Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A new article on my site or an extended reply to Trading Loonies

Trading Loonies is a popular WordPress blog dedicated to exposing "loonies, posers, and other dubious characters of the trading world."

I like that blog and I mentioned it here before, perhaps more than once, and also on my site when talking about trading advocacy sites.

The blog has been around for a few years now and it looks like the three guys who run it are serious about continuing their activity. It's a very needed site, and doing an excellent work based on impeccable research.

No wonder then that they have 4 PhDs among their Twitter followers, yours truly being among them. I follow them in my personal Twitter account, where I follow virtually everyone, except for obvious Twitter spammers or other questionable characters who I think abuse it. In practice that means that I follow back at least 90% of those who follow me.

I follow no one in my business or trading Twitter account as I don't want to single anyone out and would not be able to follow everyone considering how many people my Twitter feed could potentially attract. Nothing personal, just a business decision.

Trading Loonies have recently (early May) asked me some question and the article mentioned in the title of this post is meant to answer it in greater detail. The question has to do with trading rooms rather than trading forums, and it is the latter that the blog has been very critical about, not without a good reason or two. More precisely, they have been very critical of one trading forum, if you can actually call it like that.

Perhaps they want to diversify into trading rooms, which in my view deserve quite a bit of attention too, as they are uniformly bad, as bad as the worst trading forums. Yes, trading forums can be a waste of your time too, and much worse, as they can give you all kinds of wrong ideas about trading.

Anyway, this recent article about online trading rooms can be reached here. I plan a few more articles this year, so you can check out my site from time to time. They usually are posted in the A Word of Advice section of my site. There are over 80 articles in this section already.