Saturday, February 28, 2015

The foundation of the right attitude

Or another article on my site, dedicated mainly to day trading e-mini futures, but some of what I sometimes say in there can apply to many other aspects of life.

It is based in part on a recent e-mail from one of the new KING students with the very right attitude.

The right attitude is what you need to succeed at trading or pretty much at anything. What is the foundation of this attitude?

Well, that's what this article is about, among other things, and that's what I really want to stress in it.

It is the desire to learn.

Some people learn better than others, but as long as you are willing to learn, you are probably doing better than most, because many, way too many, in my view, are not particularly willing to learn. I can tell this easily when dealing with people.

Anyone looking for an excuse not to learn, is a good example of that. And an excuse is so easy to find. You really don't have to try hard. Anyone looking for a gimmick, anyone trying to wing it, same thing.

This willingness to learn derives from one's culture as well. In some cultures it is highly valued, in others not so. It is valued, in large part, because it can be used as a good measure of the motivation a person can muster when dealing with challenges in modern life.

Look at the picture below. It illustrates the PISA results in math taken in 2012, fairly recent then. The PISA tests are taken by teenagers in many countries across the globe that chose to participate in them.

As a trading vendor (educator), I have dealt with people from many countries. What I have observed is that their motivation is pretty well correlated with the rankings of the countries you see above. Those at the bottom seem less motivated to study hard than those in the upper or middle parts of the table. I don't think I should be particularly surprised by that.

In any case, this article entitled "Truth versus lies" is published here. And below is the preview of coming attractions.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good question

"Is that even a crime?"

See the image of the post I just read on Yahoo! if you want to know what I mean.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

How to become an e-mini futures day trader in simple steps that even a caveman can follow

I recently got contacted by yet another newbie who wanted to become a day trader and wanted me to act as a mentor.

Yes, I do hear from them time and again. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone can be a newbie at something. Being a newbie means that you are willing to learn. I respect that.

It is with them in mind that I have written quite a few articles, which you can find on my site in many of its sections.

The article you should read first if you are interested in becoming an e-mini futures day trader is this one:

The very basics of e-mini trading for the very beginners. Yes, the title says it all.

Of course, if you know nothing about e-mini futures, you can remedy it on my site as well. Check out its e-mini futures educational section that contains everything you need to know about these popular e-mini trading instruments. As long as you are the beginner, that is.

I have replied to the newbie at some length. Below I am attaching a copy of my e-mail. I hope it could be of some use to others that are interested in trading e-mini futures, which can certainly be a very good business, but just as all business and other ventures it requires certain prerequisites.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

How to trade a mechanical trading system

A few days ago, I wrote a new article about it and posted it on my site that, just as this blog, is dedicated primarily to trading e-mini futures.

Not that what I say in there is very new. I have written about things like that in more than one place on my site and since the site has been around for almost 10 years now, you can find there more pieces along the same lines.

I wrote this new article having George IV in mind. However, what I say in there can be applied to virtually any other mechanical trading system, not necessarily even an e-mini futures day trading system, which is the case of George IV.

This article, about how to trade a mechanical trading system,  is here.