Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why KING is your best choice of an e-mini futures day trading course

I wrote about it just recently in a brief article posted on my site dedicated to trading e-mini futures. I basically re-iterated what I have written in other pages of my site, most of which are collected in the KING-More section.

You may also check out this article about KING as a trading philosophy. Quite pertinent too.

And, of course, do not miss an extensive section of the FAQ for KING, which I have just updated. It's not like I do not mention it on my site. In fact, more than once, I am sure.

Yes, KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, is certainly worth your consideration. And, to repeat what I said in the last paragraph of Why KING, if anyone showed what is possible with KING, I would not hesitate a moment to get my hands on it and would do everything to become the best one can be at using it.

That's how you succeed. Right tools and the right attitude are the keys to the trading success. Or, to any success, for that matter.

KING gives you the tools, the powerful e-mini futures trading methodology that this course is based on which created quite a few formidable traders. You provide the attitude. Sounds fair? I believe so.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Yet another e-mini futures trading day in July

And it started rather late for me, but then again being a night person, living on the West Coast, and sometimes finding it hard to fall asleep with too many things on my mind, I may not drag myself out of my bed until after the noon of EST, and sometimes even later, say around the noon of my time.

Still, as you can see from the image below showing my e-mini trading results on Friday, the 15th, I don't need many hours (1-2 is enough) to make more than most people make working 8 hours. I think being well rested is paramount for a good trading performance, especially in markets as volatile as e-mini futures markets. Of course, a good trading methodology is equally, if not more, important as feeling refreshed and eager for a good fight with Mr. Market.

The tweet with my final trading score embedded above shows trading results in my favorite e-mini futures market, YM, or the Dow Jones e-mini futures. There are over 1700 such screenshots in my Twitter media gallery and almost 820 trading days in total with trading results recorded either on my site or in my Twitter feed (and sometimes both). But KING can work wonders in ES too and in other markets as well, though my experience with it is limited to trading YM, ES, and NQ, which are among the most popular US stock index e-mini futures markets.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kids these days ... or on a lighter note

I just came across this on the intertubes and thought that it was cuter than cute cats that look like Hitler...  Not that I have anything against cats. I am very much a cat person.

I also shared it through my Twitter feed, but only the first of the two videos that follow.

And here is another video of this kind featuring an even younger performer and from a different part of the world.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

George IV after six months of 2016

George IV is a mechanical e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM that has been around for nearly 10 years and is still doing pretty well. I have mentioned it on this blog quite a number of times already and may still do so. It's just a good trading system, so I feel comfortable talking about it.

While I believe that this system is best used in combination with KING, a discretionary e-mini futures trading methodology, it can make you money on its own too. Plus, KING can be used in more markets than just ES and YM, though the recommended e-mini futures markets for it are ES and YM, as well, pretty good markets to trade.

I have been tracking this system performance for some time, restarting it in 2014, which was a very good year for it. I have continued that through 2016. I will be very busy in August and September with things other than trading, but I will try to update its performance at the year's close. And in July 2016, those who bought it as part of the KING package will receive updates with results and pictures of charts showing how trades developed in the first half of 2016.

Speaking of its performance in the first 6 months of this year, it was generally positive, pretty good in YM to the tune of 200 points and only moderately positive in ES, where the system accumulated only 9 points. Still, positive in both markets despite quite a bit of nervousness in the markets during that time that can be attributed to the US presidential election and the UK Brexit referendum. All is well that ends well, though, as the popular saying goes.

The best way to start using this system is in a drawdown of at least 15 (150) points in ES/YM. The system is very resilient and eventually recovers, so you stand a very good chance of making $1500 with two YM contracts rather easily. I chose the sum of $1500 as it is about equal to the current price of KING plus George IV, which is $1400.

In other words, I give you not just KING, but also an objective mechanical tradings system that virtually guarantees to pay for KING and itself. 

That's yet another way how KING is better than all other e-mini futures day trading courses out there. It can pay for itself even if you were not to use it.