Thursday, July 20, 2017

Intelligent people make better traders

And it's always a pleasure to deal with them.

I must say that my business attracts quite a few of them thanks to my flagship product, an e-mini futures day trading course, KING. I have mentioned this course here a number of times already. So many, in fact, that I am a bit tired of doing so, to be honest. Hence fewer posts here last year and this year as well.

But KING is still selling well - thanks for asking.

I have come to the conclusion that how well it is sells has actually little to do with how many articles I post here monthly or how many Twitter followers I have (rather a modest number of about 300 so far, but I am not so active there). Which really makes total sense especially if most of your customers are smart people because to them this should not matter much if at all. There are more important things to take into account when evaluating someone's business offer.

Intelligent people are not that hard to spot. Here are some of their salient features from my business perspective.

They appreciate evidence I provide that KING works and plenty of it too. See also my Twitter media section (with ca 1800 trades tweeted in near real-time) and many posts here where KING is mentioned.

They like that I do not talk about trading "secrets" (see the image below attesting to that from a very recent KING buyer) and this sort of things that are obviously aimed at bamboozling newbies and suckers. I even ridicule this marketing "speak" in one of many articles on my site in the section A Word of Advice that all trading newbies should check out.

They do their homework thoroughly before making a purchase, so that they are well informed and if still in doubt ask questions, which I am always happy to answer, even extensively.

They have realistic expectations. For instance, they are unlikely to think they will be able to move hundreds (let alone thousands) of futures contracts.

Yes, it's a pleasure dealing with people like that and having them as customers.

I have a high opinion of my clients. They certainly are smarter than most and quite often also more successful in their trading endeavors. I like to think the latter has also something to do with KING, but being innately smart usually gives a trader some extra edge, anyway - I talk about it in this article on my site.

You too may be that smart. Smart enough to become a KING trader. That means smarter than most trading wannabes.

And even if, oddly enough, you choose not to, don't forget that you can still become smarter, or, at least, better educated. My site provides some good, useful and free education that should help you become a better informed trader, especially if you are a newcomer to the trading field and to trading e-mini futures in particular. See the section I mentioned earlier, A Word of Advice, and perhaps also this educational section if you are a total newbie interested in trading e-mini futures.