Monday, February 27, 2017

Taking an extended break from running business

I am taking a longer break from running my business that specializes in trading education. Running it at full speed, so to speak, that is. I am also trading rather rarely these days, and not posting my trade results to Twitter in real time (or in any other way) as I used to do for over 3 years.

Yes, over 3 years, and there are about 1800 screenshots with trade results in my Twitter media gallery to prove it.

I do plan to resume running my business more intensively, which, in particular, means keeping my site more frequently updated and posting more often to this blog, but because of some recent family events, that you may know of if you own KING, I am afraid that I have lost a bit of mojo and motivation, which given the circumstances may not be so unusual.

But, I'll be back.

And when this happens, I will return with a KING trading forum too. Already very much overdue. As are the KING indicators for NinjaTrader 8, which were developed a few weeks ago already, but I am struggling to put the final touches on the whole package, which should include information about them, the way to import them, etc. What used to be a rather easy task now it's taking me an inordinate amount of time because I find it boring and not very much fulfilling.

Sorry that it's been taking me that long. I was hoping it would not too.

But I do want to have them delivered in March. And to update my site in March as well.

Because of this situation, I am also extending the generous KING discount until the last day of March. After that date, the price will go up to $1500 or so.

Of course, I do reply to e-mail questions regarding KING and other trading products I sell on my site, but not beyond that. But then again, these days way too many people want something from me that may be good for their business, but of little or no value to mine, so I don't even bother responding to emails of this sort any more.

KING, to those new to it, is an excellent (if I may say so - I don't want to sound too much like Donald Trump) e-mini futures day trading course with an unsurpassed amount of evidence that it can work for you. The last part is no hype. You can see this evidence on my site and in my twitter feed mentioned above.

And that's the memo.