Friday, May 29, 2015

13 goes down again - in 10 seconds only!

Yet another victory over 13, the number that has a slightly questionable reputation.

Which "explains" why in some buildings in the US there is no floor 13 (I lived in one, so I know) and there can be no apartment 13 even if there is apartment 14 or even 53. Where I live, there is instead apartment 12A, which is really 13, but a tad more dignified, not to mention inviting.

This and many other victories over 13 mentioned in this blog come courtesy of KING, a formidable e-mini futures day trading methodology, if I may say so.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

KING - New Formula coming soon

You may have noticed that I have launched KING - Basic Formula recently. Its price, $1,400, is quite modest considering the extensive body of KING and what competition offers for much more. (Hint: rather less.) At this point, you can think of this formula as KING 3.0 in transition.

When this transition is completed, the final product will be called KING - New Formula and will include also an individual mentoring program as another major part.

I decided to separate the mentoring program from the self-study course, the basic formula just mentioned, as not everyone needs mentoring and not everyone may be willing to pay an extra $1,000, though it will probably start at less than that for all those who choose to take advantage of the program this year, but eventually it may reach $1,500 or more.

I tend to be flexible, as you would expect it from a discretionary e-mini futures day trader, and so I like to offer more than one choice. The whole package, even at 2,400 is still hard to beat, but for those willing to do all the work on their own, offering a discount is only fair.

The details will follow soon. I intend to release an update to KING - Basic Formula, which will complete the formula transition to its full fledged version, in June. In June, I will also release the details of the mentoring program, which will be taking place on the KING trading forum that I opened last year and which so far has been vastly underutilized.

An update to George IV is also in the works and will be released even sooner, but also in June. George IV, now a major part of George Collection of mechanical e-mini futures trading systems called George, is along with the whole collection a part of KING - Basic Formula.

All those who have bought KING should expect an e-mail about the upcoming updates by June 1st. All others are welcome to join the growing family of KING traders.

For more about KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, or George IV, a mechanical day trading system for ES and YM, see my e-mini futures trading site.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The second anniversary of the day I launched tweeting my e-mini futures trading results

And here is the tweet that started it. There are about 1,100 tweets like that in my Twitter media gallery now.

Two years later, I still don't see any other trading vendor doing so (not that I have been particularly investigating it, just based on my casual observations), though they love posting all kinds of stuff to Twitter.

Videos, in particular. Well, I hate shooting videos. But if you are a devout marketer then you will probably prefer videos than trading. Some love to point out how spiritual they are through quotes and stuff. Yeah, right. Quote me as being an honest capitalist pig. I can live with that.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about how I utilize Twitter, then there are a few articles on my site just about it. You can start here and from there you can access other articles. I plan to write another article about it soon, to sum up these past two years in some way.

And here's the last tweet with my e-mini futures trading results. They are in YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones, and they have been accomplished using the KING trading methodology.

Today was a slow day, but still positive.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why I am not impressed by the Wolfram Language Image Identification Project

I have been a fan and devoted user of some of Wolfram's products.

Most notably, of Mathematica, the first of their products, launched over 25 years ago. I have used it practically ever since it appeared on the market, and I am happy to see that it continues to improve and amaze. This is by far the most impressive of Wolfram's products, their flagship, if you will.

And then there is Wolfram Alpha, a very fine product, entirely web-based, that can do some of the things Mathematica does, except that relatively simple compared to the latter.

I have referred to Wolfram Alpha on this blog before. Recently, in this post about Fibonacci numbers that many traders are obsessed with, which I find somewhat misguided, as I explained on my site not so long ago.

Wolfram keeps adding to its portfolio of products, some of which can also be of interest to traders, Mathematica in the first place, which is indeed a very versatile piece of software, much more than most people interested in trading seem to know.

But that's something to address in another article on this blog or on my site. Here, I would like to discuss their latest brainchild, the image recognition project. It is totally web-based, it's free, and you can find it at

As its full name, The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project, suggests, the goal of the project is to identify images. You drop an image onto a small area on the project's page and shortly after that, the algorithm will tell you what the main object in the image is. Well, in principle, at least.

According to Wolfram, it does a good job, and will only be getting better. I am not disputing this, but I am a bit disappointed that it's not doing a better job already.

Check out my experiment below. I dropped the last image I took a few days ago, which happened to be a screenshot of my e-mini futures trading results. What I got in response was quite odd: remote control.

Not close at all, total miss.

I was surprised and unimpressed because you can find hundreds (well over 700) of similar images on my site in its KING section, and well over 1000 in my Twitter media gallery, so, in principle, it should not be that hard to identify this image as something related to trading or to my site.

What this tells me is that the software behind the project is not well integrated with the web. I thought that for a web-based software this would be a very natural thing to expect. Wolfram Alpha, for instance, routinely relies on various web resources.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And here comes ....

another quickie, of course. I got 6 of those today out of 13 trades, 3 of them in a row, ending with the last trade, number 13 again.

I just love beating 13, whenever I get a chance and today's victory over 13 should count as a double one because of this quickie.

My today's last tweet with trading results tells the story. For more screenshots like that, see my daily trading results pages for the day trading methodology that makes them possible. The market traded is YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones e-mini futures.