am afraid.

But now I am back to re-activating the KING forum. It has to return eventually, no matter how many distractions are thrown my way. Some of these distractions actually pay well and you can brush up on your math too, so I really don't mind them. Others, however, can be criminal in nature, and dealing with those is no fun at all.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

George IV starts the year with nice winners

The nicer one was in ES, the market this e-mini futures day trading system was designed for originally. It turns out, the system can work just fine in YM too, as evidenced by its performance tracked over the period of more than one year. Actually, more like three years.

I started a new page that tracks the system performance in 2015. You can see there how well it did on its first ride this year. You can find more trading results of this system from the years past on my site as well. Plenty of it. Yes, plenty of it, an issue that I may address on my site or here soon too.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Oh, well ...

Maybe next time ...

This time I settled for only 20 points (per contract), though I was going for 40 points. In fact, even 50 was possible, but not enough time was left in the daily session and the market was fluctuating a bit too much, so I closed the position at 20 points only.

Still not bad.

As I said on Twitter, it was an example of building a larger position when you know what to anticipate. Reliable patterns are not so rare, but you need to learn how to spot them correctly, which is still more art than science.

Monday, January 05, 2015


I just cannot miss a good opportunity to stress that 13 is really overrated as that scary number that your pull out of your bag of tricks when your kids are acting up. I say so even despite living in a building that has no apartment 13, but 12A. I kid you not.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

How to keep your New Year resolutions in 2015

That's pretty easy, provided you started working on them in August or September 2014, at the very latest. This way, when 2015 rolls in, you already have enough momentum with these new projects that you started a few months earlier that you will have no problem continuing them in 2015 and probably even well beyond it. If they are that important to you.

This way, January 1st, 2015 only serves as a remainder that you are into something big time, a nice remainder that you are successful already, though more work may still be needed. It almost always is. Success breeds even greater (or more) success, so don't leave it to a mere chance. Start from a simple plan, and this one is as simple as they get.

This way you also have plenty of time to weed out projects that may really not suit you too well in the long run and so you would be entering 2015 only with those whose survival in 2015 and even beyond is much more likely.

That's how I do this. You are welcome to copy my idea some time this summer or (at the very latest) this fall for 2016. You have plenty of time, but the sooner you start working on the 2016 resolutions, the better. You can also take it slower, with less pressure.

Once again, all the best in 2015 and in 2016!

Friday, January 02, 2015

A good start of 2015 or what?

I think the answer is yes, but you are entitled to your own opinion about which I care absolutely nothing.

All the best in 2015 to all KING traders (as well as all George IV traders). All the best to the prospective KING and George IV students too! And to everybody else!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Something to remember from Marc Aurelius in 2015 and beyond

"Or does the bubble reputation distract you? Keep before your eyes the swift onset of oblivion, and the abysses of eternity before us and behind; mark how hollow are the echoes of applause, how fickle and undiscerning the judgments of professed admirers, and how puny the arena of human fame. For the entire earth is but a point, and the place of our own habitation but a minute corner in it; and how many are therein who will praise you, and what sort of men are they?"

Just a thought for 2015 and beyond. From Marc Aurelius who actually made it into the history books.

You know, all those thousands of fake Twitter followers of yours ... Yes, they are still fake. Those are not even "professed admirers," those are fake admirers. Fake like you.

Or, in the immortal words of one Elaine Benes, "fake, fake, fake, fake."