Thursday, July 20, 2017

Intelligent people make better traders

And it's always a pleasure to deal with them.

I must say that my business attracts quite a few of them thanks to my flagship product, an e-mini futures day trading course, KING. I have mentioned this course here a number of times already. So many, in fact, that I am a bit tired of doing so, to be honest. Hence fewer posts here last year and this year as well.

But KING is still selling well - thanks for asking.

I have come to the conclusion that how well it is sells has actually little to do with how many articles I post here monthly or how many Twitter followers I have (rather a modest number of about 300 so far, but I am not so active there). Which really makes total sense especially if most of your customers are smart people because to them this should not matter much if at all. There are more important things to take into account when evaluating someone's business offer.

Intelligent people are not that hard to spot. Here are some of their salient features from my business perspective.

They appreciate evidence I provide that KING works and plenty of it too. See also my Twitter media section (with ca 1800 trades tweeted in near real-time) and many posts here where KING is mentioned.

They like that I do not talk about trading "secrets" (see the image below attesting to that from a very recent KING buyer) and this sort of things that are obviously aimed at bamboozling newbies and suckers. I even ridicule this marketing "speak" in one of many articles on my site in the section A Word of Advice that all trading newbies should check out.

They do their homework thoroughly before making a purchase, so that they are well informed and if still in doubt ask questions, which I am always happy to answer, even extensively.

They have realistic expectations. For instance, they are unlikely to think they will be able to move hundreds (let alone thousands) of futures contracts.

Yes, it's a pleasure dealing with people like that and having them as customers.

I have a high opinion of my clients. They certainly are smarter than most and quite often also more successful in their trading endeavors. I like to think the latter has also something to do with KING, but being innately smart usually gives a trader some extra edge, anyway - I talk about it in this article on my site.

You too may be that smart. Smart enough to become a KING trader. That means smarter than most trading wannabes.

And even if, oddly enough, you choose not to, don't forget that you can still become smarter, or, at least, better educated. My site provides some good, useful and free education that should help you become a better informed trader, especially if you are a newcomer to the trading field and to trading e-mini futures in particular. See the section I mentioned earlier, A Word of Advice, and perhaps also this educational section if you are a total newbie interested in trading e-mini futures.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Market volatility and KING

I am not trading much these days. This has to do with some personal/family issues and I mentioned this in my earlier posts this year (for instance here) and on Twitter. Also, the thin skinned man-child, currently serving as the president of these United States of America is not particularly conducive to high (or any) performance, if I am to be honest.

Hence, I am also not posting much here and not tweeting my results live as I used to for 3 years (or so) in a row.

But I do hear a lot from people interested in KING. Like all the time.

Many of these interested end up buying it. Smart people, but that's just an opinion not a fact, though rather justified. Smart people tend to prefer evidence that something works rather than just an exciting marketing spiel, and there is so much evidence on my site that it may actually overwhelm some. Or, to paraphrase Donald the Great, there is so much winning there that you can get sick of it.

Well, life is tough, so deal with it. I worked on that evidence hard too. Many years, hundreds of days with trading results, close to 2000 trades tweeted in near-real time (see my Twitter media gallery for that).

The markets these days may not be particularly volatile, which does not help trading them, to say the least. A very recent e-mail I have just received from one of those interested in KING has to do with this issue. Namely, how KING is doing in these conditions.

The screenshot below shows my reply, which I just sent out, that I hope may be of some interest and value to the potential KING buyers and beginning traders in general, especially e-mini futures traders.

Click on it to see it in its full glory.

To reiterate what I say there, KING should be better for the low volatility conditions than many competing products of this kind for day trading e-mini futures markets.

The link in the e-mail points to this article, where the issue of volatility was also discussed. It's still pretty recent.

KING is still only $1200, meaning selling at a discount. Eventually, when I am in a better mood to market it more aggressively, its price will return to a well-deserved a grand and a half. Meanwhile, enjoy a good deal. You don't have to be a genius to know it is a good deal.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Obama and Trump - the yin and yang of socialism for the rich

I don't like Trump and I did mention it on this blog a few times in the recent past (see this article, for instance). I think he is a disaster, but that's what we've got and have to live with it. I also think that Barack Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party are to blame for Trump, among other things.

Listen to this Jimmy Dore's epic rant to understand why. I just came across it.

Both Obama and Trump are part of a problem, rather than a solution: they are elitists with the sense of entitlement too big to allow them to see the issues the ordinary people face. I see little difference between them, some subtleties that their supporters love to argue about are of cosmetic nature, so I will not bother with them here.

Barack Obama, as has been recently announced, is about to get paid a cool $400,000 for a 90 minute speech. The money is going to come from a Wall Street investment bank. Yes, the guy who ran on the "hope and change" platform in 2008, which included regulating Wall Street's hazardous business practices and who did precious little to that end, is getting paid back for playing nicely. Apparently, hypocrisy is not the same when it applies to a former president and when it applies to a Joe Schmoe. If only because there will always be throngs of partisans to excuse it in the former case.

How exactly is this guy different from the CEOs who get golden parachutes and huge bonuses for doing little to nothing and sometimes even running their companies into the ground? What kind of risks has he taken to deserve this kind of money?

I have a good deal of respect for people like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, who made it big by taking risks. Dropping out of college (Harvard, not a bad school, in both cases)  is taking some risk in order to launch a business. And that just for starters. These people can demand all the money they want because they created the businesses that not only made them rich, but a number of their employers or investors as well.

In contrast, Marissa Meyer, a most recent Yahoo! CEO who failed to make the company successful is getting a $100 million golden parachute! That's morally criminal to me! And that's just one recent example.

You know why this is possible, why this is happening? Because she, Barack Obama, and their ilk, have rigged the game. And you aren't even part of it.

I find it both mind-boggling and offensive that some liberals are even trying to justify that $400,000 speaking fee. They go as far as to suggest that anyone objecting to it is plainly a racist. Apparently, they do not realize that the race card has been stale for some time. They keep talking how bad Trump is in comparison as if that changed a thing. Pathetic at best and sure evidence that they have learned nothing from the last election.

Incidentally, just to set the record straight: I am a retail trader. I compete with Wall Street, and I am not too big to fail, so their pain is not really my pain, and I am pretty sure they give no damn about my pain either. I was also rooting for Obama in 2008; it took me about a year to realize that his trademark "hope and change" was just a lie. I have been an independent all my adult life.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Taking an extended break from running business

I am taking a longer break from running my business that specializes in trading education. Running it at full speed, so to speak, that is. I am also trading rather rarely these days, and not posting my trade results to Twitter in real time (or in any other way) as I used to do for over 3 years.

Yes, over 3 years, and there are about 1800 screenshots with trade results in my Twitter media gallery to prove it.

I do plan to resume running my business more intensively, which, in particular, means keeping my site more frequently updated and posting more often to this blog, but because of some recent family events, that you may know of if you own KING, I am afraid that I have lost a bit of mojo and motivation, which given the circumstances may not be so unusual.

But, I'll be back.

And when this happens, I will return with a KING trading forum too. Already very much overdue. As are the KING indicators for NinjaTrader 8, which were developed a few weeks ago already, but I am struggling to put the final touches on the whole package, which should include information about them, the way to import them, etc. What used to be a rather easy task now it's taking me an inordinate amount of time because I find it boring and not very much fulfilling.

Sorry that it's been taking me that long. I was hoping it would not too.

But I do want to have them delivered in March. And to update my site in March as well.

Because of this situation, I am also extending the generous KING discount until the last day of March. After that date, the price will go up to $1500 or so.

Of course, I do reply to e-mail questions regarding KING and other trading products I sell on my site, but not beyond that. But then again, these days way too many people want something from me that may be good for their business, but of little or no value to mine, so I don't even bother responding to emails of this sort any more.

KING, to those new to it, is an excellent (if I may say so - I don't want to sound too much like Donald Trump) e-mini futures day trading course with an unsurpassed amount of evidence that it can work for you. The last part is no hype. You can see this evidence on my site and in my twitter feed mentioned above.

And that's the memo.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Some updates related to KING

First, in case you did not notice it, KING is still being offered at a discount of $300 compared to its next price, which will be $1500.

Since I rarely update my e-mini futures site these days, I decided to keep the price of this fine futures day trading course for another few weeks beyond December 31st. That's a bit of tradition too when it comes to my business in that I tend to extend discounts I offer on my trading products, KING being the main of them. But I may not offer them every year.

Lets call this extended discount the Trump inauguration discount if only in jest. I just mentioned this on Twitter too (see the tweet below).
Second, I am finishing my work on KING indicators for NinjaTrader 8 and they will be released this month for sure, probably around January 25th. If you own KING and are a KING customer in good standing, you are entitled to purchase them. Being in good standing means simply not being in violation of any legal contract you agreed to honor when you purchased KING.

I am pleased to say that over 98% of my KING clients fall into this category.

The image below shows the NinjaTrader chart of YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, the recommended market to day trade if you are the KING trader, but hardly the only one that KING can handle. The chart shows some color bars and dots (yellow and green), which are part of the 1 minute chart you use for trading with KING. Of course, there is more than that, more indicators, but those are hidden from the view. You get to see all of them if you are a KING client.

The indicators are very similar to the KING indicators for NinjaTrader 7 (see here for some images), but simplified a bit, perhaps nicer looking a bit as well. It took me 2-3 weeks to develop them, working a few hours a day, not every day, though. NinjaScript, a subset of C#, in which these indicators are written, has changed compared to NinjaTrader 8, so I could not just rewrite the code, but had to learn it anew in some cases.