Monday, June 29, 2015

Predictably enough or how to to easily make $2000 in ES

ES is the ticker symbol of the popular e-mini futures market, an e-mini market of the futures for Standard and Poor 500.

It's the primary market for George IV, a very fine e-mini futures day trading system, that also trades YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones.

Today, using this system's entry you would have scored an easy 20 points in ES, which, with only 2 contracts (a paltry amount for any semi-serious e-mini futures trader) would enrich you by a cool $2000 (minus small commissions to keep your broker alive).

Now, the system targets only 6 points in its current incarnation (9 points when it was originally designed), but on some days, where the market is likely to move strongly (usually bearish days), you can go after 10 or 20 points and if you do not reach that by the market's daily session close, you can exit your position at this close.

The reason for this predictable strong move today was tweeted by me last night: the situation in Greece and Puerto Rico or the specter of default.

Here's one of these tweets.

That way 20 points would have been possible today, and if you wanted to push for even more, then exiting at the close would have given you about (even over) 19 points, which is still a nice chunk of cash.

Here's how this would have played out illustrated by the cool 5-minute chart of ES courtesy of Sierra Chart, an excellent charting package, my charting package of choice.

Incidentally, George IV is still only $400, not a bad price for a system that can make you $600 each time it hits its full target (using 2 contracts again), which may happen several times a year, to put it conservatively. For more comprehensive results see the system performance page.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

KING - New Formula has been released

If you own KING and George IV, you have been informed about it several hours ago.

KING - New Formula is a continuation of KING, a very popular and quite effective e-mini futures day trading methodology (also a trading course based on it).

However, while KING was meant to be strictly a self-study course, KING - New Formula includes a mentoring program for all those who may want to study KING along with a mentor. The mentor would yours truly. The mentoring sessions will be offered on the KING educational forum. Only $1000 per session, discounted to $600 for those who choose to participate in 2015.

At this point, the mentoring program is offered separately from the main course (KING - Basic Formula) in order to make the course less expensive to the folks who are comfortable studying on their own or who want to save some money. In future, these two elements will be combined. The price of KING - Basic Formula is also bound to rise: $1,400 is a relatively low price for a very comprehensive, original e-mini futures day trading course that comes with an unparalleled wealth of evidence that its ideas can make you money.

There are over 700 daily trading results on my site, each one documented with a screenshot showing the trades taken on a given day. There are over a 1000 Twitter posts in my Twitter media feed, each one documenting a trade taken in real-time with similar shots. Very few courses can boast of this sort of evidence.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Correction to the George IV equity curves

Mistakes happen. We all make them.

My last post here contains one mistake, in one George IV's equity curve, the one for YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones. I shortchanged the last trading result in this market and, consequently, I made the equity curve look less impressive.

It just happened that the trade took place one day after the last rollover Thursday, on Friday, June 12th. Around the rollover time, I often consult charts for the expiring and the new contract. Sometimes, this may lead to mistakes. The mistake occurred because I was looking at a wrong chart, the chart for the June contract and not the September contract.

According to the expiring contract's 5-minute chart, the market moved 60 points from the trade entry. You may think that's enough to claim a full win in this market.

Well, not for me. I have a bit higher standards for the trading results. I require the price to penetrate the target by at least 1 tick in ES and YM.

Well, that was not the case in YM that day, in the expiring contract, but it turns out that the new contract saved the day: its chart shows that the price moved by two ticks beyond the target of 60 points.

Curiously enough, just yesterday, June 18th, the very same system reached the 6 point target in ES, but failed to penetrate it. As you can see from the performance update page, I list only +1.75 points as the final result (achieved at the closing of the daily trading session) and not 6.0 points as one may usually do.

Let me repeat it: what I do is not usually practiced when it comes to hypothetical trading results. But I do this because I believe it is a more honest way of reporting. Yes, I know that it may make the trading results look less impressive, but I believe that honesty is at least as important as good results. Actually, it may be even more.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

George IV (2015) - the newest version of a winning e-mini futures day trading system

Several days ago, I released George IV (2015), the 2015 version of George IV, a mechanical e-mini futures trading system, that has been around since late 2007 and has done quite well during the years it has been tracked by me.

I first tracked its performance between 2007 and 2009, for about 2 years, and then again starting in January 2014. In the latter period, I am tracking this system based on one of its strategies only, and a bit simplified too.

This break in tracking has to do with an e-mini futures trading methodology called KING (also the name of the trading course based on it) that you can use this system with. I was just too busy with KING and thought that tracking the George IV's performance would be interfering with the attention I wanted to dedicate to KING. KING was simply a newer, more promising kid on the block.

But I eventually returned to George IV. I never doubted that it was a good system; the last 18 months validated my high opinion about it once again. And right after the release of this latest upgrade, the system has delivered 2 winners in each of the e-mini futures markets it trades, ES and YM. Nice!

At this point, only those who have bought KING and George IV are enjoying the newest version of George IV. I intend to raise the price of George IV soon (to a still very affordable $600) and then this version will become available to others as well.

However, for only $1,400 you can get yourself KING, which now includes also George IV. In fact, given enough time, George IV alone should be able to pay for KING within only several months with only 2 ES contracts.

For instance, that would have been the case, had you started using this system in January 2015 and continued till June 12th, 2015. During that time, assuming the less conservative strategy, you would have made about $2,000 using just 2 ES contracts.

Of course, that's the past, and since the future is never a simple continuation of the past, one can only speculate about how well this system will perform in the months to come. However, I remain optimistic about its future performance. I think I am rather justified in this optimism.

As a rule, you need to stick to any trading system for a longer haul, at least a year, to be able to judge its performance correctly.

Looking back at its equity curves (in ES and YM; see the graphs below) over the nearly 18 last months (January 1st, 2014 to June 12th, 2015), the performance looks quite good. The system keeps making new peaks in the equity graphs, while its drawdowns remain quite limited.