Sunday, September 27, 2015

The super-Moon eclipse of September 27th

No the best weather in LA, which is somewhat unusual, but I could see it eclipsed. On the way to Trader Joe's on Vine and on my way back south, a short trip of ca 20 minutes both ways.

It's a super-Moon eclipse as it happens when the Moon is lingering along this part of its orbit around the Earth that is also closest to our planet, which makes it look brighter and slightly bigger. Being eclipsed at the same time could be seen by some as portending the end of the world or, at least, turbulent times ahead.

Well, if things get worse, that is most likely because of what's going on here on Earth rather than in the sky. Hopefully, it won't be worse than a total crash of the stock market in China; not that I wish that upon any Chinese, it's just that it is more likely than a total meltdown of the US markets. Of course, the US stock markets would then drop big time in sympathy, but as an e-mini futures day trader I thrive on volatility, so what do I care?

Friday, September 25, 2015

So you want to know how to get out of a $700 hole?

Perhaps KING could help.

It is a fine e-mini futures day trading course, which may or may not be most suitable for a total "investment moron" but has proven to be quite good for even total newbies to day trading e-mini futures. It has been around for 7 years, and there is plenty of evidence that it works. More than authors of most of such trading courses provide.

Of course, not all newbies are the same. I would say that KING attracts more ambitious of them, which may also account for this greater success rate.

The moral from my today's struggle with Mr. Market is that while trading e-mini futures is risky, it does not have to be a losing proposition.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

So you want to trade thousands of e-mini futures contracts?

Me too. Well, not really.

I don't think it's such a good idea for a retail e-mini day trader. I mention why in one of the newest articles posted on my site.

You want to start small and build on that. Jumping into thousands or even hundreds of contracts is never easy and I don't even think it should be your goal. You can do just fine with only several of them per position. It's safer too.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

George IV and KING - the best foundation for e-mini futures day trading

Here's the latest George IV's equity curve with yet another peak established just yesterday.

It is for YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, but for ES, many e-mini day traders' favorite market, it's quite similar, showing a recent peak as well.

And here's what KING is capable of on a good trading day, such as yesterday.

A good trading day is often signaled by George IV, so it makes a lot of sense to use it along with KING to maximize your trading potential with KING, doesn't it?

KING is not the same as George IV, not only because their names are different. The reasons are deeper than that.

The former is an objective mechanical day trading system for ES and YM, two very popular e-mini futures markets.

It is a relatively easy system to use. Everyone capable of trading should be able to handle it, and since I keep updating its trading performance every week it trades and mention its results in my daily Twitter posts, you should have no problem learning how to use it.

KING, on the other hand is, is an e-mini  futures day trading methodology and a trading course based on it. It is a discretionary trading methodology. Discretionary trading can be more powerful than mechanical trading, but it is definitely an art, when implemented correctly, rather than a science. And I say so as a hard core scientist by trading.

If you want to be an efficient day trader, KING is a way to go, especially in combination with George IV.

They are now both combined in KING - New Formula, to make them most powerful. But you can still test the waters, to see if day trading e-mini futures is your kind of thing, by buying George IV first. You cannot go wrong with that, because not only is it a good mechanical trading system with plenty of evidence (some 4 years of documented past performance in total) to back this statement up, but studying it can also teach you how to create profitable day trading systems. That's because, the system is fully disclosed. Moreover, now you can also get 3 other e-mini futures day trading systems with it, also fully disclosed, so you can learn even more.

Now, if this is not the best, most reasonable, foundation of your e-mini futures day trading education, then I don't know what else can be. And I am rather smart, so I should know, I think.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Another good trading day?

I thought so, too.

All courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology (or trading course based on it). Yes, KING rules.

And that wasn't the end of it. I took a few more trades after a break.

Friday, September 04, 2015

50 and closing in on 750 daily e-mini trading reports

The 50th daily KING e-mini futures trading report for this year has just been posted on my site. Had I not been so busy with other things this year (a certain hedge fund, in the first place) I might have been closing in on 100 now.

But that's okay. There is already plenty of those reports on my site, more seems more and more pointless every month if not every day. The very first of KING students had to rely only on 30 or so such reports coming from Katherine, my first (unofficial) KING student. It was already enough for them. And for some people it will never be enough no matter how many I will ever produce. That's fine with me too. These people are not traders, more like confused.

And I am also closing in on 750 of such trading reports in total, accumulated over the period of 7 years or so. I started posting them in late October 2008, if I recall it correctly (I may be off by about a month), and have kept doing so since then. One fine year I posted about 150 of them. At this point, there are 732 of them in total.

KING is "still" doing well. And it will always do well for those who have mastered it well. Discretionary trading is really a skill trading, and so practice plays an important role in becoming a proficient trader. Once you master it, you will become unstoppable.

KING, for those new to it, is an e-mini futures day trading methodology, and an e-mini futures trading course based on it. Try it, you may actually become a winning trader the first time in your life. Beats being a sore loser hanging out on a trading forum for sore losers, the most famous of which is the one founded by the guy who blew two of his day trading accounts. Yes, you read it right: it is that bad!

And that's the memo.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

E-mail backlog

I have a sizable e-mail backlog.

What this means is that not everyone will receive a reply from me. Of course, new clients will in the first place because I need to help them out with indicators and other beginners' issues. Other clients with real needs (who want, for instance, indicators from me) will receive a prompt reply too. Serious potential clients can expect a serious consideration too, especially if I see that they have done their homework.

However, e-mails with issues that are already addressed on my site or in the KING/George IV materials will be treated in the last order and may not be answered at all. Especially if they contain not very important questions. And some of them sometimes strike me as a bit frivolous, written under the assumption that I have plenty of time to answer all kinds of questions. Actually, I don't, and if I really am to help as many as possible, I have to cut on answering such questions in the first place.

Questions not related to what I offer on my site (also referred to as unsolicited), are usually not answered at all, sometimes answered very briefly. Some of the people who send me in such questions are not very professional, no matter what they may think of themselves.

For instance, I was once contacted by a self-proclaimed foremost authority on trading rooms who wanted to know if he could examine my trading room. You would expect such a foremost authority to be able to figure out that I have no trading room. If it is not mentioned on the main (welcome) page of my site (or anywhere else, for that matter), then you can bet that it does not exist. Hence checking this page is enough to know that, but apparently doing homework is not his forte. I don't think I could trust such an authority, no matter how "foremost."

It's not exactly like people who have trading rooms hide this fact. I would say, on the contrary. I have a trading forum, though practically still not in use, and yet you can easily find out about it on my site.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Abundance continues

Yes, it takes some practice.

But on a good, volatile day even a brave, aggressive newbie would do that well with KING, an e-mini futures day trading methodology (and trading course of the same name) that I have been offering on my site for some time. Probably not every newbie, but some could and some did in the past.

I base this opinion on my experience with KING students from the first two KING mentoring sessions and especially the first one that attracted a bunch of quite talented people, but pretty new to day trading e-mini futures, and totally new to KING.

But practice is always the key in discretionary trading.

You may think it's obvious, but you probably have no idea how many people actually reject it in one way or another, not always openly but in ways that can be easy to spot, perhaps not by them. They always try to improve something outside, never inside. That also may mean they have little trust in their own abilities and so they are likely to struggle no matter how good their trading methodology is.

400+1 posts published!

That's post number 401, a bit of a vanity post to basically let you know that the previous post was a very round number 400.

I also mentioned this on Twitter, the first place to learn about this and other things related to my e-mini futures trading and vendor business.

It was also a perfect square, as 400 is 20 squared. And 401 is a very fine prime number.

Here are other prime numbers that occur after a perfect square (up to 100,000):


You can get them all in a fraction of a second using Mathematica (see the image above; click on it to enlarge it). Of course, there are many more, but notice the pattern: except for 2 and 5, they all end up with 1 or 7.

We are now aiming at 577 and I seriously doubt we will ever reach 1601. But then again, I was also sort of doubting I would ever reach 500 and then 600 daily trading results updates on my site, and as you can easily see, there are now over 725 of them.

And that's the memo.