Sunday, December 18, 2016

NinjaTrader 8 indicators for KING coming soon

As soon as as the first quarter of 2017, but probably even in January 2017.

The thing about NinjaTrader is that every major upgrade of it requires the developer to rewrite the indicators or strategies for this platform. That's not very convenient, to say the least.

Also, not very common in this business. TradeStation, MultiCharts, Sierra Chart and other similar charting packages do not require recoding. But since NinjaTrader is a very popular platform, probably more than most, you are just bound to do it.

Speaking of KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, I am still offering it at a holiday discount. In January 2017 or perhaps when the NinjaTrader 8 indicators are released, its price will go up to $1500.

Also, the KING trading forum has been moved to a new permanent domain and will soon be reopened. Hopefully, it will become the best e-mini futures trading forum around.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

KING's Christmas Holiday Special

Only $1200, so that's a generous 20% discount as the regular price is $1500 now. Good until the end of 2016.

It's the last time I am offering this excellent e-mini futures day trading course at this price simply because I am very busy with other things and spending very little time on marketing this year. I have also been forced to spend more time on fighting criminals of various stripes over these past 12 months, usually Putin's "patriots," or Russian lowlifes.

Last year there was no holiday special and I doubt it will be one next year.

You can find out more about KING in this section of my site. It's pretty rich, so perhaps you should check out this recent article about how this trading course differs from other products of this type on the market. Or why to choose it.

You can also check out this article about KING's trading philosophy.

And don't forget to check out my Twitter media feed where you will find over 1,800 trades posted in near real-time over the past 3 years or so. Not many traders let alone trading vendors can boast of this kind of track record. For rather obvious reasons. Even more is on my site in the results sections - yes, there are several of them.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

If you are a KING trader, you win even when Hillary loses

The markets did drop quite a bit at night, as I had anticipated (see my earlier posts), and I was tempted to trade Dow Jones e-mini futures (YM), my favorite trading vehicle, on this post-election day after Donald Trump's victory starting the very night after.

I could not fall asleep and I am a night person, anyway, which also explains why I rarely trade before the noon EST (9 AM my time). Yes, I need to get some sleep - if you go to bed at 1-2 AM at the earliest, getting up before 9 AM is not that appealing. It's not always so, but quite often. Probably too often for my own good, but that's one of those habits that are just impossible to break.

I took 7 trades at night, then 18 more during the day. Not a bad trading session overall, as you can see from my last tweet today featuring my trading results. Notice that I did not use more than 4 contracts per trade, which I like to refer to as classical KING trading. You don't need a big account to do well with KING.

So how's your trading "teach" doing these days? If I may ask.
KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, based on the methodology I use for my trading, is still only $1,400.

The people are pissed off and Trump wins

I am politically independent with a libertarian bias, so I did not have a dog in this fight, as I have said first two months ago and repeated it lately somewhat sarcastically. Both major candidates were badly flawed and that's about the only thing that most Americans truly agreed on according to the polls.

But, as I have said in my last post, I was hoping Hillary would win, though I was not absolutely sure. She was a safer candidate, more predictable, more mature.

As someone who leans libertarian, I find Trump scary. I hope he will not do much damage to this country, but people who think that Putin, an authoritarian that has been in power for over 16 years either as the Russian president or prime minister, is a cool dude, are either confused or dangerous. And what's worse, not only Trump thinks so, but so do his supporters (see the image below).

Americans have no experience with authoritarians, but Europeans do. Since I was born and raised in a European country that for many decades was under communist rule, I may have more appreciation for civil liberties than those who have been taking them for granted for over two centuries.

America, this beacon of liberty, has elected for President the man who finds Putin worthy of praise and perhaps emulation. I am afraid "that's not going to be good for anybody."

But he may as well turn out to be a good president. Let's hope so. And I wish him success.

Democrats have no one to blame for this but themselves. Just as they were blaming Ralph Nader for the Bush's victory in 2000, now they are trying to blame Jill Stein for that (see the tweet below). They seem to persist in denial. That's not very inspiring, to say the least.
As I said in my last post, the markets, e-mini futures first, would tank if Trump were to win, which they did during the election night, though may stage a rebound during the day.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Another Brexit-like event?

The US presidential election is only a day away, on November 8th, and it will have serious financial consequences in addition to political ones. Not only to the US but to the rest of the world as well.

The Wall Street crowd is expecting Hillary Clinton to win, and stocks have rallied today signalling that the odds of her presidency might have improved after she had again been cleared by the FBI of any wrongdoing in an e-mail scandal, the investigation into which has been going on for many months now.

But the race is very tight, so her win may turn out to be totally illusory leading to a Brexit-like crash in the stock markets across the globe after the election night, just as was the case after the Brexit referendum (see the tweet below).
I don't think this will be the case.

I expect Hillary Clinton to win and the markets to rally, but I could be wrong just like anyone else. In fact, like many, I was expecting the Remain side to win the UK referendum on staying or leaving the EU, because I honestly did not see the point in leaving.

And I still don't. While many try to rationalize this, I think it's pointless because the irrational behavior cannot be rationalized. Voters can be as irrational as traders or investors often are.  Reason is highly underutilized by most members of our species.

Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, as I said on this blog not long ago. In some ways perhaps even more than Donald Trump. But she is also more predictable, more mature, and so more acceptable to investors because if there is one thing that markets don't like it is uncertainty which can be a drag on business and economy.

Still, if you are a trader you can make money trading such events. Especially using tools like KING that are well suited for more volatile trading environments.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Manifesting abundance Maria Bamford's way

Maria Bamford is an incredibly funny comedienne.

Yet, not particularly well-known. I have discovered her only this year. She is certainly more original, more entertaining than many of her colleagues in business.

Here's a piece of her monologue that I found particularly funny. It starts ca 17:15 time mark and it's about using a vision board to manifest abundance. Or something.

The whole thing is worth listening to, if you have time - it's about 50 minutes long.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Useful quotes for traders and not only

A week or so ago I tweeted a quote from a well-known philosopher and psychologist, Erich Fromm.
This squares nicely with the theory of positive disintegration by a Polish psychiatrist, Kazimierz DÄ…browski, which views tension and anxiety as necessary for growth.

A few hours later, I also tweeted a link to one of the articles on my site dedicated primarily to day trading e-mini futures that features quotes that many a trader or pretty much anyone else would probably find useful.

I just updated this article with some more quotes, one featured on this blog when 2015 started and the one by Mr. Fromm. And also one by Richard Feynman, a famous theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner.

It may be a good idea to re-read these quotes from time to time, especially when you are stuck in life or in your business that may or may not have anything to do with trading.

Or during a crazy presidential election campaign when you can't make up your mind which of the main candidates is a lesser threat to the society at large. In which case, voting for Cthulhu makes so much sense. Because why settle for a lesser evil.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Moving my site to another host

I am pretty busy with rather boring and time consuming things these days, so not much posting here and not much tweeting.

I am moving my site,, to another host.

That means moving its domain and also the server that hosts the site files. I think that my next site, if I ever decide to launch one, will be based on the WordPress platform. Much easier to post to and easy to maintain too compared to a static site.

That means that my site may go down, perhaps even for a day or two, at some point in the next few weeks. I may also suspend my commercial activity, but not only because of that, also because other things may keep me from responding to orders and e-mail in a reasonably prompt manner.

I will probably also inform you about it on my site, closer to the whole operation, but it's just so much easier to do so on this blog, so I am doing it here first.

I am moving my site from to I have not been particularly happy with GoDaddy lately.

Not only are their prices not very competitive any more, but in some ways, they are practically corporate criminals, interested only in money, lacking elementary decency to their loyal customers when their customers need them most, which is perhaps even worse. That has been my experience with them, the Abuse Department in the first place, over the last year or so. It's time to send a message by moving my business elsewhere, and in fact, lowering my business costs a bit too - while the latter is of somewhat secondary importance, it's a nice bonus, for sure.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

13 trades on September 13th ... sort of

As can be seen from my two tweets from today's trading session.
The trades are in the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, whose ticker symbol is YM. This is my favorite day trading market.

They were taken using my day trading methodology, KING. All you need to know about KING, a fine e-mini futures trading course based on this methodology, and much more, is on my website dedicated primarily to day trading the e-mini futures markets, preferred markets of many retail traders these days.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Surprisingly, this e-mini futures day trading system keeps making money

The trading system in question is our dear George IV, or, Mr. IV, for some.

Yes, it keeps making money, at least in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, despite rather poor conditions due to exceptionally low volatility this summer.

One can blame this low volatility on a number of things, one of which is certainly a very crazy US election season, in which a disliked career politician with a troubling sense of entitlement is competing against a blathering billionaire posing as a savior of the working class and a yuuuge fan of Vladimir Putin whom he would probably be happy to emulate once he gets elected.

If that's not a farce, I don't know what the farce is. Ordinarily you see things like that in third world countries, or when the shit is about to hit the fan anywhere on the planet. Probably any planet, but let's stick to the Earth, shall we?

Most Americans desperately hope for some change, yet neither of these two people can rationally be expected to deliver it as both represent the establishment, be it political or corporate. Both also have distinguished histories of lying or flip-flopping whenever they find it convenient.

Out of the nation of over 300 million people, the best that America has produced in this presidential election is two addled old farts that spent most of their adult lives in positions of privilege and power they clearly are addicted to, largely clueless about the lives of ordinary folks they want to represent.

That in rational people this can only induce a profound sense of frustration and deep divisions among all living here, the divisions that may be hard to heal, goes without saying.

In circumstances like that it's hard to expect the rational market players (and most big players are such) to commit to larger positions. They will wait until the election is over, though one can expect some volatility before (say, due to Hillary Clinton's health issues) and serious volatility afterwards if the President elect is considered to be bad for the markets.

Markets don't like uncertainty and Donald Trump is perceived as Mr. Uncertainty, so his election (quite likely, in my view) may spook markets more than if Hillary is elected.

Below you see the current (2016) track record for the Dow Jones e-mini futures market.

You can see from this table, also posted on my site, that up to September 9th, the system has executed 36 trades and produced 200 points, each worth $5.

Assuming 2 ticks for slippage (probably a bit too much) and $5 for commissions, that can also be lower with some e-mini futures brokers, you could have made $(200*5-36*15)=$460 per contract so far this year.

Now, you may think it's not a lot.

Well, compared to 2014, that may be true, but not every year can be that good, and a mechanical day trading system is unlikely to do as well as a swing system, as the latter has access to bigger ranges. In fact, many such day trading systems lose money if their profits include commissions and slippage. This one has made money over the last three years or so and in a more distant past over a period of about 2 years as well.

The only way to make real money with mechanical day trading systems is by using a relatively large number of contracts, at least 10-20. Then your profits can be in thousands and sometimes in tens of thousands of dollars instead of just hundreds of greenbacks.

I am offering this fine mechanical e-mini futures trading system for YM and ES mainly for educational purposes, as I strongly believe that KING, which also includes it, is a better offer and more likely to make you much more money than George IV. However, this system can also make you money, probably enough to pay for itself ($400 only) with one contract only.

Or even to pay for KING ($1400), if you start trading it in a drawdown, also with one contract only.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Wall Street Journal agrees with me ...

Or with my recent "kvetching" ...

I mean my complaining, especially on Twitter, throughout most of August about low volatility, which of course gave rise to smaller day trading profits. See, for instance, the tweet embedded below, one of the last in the series about this issue.
I also wrote something along these lines, addressing low volatility days, in my previous post on this blog. Yes, days like that, the slow days, do happen rather often in the market, but this August seemed to be particularly slow.

As James Mackintosh says (see the image below) in his WSJ article "It’s Getting Scarily Quiet in the Stock Market," "The past 30 days have been the least volatile of any 30-day period in more than two decades."

I did not know that, but I could feel it and I am glad that what I did feel was not just in my head; it really was extremely low volatility.

But low volatility cannot last forever, it is always followed by large(r) volatility. This larger volatility started arriving last week and last Friday (August 26th) it was quite good, which was also reflected in my e-mini futures trading result for that day (see the tweet embedded below) and the previous one as well (see this).

Friday, August 05, 2016

Slow days are not fun but happen rather often

I don't like them, but with KING you can handle them pretty well, even if sometimes you may be forced to lower your target to 2-3 ticks, while the standard one is 5 ticks and 10 ticks is doable too on more volatile days.

I am talking about the ticks in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, my favorite futures market and the one I recommend for KING traders (at least for starters).

Trading on a slow day feels a bit like being constipated. Not exactly something you would be willing to kill for. If you prefer a faster moving market, and do better on faster days, you will probably not be trading optimally.

You will be tempted to lower your target, which sometimes may not be warranted (in hindsight!), but that's what your instinct is telling you. That's okay. Do it. It's more important to make money than to be right. Infinitely more. If you can be right too, treat this as a bonus. Don't trade to prove yourself right, but only to make money.

You may be tempted to rationalize why you lowered your target when the original one gets hit eventually and sometimes, much to your chagrin, shortly after you had adjusted that damn target. Well, I have finally come to the conclusion that this makes no sense. Rationalizing, that is.

If your instinct is telling you to act a certain way, that's about as good as you can get it in a slow market. Remember, we are talking about discretionary trading here, as KING is a discretionary trading methodology; also a day trading course based on this methodology. If you are trading in a systematic way, you follow your system to a tee, including where and how to exit your position. That may actually be even more frustrating in a "constipated" market than when trading such a market in a discretionary manner.

Sometimes, it is justified to go for a bigger target rather than a smaller one. Say, 10 ticks. This is so, for instance, when you are sure about the general market bias (long or short). Judging this bias is particularly easy on the days when George IV gives a strong signal.

Such was the case today, hence the first two trades in the screenshot below (in my tweet with trading results from today's trading session) were inspired by George IV, a very fine e-mini futures trading system for ES and YM.
However, since the second trade aimed at 10 ticks took almost 2 hours to reach the target, I was not too upbeat about holding my third position even for 5 ticks as it was taking a longer while, so I exited it with 3 ticks only and quite prematurely too. But then again: it's better to make money than being right. I was right too, but did not capitalize on it, which is fine, but gives me no bragging rights.
Well, I am rationalizing things a bit here. I don't know what the real reason for my exit was, but  I certainly was not feeling too comfortable with the market taking too long to deliver after "suffering" for almost two hours being stuck in the previous trade.

After that, I decided that was enough, and chose to run an errand that probably could have waited had the market been  more spry. That's okay too.

I don't think trading a lot on days when trading is slow makes much sense. As a rule, that I myself use for KING, if you can not make at least $200-300 with 2-4 YM contracts in the first two hours of your trading, you may as well take the rest of the day off.  On good days, you should be able to make that much even in the first 30 minutes. It makes much more sense to trade more and more aggressively on volatile days than on the days when Mr. Market is constipated.

Trading should be fun. If it is not you are probably not doing it right. 

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Over 1800 items in my Twitter media gallery

That's another milestone, perhaps worth mentioning here.

Assuming 95% of them are screenshots with my e-mini futures day trading results, there are about 1700 such screenshots, meaning about 1700 trades tweeted in near real time. All were taken using my e-mini trading methodology, KING.

Here's a pretty recent example.
Many more you will find in other posts of this blog or in the mentioned (and linked to) Twitter media gallery.

For more about how I use Twitter for posting my e-mini trades check out my site. Here's a good article to start (and pretty recent too), but there are few more there pertaining to my Twitter trades. 

I don't think I will be selling KING beyond 2017, so I am not tweeting as much as I used to in the first 12-24 months, but 1700 trades is quite a lot, especially so if you compare this number to what my competitors have managed to post so far. Hardly anything even remotely approaching this number.

But some of them sure do have thousands of Twitter followers more than me. Obviously bought for a few bucks to make them look like "experts in demand." Rather laughable, if you ask me. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why KING is your best choice of an e-mini futures day trading course

I wrote about it just recently in a brief article posted on my site dedicated to trading e-mini futures. I basically re-iterated what I have written in other pages of my site, most of which are collected in the KING-More section.

You may also check out this article about KING as a trading philosophy. Quite pertinent too.

And, of course, do not miss an extensive section of the FAQ for KING, which I have just updated. It's not like I do not mention it on my site. In fact, more than once, I am sure.

Yes, KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, is certainly worth your consideration. And, to repeat what I said in the last paragraph of Why KING, if anyone showed what is possible with KING, I would not hesitate a moment to get my hands on it and would do everything to become the best one can be at using it.

That's how you succeed. Right tools and the right attitude are the keys to the trading success. Or, to any success, for that matter.

KING gives you the tools, the powerful e-mini futures trading methodology that this course is based on which created quite a few formidable traders. You provide the attitude. Sounds fair? I believe so.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Yet another e-mini futures trading day in July

And it started rather late for me, but then again being a night person, living on the West Coast, and sometimes finding it hard to fall asleep with too many things on my mind, I may not drag myself out of my bed until after the noon of EST, and sometimes even later, say around the noon of my time.

Still, as you can see from the image below showing my e-mini trading results on Friday, the 15th, I don't need many hours (1-2 is enough) to make more than most people make working 8 hours. I think being well rested is paramount for a good trading performance, especially in markets as volatile as e-mini futures markets. Of course, a good trading methodology is equally, if not more, important as feeling refreshed and eager for a good fight with Mr. Market.

The tweet with my final trading score embedded above shows trading results in my favorite e-mini futures market, YM, or the Dow Jones e-mini futures. There are over 1700 such screenshots in my Twitter media gallery and almost 820 trading days in total with trading results recorded either on my site or in my Twitter feed (and sometimes both). But KING can work wonders in ES too and in other markets as well, though my experience with it is limited to trading YM, ES, and NQ, which are among the most popular US stock index e-mini futures markets.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kids these days ... or on a lighter note

I just came across this on the intertubes and thought that it was cuter than cute cats that look like Hitler...  Not that I have anything against cats. I am very much a cat person.

I also shared it through my Twitter feed, but only the first of the two videos that follow.

And here is another video of this kind featuring an even younger performer and from a different part of the world.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

George IV after six months of 2016

George IV is a mechanical e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM that has been around for nearly 10 years and is still doing pretty well. I have mentioned it on this blog quite a number of times already and may still do so. It's just a good trading system, so I feel comfortable talking about it.

While I believe that this system is best used in combination with KING, a discretionary e-mini futures trading methodology, it can make you money on its own too. Plus, KING can be used in more markets than just ES and YM, though the recommended e-mini futures markets for it are ES and YM, as well, pretty good markets to trade.

I have been tracking this system performance for some time, restarting it in 2014, which was a very good year for it. I have continued that through 2016. I will be very busy in August and September with things other than trading, but I will try to update its performance at the year's close. And in July 2016, those who bought it as part of the KING package will receive updates with results and pictures of charts showing how trades developed in the first half of 2016.

Speaking of its performance in the first 6 months of this year, it was generally positive, pretty good in YM to the tune of 200 points and only moderately positive in ES, where the system accumulated only 9 points. Still, positive in both markets despite quite a bit of nervousness in the markets during that time that can be attributed to the US presidential election and the UK Brexit referendum. All is well that ends well, though, as the popular saying goes.

The best way to start using this system is in a drawdown of at least 15 (150) points in ES/YM. The system is very resilient and eventually recovers, so you stand a very good chance of making $1500 with two YM contracts rather easily. I chose the sum of $1500 as it is about equal to the current price of KING plus George IV, which is $1400.

In other words, I give you not just KING, but also an objective mechanical tradings system that virtually guarantees to pay for KING and itself. 

That's yet another way how KING is better than all other e-mini futures day trading courses out there. It can pay for itself even if you were not to use it.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Post-Brexit and still making money

As you can see from the last of my today's tweets that contained my trading results.
YM is the Dow e-mini futures market, a very fine market to trade, pre-Brexit, post-Brexit, or any other day of your life. As long as you use KING for that.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brexit or not, you can make money with KING or George IV

As shown by my tweets from today's trading session with 15 trades taken in my favorite e-mini futures market, YM, the Dow Jones e-mini.

KING, which made all those 15 trades possible, is an e-mini futures day trading methodology, which will blow you socks off, so don't wear them when using it. It is offered as a trading course along with George IV, a very fine mechanical e-mini futures trading system for ES and YM, two very popular e-mini futures markets.

The whole package is (still) only $1400 and you can order it from my e-mini trading site.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

KING is selling very well ...

even though I am not tweeting my e-mini trading results as much as I used to.

(And thanks for asking ... )

But then again, that is probably not so surprising as my clients tend to be a smarter crowd. The type of people that understand that there is already plenty of evidence that KING works both on my site and in my Twitter feed, especially in its media part. Because it really is.

I am talking about thousands of trades and hundreds of days spread over a period of over 7 years. Not to mention that my business has been around for over 10 years now too, and, there are quite a few people out there making money with my e-mini futures trading methods.

If you still need more, you probably are one of those fellows who just can't make up their minds, which pretty much disqualifies you from being a trader. I get contacted by such people from time to time. Fortunately, not too often.

They often end up following vendors who just can't stop cranking out their shiny videos. Seriously, folks, those are marketers, not traders. You want to learn something from marketers? Be my guest, just make sure that whatever it is you want to learn from them has more to do with marketing than with trading. Ideally, it should have nothing to do with trading.

I am planning a price hike, still speaking of KING, sometime this year, probably when the KING forum is up and running again, which is definitely something I want to accomplish by the end of this year.

And for those new to KING, who may not know what it is, here's a brief introduction: it is an e-mini futures day trading course based on a unique discretionary trading methodology that can actually make you money. I should know. And you will too.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A new article on my site or an extended reply to Trading Loonies

Trading Loonies is a popular WordPress blog dedicated to exposing "loonies, posers, and other dubious characters of the trading world."

I like that blog and I mentioned it here before, perhaps more than once, and also on my site when talking about trading advocacy sites.

The blog has been around for a few years now and it looks like the three guys who run it are serious about continuing their activity. It's a very needed site, and doing an excellent work based on impeccable research.

No wonder then that they have 4 PhDs among their Twitter followers, yours truly being among them. I follow them in my personal Twitter account, where I follow virtually everyone, except for obvious Twitter spammers or other questionable characters who I think abuse it. In practice that means that I follow back at least 90% of those who follow me.

I follow no one in my business or trading Twitter account as I don't want to single anyone out and would not be able to follow everyone considering how many people my Twitter feed could potentially attract. Nothing personal, just a business decision.

Trading Loonies have recently (early May) asked me some question and the article mentioned in the title of this post is meant to answer it in greater detail. The question has to do with trading rooms rather than trading forums, and it is the latter that the blog has been very critical about, not without a good reason or two. More precisely, they have been very critical of one trading forum, if you can actually call it like that.

Perhaps they want to diversify into trading rooms, which in my view deserve quite a bit of attention too, as they are uniformly bad, as bad as the worst trading forums. Yes, trading forums can be a waste of your time too, and much worse, as they can give you all kinds of wrong ideas about trading.

Anyway, this recent article about online trading rooms can be reached here. I plan a few more articles this year, so you can check out my site from time to time. They usually are posted in the A Word of Advice section of my site. There are over 80 articles in this section already.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Day trading can be boring like ...

But you can make a living from the comfort of your home if you are good at it.

I should know. I have been doing this for 15 years now. I started in 2002 during a mild recession that was not mild enough for the company I was working back then in a nice Beverly Hills office. First, I was day trading stocks, then switched to day trading e-mini futures, ES, NQ, and eventually YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures contract, which has become my favorite trading instrument.

I know the boredom and I know the other side too. The good one, the profitable one.

But trading is probably less boring than most jobs out there. At least, that can be said about discretionary trading because systematic trading is probably more boring than most boring jobs you may ever have. It's almost like watching paint dry. The fun aspect of systematic trading happens before trading; it's in the designing of your trading system.

Then you just execute it and it's probably a good idea to automate it, especially if it regularly trades more than 10 times a month. George IV is not like that, as it trades less than that and it's pretty easy to handle, but any other mechanical system, if it is to be used for a long run should be automated, in my view.

In discretionary trading there is always plenty of room for a creative element during trading, the same element that would be very counterproductive during systematic trading. That makes this kind of trading less boring, more engaging, but then again after doing this for many years, you will start acting in a pretty automatic manner. To put it in other words, your intuition will guide you in a way that may seem automatic.

And sometimes even when things seems boring, they may change quite unexpectedly. As was the case today, when the seemingly boring Mr. Market caught me by surprise causing two losses.
But I still won.

How to handle the loss is more important than its size. As long as the loss size is not bigger than what you can expect to make a day, and they happen infrequently, you stand a chance to do well. Losses should not be small or else they are probably accidental and could have been avoided with a wider stop-loss.

It is a bit of a trading myth that losses should be as small as possible. They should be reasonably small, but too small can wipe your account as surely as big ones. Perhaps even faster.

I take a loss when I see it's the best thing to do, when I see that is what the market is telling me to do. When the market has pushed quite strongly against my position, I can be more convinced to take a loss and often to reverse my position (as was the case today too) than when it is just jumping around threatening my puny 10 tick stop-loss.

That also is part of KING's trading philosophy and it has been working quite well.  For many years now.

Friday, April 01, 2016

How Mr. Market fooled me on April 1st

He did so by messing around with the trend and forcing me to abandon my 4 contract position that I wanted to take to the target of 20 ticks; that would have been ca $400 minus small commissions.

I should say that I originally wanted to get only 15 ticks out of this position, but changed my mind. Well, the price did hit the 15 tick target on 3 different occasions, but I did not budge.

When it was taking well over half an hour with my position still open, I started having some doubts and with about 45 minutes till the end of the daily trading session in YM, my favorite e-mini futures market, I decided to close my position at 12 ticks per contract (approximately, 47 instead of 48 in total, to be precise, but that's a small detail).

The price did eventually hit my 20 tick target (shortly after I had closed my position, to comply with Murphy's law), and even 25 ticks was, it turned out, possible.

See the tweet below that shows my first trade, the one that I was hoping to close with 20 ticks of profit.
Well, some days are like that. It does not have to be April 1st. Sometimes you just can't get what you want, even though your intuition was right. Other factors, such as being close to the daily session close may also impact your trading and make it less effective.

And that's the lesson from today's trading.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trip to Poland

As I said on January 1st this year, in 2016 I was going to focus on personal and family issues (and other things) that I might have neglected over the years while running, whose 10th anniversary took place in December 2015.

What I largely meant by family issues was the health of my mother who turned 82 this month. Unfortunately, just recently her health deteriorated and she had to undergo a serious surgery. While she has survived it, the surgery will have some disabling effect on her.

Due to this circumstance, my visit to Poland this summer is unavoidable. This will impact my vendor business. It will, at the very least, be suspended for a few months. If you are planning to buy KING, my main and most popular trading product (an e-mini futures day trading course), I suggest you do this in the next 3 months or else you will have to wait at least a few months when I am back to running my business as smoothly as before.

I am not going away, though. Certainly not planning on it. My next major project, an e-mini futures trading forum, still remains in my plans and will probably take priority over my vendor business in the months to come.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My day trading philosophy

No major philosopher has been a day trader to the best of my knowledge. But that does not mean that a broader, more "philosophical" approach to day trading (in my case, day trading e-mini futures) is not possible.

It is and can even be quite helpful. A philosophy of some sort almost always accompanies a serious effort of one kind or another, it seems to occur as a natural outgrowth of such an effort. If that's not the case, your effort might as well have been wasted.

It may take years, and it usually does, to develop a philosophy of some sort, but you may benefit from it even you have not spent that much time pondering or participating in things it pertains to. An open mind is needed for that, but most people of at least normal intelligence already qualify in this regard.

I have been day trading financial markets for nearly 15 years, mostly e-mini futures, and I believe I do know what it takes to be successful in this field, what works and what does not, why some people are consistent winners or why most will never make it in this business.

The most recent article on my site, inspired by two identical questions, one over e-mail and another over Twitter, makes an attempt at such a philosophy of mine.

I could certainly add a thing or two to it, but that just an attempt, not a first one. There is more in other articles on my site (there are dozens of them in various parts of my site) and still more in KING, my e-mini futures day trading methodology that I share in the form of an e-mini day trading course of the same name.

Philosophy literally means "love of wisdom" and if this too high-brow for you, you can simply think of it as wise advice. That's pretty much how I understand it when it comes to trading.

Psychology, that many traders seem to be in love with, was once part of philosophy. In my view, it's rather unfortunate that it is now considered "science" because its scientific value is somewhat dubious, but it can certainly be valuable as precisely "wise advice," or insight coming from the more skillful, knowledgeable folks who not only spent years doing/experiencing things but also thinking about how to do that most fruitfully.

Perhaps one day, I will write a book about it. I think a book like that is missing and needed; way too many trading books address rather shallow issues. Not exactly unimportant, but the really important things, things that can make quite a difference in your trading, are largely left unexplored or not fully explored.

An e-mini futures trading forum that I want to re-activate at some point this year, should also be of some use at exploring things like that.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

800 is here!

I mean 800 daily e-mini futures trading result updates. That's a pretty round number, isn't it? Twice a square too: 2*400=2*20^2. It arrived yesterday, March 18th, very much unplanned, though I was expecting it this month for sure.

However, March 18th was rather an uneventful trading day. At least for me. It was a slow day, as I also remarked on Twitter, and a Friday, and I even was not planning on trading that day. I was watching a movie with John Travolta courtesy of Amazon Prime (see below) and generally doing nothing, which is the type of thing most people do on a Friday, if they can get away with it; if you are self-employed and work flexible hours, you certainly can.

That's one of the greatest things about being a day trader: you really don't have to work every day. Contrary to what some trading newbies may think about this day trading thing, it is not about trading every day, but merely about closing your position the same day you opened it, or, even more accurately, closing it during the same day trading session that you opened it. I should add that this is particularly true if you are a discretionary trader, as I am.

I was a bit surprised that I managed to get over $200, my minimum daily profit target, relatively easily, but decided not to push it much harder as the day was still rather slow and I just got a lucky break. Most days are like that. On most days you should be happy if you manage to take 5-10 trades and make money. On such days, you are better off not to push too hard because it can backfire. And I was watching the movie too, so I was not particularly focused.
But there are days when you should push harder, except that you really don't have to because the market is just cooperating very nicely. These are days of increased volatility, when you can take 15-25 trades, and if you are in good shape, even 25-30.

Of course, your trading methodology has to be flexible or rich enough to let you take 20+ trades on a good, volatile, trading day. I use KING, the e-mini futures day trading methodology (also the name of the day trading course based on it that is available to the public), which can certainly do this. I am hardly the only walking proof of it.

I think I may now take a break from tweeting my trading results, probably not for long, but I'd like to get my KING e-mini futures trading forum going for good too, so it's not like I have nothing else, equally or perhaps even more important, to do.

I have been tweeting my trading results for nearly 3 years now. There are now about 1500 screenshots with trades posted right after they were taken in my Twitter media gallery; see also this article) and I have yet to see other trading vendors do the same. I thought I might as well start a new trend among trading vendors, but that was rather wishful thinking. Oh, well, at least I gave it a try...

Friday, March 18, 2016

Two new articles about trading, KING, and related matters

I posted them on my site this week.

One of them is in the A Word of Advice section of my site, which now has 81 articles and more will probably still come. It is entitled: Pavlov's dog, me, and trading. It is more general of the two.

The other one is about KING and one of its successful traders, Mark, that I have heard from lately after a longer while. He is not the first trader to return to KING that I have heard from in recent months. Dirk, an excellent KING trader, is another one. Yes, KING works, folks, that's why people return to it.

KING is a discretionary day trading methodology (course) for e-mini futures markets that has been around for a while, having been released to the public in late 2008. It's still going strong despite the price being higher than 8 years ago by more than 100%, but that's pretty relative, anyway. It much larger now than it was originally too. Many products of this kind, with much less evidence of excellence (sometimes none), and much more superficial, cost more.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

799 or close to ...

 Yes, 800!!!

Here are the last two tweets from today's trading session that hint at what 800 means.

Unless something happens to me (touch wood), #800 will arrive this month. These and other e-mini futures day trading results in my favorite e-mini market (YM) are brought to you courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures day trading course of some renown.

Incidentally, 799=17*47, meaning it is a semiprime, i.e., a product of two primes, and the sum of these primes is a square, 64=8*8. And 64 is also a cube, 64=4*4*4. Kinda neat.

There are very few numbers of this property, that is, the numbers whose distinct prime factors add up to both a square and a cube. Using Mathematica, you can easily find out that among the first 1000 positive integers, the following belong to this group: 183,295,354,549,583,708,799,943.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

18 and 12 or speaking of numbers again...

I like those.

They have some meaning: 12 is the first abundant number and 18 is the second one. See also the last daily e-mini trading results updates from today and yesterday tweeted by me; they feature 12 and 18 (hint - the number of trades taken on those days).

When volatility is good I may take quite a few trades, meaning more than 10 and I like to finish with an abundant number of trades: 12, 18, 20, 24. My record number, probably mentioned somewhere on this blog, is 30, if I recall it correctly, which is yet another abundant number, the 5th one.

See Wikipedia for more about the concept of abundant numbers, or check past posts on this blog as I talked a bit about abundant numbers before. It's a neat concept.

But an even neater concept is that of perfect numbers.

These are the numbers whose sum of proper divisors equals the number itself. Number 6 is the first perfect number as 1+2+3=6 and 1,2,3 are all proper divisors of six. The abundant numbers have this sum of divisors greater than the number itself, so 1+2+3+4+6 (all proper divisors of 12) add up to 16, which is greater than 12, thus 12 is an abundant number.

Perfect numbers are much rarer than abundant ones: the second one is 28 and then we have 496, all relatively small, but the next one is nearly 10000; 8128, to be precise. They were all known to the ancient Greeks. Only 49 perfect numbers are known at this point and the last of them was reported to have been discovered only a few weeks ago (January 2016). All of them end with 6 or 8 and are related to other cool numbers. There are probably no odd perfect numbers. Again, see Wikipedia for more, if interested.

Speaking of 28, it features prominently in this article. And this post has been brought to you courtesy of KING, an excellent e-mini futures trading course that makes scoring abundant numbers of trades a day easier than any other trading course out there.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

795 - let's try a mysterious one ...

Okay, I will not keep you begging me to reveal the mystery behind this number. The tweet embedded below explains it all.
And for the today's final trading result, check out another tweet from today's trading session. Or you can even follow me on Twitter, which, last time I checked, is totally legal.
This means, speaking of 795 again, that we are only 5 e-mini futures daily trading results updates away from a very round number of 800. Now, here's a good question: will I ever reach 1000? I doubt it, but I also doubted reaching 600, if I recall it well.

We'll see. I am not saying it is impossible, just not very likely. But, then again, there are well over 700 of similar screenshots with trading results like the one you see embedded above on my site that span over 7 years of trading with KING, the e-mini futures day trading methodology and the day trading course based on it.

That's a lot, and enough for anyone seriously considering day trading e-mini futures. If you need even more, you may not even be able to find that as my competitors are more preoccupied with marketing than  with trading.

795 equals 3*5*53, which makes it a sphenic number, or the product of 3 different primes, and the first two of them are also the digits in the third one. Kinda neat, a bit sciencey ("sciency" is, apparently, a wrong spelling).

Sunday, February 21, 2016

George IV's performance page updated

George IV is a fine mechanical e-mini futures day trading system for YM and ES, two very popular e-mini futures markets. It has been around for a longer while, introduced in 2007, and have been tracked for over 4 years in total, including in 2014 and 2015. It did pretty well in those years.

I have just updated its performance page and now it includes the spreadsheet with trading results that all George IV owners receive too, at least twice a year.

George IV is also a part of KING, a formidable e-mini futures day trading methodology (course), which is only $1400, and, frankly, you may even be able to pay for it with the profits from George IV.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another nice day in paradise

The paradise being Southern California. LA, to be specific.

See my last tweet with today's trading results.
Not too shabby, quite a few quickies. And George IV, a mechanical trading system that now comes together with KING, has delivered full winners in both markets, YM (the Dow Jones e-mini futures) and ES (S&p 500 e-mini futures).

On how you can do it too, see KING, my trustworthy trading advisor, an e-mini futures day trading course and trading methodology it is based on.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Yes, you are a moron if you think that ...

... KING is expensive at $1400.

Not only is it priced more affordably than most e-mini futures trading courses of this kind on the market, not only does it come with more evidence than most such courses out there, but it also contains George IV, an objective mechanical trading system, that performs very well, and today is another proof of that.

Today, this system scored 2 full winners, to the tune of 6 points in ES and 60 points in YM and is up 210 points in the latter market, on top of winning past two years.

These 210 points translate into $2100 in profits with only two paltry YM contracts, sans brokerage commissions (ca $60 in this case with 6 trades), which every e-mini retail day trader should be able to trade with if they are serious about trading in the first place.

And ... KING is still $1400. How is it not a fair deal?

As I just said on Twitter, you gotta be either a moron or a sleazy competitor slash loser.

I have yet to start talking in earnest about those, but I eventually will and then you will see what kind of sorry bunch of pathetic losers those specimens are. This piece was merely a hint.

They spend more time posting garbage on trading forums than normal people spend on sleep. They think that's how you become a trading authority or something.

Hell, no!

You become an authority on something only if you are good at it, first and foremost, and not because you have given webinars on a trading forum for losers and morons or have written a book or two; in this business people writing books are more likely to be marketers than genuine trading experts. Same with those giving webinars. That's all marketing, as transparent as it gets.

Results, or it didn't happen!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Nice reversal caught by KING

Not the very first time. You can find at least one more mentioned on this blog in the last few months. And probably more, but I really don't keep track of that.

I mentioned that on Twitter too (see it embedded below, the last trade).
See the whole thing in a picture using the Sierra Chart 1-minute chart.

It's not particularly hard to anticipate this type of reversals with KING. Of course, I did not intend to take full advantage of it because it was a bit too late in the daily trading session, but on other occasions I did and still will. So could you. See the KING pages for more, if interested.

Friday, January 29, 2016

George IV finishes the first month of 2016 in a positive territory

Which is particularly good news if you realize that the general market was not doing too well this month. It was rocky, to say the least.

Its action in YM (the Dow Jones e-mini futures) can be summed up with the image below showing the gorgeous 5-minute Sierra Chart chart of this trading instrument.

George IV, which is a very fine e-mini futures day trading system, has been around for a while and has over 4 documented years of good performance, which is not too common among trading systems. You can find more information about its performance on my site; here are the past two years for your convenience, but there is more in other pages in the section of my website that is dedicated to this trading system.

I am planning to update its performance for this month, and plan on doing so every month for as long as I am not too busy with other things. I stopped following this system for a few years as I got too busy with other things (KING, in the first place), but I eventually returned to it, having simplified it to only one strategy, so that it was easier to track and I have been tracking it for the past 2 years again now.

George IV is now part of KING, an e-mini futures day trading course (methodology), which is an even better value. It's a very inexpensive combo, especially if you consider that some people would charge you even $3000 for a mechanical trading system, the type of system George IV is, that may not even be fully disclosed, so who knows how badly optimized it is.

George IV is not optimized at all, and it's a relatively simple trading system that comes with plenty of information (for instance, tons of screenshots showing the system in action) on how to use it. It's a real deal, if there ever was one in this business, especially when combined with KING.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

KING still available at a holiday discount

I did not find much time on updating my site in January, so I decided to keep the KING/George IV holiday offer available for a whole month. Too busy with some project for a friendly hedge fund and other things related largely to mathematics, not just the mathematics of trading. More about it perhaps in some other blog post.

I am not much of a marketer either, don't like spending my time on that, and I don't think I need to. KING is selling well overall, but that's hardly the main source of my livelihood.

However, I do keep mentioning on Twitter that this offer is still as good as it was in December, but only for the next few days.

I plan to update my site over this weekend and the price will go up and then some more when the KING trading forum is finally fully active.

So, here's you last chance to grab KING with George IV (winning this month so far too) for only $1200, $200 off the standard price and quite a steal even at $1,400 compared to what you can get for thousands of dollars more.

KING is an e-mini futures trading methodology and a trading course based on it, while George IV is an e-mini futures day trading system. Both come with solid evidence that they are based on sound, winning trading ideas.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

The first $1000+ day of 2016

On January 7th. Also the first $2000+ day of 2016.

See the tweet embedded below. The market traded is YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures. I use KING for trading this market. You can too if you are not a chicken little.
I thought I would stop after 10 trades today, as I did yesterday, but it turned out that the market wanted me to trade. Sometimes trades are just too easy to pass.

I also called a long reversal point in the market right on the money (see my Twitter feed for more) and even acted on this call in the last two trades. I wanted to target 20 ticks (per contract) in the first of them, but the market was a bit unstable, so I grabbed a little less, but 20 was still possible. In the last trade, I wanted to go after 40-50 ticks (per contract), but settled for about 30. That trade was taking a bit long for me, but 50 (and even 60) ticks was possible too.

So, is your trading teach that good or just excels at badmouthing competent traders like me on that trading forum for schmucks like him?

I suspect I know the answer to this question. Competence and meritocracy are not exactly the favorite words of trading forums "experts."

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

3 minutes and 5 quick e-mini scalps

As you can see from my tweet embedded below, one of a few such tweets with my e-mini trading results posted to Twitter today. 5 quick scalps to the tune of over $200 in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market. You only need one good spot for that, a reasonably volatile market, and KING.
While I stopped posting daily e-mini trading results updates on my site after doing so for seven years, I intend to continue posting them to Twitter.

I have been doing it for over 2 years now and today, which was day 780 in total,  it was 10 trades with 6 e-mini futures trading results updates. Including one featuring a 1-second trade. That was fast, even by KING's standards. See the evidence below.
The KING's price that was reduced a bit during the holiday season will be back to normal by this weekend, unless I get busy with something else. Until then you can still get it at a discount.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year to all e-mini futures traders!

And, of course, to everybody else, whether they ever held a single futures contract in their account or not. No account? No problem. All the best to you too in 2016!

2016 is a triangular year, which is extra fun. Some of my recent tweets say more about it, so I embedded them below.

Triangular numbers are a simple concept, really. It's 1, 3, 6, 10, and so on, where the "so on" means the sums of consecutive natural numbers. Hence, 1, 3=1+2, 6=1+2+3, 10=1+2+3+4.

The 36th triangular number, which happens to be 666, is thus the sum of the first 36 consecutive natural numbers. Incidentally, 36 is also a triangular number. The n-th triangular number is given by the formula (n+1)*n/2. For n=8, this formula yields 9*4=36.

If you are lucky, you can live through 2 triangular years. I am afraid, I am not among those, but that won't stop me enjoying my life.

I talk a bit about my plans for 2016 in the daily e-mini futures trading reports section for 2015, updated just today. I don't call them New Year's resolutions because those are meant to be broken the first week of the New Year.

As I say there, I really want to focus on the trading forum for e-mini futures traders, primarily meant for KING and George IV clients, but everybody else interested in trading e-mini futures will eventually be welcome there too. I hope my plans don't get derailed by my consulting and other things, but I think I will eventually get there. I tend to be a pretty tenacious monkey.

Today, January 2016, I have reached 250 Twitter followers in my business/trading account (see the picture below, which you can enlarge by clicking on it). What the heck took you so long, people?

Seriously, though, thanks for following me. And all the best in 2016!