Thursday, July 30, 2015

Have you tricked Mr. Market lately?

Well, if not, then you should. I did it twice today. Ha!

See the tweets below. Ha!

Okay, it's a summertime down here, so I am kidding around a bit. There are tonnes of screenshots like that in my Twitter media gallery, if you want to see them badly. Well over a 1000 now.

And here's the "super-villain" behind them, KING. A super-villain from Mr. Market's perspective, of course. He may even laugh like the one in the video below, which I am reposting (that's how unoriginal you can get during the LA summers ...)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another set of great looking equity curves

This time only for ES (the Standard & Poor 500 e-mini futures market), but in two tracking categories that differ by one condition only.

This one condition differentiates between more aggressive and more conservative trades. The former can deliver more in total profits, but are potentially more risky and as such can give rise to more frequent or, even worse, bigger drawdowns. The latter should give us a smoother equity curve.

The trading system these equity curves belong to is our old friend, George IV. It can trade two e-mini futures markets, but it was originally designed for ES, and it is in this market that it seems to be doing better, owing to its greater volatility. The other market is YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures.

Last year I was tracking only the conservative trades (see this page of my site for more about the system performance back then). This year, as an experiment of sorts, I decided to track the trades in both categories.

The following equity curves show trades through July 27th, 2015. I have posted them in my Twitter feed first (here's its media gallery), but then I thought that posting them here could be a good idea too as additional comments might help. What follows then is my tweets with these equity curves embedded.

Monday, July 20, 2015

On vacation from the trading business - sort of

It's summertime in full swing again. At least, in the Northern hemisphere.

In LA, that means pretty hot days. Fortunately usually dry, although yesterday it was a very humid day and then it started raining, a most unusual thing here that the previous time had apparently happened 20 years ago. Many parts of California were affected by this rain, quite needed too as California has been suffering from a serious drought for a few years now.

That means I am posting here and on my website, dedicated to day trading e-mini futures, a bit less, also tweeting less, but things should return to normal in September or perhaps even already in the second half of August.

I am trading a bit less too, but still more than you could infer from the daily trading reports with my e-mini trading results that I post on my site. That has always been the case. What you see there is a good sample, but still a sample, and not the whole shebang of my trading results. During slower times of the year (around major holidays or during the vacation season), I may post there less than I actually trade.

In any case, I have recently released a minor but important upgrade of KING, and now KING - New Formula comes also with an individual mentoring program that I would like to start in August at the earliest. 

If you are one of those who qualify for it, and interested in it, let me know by e-mail. To qualify you need to own KING - New Formula or the latest upgrade to KING, which only those who had purchased George IV are entitled to.

George IV is doing quite well, incidentally. Thanks for asking.

It is now part of KING's new formula too. I keep mentioning it my posts here from time to time too. It is a fine e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM, two very popular e-mini futures markets.

You can purchase it separately of KING too. For only $400. Still a good price, which may only go up.

Just because I am on this sort of vacation does not mean I am really closed for business. Not at all. You can purchase KING or George IV at any time and I will take care of it.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Another trading day on Twitter

I don't tweet my trading results as often as I used to because everything eventually gets boring. Trust me. Or recall your own pertinent experience.

And I have been doing this for over two years now having logged well over 100 trading days on Twitter with over a 1000 screenshots showing my trading results posted there near real time. Just like the screenshots you see in this post. First posted on Twitter, now embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, you can follow me on Twitter. I don't bite. I also don't hang out there 24/7, so it's unlikely that I will wear you off with my never-ending stream of pointless reflections.

You can also see my site for more about my Twitter exploits. Here is the last article about it, dedicated to my second tweeting anniversary. Meaning, the second anniversary of tweeting my trading results because I have really been on Twitter for about 8 years now.

These e-mini trading results are in YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones, and my favorite day trading market. They are based on my own day trading methodology (KING), that I offer to the public as part of the e-mini futures trading course of the same name.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

More equity curves of some fine e-mini futures trading system

The trading system in question is George IV, mentioned on this blog quite a few times before. It trades ES, the e-mini futures market of S&P 500 as well as YM, the e-mini futures market of Dow Jones.

Check out the previous posts or the trading system category (label) of this blog if you want to find out more about this fine e-mini futures day trading system.

Or see the system main page on my site. As well as the newest article about its equity curves (through June 2015, starting in 2014) that I just posted there.