Friday, May 12, 2017

Market volatility and KING

I am not trading much these days. This has to do with some personal/family issues and I mentioned this in my earlier posts this year (for instance here) and on Twitter. Also, the thin skinned man-child, currently serving as the president of these United States of America is not particularly conducive to high (or any) performance, if I am to be honest.

Hence, I am also not posting much here and not tweeting my results live as I used to for 3 years (or so) in a row.

But I do hear a lot from people interested in KING. Like all the time.

Many of these interested end up buying it. Smart people, but that's just an opinion not a fact, though rather justified. Smart people tend to prefer evidence that something works rather than just an exciting marketing spiel, and there is so much evidence on my site that it may actually overwhelm some. Or, to paraphrase Donald the Great, there is so much winning there that you can get sick of it.

Well, life is tough, so deal with it. I worked on that evidence hard too. Many years, hundreds of days with trading results, close to 2000 trades tweeted in near-real time (see my Twitter media gallery for that).

The markets these days may not be particularly volatile, which does not help trading them, to say the least. A very recent e-mail I have just received from one of those interested in KING has to do with this issue. Namely, how KING is doing in these conditions.

The screenshot below shows my reply, which I just sent out, that I hope may be of some interest and value to the potential KING buyers and beginning traders in general, especially e-mini futures traders.

Click on it to see it in its full glory.

To reiterate what I say there, KING should be better for the low volatility conditions than many competing products of this kind for day trading e-mini futures markets.

The link in the e-mail points to this article, where the issue of volatility was also discussed. It's still pretty recent.

KING is still only $1200, meaning selling at a discount. Eventually, when I am in a better mood to market it more aggressively, its price will return to a well-deserved a grand and a half. Meanwhile, enjoy a good deal. You don't have to be a genius to know it is a good deal.