Friday, January 29, 2016

George IV finishes the first month of 2016 in a positive territory

Which is particularly good news if you realize that the general market was not doing too well this month. It was rocky, to say the least.

Its action in YM (the Dow Jones e-mini futures) can be summed up with the image below showing the gorgeous 5-minute Sierra Chart chart of this trading instrument.

George IV, which is a very fine e-mini futures day trading system, has been around for a while and has over 4 documented years of good performance, which is not too common among trading systems. You can find more information about its performance on my site; here are the past two years for your convenience, but there is more in other pages in the section of my website that is dedicated to this trading system.

I am planning to update its performance for this month, and plan on doing so every month for as long as I am not too busy with other things. I stopped following this system for a few years as I got too busy with other things (KING, in the first place), but I eventually returned to it, having simplified it to only one strategy, so that it was easier to track and I have been tracking it for the past 2 years again now.

George IV is now part of KING, an e-mini futures day trading course (methodology), which is an even better value. It's a very inexpensive combo, especially if you consider that some people would charge you even $3000 for a mechanical trading system, the type of system George IV is, that may not even be fully disclosed, so who knows how badly optimized it is.

George IV is not optimized at all, and it's a relatively simple trading system that comes with plenty of information (for instance, tons of screenshots showing the system in action) on how to use it. It's a real deal, if there ever was one in this business, especially when combined with KING.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

KING still available at a holiday discount

I did not find much time on updating my site in January, so I decided to keep the KING/George IV holiday offer available for a whole month. Too busy with some project for a friendly hedge fund and other things related largely to mathematics, not just the mathematics of trading. More about it perhaps in some other blog post.

I am not much of a marketer either, don't like spending my time on that, and I don't think I need to. KING is selling well overall, but that's hardly the main source of my livelihood.

However, I do keep mentioning on Twitter that this offer is still as good as it was in December, but only for the next few days.

I plan to update my site over this weekend and the price will go up and then some more when the KING trading forum is finally fully active.

So, here's you last chance to grab KING with George IV (winning this month so far too) for only $1200, $200 off the standard price and quite a steal even at $1,400 compared to what you can get for thousands of dollars more.

KING is an e-mini futures trading methodology and a trading course based on it, while George IV is an e-mini futures day trading system. Both come with solid evidence that they are based on sound, winning trading ideas.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

The first $1000+ day of 2016

On January 7th. Also the first $2000+ day of 2016.

See the tweet embedded below. The market traded is YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures. I use KING for trading this market. You can too if you are not a chicken little.
I thought I would stop after 10 trades today, as I did yesterday, but it turned out that the market wanted me to trade. Sometimes trades are just too easy to pass.

I also called a long reversal point in the market right on the money (see my Twitter feed for more) and even acted on this call in the last two trades. I wanted to target 20 ticks (per contract) in the first of them, but the market was a bit unstable, so I grabbed a little less, but 20 was still possible. In the last trade, I wanted to go after 40-50 ticks (per contract), but settled for about 30. That trade was taking a bit long for me, but 50 (and even 60) ticks was possible too.

So, is your trading teach that good or just excels at badmouthing competent traders like me on that trading forum for schmucks like him?

I suspect I know the answer to this question. Competence and meritocracy are not exactly the favorite words of trading forums "experts."

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

3 minutes and 5 quick e-mini scalps

As you can see from my tweet embedded below, one of a few such tweets with my e-mini trading results posted to Twitter today. 5 quick scalps to the tune of over $200 in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market. You only need one good spot for that, a reasonably volatile market, and KING.
While I stopped posting daily e-mini trading results updates on my site after doing so for seven years, I intend to continue posting them to Twitter.

I have been doing it for over 2 years now and today, which was day 780 in total,  it was 10 trades with 6 e-mini futures trading results updates. Including one featuring a 1-second trade. That was fast, even by KING's standards. See the evidence below.
The KING's price that was reduced a bit during the holiday season will be back to normal by this weekend, unless I get busy with something else. Until then you can still get it at a discount.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year to all e-mini futures traders!

And, of course, to everybody else, whether they ever held a single futures contract in their account or not. No account? No problem. All the best to you too in 2016!

2016 is a triangular year, which is extra fun. Some of my recent tweets say more about it, so I embedded them below.

Triangular numbers are a simple concept, really. It's 1, 3, 6, 10, and so on, where the "so on" means the sums of consecutive natural numbers. Hence, 1, 3=1+2, 6=1+2+3, 10=1+2+3+4.

The 36th triangular number, which happens to be 666, is thus the sum of the first 36 consecutive natural numbers. Incidentally, 36 is also a triangular number. The n-th triangular number is given by the formula (n+1)*n/2. For n=8, this formula yields 9*4=36.

If you are lucky, you can live through 2 triangular years. I am afraid, I am not among those, but that won't stop me enjoying my life.

I talk a bit about my plans for 2016 in the daily e-mini futures trading reports section for 2015, updated just today. I don't call them New Year's resolutions because those are meant to be broken the first week of the New Year.

As I say there, I really want to focus on the trading forum for e-mini futures traders, primarily meant for KING and George IV clients, but everybody else interested in trading e-mini futures will eventually be welcome there too. I hope my plans don't get derailed by my consulting and other things, but I think I will eventually get there. I tend to be a pretty tenacious monkey.

Today, January 2016, I have reached 250 Twitter followers in my business/trading account (see the picture below, which you can enlarge by clicking on it). What the heck took you so long, people?

Seriously, though, thanks for following me. And all the best in 2016!