Sunday, April 30, 2017

Obama and Trump - the yin and yang of socialism for the rich

I don't like Trump and I did mention it on this blog a few times in the recent past (see this article, for instance). I think he is a disaster, but that's what we've got and have to live with it. I also think that Barack Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party are to blame for Trump, among other things.

Listen to this Jimmy Dore's epic rant to understand why. I just came across it.

Both Obama and Trump are part of a problem, rather than a solution: they are elitists with the sense of entitlement too big to allow them to see the issues the ordinary people face. I see little difference between them, some subtleties that their supporters love to argue about are of cosmetic nature, so I will not bother with them here.

Barack Obama, as has been recently announced, is about to get paid a cool $400,000 for a 90 minute speech. The money is going to come from a Wall Street investment bank. Yes, the guy who ran on the "hope and change" platform in 2008, which included regulating Wall Street's hazardous business practices and who did precious little to that end, is getting paid back for playing nicely. Apparently, hypocrisy is not the same when it applies to a former president and when it applies to a Joe Schmoe. If only because there will always be throngs of partisans to excuse it in the former case.

How exactly is this guy different from the CEOs who get golden parachutes and huge bonuses for doing little to nothing and sometimes even running their companies into the ground? What kind of risks has he taken to deserve this kind of money?

I have a good deal of respect for people like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, who made it big by taking risks. Dropping out of college (Harvard, not a bad school, in both cases)  is taking some risk in order to launch a business. And that just for starters. These people can demand all the money they want because they created the businesses that not only made them rich, but a number of their employers or investors as well.

In contrast, Marissa Meyer, a most recent Yahoo! CEO who failed to make the company successful is getting a $100 million golden parachute! That's morally criminal to me! And that's just one recent example.

You know why this is possible, why this is happening? Because she, Barack Obama, and their ilk, have rigged the game. And you aren't even part of it.

I find it both mind-boggling and offensive that some liberals are even trying to justify that $400,000 speaking fee. They go as far as to suggest that anyone objecting to it is plainly a racist. Apparently, they do not realize that the race card has been stale for some time. They keep talking how bad Trump is in comparison as if that changed a thing. Pathetic at best and sure evidence that they have learned nothing from the last election.

Incidentally, just to set the record straight: I am a retail trader. I compete with Wall Street, and I am not too big to fail, so their pain is not really my pain, and I am pretty sure they give no damn about my pain either. I was also rooting for Obama in 2008; it took me about a year to realize that his trademark "hope and change" was just a lie. I have been an independent all my adult life.