Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trip to Poland

As I said on January 1st this year, in 2016 I was going to focus on personal and family issues (and other things) that I might have neglected over the years while running, whose 10th anniversary took place in December 2015.

What I largely meant by family issues was the health of my mother who turned 82 this month. Unfortunately, just recently her health deteriorated and she had to undergo a serious surgery. While she has survived it, the surgery will have some disabling effect on her.

Due to this circumstance, my visit to Poland this summer is unavoidable. This will impact my vendor business. It will, at the very least, be suspended for a few months. If you are planning to buy KING, my main and most popular trading product (an e-mini futures day trading course), I suggest you do this in the next 3 months or else you will have to wait at least a few months when I am back to running my business as smoothly as before.

I am not going away, though. Certainly not planning on it. My next major project, an e-mini futures trading forum, still remains in my plans and will probably take priority over my vendor business in the months to come.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My day trading philosophy

No major philosopher has been a day trader to the best of my knowledge. But that does not mean that a broader, more "philosophical" approach to day trading (in my case, day trading e-mini futures) is not possible.

It is and can even be quite helpful. A philosophy of some sort almost always accompanies a serious effort of one kind or another, it seems to occur as a natural outgrowth of such an effort. If that's not the case, your effort might as well have been wasted.

It may take years, and it usually does, to develop a philosophy of some sort, but you may benefit from it even you have not spent that much time pondering or participating in things it pertains to. An open mind is needed for that, but most people of at least normal intelligence already qualify in this regard.

I have been day trading financial markets for nearly 15 years, mostly e-mini futures, and I believe I do know what it takes to be successful in this field, what works and what does not, why some people are consistent winners or why most will never make it in this business.

The most recent article on my site, inspired by two identical questions, one over e-mail and another over Twitter, makes an attempt at such a philosophy of mine.

I could certainly add a thing or two to it, but that just an attempt, not a first one. There is more in other articles on my site (there are dozens of them in various parts of my site) and still more in KING, my e-mini futures day trading methodology that I share in the form of an e-mini day trading course of the same name.

Philosophy literally means "love of wisdom" and if this too high-brow for you, you can simply think of it as wise advice. That's pretty much how I understand it when it comes to trading.

Psychology, that many traders seem to be in love with, was once part of philosophy. In my view, it's rather unfortunate that it is now considered "science" because its scientific value is somewhat dubious, but it can certainly be valuable as precisely "wise advice," or insight coming from the more skillful, knowledgeable folks who not only spent years doing/experiencing things but also thinking about how to do that most fruitfully.

Perhaps one day, I will write a book about it. I think a book like that is missing and needed; way too many trading books address rather shallow issues. Not exactly unimportant, but the really important things, things that can make quite a difference in your trading, are largely left unexplored or not fully explored.

An e-mini futures trading forum that I want to re-activate at some point this year, should also be of some use at exploring things like that.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

800 is here!

I mean 800 daily e-mini futures trading result updates. That's a pretty round number, isn't it? Twice a square too: 2*400=2*20^2. It arrived yesterday, March 18th, very much unplanned, though I was expecting it this month for sure.

However, March 18th was rather an uneventful trading day. At least for me. It was a slow day, as I also remarked on Twitter, and a Friday, and I even was not planning on trading that day. I was watching a movie with John Travolta courtesy of Amazon Prime (see below) and generally doing nothing, which is the type of thing most people do on a Friday, if they can get away with it; if you are self-employed and work flexible hours, you certainly can.

That's one of the greatest things about being a day trader: you really don't have to work every day. Contrary to what some trading newbies may think about this day trading thing, it is not about trading every day, but merely about closing your position the same day you opened it, or, even more accurately, closing it during the same day trading session that you opened it. I should add that this is particularly true if you are a discretionary trader, as I am.

I was a bit surprised that I managed to get over $200, my minimum daily profit target, relatively easily, but decided not to push it much harder as the day was still rather slow and I just got a lucky break. Most days are like that. On most days you should be happy if you manage to take 5-10 trades and make money. On such days, you are better off not to push too hard because it can backfire. And I was watching the movie too, so I was not particularly focused.
But there are days when you should push harder, except that you really don't have to because the market is just cooperating very nicely. These are days of increased volatility, when you can take 15-25 trades, and if you are in good shape, even 25-30.

Of course, your trading methodology has to be flexible or rich enough to let you take 20+ trades on a good, volatile, trading day. I use KING, the e-mini futures day trading methodology (also the name of the day trading course based on it that is available to the public), which can certainly do this. I am hardly the only walking proof of it.

I think I may now take a break from tweeting my trading results, probably not for long, but I'd like to get my KING e-mini futures trading forum going for good too, so it's not like I have nothing else, equally or perhaps even more important, to do.

I have been tweeting my trading results for nearly 3 years now. There are now about 1500 screenshots with trades posted right after they were taken in my Twitter media gallery; see also this article) and I have yet to see other trading vendors do the same. I thought I might as well start a new trend among trading vendors, but that was rather wishful thinking. Oh, well, at least I gave it a try...

Friday, March 18, 2016

Two new articles about trading, KING, and related matters

I posted them on my site this week.

One of them is in the A Word of Advice section of my site, which now has 81 articles and more will probably still come. It is entitled: Pavlov's dog, me, and trading. It is more general of the two.

The other one is about KING and one of its successful traders, Mark, that I have heard from lately after a longer while. He is not the first trader to return to KING that I have heard from in recent months. Dirk, an excellent KING trader, is another one. Yes, KING works, folks, that's why people return to it.

KING is a discretionary day trading methodology (course) for e-mini futures markets that has been around for a while, having been released to the public in late 2008. It's still going strong despite the price being higher than 8 years ago by more than 100%, but that's pretty relative, anyway. It much larger now than it was originally too. Many products of this kind, with much less evidence of excellence (sometimes none), and much more superficial, cost more.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

799 or close to ...

 Yes, 800!!!

Here are the last two tweets from today's trading session that hint at what 800 means.

Unless something happens to me (touch wood), #800 will arrive this month. These and other e-mini futures day trading results in my favorite e-mini market (YM) are brought to you courtesy of KING, an e-mini futures day trading course of some renown.

Incidentally, 799=17*47, meaning it is a semiprime, i.e., a product of two primes, and the sum of these primes is a square, 64=8*8. And 64 is also a cube, 64=4*4*4. Kinda neat.

There are very few numbers of this property, that is, the numbers whose distinct prime factors add up to both a square and a cube. Using Mathematica, you can easily find out that among the first 1000 positive integers, the following belong to this group: 183,295,354,549,583,708,799,943.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

18 and 12 or speaking of numbers again...

I like those.

They have some meaning: 12 is the first abundant number and 18 is the second one. See also the last daily e-mini trading results updates from today and yesterday tweeted by me; they feature 12 and 18 (hint - the number of trades taken on those days).

When volatility is good I may take quite a few trades, meaning more than 10 and I like to finish with an abundant number of trades: 12, 18, 20, 24. My record number, probably mentioned somewhere on this blog, is 30, if I recall it correctly, which is yet another abundant number, the 5th one.

See Wikipedia for more about the concept of abundant numbers, or check past posts on this blog as I talked a bit about abundant numbers before. It's a neat concept.

But an even neater concept is that of perfect numbers.

These are the numbers whose sum of proper divisors equals the number itself. Number 6 is the first perfect number as 1+2+3=6 and 1,2,3 are all proper divisors of six. The abundant numbers have this sum of divisors greater than the number itself, so 1+2+3+4+6 (all proper divisors of 12) add up to 16, which is greater than 12, thus 12 is an abundant number.

Perfect numbers are much rarer than abundant ones: the second one is 28 and then we have 496, all relatively small, but the next one is nearly 10000; 8128, to be precise. They were all known to the ancient Greeks. Only 49 perfect numbers are known at this point and the last of them was reported to have been discovered only a few weeks ago (January 2016). All of them end with 6 or 8 and are related to other cool numbers. There are probably no odd perfect numbers. Again, see Wikipedia for more, if interested.

Speaking of 28, it features prominently in this article. And this post has been brought to you courtesy of KING, an excellent e-mini futures trading course that makes scoring abundant numbers of trades a day easier than any other trading course out there.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

795 - let's try a mysterious one ...

Okay, I will not keep you begging me to reveal the mystery behind this number. The tweet embedded below explains it all.
And for the today's final trading result, check out another tweet from today's trading session. Or you can even follow me on Twitter, which, last time I checked, is totally legal.
This means, speaking of 795 again, that we are only 5 e-mini futures daily trading results updates away from a very round number of 800. Now, here's a good question: will I ever reach 1000? I doubt it, but I also doubted reaching 600, if I recall it well.

We'll see. I am not saying it is impossible, just not very likely. But, then again, there are well over 700 of similar screenshots with trading results like the one you see embedded above on my site that span over 7 years of trading with KING, the e-mini futures day trading methodology and the day trading course based on it.

That's a lot, and enough for anyone seriously considering day trading e-mini futures. If you need even more, you may not even be able to find that as my competitors are more preoccupied with marketing than  with trading.

795 equals 3*5*53, which makes it a sphenic number, or the product of 3 different primes, and the first two of them are also the digits in the third one. Kinda neat, a bit sciencey ("sciency" is, apparently, a wrong spelling).