Sunday, February 21, 2016

George IV's performance page updated

George IV is a fine mechanical e-mini futures day trading system for YM and ES, two very popular e-mini futures markets. It has been around for a longer while, introduced in 2007, and have been tracked for over 4 years in total, including in 2014 and 2015. It did pretty well in those years.

I have just updated its performance page and now it includes the spreadsheet with trading results that all George IV owners receive too, at least twice a year.

George IV is also a part of KING, a formidable e-mini futures day trading methodology (course), which is only $1400, and, frankly, you may even be able to pay for it with the profits from George IV.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another nice day in paradise

The paradise being Southern California. LA, to be specific.

See my last tweet with today's trading results.
Not too shabby, quite a few quickies. And George IV, a mechanical trading system that now comes together with KING, has delivered full winners in both markets, YM (the Dow Jones e-mini futures) and ES (S&p 500 e-mini futures).

On how you can do it too, see KING, my trustworthy trading advisor, an e-mini futures day trading course and trading methodology it is based on.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Yes, you are a moron if you think that ...

... KING is expensive at $1400.

Not only is it priced more affordably than most e-mini futures trading courses of this kind on the market, not only does it come with more evidence than most such courses out there, but it also contains George IV, an objective mechanical trading system, that performs very well, and today is another proof of that.

Today, this system scored 2 full winners, to the tune of 6 points in ES and 60 points in YM and is up 210 points in the latter market, on top of winning past two years.

These 210 points translate into $2100 in profits with only two paltry YM contracts, sans brokerage commissions (ca $60 in this case with 6 trades), which every e-mini retail day trader should be able to trade with if they are serious about trading in the first place.

And ... KING is still $1400. How is it not a fair deal?

As I just said on Twitter, you gotta be either a moron or a sleazy competitor slash loser.

I have yet to start talking in earnest about those, but I eventually will and then you will see what kind of sorry bunch of pathetic losers those specimens are. This piece was merely a hint.

They spend more time posting garbage on trading forums than normal people spend on sleep. They think that's how you become a trading authority or something.

Hell, no!

You become an authority on something only if you are good at it, first and foremost, and not because you have given webinars on a trading forum for losers and morons or have written a book or two; in this business people writing books are more likely to be marketers than genuine trading experts. Same with those giving webinars. That's all marketing, as transparent as it gets.

Results, or it didn't happen!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Nice reversal caught by KING

Not the very first time. You can find at least one more mentioned on this blog in the last few months. And probably more, but I really don't keep track of that.

I mentioned that on Twitter too (see it embedded below, the last trade).
See the whole thing in a picture using the Sierra Chart 1-minute chart.

It's not particularly hard to anticipate this type of reversals with KING. Of course, I did not intend to take full advantage of it because it was a bit too late in the daily trading session, but on other occasions I did and still will. So could you. See the KING pages for more, if interested.